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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to bounce back in Montreal after their 3-0 road loss to the Washington Capitals. Vegas came out firing the puck right out of the gate. William Karlsson and Michael Amadio had several quality chances, but the Canadiens kept the puck out of their net. Montreal went on to score twice in a span of a few minutes. After the opening 20 minutes, the Stanley Cup champions trailed 2-0.

Brett Howden cut the lead in half early in the frame with a shorthanded goal. Minutes later the Canadiens regained their two-goal edge, but Brayden McNabb got it right back :18 later. Jonathan Marchessault evened the score by snapping his scoreless streak although Montreal took a 4-3 advantage in the following seconds. Defenseman Shea Theodore scored on a late-period power play to tie the game before the second intermission.

Both teams had chances in the final frame but neither could find the back of the net. In the final minutes of the game the Golden Knights were awarded a four-minute power play which they quickly took advantage of. First Jack Eichel gave Vegas their first lead of the game and Mark Stone added an insurance goal over a minute to go. The Canadiens got one back but the Golden Knights were able to kill off the final :53 seconds.

The Golden Knights record improves to 13-3-1 after defeating the Canadiens 6-5 in Montreal. Next, Vegas continues their road trip to Philadelphia for a matchup with the Flyers on Saturday morning. Puck drop is scheduled for 10 AM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: An absolutely wacky game saw the Golden Knights dominate the advanced stats in the 1st period but exit down a pair of goals. Then, the 2nd period was a goal fest despite not getting nearly as good of chances. In the 3rd, VGK’s offense dried back up but a late penalty saved them and the game as Eichel buried a shot. Not sure what to take from that game. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Montreal Canadiens at Bell Centre.

  • What did we just watch?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jack Eichel
** William Carrier
* William Karlsson



Veteran Clapped Back At Bruce Cassidy On The Bench Last Season In Support Of Michael Amadio




  1. PistolPete

    Would not mind seeing Stephenson back in action though I guess Amadio has been pretty damn good all things considered. Not Hill’s best game looks though he no doubt battled his butt off. Let’s see if. LT can smoke the Flyers. Testie little roadie…all these opponents have been .500 or better coming in.

  2. Jailbird

    Holy crap, what a crazy game. Off night for hilly, but our scoring and PP came alive. We needed this win! Nice to see Roy back and like I said yesterday Howie much better back on wing. Stevie and Hager getting close.

  3. Richie-Rich

    Season 2023-2024 Game 17 Analysis.
    Bottom Line?
    +2 points in the standings
    -2 teeth
    Knights controlled the puck for 80 straight minutes between the Caps game and period 1 of Game 17 with ZERO (0) goals to show for it.
    Puck Luck favored the Habs and the VGK found themselves down 2-0 after the 1st period.
    The VGK finally broke the dam in the 2nd period and won this game in a shootout 6-5. Too many giveaways in the neutral and defensive zone gave the Canadiens too many quality chances that they capitalized on.
    Some criticism for Hill. He needs to come out of the goal and cut down the angles on breakaways. He’s giving up way too much space by remaining to deep in the crease on breakaways. He could use some tips from #29 MAF on poke checking those chances away.
    Ugly win.
    But it’s 2 points in the standings.
    Good job.
    Stars of the game?
    ***Rondjberg for the double minor and sacrificing 2 teeth
    **McNabb for his 1st goal of the season
    * Mark Stone for the GWG

    • Pistol Pete

      You meant Dorofeyev. He drew the double minor high stick that led to the two game winning PP goals. Good job Pav.

    • Karlsson – just shows that a guy who gives 110 percent every time on the ice isn’t always rewarded with scoring a goal. The important thing is he doesn’t give up trying – he had a number of chances again last night and didn’t miss a beat. I was frustrated for him just watching so can only imagine how he felt. He is a perfect example for kids getting started.

    • TS

      Hill WAS all over the place, for sure, maybe the Ice was too slippery?? Joke, JOKE!!

  4. Pistol Pete

    Holy Cow did the Karlsson line really land 14 shots Karlsson 9/Cotter3/Pav 2)? Nice to see the special teams at work. Three PP goals and the PK perfect plus a shortie. Now let’s see LT smoke the Flyers!

  5. Alex

    Now that Hill is rich, he’s not that great…

    • Pistol Pete

      Is there something wrong with 8-1-1 /2.07/.928?

