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Goalie Interference – Episode 2

This week we talk about injuries troubles for the Golden Knights, their leaky defense, chat about a prospect trying to prove Ken wrong, and more. As always, the show airs live at 7 PM every Wednesday.

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Uncharacteristic Defensive Lapses Haunting VGK To Start Season


Can The Golden Knights “Find” Three Goals Per Game?


  1. Blitz

    I thought it interesting that Mike thinks VGK will do well (ie win) against the Oilers. Sure I want to believe VGK will win every game, but I look at where this team is and the burning hot sun that is currently the Oilers. How in the hell can you think Vegas is going to win? I just don’t see it with the eye test. Puncher’s chance of course and its in Vegas.

    Lehner was great last game, but you can’t play him here tonight. Speedy teams that move the puck well are not his strength. Avs turned him inside out last year, but we’ll see how it turns out, if he goes.

    • Arnold Rothstein

      odds boards have VGK as favorite across the board, wise guys laying some heavy dough down. Until their minds are changed , go with the flow. Then you will know
      the tide has turned.


      • Blitz

        I am just a simple minded hockey fan. Your clever writing confuses me. I think you are saying bet the under dog here (Oilers +120) until the match makers pull their heads out.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    1 edm 8 pts
    2 SJ 6 pts
    3 van 5 pts
    4 ana 4 pts
    5 cal 3 pts
    6 sea 3 pts
    7 LA 2 pts
    8 veg 2 pts ( no depth, too many injuries)

  3. THE hockey GOD

    Jason is what , 18 years old ???

    He’s just a kid !

  4. THE hockey GOD

    team players do not whine about not playing nor do their representatives post cartoons backstabbing their coach

    doh, wake up !!

    • Daryl

      Are you still butt hurt your beloved FO got called out and shown for what they really are???

      • THE hockey GOD

        team players do not call out their own team, that is why they get canned in real world.

        deal with hard cold facts of life.

        • Daryl

          When did MAF call out his team? And for that matter, coaches cll out players all the time!!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            did you miss the back stabbing cartoon ???

            hello ! WAKE UP !!

            Your spin is stupid, yet again, not a single FO or coach called out a player with a back stabbing cartoon whining about not being played yet one of their ex players did so using his representative that represents him with the team.

            Your irksome posts filled with spin outs are tiresome.

            “Team players do not whine about not playing nor do their representatives post cartoons backstabbing their coach

            doh, wake up !!”>>>this is a direct reference to MAF, and you know it. It happened, and he’s gone. If he was employee of my company he would be gone too. Not a team player. Not a professional way to act, not sticking up for the team , the organization, or it’s fans. Only a selfish , pathetic gesture. Good move to get rid of this cry baby and playoff choker.

          • Daryl

            What’s tiresome are your idiotic posts!! First of all, it was MAF agent and not MAF himself. And he didn’t call out the team, he called out the FO and even his coach. And he was RIGHT for calling them out. They have a history of being full of shit.

            And as far as putting a spin on things, you are a master at that. And then when you get called out for it, you say others are putting words in your mouth.

            And yeah most of the time employees don’t trash talk their bosses because they will get fired. But anyone with any common sense knew MAF was out when they brought in RL, so why wait until later to let everyone know what you think about the trash FO and joke of a coach???

            So yeah, they got rid of the playoff “choker” and crybaby only to be led by a bigger crybaby and game choker!!!

  5. Tim

    The Pacific Division smells blood in the water and for that matter so do the other NHL teams. Playing Vegas seems to be a way to pick up a quick 2 points. Bill Foley has to be livid the direction the team is heading. Stone, Patch, and Tuch are big losses and can we recover or tread water until there back that is the question.I’m pretty confident we’ll lose the next 4 games but then we play the Ducks in Anaheim if we lose that game then I believe shit will hit the fan. They say the defense is leaky hopefully Miromanov has a chance to contribute some offense although he may not be the best defender. I’d also bring up Pavel D. in place of Jake L. to see if he can help ignite the offense if not you can always send him back down. There’s a couple of other AHL guys who deserve a chance. Lets face it Carrier can hit people but can’t score. Kolesar can hit people but can’t score, Howden, Krebs, and Patrick can’t score. Now with Martinez out I assume so we have Petro, Theadore, maybe Hague, and the Misfit line that have a chance of scoring. To me that doesn’t look like a team that can win a lot of games between now and January when we may get Tuch, Patch, and Stone back. I hope I’m proven wrong. The Blues game was entertaining if we lose but the games are entertaining and the guys play hard I’m ok with that.

    • Blitz

      If vegas can get back to sound defensive hockey they have a chance to stay *in reach* of a pacific playoff spot until health comes back, but even that depends on things. Scheme, scheme, scheme. Go back to what worked last year on defense. Do not keep doing what you are doing now. And you need to find continuity within your lines and hopefully another scoring option outside the misfit line. Its still early, fix the d and find a 2nd line or don’t and shoot for that #1 pick next year, ugh.

