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Bruce Cassidy Has Provided VGK All The Answers So Far In Playoffs

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In his first postseason behind the Golden Knights’ bench, Bruce Cassidy has been basically flawless. From coaching decisions to motivation to game plans and preparation, Cassidy has had the answer to every question asked of the Golden Knights and it’s a huge reason they’re staring at a Game 4 in Edmonton that could see them seize control of the the second round.

It hasn’t been an easy road this postseason either for Vegas. The decision-making process had to begin with a tricky one heading into the very first game of the playoffs. With Mark Stone ready to return to the lineup, where would he slot into a group that had been playing great hockey.

Cassidy opted to create a balanced lineup with three sets of high-end pairs anchoring each line. To say it has worked would be a massive understatement. The Golden Knights have used the depth to the tune of 31 goals in eight games including an incredible 30 from forwards.

The paired off lineup has helped players like Brett Howden, Michael Amadio, and Ivan Barbashev make major contributions both on the scoresheet and defensively. Even the tweaks Cassidy has made along the way have worked with Barbashev moving down to the 4th line in the Winnipeg series where he had multiple goal contributions.

Then, another tough decision cropped up when William Carrier was ready to play. Cassidy did not hesitate in making the difficult decision to healthy scratch the NHL’s iron man, Phil Kessel, forcing him to watch his first NHL game from the press box since 2009.

Next, Cassidy’s game plans for each series have provided the Golden Knights a simple style of hockey that has helped them be effective against two excellent opponents. Even when games have not gone VGK’s way, Cassidy has stuck with the plan of dumping the puck in and forcing the opposing team to deal with a heavy forecheck. Each of Vegas’ two losses have been erased instantly the following game with night and day efforts to the previous game in terms of style.

There hasn’t been a shred of panic in the coaching room when games have gone haywire, instead he reiterated the same premise the team entered each series with and equipped the players with exact ways they can correct the last games’ mistakes.

Finally, he’s been impeccable with his motivational techniques.

Bruce always wants to challenge our group. That’s why we’ve had success this year. Whenever we haven’t played well he’s done a good job of challenging us as a team and we’ve responded well to it. Give the coaching staff a lot of credit. They’ve put a lot of effort into preparing us for hockey games and then it’s on us to go out an execute. I think you saw that tonight. -Jack Eichel

He’s been demanding but in a positive way that has always put the onus on the players to return to “their game.” Each time, it hasn’t taken long for the Golden Knights to execute on the coach’s vision and make losses forgettable quickly.

Even something as simple as pulling the plug on Game 2 of the Edmonton series was a stroke of genius for the head coach. With Adin Hill having seen limited game action in the past few months, Cassidy chose to put him in the game rather than stick with his presumed started, Laurent Brossoit, who was one of the few Golden Knights playing well. That paid off one game later when Brossoit went down with an injury and Hill stepped in amicably, giving partial credit to the shots he’d seen in the 3rd period the game before.

Yeah it definitely helped (to play in Game 2). I got hurt a little while ago and didn’t real have much game action other than a couple periods in Henderson so it was nice to get in there for that 3rd period the other day and kind of get a feel for the game and the speed you can’t simulate in practice. -Adin Hill

To win 16 playoff games on the road to the Stanley Cup, you need everything clicking during the whole journey. Bruce Cassidy has been pushing all the right buttons so far and there’s no reason to believe he’ll stop with 10 more wins needed.




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  1. Ellen LaPenna

    I think he’s the best coach the team has had to date. He’s personable and has a warm demeanor while still being the coach.

  2. I agree with most things you said in the article, but the one that irks me is about making the decision to bench Kessel for Carrier….I dont know if it was pressure from above or not, but that streak should have been strucken a long time ago therefore it was not a difficult decision but one that should have been done long ago!!!