      • Alex

        There’s something very wrong about giving up 5 soft goals to a shitty team that can’t score

        • SMH

          So nice to see that there are still moron haters on this site that throw out the tremendous stats that Hill has posted year-to-date for 1 rough game (which the team still won). Carry on…

          • THE hockey GOD

            yes , “the most unsophisticated posters in all sports world”- per Ken’s substitute author Ian. Includes satan worshipers, hypocrites, neo nazi sympahizers, election deniers, raging idiot Karens, gang banger thugs recently released from north LV jails who has posted under at least a dozen (known) aliases on this forum alone, and left wing nut jobs that can’t respond with anything resembling a coherency.

          • Pistol Pete

            Welcome back SMH. Where you been all my life?

        • Pistol Pete

          We all know good goaltenders can give up softies. Stating the obvious.

        • Rashaad

          Great points by Alex. He is a very intelligent passionate fan. He wants Vegas to be great and not just good. Just a thought and i believe that it aligns with Alex type of thinking. Trade Adin Hill and fire Bruce Cassidy. Thank them for the contributions and wish them luck elsewhere.

          • knights fan in minny

            are you fucking stupid rashy you and alex must be butt buddys

        • knights fan in minny

          you are a assclown alex the dipshit

    • Jailbird

      What bullshit. He was second best goalie in the league going into tonight’s game!

      • THE hockey GOD

        Hill made some incredible saves in period three, and last portion of game; easily
        redeemed himself to anyone who thought he made misses earlier in game. Nothing close to the infamous MAF gaffe. Not even close.

        The Yolen two goals were misses by the VGK players (one by Cotter not getting puck along boards) leading to point blank shot, the other a breakaway. The only real soft goal was probably the extra man goal late in game.

        • Frank

          Soft goals on Hill were the first one…. (on the first shot nonetheless…) and the last one which squeaked through him…. all in all Hill did OK and saved the shots he needed to to survive and get the W…. But definitely his worst game of the season. I agree with Ritchie Rich who said in an earlier post that Hill sometimes plays too deep in the net. I would have to agree at times (this is what also frustrated me abot Lehner… huge dudes both of them, if they come out a bit, they cut off the shooters angles).

    • knights fan in minny

      shut up stupid go back to watching basketball loser alex

  6. Pistol Pete

    Through 17 one point ahead of last year:

    2022-23: 13-4-0
    2023-24: 13-3-1

    Time to ace the rest of this roadie!

  7. What a wacky game….i thought Barbashev had a really strong game…Cotter really played well tonight as well…Karlsson was everywhere as per normal…strangely enough despite giving up 5 goals I thought Hill was one of the 3 stars tonight…yes a wacky game!

  8. Pistol Pete

    Nice to see Dorofeyev and Cotter out there logging NHL games with Karlsson. They both look like potential solid depth forwards with possibly a higher ceiling for one or both. When Stephenson comes back in it will be interesting to see who Cassidy goes with.

  9. TS

    My take on this win: NEVER, EVER mess with our Captain. If he ends up in the BOX , when he SHOULDN’T be there, he WILL make up for it!! That stretch in the 3rd, with the 4 minute PP, was the outstanding result!! DO NOT MESS WITH OUR CAPTAIN!!

    • TS

      …And Barby’s monster hit on (?) was AWESOME! That player was literally LAUNCHED …and Barby didn’t miss a step, just kept on going!! THAT kind of aggressive play is one of the reasons we acquired him, glad to see him play as BIG as his broad shoulders are!

  10. THE hockey GOD

    the biden curse was removed when team crossed the border

    hopefully it doesn’t return when returns to philly ice- the site of massive
    cheating in 2020.

    • TS

      Curses, jinxes, voodoo, magic spells– all REAL THINGS, right?? Lol

    • Alex

      Biden got my student loan forgiven! He’s great! Trump going to jail will be the best thing ever!

      • Craig Teglia

        Deadbeat…Are you still living with the Grandparents

      • knights fan in minny

        stop lying you were to stupid to have a student loan thugs do not get loans

      • THE hockey GOD

        Trump paid back his loans ,you entitlement moe ron !!

        • TS

          …with FRAUD. that is Trump’s currency.

          • THE hockey GOD

            REally who did he defraud ? (answer no one, he paid his loans back; where the lenders defrauded no? They made millions on his loans, should they give the millions back to Trump?) Feeble minded sheeple believe whatever the propaganda machine puts out there.

            anyone believing Trump defrauded anyone is brain dead gullible POS.

