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Recap: The Golden Knights headed to Philly looking to sweep the season series with the Flyers. Despite Vegas having a number of good chances the only goal in the 1st period was a power play strike by the Flyers.

An action-packed 2nd included a major penalty, a lengthy 5-on-3, and a bunch of goals. A second power play goal gave the Flyers a 2-0 lead. William Karlsson cut into it quickly with a transition goal. Then, Chandler Stephenson took a major penalty for a cross-check and was ejected from the game. The Golden Knights killed the 5-minute penalty and eventually tied the game with a goal from Jonathan Marchessault. Philadelphia took the lead back briefly, but Marchessault scored again with the two-man advantage. The score was tied at the end of two.

No one could crack the code in the 3rd period as both teams had dangerous looks and power play opportunities.

In overtime, the Golden Knights got a great look in the slot from Jack Eichel, but he rang it off the post. The Flyers scored the game-winner shortly after on the other end.

The Golden Knights record falls to 13-3-2 after losing to the Flyers 4-3 in overtime. Next, Vegas continues their road trip with a back-to-back tomorrow afternoon in Pittsburgh. Puck drop is scheduled for 3 PM. (Recap by Ken)

Analysis: Another wacky game on a road trip of wacky games. VGK looked good in the offensive zone early in the game but just couldn’t bury any chances. Issues in the neutral zone and on the PK gave the Flyers chances and eventually a two-goal lead. Vegas corrected those answers and appeared like they were going to come back to win the game, but a funky OT period went the wrong way. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Philadelphia Flyers at Wells Fargo Center.

  • Not sure yet. But something on Monday. Maybe someone will say something interesting after the game. Or maybe something about tomorrow’s game. Who knows?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Jack Eichel
* Jonathan Marchessault






  1. Alex

    Thompson wouldn’t even start for most minor league teams…he’s the new Lehner…just awful

    • Pistol Pete

      He did not look very good on the OT winner. I’ll give you that. Too bad Eichel’s post shot did not go in though, otherwise LT would have finished 34/37 = .919.

      • Alex

        Yeah and if manhole tightening cover guy at the F1 hadn’t blown that one cover, he’d be 34/37 .919 too

        • Pistol Pete

          That is really not a very good analogy. There is none for you in this case. Just good for you it ended as it did so you could bash LT. You want the VGK to lose so you can bash the goalies lol.

    • SMH

      Logan Thompson year-to-date NHL goalie rankings (minimum 5 games in goal) = 11th in GAA; 11th in SV%; 10th in GSAA. Now I know you’ll have to look up all of those statistical abbreviations, but since you don’t seem to know much about hockey, let me just tell you that those are extremely solid numbers, especially for a #2 goalie (by the way, Lehner was also very solid). Now, if you can pass a written test on hockey knowledge, we might let you post again on this site (with parental supervision, of course). Cheers!

      • Alex

        Boy you are well informed! (except for the part where not one – NOT ONE – team wanted Lehner).

    • knights fan in minny

      still being a fucking asshole you did not even watch the gam your to stupid to understand hockey you piece of shit thug loser

  2. Pistol Pete

    I knew this road trip would not easy. They never are. At least the Penguins will also be going b-2-b tomorrow.

  3. Could have been worse – bad giveaway by eichel and bad bounce – not a good combination for Vegas and win for Philly. Onward to Pittsburgh

  4. Sorvino

    We will take the point.

  5. Richie-Rich

    Game 18 Analysis vs PHI
    1-Chasing the score, just like in Montreal.
    2-Who has the number of breakaways that the VGK has failed to score on during this road trip. Hint: It is at least 5.
    3-3 points in the 3 games on this road trip so far.

    Need to finish the high quality chances. So very close. Goaltending and defense have not been as good the past 3 or 4 games. It’s showing in the GAA and the standings.


    • SMH

      Wow – what a class act adding political commentary to a hockey website. Now you and THG can have your own little Nazi masturbation sessions together. But can’t you take that shit private so the rest of us hockey fans don’t have to watch?

      • THE hockey GOD

        the only people getting masturbated are the AMERicaN people, by Joe Biden.

        If you can’t see all the damage this clown has done, then shame on you . Even the liberal media is turning on slow joe.

        Eichel stayed out too long in OT, and throughout the game with more than one give away we can all see why Strat gave him a 2 out of 4 defensive rating. His defense is lacking, as well as his giveaways. Will power play unit #2 ever see ice time this season ?

  6. knights fan in minny

    tough turnover and the game is over hart always plays well against vegas i liked the look of wild bill cotts and amadio line pav can ride the pine theo is starting to put up the points weak call on chandler should not have been tossed

    • Alex

      Nice work conserving punctuation, but you might want to rethink this strategy as you pursue your GED.

