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Marc-Andre Fleury Unveils Golden Knights Goalie Mask

The face of the franchise unveiled the face he’ll be wearing when he takes his place between the pipes for the Vegas Golden Knights.

**There are three images in that Instagram post. Click the arrows to see the other two**

Marc-Andre Fleury took to social media today to show off the mask he will be wearing for the Golden Knights.

Looking at it head-on, the Vegas Golden Knights primary “V” logo is featured starting above and going through the facemask. It gets lost a bit in the straight-on picture but looking from the side it’s a bit more evident.

The left-hand side is a collage of many different elements from the Vegas Strip including the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, the high roller, Luxor, New York New York’s Statue of Liberty, and the Stratosphere. There are also multiple references to “Golden Knights.” The full logo is shown on a shield near the bottom corner of the mask, and there’s another knight helmet with the “Y” shaped “barbute.” (Read this, that last sentence will make more sense) It kind of looks like King Leonidas’ helmet from 300.

The other side has a knight riding a giant horse. The knight is wearing yet another style helmet not resembling the Golden Knights at all, but he is holding a shield with the Vegas “Sword Star.” The horse is wearing a gold suit of armor as well. Finally, on the chin of the mask, there appears to be a flowery like design which is very similar to the pattern in the gold portion of the Golden Knights jerseys.

The back of the mask has the initials E.F.G.T.S. The first four are for his late grandparents Estelle, Francois, Gaston and Therese. There’s also a frog/flower/fleur-de-lis combination on the right-hand side that’s a nod to his children and his nicknames.

All in all, pretty solid mask for his first go at it here in Vegas. The Welcome to Las Vegas sign is certainly the focal point of the mask, and he was able to integrate many other elements of Vegas, the Golden Knights logos, and probably his favorite “knight” in Leonidas.

Meanwhile, Calvin Pickard is running a contest allowing fans to design his mask for the first season. shared some of the best designs they’ve received thus far.


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  1. Cappy

    Beats seeing a penguin.

  2. Warren Shapiro

    Okay Hockey Fans in Vegas you struck”Gold” when you got Fleury. So welcome him with open arms. Hopefully he will bring you to the promise land. That’s hockey talk
    meaning THE STANLEY CUP. If not this year it will be soon . But have patience. It might take a few years. Score one for management.

  3. Pens1Fan5887

    MAF’s goalie masks are always awesome!
    Just because he’s now a goalie for VGK doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t have the backing of his longtime fans from Pittsburgh. Yes we love our team but we also love the man Fleury has become & any fan of his will always back him 100%.
    Good luck this season Flower!
    We love you & will always miss you

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