            Furthermore Trump built up the skyline of New York city providing a once down trodden area with thousands of jobs, hundreds of new businesses. All paying taxes including the salaries of these bureaurats that are suing him.

            People need to get a clue before posting garbage on internet.

          • Richie-Rich

            Look, no bank is going to provide an equity backed loan to anyone without them doing their own due diligence. What I am saying here is that this witch hunt trial by L. James is 100% politically motivated. For example, I recently applied for a LOAN from my bank for $45,000 for a Solar installation on my home. On my loan application I stated what my home was worth. Do you actually believe that any bank is simply going to take the word of the applicant? Of course not. My bank scheduled an Assessor to come out to my property for an inspection and evaluation. Not only that, the bank required that I submit my latest federal tax forms, copies of my pay stubs and all sort of other financial documentation in order to determine their risk with respect to that loan.

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            At the end of the day, the State of New York and NYC in particular are going to suffer economically for this foolhardy politically motivated witch hunt.

            But, go ahead and keep watching MSDNC and the Communist News Network for all of your information.

          • THE hockey GOD

            rich richie “gets it”

            spot on post about lenders, as matter of fact they will do their own appraisal regarding of what the “seller” wants; and if is come in lower they will provide the lower amount. That is standard practice. Regardless of commercial or home real estate. Then there is the FINANCE DEPT in New York City that also provides the assessed valuation for taxation purposes.

  11. Tim

    For me maybe the most entertaining game of the year. I was on the edge of my seat all night long back and forth, back and forth it was fun. I don’t care if we win or lose entertaining is what counts and after the L.A. and Washington games it was refreshing. If anyone thought those two games were entertaining were watching different games. I am not a hockey guy baseball as you all know is my game but I’ve figured out what the Knights need. We have a solid deep team but we lack one element of the game and that’s the Sniper. Have a nice Friday

    • Jailbird

      Tim, we actually have two snipers, Jack and Marchy! And I am sorry to hear you don’t care if we win or lose, just as long as you are entertained! That’s to bad.

      • Tim

        Not really Jailbird good players yes snipers no. Patch, Ovechkin type players are snipers more so back in there younger days.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    it’s Friday November 17 2023 and Joe Biden is still the worst president , next to OBAMA, in the last fifty years.

    Deal with the truth folks !

    sez me

    • Alex

      Coming from a guy who thinks an old book written at a time when people thought the earth was flat means some imposter rose from the dead (body stolen), came from a virgin pussy (literally impossible) and healed the sick (when little kids die of cancer everyday in so called Christian countries… What a joke

      • THE hockey GOD

        only joke and devil worshipper here is you Alex, aka Satan

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        BTW the Bible is the most read book in whole world, you are brainwashed tool of Satan. Repent your sins, for repentance is the way to eternal salvation. Sources (Acts 2:38; 3:19; 11:18; 17:30; 20:21; 26:20).

        • Alex

          No more useful than rabbits feet, four leaf clovers and palm reading…Satan just as much a fiction as god…

          • knights fan in minny

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        • Jailbird

          WHAT about YOUR lies and false narratives thg. Aren’t they just as bad?

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        • Rashaad

          HD Biker and The Hockey God are not making a lot of sense. One of them calls Alex a devil worshipper when Alex clearly said that God and the Devil are both fiction. And then one of those idiots said that Alex believes that men can get pregnant. Where do you get that from? He said that a virgin pussy can’t give birth which is true. I guess there is artificial insemination, but I don’t think that was a thing a couple of thousand years ago. Some of you may not agree with Alex comments regarding hockey but I don’t think he said anything crazy or non-factual in regards to non-hockey things.

          • knights fan in minny

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          • THE hockey GOD

            if you followed this site religiously you would know that Alex posts regularly as Satan.

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          • rashaad – you apparently have a reading problem – or selective – in ether case don’t respond foolishly it makes you as bad as Alex – Read what was posted “l would guess you probably believe Men can get pregnant and have babies. ” This was an example and reference to the stupid remarks he sighted and how dumb they were.

      • Richie-Rich

        I find both science and religion to be extremely interesting. The first, science, can provide fact based information regarding the existence of our universe, galaxies, the elements, atomic structures, and so much more. Science has been able to map out the size and age of our “universe” (existence) going back to the so-called “Big Bang”.

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        I find it absolutely ludicrous that we can come to any firm conclusions with respect to the nature of our universe, our existence or whether or not we were created out of a random big bang event or through some intelligent design.

