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Chris Davidson-Adams Dismissed As Golden Knights Head Equipment Manager

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Sources confirmed head equipment manager Chris Davidson-Adams is no longer a part of the Golden Knights organization.

Davidson-Adams has been with the Golden Knights since the team’s inception. He was officially named head equipment manager on March 14th, 2017 but he began his work with the organization in October 2016 overseeing the construction of City National Arena with former VP Murray Craven.

Critter, as he’s affectionately known, began his career in professional hockey in 2001 with the IHL’s Houston Aeros. He reached the NHL for the first time as an assistant in 2006 with the Dallas Stars. In November 2022, Davidson-Adams was honored for working his 1500th professional game.

Davidson-Adams’ name is one of the 52 names listed as a member of the 2022-23 Vegas Golden Knights on the Stanley Cup.

Golden Knights Viewing Market Expanding To Arizona With Coyotes Departure

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When the Golden Knights first came into the NHL one of their stated goals was to become “the team of the Rockies.” That, of course, included taking the state of Utah and Salt Lake City by storm.

VGK have played multiple preseason games in Salt Lake City as part of the “Frozen Fury” series and are currently scheduled to play another against the LA Kings there before next season.

Now, with the Arizona Coyotes moving to Salt Lake City, it throws the viewing markets in the southwest for a bit of a loop. Previously, the VGK viewing area extended well north of Las Vegas but was limited south due to the existence of the Coyotes, Kings, and Ducks. But with Phoenix now an “inactive” market, Vegas’ head honcho sees room for expansion.

We give up Salt Lake City as a secondary territory, but we get Arizona, so we’re okay. We still have our sphere of influence, which includes St. George, so we go out that far. But then we have secondary spheres, so we’re fine, we’re happy, we’re good. We love Salt Lake, we have a lot of fans there, but there are more people in Arizona, so I’m going where the people are. –The Creator to Channel 8 News

Commissioner Gary Bettman said today that the Phoenix Valley will continue to get Utah games but he did not comment on the Golden Knights.

In the past, many cities without NHL teams have been considered to be in the viewing areas of multiple teams. The same can be said about baseball in which Vegas is in the viewing area of half of MLB it seems.

So, moving forward, expect to see a greater focus from the Golden Knights on Phoenix. The more the fan base grows, the better. It may be nice for the fine people of Arizona to experience some winning hockey too!

2024 Trade Deadline Roundup

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The NHL Trade Deadline is at Noon Pacific time today.

This article will be dedicated to all pertinent news surrounding the Golden Knights and this year’s deadline. It will be updated throughout the day.

  • The Golden Knights are trading for Thomas Hertl from the San Jose Sharks (Source: Bob McKenzie)
    • VGK give up a 1st round pick, David Edstrom (last year’s 1st round pick), and two 3rd round picks. VGK are getting two 3rd round picks back too.
    • San Jose are retaining 17% of his salary, so VGK will be on the hook for $6.75 million against the cap through 2030.
  • Golden Knights acquired Anthony Mantha on Tuesday in exchange for 2024 2nd round pick and 2026 4th round pick.
    • Washington is retaining 50% of Mantha’s salary
    • Mantha will carry a $2.85 million cap hit
  • Noah Hanifin has been traded to Vegas from Calgary for Daniil Miromanov, a 2025 1st round pick, and a 2025 3rd round pick.
    • The 1st round pick becomes a 2026 1st round pick if the Golden Knights trade their 2025 1st round pick before the deadline.
    • The 2025 3rd round pick becomes a 2nd round pick if the Golden Knights win a playoff round.
    • Calgary retained 50% of Hanifin’s salary in the trade.
    • Philadelphia also retained 50% of Hanifin’s remaining salary in a separate trade in which the Golden Knights gave up a 5th round pick.
    • VGK are on the hook for $1.2375 million against the cap for Hanifin.
  • Tobias Bjornfot was placed on waivers by VGK on Thursday.
    • He was claimed by the Florida Panthers.
  • Daniil Miromanov signed a two-year contract extension with the Flames for $2.5 million.
  • Malcolm Subban has been traded from St. Louis to Columbus for future considerations. He will be assigned to the Cleveland Monsters in the AHL. (Source: @reporterchris)
  • Erik Brannstrom is being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning. (Source: @sas11h)
  • GM Kelly McCrimmon will hold a press conference at 2:00 PM today whether the Golden Knights make another move or not. (Source: Golden Knights)

Golden Knights Are Here To Help Community Heal, Again

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Days before the Golden Knights stepped foot on a hockey rink as a team for the first time, they were tasked with something much larger than outscoring another NHL team. Despite still being relatively unknown to many in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights knew they needed to be a part of helping their community heal from the greatest tragedy the city had ever seen.