      • knights fan in minny

        i can write it any way i want to you piece of shit nig nog so fuck off loser

  7. Jesus

    Damn! Missed the fucking game! I was appearing in a tortilla in Mexico! Fuck!

  8. Jailbird

    Should have won it early in OT. No problem, got a point, on we go!

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah Eichel got robbed on that snipe. One more inch the right direction.

      • Alex

        How do you “get robbed” when your attempt isn’t even a shot on goal? Or is this news to you?

        • Pistol Pete

          The announcer said Eichel hit the post. It’s true that post or crossbar shots don’t count as shots when they are not saves but that does not make them any less close to being goals. I meant Eichel “robbed himself” because his release was slightly off. Even if he would have score to win the game, more than likely you would disparaged LT’s .919 performance lol.

          • Alex

            That manhole cover was slightly off too…Thompson is a career minor league goalie who had a nice stretch for a bit last year…but he remains a minor leaguer and shows it all the time – like today. Name a small dog after him or knit him a sweater if you like…he is not good enough – period.

        • knights fan in minny

          how come your so fucking stupid alex the ass clown is that news to you moron

  9. Tyler Durden

    Where’s the hockey moron and the head biker pillow biter to tell us Stevensons call was bullshit

  10. Come on you guys just stop the nonsenses; it makes you all look stupid. It accomplishes nothing and if anyone had any doubt concerning the stupidity of it all you remove all doubt by caring on like children. Your mothers would be very disappointed in your behavior whoever they are. I left out fathers as that is always a question for some. No response needed or necessary.

  11. Tim

    Our goalie tandem has played well were in first place how bad can they be, This really is is a credit to the Knights we have a target on our backs and each team beating us shows they are improving as a team. Lets face it when your on top there’s no place to go but down. Were fine every time you get down think of Toronto they haven’t won a Cup since 1967 which is probably before many of you were born. I still think we need a true sniper.

  12. Bobby

    3 of 6 points so far, things could be worse…. On to Pittsburgh.

  13. Jailbird

    During the playoffs, wins are only thing that matters. During the regular season grind, points are what matter, no matter how they come. Sometimes it’s one point at a time! …… also, there must have been some bad history between Stevie and that guy he hit. We all know that’s not how he plays. Plus should never have been a 5 major!

  14. ThG

    looks like the Biden curse showed up as soon as team came back into Biden country, philly loves the guy as Delaware is just across the way where sloJoe made his bones.

    hopefully the curse doesn’t reach western PA.

    • TS

      Well, Thg, get your Book of BLACK MAGIC and CURSES
      out, and cast a Biden- breaker Spell on him!!
      LOL… What a CRAZY CRACKER you are!!!
      Btw: does GOD know you believe in CURSES and Black Magic??

      • ThG

        TS it’s in the BIBLE , if you read prior posts you wouldn’t ask such a stupid question. Has a day gone by when you haven’t posted something that exposes your ignorance?

        • Theresa Soles

          Has a day gone by that you haven’t shown us what a CRAZY CRACKER you are??

        • TS

          Well then, it MUST be true, huh?? A bunch of old men, hundreds of years after Jesus, writing and compiling the Good Book, based on their OWN beliefs, NOT the in history. If I wrote a really GOOD book, based on what I perceive to be true,
          would you automatically believe it because I SAY it’s True?? I know, ya gotta have FAITH.well, I gotta have PROOF. it’s called SCIENCE.

          • Alex

            He also doesn’t know about all kinds of other accounts from the same and earlier time periods, including other gospels which detail his escapades as fathering kids with a local whore.

            Organized religion is by far the worst thing to ever happen to mankind…this idiot proves it

          • ThG

            only crazy person is you

            your posts prove it, day in and day out.

            Major comprehension issues, probably caused by brain damage due to substance abuse.

            Seek therapy lots of it, and spiritual soul replenishment. God is watching you.

          • Richie-Rich

            The Bible was written several thousands of years ago when most of the people on this planet believed that the sun revolved around the earth and that the planet was flat. It’s true that the Bible was written by men.

            However, while the science has advanced, the question of how the universe came into being still remains an unsolved mystery. Many scientists still believe that the fundamental foundations of the universe are based on intelligent design, mathematics and equations.

            To believe in intelligent design (the so called God theory), or not is a personal choice. The Bible simply represents the thoughts of men thousands of years ago who did not have a grasp of science or the universe as we do today.

            But, even with all of the advancements and discoveries, no one has been able to disprove the theory of intelligent design or a higher power. Do your own research. In that regard, even with all of our discoveries, we are no more knowledgeable about creation than those same people who wrote the Bible all those thousands of years ago.

            I would offer that the men who wrote the Bible did their best to establish what they thought to be “creation”. We might laugh at their conclusions today, but if you were to have been born in their day you’d not know any different.