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        We can do better. Why do I like Trump?
        No new wars, and he stresses that economic growth will bring the world together. Stop the hate.

        • THE hockey GOD

          the guy in wheel chair said that if aliens do come, they won’t be friendly

  13. Not probably…100 percent soft goal!

  14. vgk21

    I am predicting the Vgk final record….


  15. vgk21

    that was a bigtime hit on the Mtl toughest guy by Barbie. that lifted the Vgk. and he also made a great pass to set up 81 on his goal.

    seems like slow starter Barbashev is starting to come around. he is usually a second half and playoffs type of guy.

  16. Snipers seem to be a thing of the past.. a relic… debrincat might be one.. Caufield too.. ovechkin certainly was one… Stamkos as well…but a Bossy? Nah.. Leach? Nah.. Gartner? Nah.. there likes will sadly not be seen again!

  17. THE hockey GOD

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    • Alex

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      • knights fan in minny

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      • THE hockey GOD

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      • THE hockey GOD

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        • Alex

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          • knights fan in minny

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          • THE hockey GOD

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    • TS

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      • Alex

        While TS still knows very little about hockey (which still places her in the top 10% of all posters on this laughable site), she does have an excellent grasp of basic science, history and utter douchbaggery of soon to be jailed Trump.

        • knights fan in minny

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        • TS

          alex, Hey…I’M LEARNING, DANG IT!!

          • Alex

            Lol – you’re cool, TS! Love your lighting up rabbit foot guy with science and facts!

      • THE hockey GOD

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        • TS

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        • TS

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        • TS

          How very curious, thg, that you question MY content and its relevance to this site.
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          • THE hockey GOD

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          • TS

            Btw, I said ZERO about the Biden visit w/ China. ZERO.

          • TS

            Sorry. Misread. I said ZERO about the Wh visit except to say it’s pretty sad when an honor FIR the team is trashed by fans.

  18. Tim

    A hockey site to the sick shit so many of you are writing about. I guess you think your getting your 15 minutes in reality your just showing the rest of us how fucked you really are. All I can tell you is watch your kids because these sick fucks are out among us.

    • Anand

      Tim, take it easy with the drama. The hockey god is a religious fanatic that has an odd love and fascination for trans-sexuals. I highly doubt he is any threat to children.

      • THE hockey GOD

        well look it’s anand/alex again spouting out his bull shit

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  19. Tyler Durden

    All this shit posted by the hockey moron and hd pillow biter make Ken look like an idiot for letting it go on. But then again Ken is an idiot. So I guess it’s all good

    • THE hockey GOD

      your post makes you look like an idiot tyler durbin

      to rest of your intelligent posters check out high light reel
      goal by GRIGORI DENISENKO in latest game.

    • knights fan in minny

      look the fucking big mouth turden is back

  20. Jailbird

    In the last episode of Quest for the Stanley Cup, they did a five minute feature on “Deny”, as he was going to replace KaFuk in game 5. The kid is going to be a good one I believe. Hopefully he gets some time with the big club this season!

  21. To interrupt the vitriolic spewing for a moment….vgk faces a difficult back to back…i think the harder of the 2 will actually be against the Flyers due to the early time start as their bodies..and possibly their minds are not conditioned to be playing so early when they are usually just awaking before heading to City National Arena.

  22. Jailbird

    It will be a tuff back to back for sure.

  23. Bobby

    Two teeth, two points. Props to Richie Rich

  24. Sorvino

    Have no clue how today’s early game is going to play out. Early games usually have some weird outcomes. The Flyers are about as average as you can get.

    18th in points percentage
    18th in points
    30th in power play
    14th in penalty killing
    16th in goals
    12th in goals against
    28th in face offs

    Some nice players like Couturier, Konecny and Atkinson upfront. Lousy bottom pairing defencemen like virtually half of the NHL teams.

    I watched one of their games earlier in the season and they seemed to be pesky and worked really hard but then they also lost to the San Jose Sharks so like the average team that they are, they are inconsistent.

    Vegas is by far the superior team and would easily dispatch this team in a best four out of seven series. However this is just one stand alone game in which anything can happen. Philly has won three in a row including an impressive back-to-back against Carolina and Los Angeles.

    I would be content with 2 out of 4 points this weekend against Philly and Pittsburgh. But, if they beat the flyers today, I’m really going to want that win against Pittsburgh, especially considering the fact that Pittsburgh is playing this evening in Carolina, and will actually be less rested then the VGK for Sunday’s battle.

