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  1. Brian Potter

    I am very excited that Las Vegas will be getting a team in the near future however what about the AHL? With the Pacific division created last year with the Gulls, Reign, Barracudas etc. I think placing a Las Vegas new AHL team in Riverside, CA would be the smartest and best move Bill Foley could do. The City of Riverside has over 300,000 in population with over 2 million people in a 20 mile radius. Riverside is home to three universities and one community college with over 50,000 students. Riverside is centrally located with 4 major freeways in the indland empire as well as having its own airport. Making travel to Las Vegas, San Diego, Ontario, Bakersfield and San Jose easily. The city is looking at building a new sports arena downtown next to its newly renovated conversation center. The arena would be in the heart of Riverside next to 5 hotels, 2 are in the process of being built with another planned right next to the arena potentially connected. What better location than to put a team right in the middle of two big time rivals, Kings and Duck as well as their AHL teams Reign and Gulls. Sell out crowds in an extremely competitive league would give Vegas a jump start in developing its minor league team. Not to mention they would fall right in line with the rest of the Pacific division keeping the minor league teams only hours away from the NHL. Can someone please reach out to Bill Foley or anyone who could look into this opportunity? I’m just one person who loves hockey and I think this is a win win for both Vegas and Riverside.

    • Ken Boehlke

      We’ve got an article in the works on this. You are certainly on to some great points, and I think you’ll enjoy what we’ve learned from the Creator regarding minor league affiliates.

      • Brian Potter

        Here is an old article with regards to the potential site near the convention center. However, more recently the feasible study has been near completed by @BrianHConnolly with Victus Advisors out of Utah. The city contracted with them to finish the feasible study. Once again, I am just one person trying to get in touch with the right people to see this great opportunity come to life. I know the City of Riverside would be willing to give the land away for free but needs a private party or either apply for bonds to build the arena. It seems to me that their are so many options with naming rights, potential sponsors and local schools that would want to jump on board to make this happen. If you have any further questions or if I can help in any way to assist in getting an article written please let me know.

      • Brad Maloff

        Can you please explain what Gallant sees in Eakin? We started playing much better after he was injured, now we haven’t won since he came back. Is there any trade value? Would Gallant even want to trade him? It’s like he has a blind spot for him. I’m a realist, I really want to know. I understand it’s never one guy but he makes everyone around him worse. The numbers don’t lie.

    • Robert Kaplan

      Totally agree!!!

    • Lyn Schrader

      This would be a brilliant move, but the Reign, within 30 miles, could result in a lack of fan density.
      What about Temecula or San Diego? Both have the population and neither has a sports team.

  2. KJ

    This is the first time I have viewed these proposed names, none seem to relate to the game of hockey, or aspects of the game like speed, tenacity, or the physical aspects. Neither do they seem to flow with Las Vegas, or identify with this city. Well maybe the Neons, although that might be better for an indoor soccer team. When you think faster, sharper, and better than Neon, you go to “Lasers”. This would create an excitement, an attraction, and an endless promotional angle. I vote for the “Las Vegas Lasers”. It has a great flow, and it reflects one of the most admirable aspects of the game, speed.

  3. Robert Kaplan

    Riverside best place for new ahl!

  4. Michael Marstellar

    I got the name! As soon as I heard it …I knew it would be right!

    The Las Vegas Horsemen

    • david tipton

      im new to vegas and im already sick of the sin city debachery angle im going with the peregrines people will get used to it and can feel good about it and its a great talking point

  5. Chris Neill

    God I hope it doesent have Knights or Nights in it.

  6. Tom

    I saw today that the name Desert Knights might be one of the options Mr. Foley is looking at. I noticed you haven’t put out an article about it yet. Is that because you don’t think it’s credible? Or are you just burned out with the name speculation? Can’t blame you if it’s the latter, but I really hope it’s not Desert Knights. All of a sudden Silver Knights doesn’t seem so bad…

  7. Chris Neill

    Whats happening with ahl affiliate?.Any updates?.

    • Nothing yet, they are still working through it. All signs point to Chicago Wolves though. I’d expect it sometime in the next few weeks. ECHL… no clue.

      • Brian Potter

        Ya I agree. If I were a betting man I would go all in on Chicago for the first few years. Then if I get my way the would come down to Riverside, CA. In my opinion it’s the best location for a pacific division AHL team. Riverside is booming with downtown construction and infrastructure is already in place.

