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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to take a 2-1 series lead with a win in Game 3 over the Oilers. Edmonton opened the scoring 2:45 into the game but Jonathan Marchessault tied the game two minutes with his first goal of the postseason. Later in the period Vegas goaltender Laurent Brossoit was injured and replaced by backup Adin Hill. With under a minute to play in the opening 20 minutes Marchessault tapped in another to put Vegas ahead 2-1.

Vegas’ offense conituned to click in the middle frame. Three different Golden Knights (scored in the period to stretch their lead to 5-1.

The Golden Knights held Edmonton to only a few chances in the third period to preserve their four-goal edge. 

The Golden Knights take a 2-1 series lead with their 5-1 victory in Edmonton. Vegas will try and take a two game gap the with a Game 4 win on Wednesday. Puck drop from Edmonton is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The perfect game plan matched with the perfect execution resulted in one of the better playoff games in team history. The Golden Knights started the game by dumping the puck in and getting to work below the goal line. They were able to win plenty of stick battles which led to chances right out in front. Marchessault poked two of those home giving VGK a lead at intermission. From there, the Oilers backed off and Vegas’ transition offense came to life. Along the way, VGK frustrated Leon Draisaitl and the game completely snowballed in favor of the Golden Knights. Brilliant on so many levels, including Adin Hill coming up huge in relief. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers Game 3 at Rogers Place.

  • Win low, back them off, win everywhere else

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Adin Hill
** Jack Eichel
* Jonathan Marchessault


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  1. Impressive great push back. They play like they did tonight Wednesday should be another win, TEAM A showed up and frustrated Edmonton to no end – GREAT WIN. Well Ken you called it lets hope your crystal ball holds true.

    • Richie-Rich

      As I said previously after game 2, I’ve been down on this team for a very long time. That’s now history. Cassidy is the real deal. Gallant is out in New York and DeBoer is about to be eliminated by the Krakheads in round 2. Cassidy was right, in Game 2 the VGK came out not as a team but as individuals and got “team-mated”. When the VGK plays team hockey they are the better team, period.

      Marchy gets on the board in a big way tonight, Whitecloud too. The team energy was inspiring and nice to see. This is the VGK spirit that we loved in season 1 and that has been missing for several years.

      Consistency is still not there and the PP is still a mess. Yet, the VGK are still racking up big WINS ON THE ROAD.

      I was ragging Eichel hard during the season. I didn’t expect it, but #9 has delivered! I am happy to say it and admit that all of my misgivings turned out in a different way than I thought it would. Okay, he’s still not worth $10 million. He’s not at the same level as McDavid, but tonight – tonight he was. He was impressive carrying the puck into the OZ and creating chances.

      Ken’s prediction is 1,3,5 and 7. I actually believe we win it in game 5 now. We play this sort of team hockey in game 4 and 5 and the Oilers cannot beat us. Hill just might be the catalyst as well.

      Okay, was I too positive?

      I know this group isn’t used to it.

      • TS

        Rr, perfect attitude! Don’t ever question the power of Positive Thinking!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        you are a well known, fickle, wagon jumper.

        That has been documented many times. Thanks for admitting it.

  2. Roberto

    Just wondering if I’d missed it, but was there no broadcaster notice of Edmonton not pulling their goalie? With their O firepower, 6-5 might have helped. Really odd it didn’t happen, and ESPN failed to make mention (unless I missed it).

    Never one to squawk about announcer bias, but these crews seem to assume that VGK are just a speed bump in Edmonton’s way to the Cup. Maybe the Oilers will win, but they’ll have had to earn it by beating VGK, who also were a training going downhill in the second half.

    • Kevin

      You didn’t miss it … it never happened. With that much lead, I suppose the coaching staff didn’t see any reason for it.

  3. Carl

    THIS Golden Knights team can take Stanley to Vegas.
    IF it shows up 10 times more…

  4. Jose

    Very good game. Took not very much penalties. Adin Hill play great!