            You want proof? Of what? What is it that you desire to know about the creation of our universe? You cannot know. You must choose yourself. It’s either intelligent design or something else.

            My conclusion is that the math, the atomic structure, and the science points to an intelligent design. God if you will.

            You cannot prove me wrong because the science has not ruled it out.

        • TS

          God didn’t write the Bible, thg.
          Old men wrote it. And they wrote/ compiled the Bible, picking and choosing the books they WANTED to include. Other books, since discovered, were conveniently left out. The Curse thing is the rationalle that people used to explain the terrible events in history, based on the rudimentary, basic knowledge they had at the time. In current times, people are reporting UFOS in the skies..we have NO acceptable or rational explanation for these objects, so many attribute them to “alien visitation,” etc. We currently have NO rational understanding, so we make ASSUMPTIONS,based on our current knowledge. The ancients did the same. They understood the idea of Curses, because their civilizations used this as the Rationalle for events they truly did not understand. ” bad things are happening– must be a Curse!! A curse from God!
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          • TS

            See, I believe in a Higher Power. I do. But I believe if God truly loved us all, then WHY would he DESTROY it all?? Wouldn’t the Creator of Life on Earth strive to protect and save LIfe? Yet, the Bible tells of God’s wrath, his worldwide punishment for the sins of a FEW? WHY??

          • TS

            RR, agreed. As modern humans, we have the choice to believe( faith) or question the unknown. Past or present. It is the choice we make, hopefully through research and historical evidence. I believe Science has the explanations to all they mysteries, but the may still be unknown at this moment in history. The Big Bang?? Or????

          • Richie-Rich

            Why do you think that God should love us? Why do you think that God even curses us, or even looks upon us as anything other than what we are. In the grand scheme of the universe we are not even a micro speck.

            Thirteen billion years is the estimated age of the universe. Our atoms themselves have been recycled at least twice since the Big Bang. Our solar system is in one of millions if not billions of other galaxies throughout the universe. That is the science TS.

            Yet, on an evolutionary scale, life on this planet has flourished. We are an intelligent species, but our maturity leaves much to be desired. That is how I feel God looks upon us, if in fact there is one. We have great potential to love, grow and explore. Yet, our immaturity breeds hatred, contempt and great evil at times.

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      • Alex

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        • knights fan in minny

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        • ThG

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          • Alex

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  15. Pistol Pete

    Pointless streaks:

    Cotter: 8 games
    Dorofeyev: 5 games

    They must be looking at Brisson and Denisenko and wondering if either is ready to forecheck and defend at the NHL level.

    Denisenko: 7 G/10 A (15 games)
    Brisson: 7 G/6 A (15 games)

    • Richie-Rich

      Oh ye of little faith PP! Are you ready to throw 16 and 43 under the bus so soon? Tell me it isn’t so. Brisson and Denisenko? Not yet. Not yet.

      • Alex

        The image of Jesus appeared in a waffle in Pigsknuckle Arkansas in 1989….that’s all the proof you need – fossils? Nope, its the waffle

        Dumbest fan base in sports

        • knights fan in minny

          alex the dumbest fuck head malt liquor drinking piece of shit in las Vegas

  16. Jose

    Oh Wow!!! Alex is actually right. Excellent research sir. Pastor Melissa Scott is a filthy cunt! She is a former porn star that went by the name of Barbara Bridges.

    • Alex

      Your use of “filthy cunt” is the single best post in the history of this hilariously absurd board! I say well done to you, Jose!

  17. Sorvino

    I’d rather stay out of this and keep this as a hockey only site but for the hockey gods own good I would have to agree that Pastor Melissa Scott was indeed a former porn star. She went by the name of Barbara Bridges. I also did the necessary research.

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    I am curious to hear the hockey god’s thoughts on this.

    • knights fan in minny

      i bet the dumb ass alex has all those movies

    • TS

      Pretty damn perverse for a supposed Christian ministry. I expect the money grift from these religious frauds, but the SEX revelations are quite disturbing. SICK FRONT FOR RELIGION.

      • Alex

        Now hold on there, TS! Carpet Minchin’ had some great cinematic quality and the costumes were superb . THG gave it 5 stars!

  18. Jose

    In his heyday as pastor, Doc Scott reportedly collected $1 million a month in donations and amassed an empire that included two horse ranches, a 35,000-square-foot mansion in Pasadena, a private plane, and a collection of luxury cars.

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    • Alex

      Great digging, Jose! How embarrassing for THG idiot!

      • knights fan in minny

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    • TS

      Jose, That is so….SINFUL!!
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  19. This team sure suddenly seems…

    A mess.

    What’s going on?

    • TS

      Idk, Dylan. I ASK who the heck did the scheduling for the team?This packed road trip was destined to fail!

  20. knights fan in minny

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