This is when the team really proved they are Vegas Born. It’s also the same moment the city realized this team is not just some new fad. The Golden Knights became a massive part of the fabric of Las Vegas and they’ve never stopped since.

Yesterday, horror struck our home again, and again, the Golden Knights were there to do whatever they could to help.

The team was 1600 miles away, but their impact could be felt. They rallied together to bring joy to many fans watching the game at home and then they expressed the same message they’ve been expressing since they first came into existence, that they are here and will always be here for Las Vegas.

We are VegasStrong. We are going to help the community heal as much as possible. Vegas is our home and it’s really sad that we have to go through this again but we will be there for everyone who needs help. -Jonathan Marchessault

The city means everything. We were all heartbroken about it. The moment of silence before the game was a class act by (the Blues) to acknowledge that. Just like we have in the past we’re going to rally around the city, try to give back as much as we can, and try to heal it as much as we can. -Keegan Kolesar

First and foremost we’re a family in Las Vegas. Obviously the city has been through a lot in the past and it’s a city that sticks together. No matter where you are from or how long you have lived there it’s a community that always sticks together and comes together to support one another. This team feels the support of the community every single night for the past seven years so we’re always there for our community. It’s a difficult day but we’re here to support our community and stand together with Las Vegas all the time. -Zach Whitecloud

Our hearts go out to the people in Las Vegas. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for everybody. Our staff, players, and entire organization are thinking about everyone back home. -Bruce Cassidy

Just another example of why the Golden Knights are the greatest hockey team in the world.

Everything About The Golden Knights Winter Classic Jerseys

The sweaters the Golden Knights will don when they take the ice outdoors at T-Mobile Park in Seattle have officially been unveiled.

Drawing inspiration from the Wild West and cowboy era of the 1910s, Vegas’ Winter Classic jersey’s colors reflect the time period with the vintage white base, a deeper and richer gold used in the piping, and the felt fabric in the logo. Piping details in the center crest and numbers are inspired by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point uniforms, the alma mater of Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley. On the collar of the jersey, there are seven stars to represent the Golden Knights’ seventh season as a franchise. -Golden Knights Press Release

The Golden Knights will wear gloves that recall the brown leather look of hockey’s past, which is something other teams like the Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers have also incorporated into their recent outdoor looks. –Greg Wyshysnki on

As is tradition with NHL jerseys, there are Easter eggs built into the back neck collar. Vegas has seven stars in the back neck to mark Jan. 1, 2024, as the first day of the seventh year of the Golden Knights franchise. –Greg Wyshysnki on

A “very limited number” of jerseys are available now at Golden Knights official team shops. Other Winter Classic merchendise is also available now online and will be available this week at SportsTown in Downtown Summerlin.

Golden Knights Make Champions Visit To White House

What might be the last celebratory event the Golden Knights take part in after winning the Stanley Cup will certainly be one of the most memorable for everyone who attended it.

Today, the Golden Knights gathered at the White House to meet the President of the United States, Joe Biden. It’s an age-old tradition dating back to the 1800s for the champion of each league to gather at the White House and present a jersey to the President.

President Joe Biden and Captain Mark Stone entered the East Room of the White House to the familiar tune of “Hail To The Chief.” The President was impressed that the Stanley Cup had also made the trip while Golden Knights fans were equally excited about Reilly Smith’s appearance.

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Mark Stone Confirms He Played Through Broken Wrist In Game 5 Of Stanley Cup Final

(Image Credit: ESPN on YouTube)

Not a single person in the world needs more evidence to show the type of determination Mark Stone has towards the game of hockey. Yet today, we got yet another piece that makes his performance in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup even more impressive than it already was.

I unfortunately took a whack in the 1st period and fractured my left wrist. Took a few things in between periods. I had to make sure it was dialed in to lift the trophy though. –Mark Stone on Pat McAfee Show

Yeah, you read that right. The captain of the Golden Knights, who went on to become the first player to score a hat trick in a Cup Final clinching game in more than a century, and was the first to lift the Stanley Cup, did it all with a fractured bone in his wrist.

You never know when you are going to win again. You might never win again. While you’re there, you’ve got to give it a try. –Stone on Pat McAfee Show

This is the same guy that recovered from two back surgeries inside of the span of nine months, only to return for the first game of the playoffs and not miss a single shift on the 22-game 56-day journey to the Stanley Cup.

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