  8. Pierre Martin

    I got #Coxblocked but one better. I live in Reno, Nevada. AT&T Sportsnet is not carried in this part of Nevada. None of the Cable, Satellite or over the air providers will carry the Vegas Golden Knights here either. I purchased the NHLTV package but found out that the Vegas Knights are blacked out here also(San Jose Sharks are also). I am thinking of cancelling the NHL package and giving up on being a fan of the Knights. Las Vegas is a 7 hour drive away or I can fly and book a hotel which will run a minimum of $500.00 for two that’s before I buy tickets to a game. I was excited when Nevada got it’s first professional team, now not so much.
    What would you do?
    A- Stay a fan of a team that you cannot watch?
    B- Cancel the NHL TV package and watch just a couple of games a week.
    C- Stay with NHLTV and become a fan of another team?

  9. Orlando Oquendo

    Im podcast #89 younguys spoke of what would happen when a Carolina came in. Who would come to watch and what affect that would have.

    There were hardly any canes fans there and the entire arena was quiet.

    Also that day the AV team was not on point :
    No player intro – Specially on fleurys return. Could’ve been a huge pick me up
    The sound system was very low
    The intro was messed up
    The DJ missed his cues and songs came on late. Not to mention he played low energy songs
    The off ice officials issue in the box
    Ref couldnt get sound a couple of times …. you name it

    I think all the above amongst other things made it for a very flat outing for the knights

    Worth discussing on the podcast. The true effects of home ice.

  10. Mark


    I tried leaving a FB message, not sure it went through on my end. Just wanted to say great job adding the elimination tool to the bottom of the site as well. Now on the iPhone you can still follow along. You guys are doing a fantastic job with the site, and it’s nice to know after the last watch party, you listen to your public.

  11. Keith

    Did I miss something. When did the knights wear American flag-themed jerseys. Great work on the site guys.

  12. john williams, mesquite, nv

    Cause for concern ? Of the 49 games played to date, VGK’s record against
    teams with winning records is 9-13-1, losing records is 19-4-3.

  13. Jon S.

    I am a season ticket member and I have to raise a concern regarding the Knights ticket polices. I know there has been some issues addressed through Sinbin when it comes to STM losing their tickets, selling on unauthorized sites, selling too many tickets, concern over visiting fans filling up T-Mobile Arena, etc.

    My issue is with the Knights organization and how they have a sold blocks of tickets to ticket brokers (about 1,000-1,500) per game and they have allowed these ticket brokers to sell on “unauthorized” sites. I see the same exact seats posted on Stubhub, Ticketmaster, Vivid, Seatgeek, Tickpick along with AXS (Flashseats). How can they market that Flashseats, AXS, VGKticketexchange is the only authorized ticket exchange site and allow ticket brokers to sell on others? This hurts Season Ticket Members and other fans looking to buy seats for individual games.

    1. If the Knights had all these extra tickets they should have released them directly to the public and at a reasonable price. There are a lot of fans that would love to go to a game and would prefer to pay a reasonable price without the extra fees.
    2. How can the Knights dictate to their STMs and emphasize how we will lose are tickets if we sell one ticket on unauthorized sites but let it happen when it benefits them.
    3. Most people that buy their tickets on the secondary market look to places like Stubhub, Vivid, Seatgeek, etc. These sites historically are higher priced than AXS and these sites are well known nation wide. No one has ever heard of AXS.
    4. Most visiting fans buy their tickets on these other sites and therefore we will continue to have more and more visiting fans attend our games. Which I am fine with but I know the Knights themselves used this as a reason why they take tickets away from STMs.
    5. The sales from these ticket brokers have flooded the secondary market with so many tickets that the average STM that sells on AXS is having trouble selling their seat for face value.
    6. The applications of AXS and Flashseats are so awful and not user friendly. They crash, freeze, or are extremely slow all the time. The database on these apps could be so much better. Other sites you are able to find cheapest seat, best value, best seat, etc while AXS and Flashseats do not.
    7. How can they make statements that AXS (Flashseats) is the ONLY authorized exchange and site and allow ticket brokers to sell on others. When I buy on AXS I receive my tickets electronically immediately all through the app. When I use other sites I need to wait for that site to contact the ticket broker and wait for that broker to manually send the tickets to my AXS account. What if someone else bought those exact same tickets directly on AXS during this window of time. That person gets the tickets right away and now I have to go back to Stubhub or wherever and hope to find and receive my tickets the next time.
    8. Most STMs attend most of the games, or give them to family and friends, and then try to sell a handful of games on AXS. We are not ticket brokers and we are not trying to make money. If I wanted to make money I would have to try and sell all of the games but the Knights would stop that practice by taking away my tickets and I understand and agree with that. What is not okay is when the Knights have deals with ticket brokers for them to make money and follow different rules than what we have.
    9. They push AXS on us but there is barely any marketing regarding this “authorized” site. I may see 1 mention of it during a game in person or on TV. But other than that, nothing. No one knows about this site. Tickets just sit there while tickets on other sites are being sold everyday and at a much higher price.

