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Recap: The Golden Knights were hoping to wrap up their successful four-game road trip with a victory in Minnesota. Vegas was awarded two power plays in the opening period but failed to convert an opportunity into a goal.

In the 2nd period, the tables turned for Vegas. The Golden Knights committed two penalties which cost them the lead. The hometown Wild held a 1-0 edge after two periods of play.

Late in the game Michael Amadio recorded his 13th goal of the season to force overtime. The Wild chose to pull their goalie in overtime chasing the extra point in the standings. Jonathan Marchessault scored the game-winner and his 40th goal of the season on an empty net in OT.

The Golden Knights record improves to 41-25-8 defeating the Wild 2-1 in Minnesota. Vegas will fly back home for one game against Vancouver on Tuesday night. Puck drop against the Canucks is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Boring hockey is back for the Golden Knights, and that’s a good thing. A low-event game for the most part picked up with Jack Eichel took a major penalty for spearing. That led to Minnesota’s only goal and with Eichel out of the game it looked like trouble. But, a great stretch pass from Martinez, followed by an even better dish by Stephenson and a great finish by Amadio tied the game. A desperate Minnesota pulled their goalie in OT, and Jonathan Marchessault accepted the gift. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Minnesota Wild at Xcel Energy Centre.

  • Eichel’s minute load

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Michael Amadio
** Jonathan Marchessault
* William Karlsson



Ben Hutton Has Played A Huge Role In VGK’s Defensive Turnaround


Which Potential Playoff Matchup Is Best For The Golden Knights?


  1. Rashaad

    Marc Andre Fleury is the biggest piece of shit goalie the league and allowed 10 goals in his last two games played. It would’ve made life easier if he were playing today.

    Good win. Strong penalty killing. Power play still sucks. They need to generate more offense. I know I am saying the obvious. Calling on Tomas Hertel.

    • Niggles

      Biggest piece of shit goalie lol

      Did someone shit in your Wheaties this morning?

    • Emmanuel

      EDM’s like ….were going to have to play these guys in the first round again…..oh dear……

    • Tim

      Rashaad, Second winningest goalie of all time after 100 and some years of hockey and he’s a piece of shit. Sorry my friend like him or not don’t discount his career. Enough said!!!!

      • TS

        Tim, yup. ALL athletes eventually lose a step, lose their edge, lose their competitive skills. Natural progression.wasn’t Fleury gonna retire in Vegas before now? He would have retired by now, had he stayed a Knight. Personally, he is past his expiration date, but his career was pretty successful.

      • Rashaad

        Not discounting his career. He is a Hall of Famer. Great career. I’m just saying that he sucks right now. Complete garbage. I hope he is in that next time. Vegas plays Minnesota. Anyways, I shouldn’t have even brought it up. Positive vibes.

        • ThG

          just like no. 81 sucked in that opening playoff rounds year, eh ratshit ?

          you can’t have it both ways

    • DeezNutz

      Rashaad what have you ever accomplished in life that gives you the right to call a Hall of Fame goalie a piece of shit? If anyone is a piece of shit it’s Fleury’s agent Allan Walsh.

      • knights fan in minny

        fuck you numb nutz what have you ever accomplished in your piece of shit life to give you the right to post your worthless trash on this site

      • Rashaad

        If you believe Alan Walsh is responsible, then you probably think that Shohei Ohtani‘s agent was the one placing sports bets. I don’t like Fluery because deep down, I think he showed his true colours and is a back stabber. His antics could’ve really hurt the team in the playoffs.

        However I said he is a terrible NOW and laugh at the idea that some people think they should not have gotten rid of him when they won the Stanley Cup without him.

        I think he did a shitty thing and that’s it and I will never bring it up again. (Unless someone says that he should still be on the team). I really regret bringing it up and it was totally out of line to bring it up when I should just be celebrating a golden Knights win.

        As for his career accomplishments he is obviously going to the Hall of Fame.

    • NAM

      Dumbest fucking comment of the year and that is saying a lot.

  2. Henderson Knights

    Great comeback win. Terrible call against Jack. Even the former ref Jackson said on ESPN that it should have been just 2 for a high stick.

    clutch Marchy does it again. great game by Karlsson and LT, who both were instrumental on that OT goal.

    Hartman is a punk, who twice tried to injure LT by running him.