      I highly doubt Miromanov plays tonight. Yesterday he was the 7th dman. I think that is a shame as he brings an interesting spark and lord knows we need a spark.

      • Tim

        Of coarse he won’t play tonight Coghlan is next man up for better or worse. They are playing Jake L. class of 2017 and a second round bust but like Glass they’ll play him come hell or high water.

        • THE hockey GOD

          no 15 had a better game than 55, 14, 7, 81 and 41 why wouldn’t they keep him in line up ? in the “stats” line up he’s even. While at the bottom of the list are 81 (leading on negative side with -4) , the rest at minus 3 are 7, krebs, mcnab, no 71, then at -2 are kolesar, theordore, smith. At top are , as you would expect – Stone, Patches, no. 20, and martinez/dadonov.

          I see Coghlan ahead of d men list to come in, but if he blows yet again another tire, I will eat my hat. If the AHL Russian plays tonight there will be more than expected amount of goals allowed because the kid doesn’t play D (until he proves otherwise, I will eat my hat).

          Coghlin, the russian, patrick and howden are all 23/24; these are young kids still learning to play NHL style hockey. So I would give them a break before shutting them down with reckless stupid hate filled comments. And no. 15 is 22 so he’s a year behind the rest of this bunch. If they all play in game , VGK will have one of the youngest starting lineups in the league tonight.

          • THE hockey GOD

            well 14 played ok, i got him confused with howden who is 21.

          • Blitz

            “no. 15 had a better game than 55, 14, 7, 81 and 41 why wouldn’t they keep him in line up ?”

            I agree #15 was better than those you mentioned. With Janmark coming back I wonder who goes out? #15 probably the odd man out regardless of how he played. Nice to have a veteran back, but I thought Janmark looked terrible in pre season. Assuming back to last years form he is probably on a line with Stephenson and Dad and would improve that line by a micro fraction.

  6. Tim

    No one has mentioned Janmark personally I’m a little pissed he has been on Covid lockdown. When you’ve had your shots you still need to wear your mask and especially when a team is depended on you what part of that didn’t he get? I guess he found out it won’t happen to me didn’t work.

    • THE hockey GOD

      how can you be pissed off, everyone knows the arm jabs are worthless and spotty at best. Janmark is a non factor anyway. I am surprised they kept him, and let Nozek go.

    • Daryl

      What’s the point of get vaxxed if you can still get and pass covid AND you still have to wear a mask???

      • THE hockey GOD

        exactly, all nanny state bull chit

        and on top of that you have to wear a mask at the rink. Yet no one does or 50% of them don’t when they eat, sing the national anthem, kids jump up/down. People are not coming to rink because of fear of COVID after seeing that these idiot fans are not obeying the mask rules. IT has nothing to do with quality of play on the ice, it is FEAR of getting COVID, and failure of mandates to work and idiot fans who wear them as chin diapers or not at all.

        • Daryl

          For the most part, the masks people wear are useless. Medical masks are a one time use yet ppl wear them over and over again. And if you are taking your masks off to eat/drink then what’s the fiferemce in ppl not wearing them at all

      • Blitz

        I am not sure what the point of getting the jab is if almost everyone I know has had the wi-flu and it wasn’t a big deal, at all. Probably 80-100 people in total. I’ve even known 4 people that died *officially on paper* from the wi-flu and they would all be dead right now regardless if this bullshit happened or not. Sorry, but when you are in hospice and dying from cancer, you definitely didn’t die from covid, regardless of what the posthumous test says. Especially a test that is inaccurate AF.

        I trust what I personally see, not what I am being told.

        • Daryl

          My Captain had a heart attack and was in ICU. He was on a ventilator. He ended up catching covid from his wife who came to see him and then pneumonia and eventually died. They said he wasn’t going to make it before he contracted COVID. The hospital then said he died of covid.

          • Blitz

            Up until a couple of days ago my wife worked for our local hospital. She was terminated due to the vax mandate in our state. Not tyranny, nothing to see here. That is a side point, anyway what I am getting at is hospitals are making great money off of this crap. They are playing the boo hoo card and making big money. If someone is admitted with covid it an extra chunk of money. If someone dies of covid it is a large extra chunk of money. I don’t remember the numbers, but it was something like 16k just for admitting someone (even for a night stay, some meds, and a little o2) and 35k for a death.

            Shady business at the expense of the people. Add in politics, control/power, and greed. It is extremely disgusting.

        • Daryl

          They also continue to talk about how overcrowded hospitals are and running out of beds b/c of covid patients. We had an inmate at the hospital b/c he was sick and tested positive. The hospital used half of one floor for COVID patients yet our local news said they were running out of space. There were only a handful of beds used in the other half of the floor

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