  5. knights fan in minny

    talk about pressure aidan hill hell yeah outstanding skinner is not that good move your feet it works blueline 6 did the job good to see marchy get off the schnide good team effort nobody on here should be doubting the boys

  6. Pistol Pete

    What a flip flop (even the score from 1-5 to 5-1). Brilliant performance including stiffing the the EDM PP 0-2. Only blemish is 0-4 PP. And thank you Adin Hill for the support. ESPN announcers seemed to think game 4 will be a very different Oilers. We’ll see. If the VGK plays that way again it’ll be tough.

    • Richie-Rich

      Yep, ESPN says that McDavid will take his game to yet another level up. But, that’s not the Oilers problem. Their problem is that they are top heavy and when the VGK plays as a team on the forecheck the Oiler defense and goaltending is suspect.

      This is a team game.
      It’s not tennis.
      It’s not blowling
      It’s not pickleball

      The VGK has the better team overall. If they stay committed to one another and Cassidy’s game plan they cannot lose to the Oilers. Period.

  7. knights fan in minny

    TS will be dancing in the streets

    • TS

      Kfim, ya got that right!! HELL, YEAH!!!!

      • TS

        Matter of fact, I think I’ll dust off my dancing shoes, practice my victory dance!!

  8. Richie-Rich

    Cassidy was right, in Game 2 the VGK came out not as a team but as individuals and got “team-mated”. When the VGK plays team hockey they are the better team, period.

    Oilers fans were bitching that Eichel high-sticked Yammy before the Marchy goal. Replay showed that Eichel did legally check Yammy, but it was Yammy himself who face planted. There was no high stick penalty, no penalty at all. Totally clean play by Eichel.

    Good Goal
    Great Win

    Personally, I hope LB is okay, but we have to face the fact that he had a bit of 29/97 PTSD going on. Best thing for the VGK was for Hill to step in at that point. It’s now Hill’s series to win or lose – period. If LB is out, then Quick’s going to be backing up because I don’t think LT is close.

    This was a total team effort, committed to the Cassidy scheme on defense and offense. Played nearly flawlessly by the team tonight.

    Sure 97 is the best player on the planet and 29 might be #2. But 2 players do not a team make. When the VGK are playing together as a unit they are better team.

    VGK will win it on home ice in Game 5. I will be there.

    • knights fan in minny

      like you’re thinking R-R l

    • Kevin

      Quick was on the bench so he’s the backup. Goalie #3 is likely Jiri now … so I bet he’s getting on a plane tomorrow!

      • TS

        Kevin, I think Hill is gonna be ok for us. He looks ready to carry the team. I feel LB was overworked, which set him up for another injury… we may not have had a choice, but it happened. Hill is a BIG net presence, hope he stays healthy!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        all the scratches travel with the team in playoffs, unless they are hurt

        Jiri is a scratch

        VGK have 15 scratches, including LT (dont know if he has cleared injury protocol to travel with team)

        • Art of Hockey

          Has there been any word on Stephenson? Left the game after getting a puck to the face. Hoping his lack of return to the game was due to the score and a decision to play it safe for him. I can find no mention of how he is. Just cut? Worse? Who has heard? Obviously the attention is on Brossoit’s injury, and rightly so. But still interested to hear if Chandler will be good to go game four.

  9. Duckboy

    I don’t think I have ever seen a next game turn around performance like that in any sport.

    Eichel shows up
    Marchy scores 2
    Hill comes in and looks good.
    0 power play goals for Edmonton.

    Beautiful almost perfect game.

    +1 to Carl above, THIS golden knights team will win the cup if they play like this.

  10. Richie-Rich

    This is a bit premature, but I actually believe that the biggest remaining threat on the way to the Cup will be the Kraken. This is a well coached club with a solid goaltender in Grubauer. They also have no real big stars but roll a team that is committed to one another and play to the schemes given them by the Coach.

    Sure, Colorado wasn’t healthy but they were the defending Stanley Cup Champions, and the Stars are solid as well with a decent goaltender. The Kraken will be tough to beat.

    I am not jinxing the VGK, but I am looking forward to a Golden Knights/Kraken Championship Round.