    • TS

      HENDERSON, Just as I saw it on the Eichel major. It was NOT a major! But, maybe that bad call inspired the guys…

  3. niggles

    Victory ✌

  4. Satan

    Ladies and Gentlemen, just as Satan had promised, the execution of the Minnesota Wild’s season and playoff hopes has been completed.

    Congratulations and have a wonderful weekend or might I say a devilish time.

    • SMH

      All hail the mighty Satan! Just think – he could have adopted the logical New Jersey Devils to be his favorite team, but he chose VGK instead! Rejoice all ye sinners!

    • TS

      Devilish? I can only hope…lol

  5. JB

    Thank you minny-so-ta! 2 points. Lemonade out of a lemon! LT beat up and great. Petro was awful. Deadeye Marchy does not miss open nets. The armadillo comes thru with clutch goal! Bad call n Jack. Looking more and more like Edmonton in first round. That’s ok, bring it on!

    • Rashaad

      JB, Petro coming off a sickness. You know that buddy.

      • TS

        Rashaad, any idea what illness? Out 2 was, musta been pretty sick. His strength was depleted some, I would expect..

      • Rashaad

        TS, I heard Ken say in one of his podcasts that it may have been Covid but he didn’t say it convincingly.

        • TS

          Thnx, Rashaad. The length of his absence tells me it was fairly serious. Lots of respiratory crap going around right now.

      • JB

        Yes i know, but he played awful the two games before he got “sick”. Just saying.

  6. Barb

    After Jack got the boot and the Wild scored I said to me from me, who’s going to carry the Knights to a win? My answer was Marchessault, Karlsson, and Stephenson. Beautiful pass by Chandler to Amadio to tie the game at 1-1. OT LT shovels the puck to Karlsson who makes a spot on pass to Marchy WINNING GOAL
    Yeah me!

  7. TS

    Holy Cow! I only caught 1st 2 periods, and after Eichel’s ejection, I thought the guys might fold. It looked pretty grim..only good from that was the Wild only managed 1 stinking G in 5 long minutes. Was that infraction major- worthy, i wonder? Gotta chuckle at other teams failing at the open net strategy…it rarely, if EVER, works, for crying out loud!
    Thrilled the boys pulled the W out of their helmets!!

    • TS

      Hey, did anyone else hv trouble getting the Radio broadcast of the game? I couldn’t get it– constant interference– was the rain a factor, or was that ALSO blacked out?I went to a local bar to watch, and even the bar couldn’t get it! I object to the VGK being blacked out in VEGAS– SUCKS.

      • Earl the Replanted Transplant

        I use the NHL app to listen to games when I cannot watch, you can use either teams radio broadcast.

  8. Richie-Rich

    Game 73 Analysis VGK 4 WPG 1

    VGK records now stands at 41-25-8, 90pts .608, +22 GF/GA

    The story of this game was outstanding VGK defense and goaltending. The 5 minute major assessed to Jack Eichel could have been completely overturned. Kaprizov skated right into it and there might have been a slight push off with the stick by Eichel, but it wasn’t much. The Oscar-Like performance by Kaprizov was pathetic. I think the refs were in a bit of a conundrum as to what to call. They could have called for an interference or a slash. In any case, the VGK was able to limit the damage to one goal by the actor.

    I held my breath for just a second when Logan took a heater off the top of his helmet. The VGK simply cannot afford for Thompson to take a serious injury. The Wild crashed into Thompson twice in this game. The small chance that they had to make the playoffs just evaporated.

    1st Star – Logan Thompson
    2nd Star – Michael Amadio
    3rd Star – Chandler Stephenson

    There are 8 games left in the season. The VGK must go 4-4 in order to reach 98 points. They have extended, at least temporarily, their lead over the Kings to 3pts for 3rd place in the Pacific. The Kings will play its 74th game of the season later this evening against the Flames in Calgary. The Flames have lost 5 in a row and are 2-8 in their last 10 games.

    Up next are the surprising Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday at the Fortress! The Canucks are 45-20-8 98pts, .671 +57 GF/GA. Right now they are 4 points ahead of the Oilers for 1st place and 8 points ahead of the VGK. The magic number to eliminate the VGK from contention for 1st place is 8. Any combination of wins by the Canucks or losses by the VGK will eliminate the Golden Knights from winning the division. I find it hard to believe that I am actually able to even discuss a possible first place finish with the way this team has struggled. But, here we are.