    Of note, both the Flyers and Penguins have beaten the Los Angeles Kings very recently, and the Kings are a similar team to us.

  25. Jailbird

    Here we go! Breakfast hockey! Go get em boys!

  26. Anand

    Tim, take it easy with the drama. The hockey god is a religious fanatic that has an odd love and fascination for trans-sexuals. I highly doubt he is any threat to children.

  27. Anand

    Tim, take it easy with the drama. The hockey god is a religious fanatic that has an odd love and fascination for trans-sexuals. I highly doubt he is any threat to children.

    Vegas will win 3-1

    • THE hockey GOD


      alex/anand multiple personality scumbag is back

      well look it’s anand/alex again spouting out his/her/it (pick a pronoun) bull shit

      putting words into peoples’ post that aren’t there, but revealing his true inter fantasy perversion tendencies.

  28. THE hockey GOD

    the Canucks are only a few points behind and have three top scorers in the league !!

  29. On the hockey front…puck drops in a little over 2 hours…love the way Carrier has been playing…..aggressive and opportunistic…delivering some thunderous checks to the opposing ‘D’…they cant help but be wary of his oncoming freight train mentality…today he gets rewarded for his play with a Carrier type goal!!!

  30. THE hockey GOD

    it’s November 18 2023
    and Biden is still the worst occupier of White House in last 50 years or so, next to obama. The Kenyan.

    • Alex

      And fossils are fake, life on earth only started 6000 years ago, and virgin pussy produced a made up gods kid (who by the way had kids of his own with a whore)

      Biden is good, not great. Obama was great. Both Bush’s a disaster. Trump the worst of the bunch and a soon to be felon, Clinton also great. It is so entertaining watching you superstitious nuts deny evolution and science and clear fossil evidence of life long before humans showed up

    • Richie-Rich

      Biden’s meeting with President Xi went about as well as we expected
      Two minutes of Biden looking at a piece of paper instead of looking the hawkish dictator he’s addressing in the eye because his mind will go blank if he doesn’t closely read what his handlers have prepared…

  31. Sorvino

    Jailbird and THG, thanks for the updates on Gregori Denisenko. I don’t get to watch Silver Knights games and always appreciate an update on how their players are performing.

    • Alex

      Here is your silver knights update – they suck. You’re welcome

    • THE hockey GOD

      don’t mention it, forget Alex the hater. Brain dead. The HSK are actually do a lot better in standings than last year.

      I won’t be surprised if Denisenko is called up to replace 16 or 43 some time this year as long as he keeps progressing and doesn’t lose any teeth ! I figure no 16 got nasty bash to mouth and lost at least three teeth. Marty was still picking them up after no. 16 left the ice. He’ll be sore for a couple of weeks !

  32. ThG

    poster of the year !

  33. TS

    Rise and shine, people— GAME ON!I thank the REAL Hockey Gods for some morning VGK action!!!

  34. ThG

    this is what the lib tards do, label and call people names whenever their sick and twisted agenda is brought to light.

    students at Woodgrove High School in Purcellville, Virginia walked out of their classes on Wednesday to protest against their school district’s transgender bathroom policy. Students gathered outside the school, demanding that the Loudoun County district reverse its decision and provide separate male and female bathrooms.

    The controversial policy, also known as 8040, was adopted by the school district in June 2021. It allows transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice, causing concerns among students about privacy and safety. The school district made headlines earlier this year when they publicly denied an incident where a girl was allegedly assaulted by a boy in the girls’ bathroom. This incident, along with the adoption of the trans policy, has sparked anger and fear among students, prompting them to take action.

    One female student expressed her frustration with the district’s handling of their concerns, stating, “We express these concerns and they ignore us and write us off as Right-wing crazies,” She added, “We’re not crazy. We just don’t want to be in danger on a daily basis in this building.” The students at Woodgrove High are tired of feeling ignored and want their voices to be heard.

  35. knights fan in minny

    now that a bunch of th e nauseating assholes have come back where is that coward mcphat obvious with his apology to knights fans

  36. ThG

    from what we learned on F1 these past few days, it’s been horrible

    if things don’t turn around Vegas won’t be back

    it’s terrible situation, and the local businesses are really hurting due to
    lack of accessibility to their store fronts, and the big businesses are not
    stepping up to help them out so far

    people have been let go because of this cluster mess


    • knights fan in minny

      i thought they had a ten year contract for the race unless i heard wrong

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