    • Josh

      I disagree. Kessel definitely hasn’t had an amazing season. He’s been fine though. And until the last 2 weeks Vegas has had enough forwards in various states of injury recovery that I don’t think it was ever even a major question about whether Kessel should be the man to be scratched. The two situations I could see where you would even ask the question were:

      Cotter was pulled out to the lineup earlier in the season.
      Dorofeyev wasn’t put into the lineup until very late in the season.

      The argument for playing those two over Kessel would be that getting younger guys more time is better for their development than keeping Kessel in the lineup. But I think there is just as strong an argument that keeping the veteran who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes in the lineup is the best choice for getting your team into the playoffs and eventually the 1-seed.

      • Wrong! Kessel has always been a Defensive Disaster and overall liability. Pittsburgh was forced, finally, to construct a “Kessel line” away from the top two lines, and surround him with the best defensive forwards on the team to mask his inability and/or refusal to play defense, back check and just actually play his position! (Bonino and Hagelin)
        It was a very easy decision for the coach… if he wants to win!

  3. Pierre Martin

    Meanwhile in Boston…………

  4. Kessel doesnt score…doesnt go into the corners…commits needless penalties….Cotter deserved to play even on an off wing…he brings grit..intensity and a fire that was missing from the lineup that barbashev has brought….kessel was a weakness and a detriment to whatever line he was playing on….it is a case closed he will never appear in a vgk uniform again…its bad enough quick is still in one!!

  5. Decision by Cassidy or whoever are not about individual players their made to put the best TEAM on the ice at the time. There is no question the “iron Man” best days are in the rear-view mirror. He contributed occasionally during the season, but time has passed him by. It has something to do with getting older which we all experience. He had a great run and hopefully the crew remains healthy, and it won’t be necessary to put him back in the line-up. His continues record has been broken so the pressure to continue is over. Lasting as long as he has in hockey is a noteworthy feat and hopefully for his sake, he recognized what was done had to take place. I really never understood why he landed up here in the first place as his time had passed but Vegas FO does some strange things.

    • B-Rad-Lee

      Playoff games do not end his Iron Man status. He can continue the run, but being UFA, he will probably be released to another team.

      I personally believe his most important contribution was his experience.

  6. THE hockey GOD

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    • Ryan

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    • Jerry King

      Go find an appropriate venue for your political rants. This isn’t it.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Jerry King
        what part of hockey is politics can’t you wrap your feeble, little brain around.

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  9. Michael J Mallotto

    Hey, Hockey Einsteins,
    Kessels streak for regular season games continues. Playoffs are a whole new season. Ask Boston, or the Rangers, tee hee

  10. Jailbird

    Kessel record is not affected in playoffs. It’s a regular season record, so his streak continues. But it won’t be with the Knights next season.

  11. Everyone knows the streak continues…continue it out of my sight next year…thank you

  12. Tim

    A day of coverups first why John Anderson wasn’t fired over the outrageous rant about Whitecloud and a good name for a toilet paper brand. Next being the playoffs the boys in Toronto don’t want to rock the boat and suspend Kane on his hit on Petro. It’s a Canadian team we can’t lesson there chances of beating the Knights. Last but not least Kevin Weeks with inside info on the draft lottery both Weeks and the NHL no comment. Unfortunately money talks and the Chicago market best suits the NHL. The NHL is rigged and everyone just hopes all this just goes away. The owners won’t say anything they have to much invested to make a stink and us fans they could give a shit less.

    • Satan

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    • Vic

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      • THE hockey GOD


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      • knights fan in minny

        love it VIC

  13. Jailbird

    Game 4 tonight! Get ready! Can the Knights put together two top games in a row? Edmonton will come out strong. We win this game, we will win this series!

  14. THE hockey GOD

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      • Stephanie

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    • Stephanie

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  15. Barring unforeseen circumstances we shall never have to be concerned with #8 in a vgk uniform again.. that damn streak kept him on the ice for 82 forgettable games and undeserving shifts…we could have been providing Cotter more opportunity to grow… make his mistakes and learn from them… challenging series starting tomorrow as we need to solve oettinger early before we start overthinking AGAIN against the Stars!

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