    SINCE ALL STAR BREAK *Playoff Team, **Wild Card Team (MW = must win game)

    57 2/22 H-TOR* LOSS 7-3
    58 2/24 A-OTT (MW) LOSS 4-3 OTL
    59 2/27 A-TOR* WIN 6-2
    60 2/29 A-BOS* LOSS 5-4
    61 3/02 A-BUF (MW) LOSS 2-7
    62 3/04 A-CBJ (MW) LOSS 3-6
    63 3/07 H-VAN* LOSS 1-3
    64 3/09 H-DET** WIN 4-3
    65 3/12 A-SEA (MW) WIN 5-4 OT
    66 3/14 A-CGY (MW) LOSS 1-4
    67 3/17 H-NJD (MW) WIN 3-1
    68 3/19 H-TBL** LOSS 5-3
    69 3/21 H-SEA** WIN 3-1
    70 3/23 H-CBJ (MW) WIN 4-2
    71 3/25 A-STL**(MW) WIN 2-1 OT
    72 3/26 A-NSH** LOSS 4-5 OTL
    73 3/28 A-WPG* WIN 4-1
    74 3/30 A-MIN** WIN 2-1OT


    The VGK could be fighting for 2nd place, or solidify its spot as 3rd in the Pacific. Overtaking the Canucks is currently a pipe dream, but not mathematically out of the question.

    75 4/02 H-VAN
    76 4/05 A-ARI
    77 4/08 A-VAN
    78 4/10 A-EDM
    79 4/12 H-MIN
    80 4/14 H-COL
    81 4/16 H-CHI
    82 4/18 H-ANA

    • TS

      Rr, maybe, just maybe, the guys really have saved something in the tank for the playoff run!

  9. Richie-Rich

    And just like that Pistol Pete’s prediction of 101 points is back in play! A 5-2-1 record nets them 101. A stretch, but definitely back in play.

    • JB

      I guess my 104 prediction I made a few weeks back, might still be in play too! 🙂

    • DeezNutz

      The Blues are getting railed harder than minny mouse in a motel 6 right now

      • knights fan in minny

        fuck off loser piece of shit as usual you have nothing bright to say who is minny mouse there is no poster on this site named minny mouse you dumb fuck

  10. knights fan in minny

    hard fought win both netminders were good weak spear call the mild play well against vegas mr clutch with the winner marchy talked to a group of 5 Vegas fans at the game nice folks

  11. Jose

    Pistol Pete is a wise man.

    • Pistol Pete

      Thank you Jose. 5-3 clinches @100 or 4-3-1 @ 99 and that’s if STL goes 8-0 and MIN goes 9-0 neither of which is happening obviously. Chance to go up 3 on the Kings (they trail 2-3 at the second intermission) though they have a game in hand and easier schedule. Bring on Hertl for a cherry on top! What a BS decision against Eichel though the VGK was good enough to win without him.

  12. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Looks like San Joser is giving St. Louis the blues. Hopefully the LAK get burnt in Calgary. A 3 point cushion is better tan 1.

  13. Vic

    Thank you Avs and Sharks knocking off the Preds and Blues respectively. Now let’s go Calgary.

    • Pistol Pete

      Oh that’s right. VGK tied with Preds @ 90! This looks like it could be thank you Calgary Flames they lead Kings 4-2 with 6 min. remaining.

  14. vgk21

    Calgary leading LA 2-1 in the first period.

    SJ shutout StL 4-0

  15. Pistol Pete

    There’s a lot to like about 7 out of 8 pts on a crucial road trip and to think it took a measure of good fortune for the Preds to pull off that win, mostly Cassidy losing that challenge. Was not really a big 3rd period meltdown, more like an unfortunate turn of events.

  16. Pistol Pete

    LT has been stellar btw. Hopefully Hill comes back in time to back him up.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Thank you Flames. Kings blow a chance to stay one point in back of the VGK with a game in hand and easier schedule.

  18. Pistol Pete

    According to Ken 8 more points (4-4) clinches. Must be they win the tie breaker with STL if the Blues go 8-0 lol.

