In the beginning, before The Creator brought us hockey, the sports landscape in the valley was formless and desolate. Minor Leagues, Arena Leagues, and plenty of sports books where Las Vegans cheered for teams in lands far away. Then, The Creator said, “Let there be hockey!” And there was a budding light that would soon turn into a true shining star.

The Creator did the research, polled the community and rallied the local businesses. All were eager to support an NHL team. So the Creator said, “Vegas is ready to join the elite list of NHL Cities.” And so it was.

The Creator commanded a stadium. And so it was done.

The Creator commanded fans to commit to supporting the team. 13,000+ did.

Mr. Foley looked at all he had done, and he was very pleased. But there was something missing. Something approximately 35.25 inches tall. Weighing about 34.5 pounds. Made of pure silver and nickel alloy. Something The Creator believed long belonged in the great city of Las Vegas.

And so it was delivered on June 13th, 2023.

Praise Be To Foley.