    • Duckboy

      Way over your skis here

      Wonder how many Edmonton posts there were like this after game 2

      • Richie-Rich

        Actually, I don’t think so. Game 1 was back and forth with VGK clearly the better team on the ice for most of the game. In Game 2 the VGK completely took the night off. I’ve never really seen anything quite like that for such an extended amount of time. In Game 3, we totally were committed to team style strategy and the Cassidy scheme. I believe that the VGK is the better team on the ice overall from a team perspective. If the Oilers could roll 4 lines with a 29/97 on each line then I would rethink that analysis.

        This series is VGK’s to lose. It’s Cassidy’s job to prepare them to play as a team in his scheme. He failed and the team failed in game 2. I don’t think we will see that team again in this series.

        VGK in 5.

        • Pistol Pete

          VGK did not “take the night off”. They got rolled by the Oilers special teams in the first period four goals one 5 on 5 goal against 0-5 first period. Next two periods essentially even. Jumped by Edmonton who was juiced and was able to defend well the entire game. That can happen. Not making excuses just the way it can happen in hockey. Can the VGK take countermeasures to help ensure it not happening again? Absolutely.

  11. Jake

    Draisaitle is a lazy defender, tonight on several occasions, and in the first game.

    Misses a shot, pouts, meanders back on defense, resting.

  12. Vic

    Credit to Ken for calling this one, and cashed in on +160. Welcome back Marchy, and thank you Adin Hill.

    Kane should have been given a major for the charge and then targeting Petro’s face with intent to injure. Then again we want him on the ice as he usually screws things up.

    Congrats to the Black Hawks for winning the Bedard lottery. Glad he is staying out of the Pacific.

  13. Frank

    Simply perfect road playoff game vs the Oilers. Hill was solid. Eichel and Marchy feeling it. Only minor quibble is our lackluster power play…. Bring same level of intensity next game and go home up 3-1!

  14. Pistol Pete

    Nice to see Jack being rewarded for waiting so long for his first postseason.

    5 goals/5 assists in 8 games and the chance to go all the way.

  15. Bobby

    Awesome performance by VGK, Cassidy looking like a genius in this one… So proud of this team!! TEAMWORK

  16. Jailbird

    I said the boys would show if they thought they belonged on the ice with Edmonton. Well, they did! We are much better the best team 5 on 5. Hill was great, his net now. I really don’t want to see Quick. The Oilers WILL come out Wednesday throwing everything out there. We just need to stay calm like tonight.

    • Pistol Pete

      Forecheck, hard on the puck, puck control and reload defensively from the offensive zone!

  17. TS

    SUCCESSFUL COURSE CORRECTION, COACH!! We’re in it to win it!!!!!

  18. Pistol Pete

    Draisaitl was a big baby. 13 goals in 9 playoff games, has a bad game and sulks
    like a little girl. Let’s see that the rest of the series!

  19. Satan

    This is Satan.

    Satan is very happy with win.

    Satan has spoken.

  20. TS

    The guys slowed down the Oilers so effectively! Draisaitl, Mcdavid had little impact on the game.
    We stayed out of the BOX!! THAT was probably the difference- maker right there, since those penalties are almost ALWAYS sure points for the Oilers.
    We kept our COOL, just methodically played OUR game, NOT the Oilers’. Kane tried to make some noise, but we largely ignored him. This game was not a ” head game”, it was the VGK sticking to THEIR game plan, NOT the OILERS’.

    • TS

      Forgot to mention that we maintained much better Puck Control this game. We actually HAD control of the puck a majority of the game, unlike the 2nd game, when we chased that puck all game!

  21. THE hockey GOD


    as goalies in this series are going by the wayside. Meanwhile the beasts in the east, Florida and CANES have had consistently excellent goal tending.

    I sincerely hope LB only tweaked something, or as the old man on the board said we may see JQ in the nets if the trend continues. That would NOT be a good thing as his stage in his career.

    Although LB’s injury was caused on his own, the very DIRTY play of the Edmonton Trailer Park Boys was evident as they repeatedly ran into out goalie. They are deliberately trying to take our ghoulie out . That is NOT good sportsmanship.

    In the next game , don’t expect the “Canadian” refs to swallow their whistles again. EVery time we get a biased “Canadian” ref who makes ticky tack calls the Trailer Park boys PP will give the good guys a hard time.