  19. ThG

    1 it was definitely a spear, his hands were moving the stick in a spearing motion, the refs and Toronto confirmed it. Completely out of character for JE as he was having a good game. Maybe facing a suspension, but we’ll see

    2 Is Dan Campbell coaching the Wild ? Pulling the goalie , when team still has a chance to win in OT and shoot out ? Then losing a point when the VGK score a MT net goal? HAs to be dumbest move in NHL. The Wild still could have gotten two points. Dumb dumb dumb , “well the analytics say to do it ” ? Um, no they don’t

    3-ESPN+ can off the SOUND! Some insights we learned from the “diversity” color “commentator” – “Nhl players are good” WE can do better than this bull !

    and it’s Sunday

    (easter is for non believers and egg hunters, not real true Believers)

    • Pistol Pete

      “Completely out of character for JE as he was having a good game. Maybe facing a suspension, but we’ll see”

      Not sure what his character has to do with whether he was having a good game or not. His character is his character. I personally think he is a high character guy whose emotions got the better of him after Kaprizov put that questionable hit on
      him. Not one of Jack’s better moments that is for sure. I think a fine is more likely than a suspension. I sure hope so. Perhaps you disagree?

      • ThG

        i think you said what I said, Pete and RePete, completely out of character for him, and he was having a good game up to that point in time.

    • TS

      Thg, Agree on the empty net failures—
      It’s my ongoing complaint against our team, and it’s clear other teams attempt the same. Wonder what the success rate is across the league– maybe 5%? Futile move by coaches. Ex

  20. NAM

    2 points earned, all is forgiven. Don’t look at the PP, nothing to see here. I am surprised the PP tactic of everyone standing on their spot, no movement, with Eichel and Theo not moving just passing the puck back and forth isn’t generating more goals. It is also very important for Stephenson to gather the cross ice pass, then think about if he wants to fire it on goal, change his footing, smoke a cig, call his mom, then if mercury is in retrograde, fire the puck. BUT 2 points earned, all is forgiven.

    It does make the SC win last year all that more impressive that VGK did it without even a hint of an average PP.

    • JB

      Maybe Hertl will help the power play? Sounds like we may see him play on that final four game homestand?

      • Pistol Pete

        I would not be surprised to see him in a no-contact jersey at the next practice. I saw it reported earlier this week he is skating.

        • TS

          Pp, I’ll probably go to practice Monday, will see if Hertl practices..
          Will let you know.

          • Pistol Pete

            Thanks TS would enjoy meeting up with but it’s haircut @ 11:30!

          • TS

            Pp, Hertl practiced today( Monday), red shirt. He looked fast, fit, happy to be on the ice( like, grinning-happy). He looks ready to play, but coach may want him to rest him another game or two.

  21. vgk21

    another stellar performance from Thompson.

    His win pushed him to 5-0-0 in six appearances since March 17, and he’s been the best goalie in the league in that stretch.

    Not only are his 1.13 goals allowed and .962 save percentage tops in the league the last two weeks, but his five-on-five numbers are even better.

    He’s allowed less than a goal per game — 0.93 — and has a .964 save percentage when playing at five-on-five.

    • JB

      Ya know LT is doing amazing. But, I just get nervous watching his games. He is all over the place. Not calm in the net. But I guess it works for him. I still feel Hilly is more a playoff type goalie . He just can’t stay healthy .

  22. JB, i agree with everything you said!!! But he sure is indispensable right now and for how long into the immediate future as well.

  23. Mel Hallerman

    Changing the subject, how can we keep Hanifin and Hertl next season even with a $4M increase in cap space?

    I expect Martinez to be gone but his $5M + $4M extra cap space won’t cover Hertl, Hanifin, increases to deserving players, etc.

    Trade Shea Theodore? Stevenson? Get rid of Kolasar? Cotter? I can’t figure out how to make it add up.

    • Pistol Pete

      Expiring contracts plus the cap increase = approx. $21m

      Hertl $6.75m
      Hanifin $7m (hopefully)
      Marchessalt $6m (hopefully)

      Leaves $2.25m for Martinez, Stephenson, Amadio,
      Carrier and Dorofeyev.

      It would not expect Martinez and Stephenson to receive offers.

      I would expect them to prioritize signing Dorofeyev based on his performance and age.

      Don’t see how they extend Amadio and Carrier.


    • NAM

      Yep, every time they want a big player someone is basically given away. Martinez for sure is gone, but then it gets interesting. Stephenson is probably gone because he has been on a great 2.75 mil contract. He will want more and probably get it some where. I don’t think VGK can do it, especially if they want to pay Marchessault. What is he going to demand? A 40+ goal recent Conn Smythe winner. So far I haven’t seen any one give a home town discount. So I don’t expect it now. Carrier is probably gone as well. He only makes 1.7, but will be replaced with a some one cheaper. It doesn’t stop here though, still got to pay Amadio who made 762k this year and on pace for 15 goals. But wait there is still more. Doro is up for RFA with arbitration. He has 12 goals with games left. Hmm.