    I understand they are an organization and want to make money. But at least follow your own rules or change the rules for us. They need to either restrict these ticket brokers to only AXS and market the hell out of it or allow the average STM to sell wherever they want.

    It gets very frustrating to lay down thousands of dollars for seats and on the games I can’t attend I am having problems selling my tickets for under face value while I see tickets on Stubhub selling for twice the face value. We are not looking to make money but there has to be a happy medium somewhere in between. I would love to bring this up with the Knights organization myself but I know it would not go anywhere and I fear that my tickets would be taken away from me.

  14. Jason pothier
    About your piece on stansy, I get your job is to stir up bullshit whenever you can , but jeez doesn’t it get old criticising people all the time. Humans don’t run hot just because their contract is big, seems to me that poking at athletes who allow you employment is the only thing that you focus on. But whatever, your a bitch ass corporate trick and I hope you get cornered after work one night by anyone who after ass raping you for hours, breaks your hands and rips off your thumbs.

    • I’d highly recommend reading more articles on this site. Also, stop with the bullshit at the end of this post. There’s no place for that at all. Don’t embarrass yourself like that.

  15. Brian C.

    Ken, just wanted to thank you for the articles and Twitter updates you provide on the team. I live in the DC area but have gone to Vegas every year since the early 90s and when they got the hockey team, knew I wanted to cheer for them to do well. Found you while insanely listening to a three-hour podcast on the eve on the SCF in 2018. Was out that way this December and was able to get to City National to buy a Stone jersey and to go see my second game at T-Mobile (win over Vancouver; first was the game against the Caps in Dec 2018).

    Anyway, I usually go to a Caps game with a group of friends once a year, and we went this past week against the Devils, and proudly wore my Stone jersey to the game. Many of the jerseys fans of course were wearing Caps gear, with a smattering of Devils jerseys. However, on three separate occasions (walking around the arena an hour before the game, in the concourse heading to my seat, and then walking down the stairs after the game), I ran into other people with VGK gear. It stood out in that I can’t remember seeing anyone else wearing apparel from any other team besides the two teams that were playing. Thought that was cool as hell!

    Anyway, thanks again from keeping us out-of-towners informed about the team. I’ll find myself often staying up way past my bedtime to monitor the score of those games that start at 10 pm ET…….bad for my sleep, but I love having the passion for the team!

  16. Joe Bonnadonna

    WTF !!!….I’ve been playing and following hockey for 50+ years and have NEVER heard the boards around the rink referred to as the “wall”. These VGK announcers are ridiculous in their annunciations, the one guy grew up in a hockey hotbed in the Boston area, the other had a so-so career in the NHL, and I’m guessing most accurately when they were young and playing the game they never went back to the bench and said that they got a good check against the wall, for 100+ years it’s ALWAYS been the boards. I watch a lot of games being retired and it’s refreshing to hear the Canadian announcers call the game as it was interested. Even the NHL crew that builds the rinks for the outdoor games calls those heavy pieces of wood the BOARDS !!!…

  17. Jim

    Hey Carp can ya let them know VGK need to bring some more Silver Knights for game 7 vs Minnesota. Besides top 2 lines seems like all Henderson, Glass never impressed me shouldn’t have been playing, and without Reeves not a big hit from anyone but Kolesar. McNabb ? Nosek ? Reeves ? Patches ?

  18. Bobby

    I have an LG TV web os, what is the best route to streaming all the VGK games? Right now I have Sling with the ESPN package… Who carries the AT&T Rocky Mountain channel to stream? Am I limited by having an LG? Any advice would be appreciated!

  19. Paul Smit

    Ken,I think you should be the GM for the Knights,I kid you not..

  20. One hand(stone) on 3rd line at 9.5 million a season. Brutal management.

  21. Bobby

    I think they’re gonna sell a ton of the black reverse-retro Adidas sweaters with #9.

  22. Bob

    I moved to Washington state and bought the hockey package to watch my Knights and Red Wings. Yet for the last few months the Knights broadcast has the opposition’s broadcast team not the Knights broadcast guys. Anybody know why?
    I contacted NHL Center Ice and received no response.

  23. K. Williams

    Thank you, Mr. Boeklke, for having covered the Vegas Golden Knights – and professional hockey – so faithfully for so many years.

    Our home team finally won the coveted Stanley Cup, as well as the Conn Smythe Trophy, in 2023.

    We appreciate your faithfulness to keep all of us very well informed with respect to developments in professional hockey, even before the Vegas Golden Knights became a reality in our city.

    Congratulations to our Vegas Golden Knights, to SinBin Vegas, to your colleagues, as well as VGK fans everywhere.

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