    Even the TSN announcers, who called a great game, were besides themselves. They had nothing but praise for VGK, they COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. They were besides themselves. Like Georgie George Robert Stephanopoulos who was besides himself this past week end with AMERICAN ABC (an extremely left ) Pollster showing TRUMP absolutely plummeting BIDEN in head to head match up. With Biden poll numbers sinking lower than a catfish at bottom of Mayberry’s RFD local pond.

  22. TS

    Marchy is the fiercest competitor on the team. Maybe in the league. His net battles for goals are relentless,as he showed us last night. He fears NO player, even if the guy is twice his size! Literally launches himself at other players. His intensity and effort is there EVERY game. WAY TO GO, MARCHY!!!

  23. THE hockey GOD

    HOCKEY fans are slamming the NHL draft lottery as “rigged” after the Chicago Blackhawks won the right to select Connor Bedard with the No. 1 overall pick.

    The claims come after ESPN’s Kevin Weekes appeared to have prematurely announced the Columbus Blue Jackets dropping to No. 3 on Monday night.

    “And there’s our first change in the order with Columbus dropping to third,” Weekes said after a long pause with cards on the board yet to flip and show the owner of the No. 3 pick in the 2023 NHL Draft.

    To make the moment even more puzzling, the analyst made the announcement right when the broadcast cut to commercial.

    Hockey fans took to social media to voice their concerns.

    One tweeted: “The NHL draft lottery was rigged 100% No one wanted Bedard in Chicago.”

    Another wrote: “I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again…nothing more rigged in all of sports than the NHL draft lottery.”

    A third said: “I’m now on the rigged train. I wasn’t before. I am now.”

    “Lottery rigged confirmed? Weekes knows what it is before seeing the cards?” another fan added.

    And one tweeted: “[Chicago] had fifteen years of Patrick Kane and now that’s followed up by getting Bedard??? Rigged I tell ya, rigged!!!!!”

  24. Pistol Pete

    Have to like to defending the 5-1 lead all of period three. Helped prevent the Oilers from gaining momentum heading into game 4 as well as preserving VGK’s confidence. No matter, just forecheck, reload defensively from the O zone,
    puck management all three zones and Vegas’ superior depth and defensive structure will prevail.

  25. Pistol Pete

    Was concerned about Gretzky’s game 2 intermission #2 comments on TNT on how in his opinion the Oilers were better defensively than offensively that game. Buying that it followed if EDM defends maybe Vegas can’t win. The VGK did not allow the Oilers to defend game 3. Hopefully that will be the case two out these next three games (two out of two games hopefully).

  26. craig

    The Edmonton Coach prays for a power play. That looks like the only way they consistently score. If they do not win this series he will be with Gallant at Starbucks.

  27. Tim

    That was a big game to say the obvious up 2-1 recapture home ice advantage takes off some of the pressure. Is it possible to win game 4 in Edmonton and go home with a chance to close it out Possible. It’s still hard to believe how well we play on the road and at home we lay an egg more times then not. Looking forward to watch Toronto tonight talk about laying an egg with there talent how can they be down 3 zip? As the saying goes that’s why you play the game. On another front you all know I’m a baseball guy and my hometown Cleveland Guardians are doing there version on how to tank a season so the Knights for me at least give me a little satisfaction. When you think about it there’s a good chance we meet the Kraken in the Western conference championship two expansion teams does that tell you something about other management teams that can’t get out of there own way Buffalo a glaring example among many others. Every year these teams get early draft picks and still can’t get any traction. George and Kelly have there faults but overall they’ve done a good job.

    • THE hockey GOD

      You mean Cleveland INDIANS, no one calls them wokester Guardians. What is a guardian any way ? Dumb neck name for team. Like Washington Commanders, dumb , dumb, dumb, and dumber.

      • Rashaad

        The Cleveland Guardiams are named after a Bridge in Cleveland

        Hope Memorial Bridge, which used to be called Guardian bridge

  28. Ice Warrior

    Adin Hill was rock solid and cool as a cucumber. We talk about VGK depth – and there ya go.

  29. knights fan in minny

    what is the1 reason the oil have not been to a cup in a long time goaltending skinner is nothing special

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