      So the moral is someone that has some worth to them has to go. Theo probably. Maybe Whitecloud. Maybe Hague. Maybe it is Marchy. Maybe Stone retires? Too many what ifs, but something is going to happen.

      • Pistol Pete

        More than likely Martinez, Stephenson, Amadio, Carrier and Mantha are gone. With Hertl, Hanifin and Marchy accounting for around $19.75m of an available $21m that leaves room for Dorofeyev and not much else. They can pick up a little space bringing in Korczak and even Cormier but I doubt they move Hague and/or Whitecloud out unless the playoffs go badly and perhaps not even then. Let’s finish this season first and hopefully they run deep into the playoffs and we’ll see how the summer goes. Will be interesting for sure.

      • TS

        Nam, idk about Stephenson leaving the team..
        Cassidy is pretty fond of him, I see it at Practice. Would hate to see that workhorse leave..
        He is worth keeping!

        • knights fan in minny

          i dont think chandler will want a big raise i think h rally enjoys being on this team my gut feeling

          • TS

            Kfim, Me, too. He’s humble. Unselfish. True team.player.

  24. I sincerely believe we will not be facing the oilers in the first round because I believe they will end up overtaking the canucks…they sit currently 4 points behind with a game in hand…and I think VGK will play a pivotal role in that they face the canucks twice in a week starting Tuesday….further proof will be in todays game as they face the woeful ducks …should they lose this game they can kiss first place goodbye!

  25. NAM, certainly lots of ifs and what ifs.

    Hopefully Marchy takes a sweetheart deal for $6 million for 3 years…. Possibly if he really wants to stay and help the team meet cap space , take a &5 million for 4 years with a buyout clause the last year.

    For sure Marty is gone, and sadly I think Carrier too as he has simply become too injury prone.

    I’m totally on the fence about Amadio whether to try and retain him, the same goes for Stephenson who I believe will want at least 5-6 million which definitely prices him out.

    Seems without a doubt Pavel will have to be signed as his upside looks really bright.

    And yes… if we are fortunate and lucky enough to win a cup with the Captain back in uniform.. it is always possible he retires while still a relatively young and healthy man!

  26. ThG

    hard to speculate on FO off season moves at this point in time,

    better to spend fantasy posts about re arranging the league structure. I don’t see why Arizona is not in same division as VGK.

    Suggest re wiring whole NHL into three conferences

    Tampa Bay
    New York Rangers
    New York Islanders
    New Jersey

    St Louis


    San Jose

    top 16 teams qualify for playoffs with first round five games, and bye for conference winners.

    • NAM

      The math doesn’t work. 3 conference winners get byes, but 16 make the cut. Odd even kind of matters in playoffs.

      • JB

        Yea, not gonna happen.

      • ThG

        hmm, let me re do the math, that leaves 16 minus 3 = 13, so they all make the first round, and five games only in first round, Simple fix. Ty

        • Pistol Pete

          Reducing round one to best of five would reduce games played by at least 8 not good for revenue. It’s a long playoff structure which is tough on the players but good for the fans and drives revenue. MLB has often thought of converting the first round to best of seven to increase revenue but apparently it’s tough to extend the season. Know you are probably just playing around ThQ just trying to be down to earth per usual.

    • TS

      But how would 3 conferences play out in playoffs? How would that work? Brackets?

      • Pistol Pete

        TS don’t bother it’s a ridiculous idea. ThQ would
        rather not apply the knowledge he does have on the roster and cap and put together a 2024-25 roster and instead proposes a silly unrealistic restructuring of the conferences and divisions.

        • ThG

          re doing conference line ups has nothing to do with roster/cap

          silly pete and repeat.

          The structure presented would save costs on traveling by putting teams close to each other in same conference, I would think ‘carbon emission’ critical thinkers would appreciate that, but I guess it’s all for show , hypocrites.

          • TS

            Carbon emissions?? Say WHAT?? This is an April Fool’s Joke, right??

  27. Pistol Pete

    As for Monday’s schedule we want the Kings to lose to the Jets (very possible) but as far as the Oilers and Blues the VGK are just 4 pts back of EDM however discounting overtaking VAN to win the division which is a long shot it won’t matter which team is 2nd and 3rd VGK and EDM would meet in round one. Might as well have the Blues lose as that would effectively knock them out as the Knights would only need 3-5 to out point them.
    Same for MIN…they lose just one more and the VGK need only three wins.

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