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Relocation Might Not Be Great…But It Could Be Worse

Did anyone else see the Arizona Coyotes smoke the LA Kings last night? The Yotes sported their sparkling new road sweaters as they quickly jumped on Jonathan Quick 4-1. I know it’s the first week of the season and the Kings are notorious slow starters, but this is the same Arizona team that’s the consensus pick to finish last.

The Coyotes have high prospects in their vault and decided it’s time to break some out. Highly ranked and son of the NHL player I hated most, Max Domi debuted with his first NHL goal in the second period. Max looks like Tie and probably could become an effective brawler someday but that’s not why he was a top pick.

Max is a skilled skater, with high shot accuracy. His high slot, wrist shot was so fast and accurate it was almost as Quick didn’t see it. It looks like the twenty year old Center has a bright future ahead of him.

Another fine prospect that was in the Yotes lineup was left winger Anthony Duclair. Already one of my favorite players, Duclair plays a little bigger and rougher than his young age of 20. Duclair made his NHL debut with the Rangers last season, but was moved to Arizona in the Keith Yandle trade. Not only can he check but he can score. In his last season of Canadian Juniors, Duclair scored 50 goals in 56 games.

All are lead though by the Yotes underrated star defenseman, Oliver Ekman-Larsson. The Swede is overlooked when it comes to being named a top defenseman in the NHL, but he’s good enough to be mentioned. His superb ice intelligence (Googled, “smart cold guy,” this came up, so we are going with it, here, click it again, I know you want to) is what makes a top blue liner. Which will most certainly rub off on his young teammates. Proving that against the Kings with a goal in the first.

I didn’t even mention 2015 #2 pick Dylan Strome who’s lightning it up for the Erie Otters (you know we love minor league teams here at

Even their coach, Dave Tippett, is regarded as one of the NHL’s best coaches. He’s had past success in a very tough market plus he’s good with developing talent.

So why am I pumping the Coyotes tires much? And why do you care? Well, worst case scenario is Las Vegas isn’t awarded a franchise. Boo, I know right that would suck. So second worst case scenario would be Las Vegas isn’t awarded a franchise but will be rewarded with a relocated team. And it’s pretty obvious with their stadium debacle that team would be Arizona. If the team and the region still struggle Las Vegas makes the most sense.

So it might make sense to pay attention to a young team in the making. Plus if projections come true the Yotes will have the first pick. Which would be a dream come true in Scottsdale native Auston Matthews. Likely next years overall top pick Matthews has NHL scouts raving, check him out.

All of those young talented players would be fantastic to inherit. Plus a solid coach, Ekman- Larrson, and a bad-ass mascot, the Coyotes might be worth watching.

Remember, it could be worse

Expansion or Relocation, It Doesn’t Matter If Done Right

From the beginning, The Creator and his team have said that their intentions on bringing a team to Vegas are through the expansion route. Rather than purchase a team and relocate them to the valley, they want that “new car smell.”

While an expansion team would absolutely suit this city well, there’s absolutely no reason not to be the home to relocated team if it’s the only path available.

When the expansion process began there were groups from Las Vegas, Kansas City, Sacramento, Seattle, and Quebec City all vying for a team. But when all was said and done, only Vegas and Quebec came through.

The initial thought was that the NHL would like to add two teams bringing the league from 30 to 32 franchises.

But with the possible issues with the Quebec (market size, strength of the Canadian dollar, effect on the Canadiens, etc.), Vegas is put in a peculiar place as the only true strong (and that’s not to say we aren’t without concerns either) option. The NHL simply cannot add a single franchise. So relocation may be the only option.

“When it comes to the NHL, it’s simple: Las Vegas needs that new car smell.

Leave all the troubled franchises and nutjobs tasering city officials exactly where they are,” says Ed Graney of the LVRJ.

I have an issue with one word. “Las Vegas NEEDS that new car smell,” should really be, “Las Vegas WOULD PREFER, that new car smell.”

If a team were to relocate to Vegas, who’s to say The Creator could not change the logo, brand the team with new colors, blow up the front office, take a hacksaw to the roster, and anything else he wants to do? If treated like an expansion team, within a few years, everyone would completely forget where they came from in the first place.

It’s absolutely true that the best case scenario would be for Las Vegas to be awarded one of two brand new franchises and start from scratch, but there’s no reason to think that a relocated team would be received any differently here than a new one.

There’s going to be challenges one way or the other. They are different in each case. But the goal stated by The Creator was “to bring NHL hockey to Las Vegas,” not “to be awarded an expansion franchise.”

New car or used car smell, they both wear out with time. In the end you wind up with the same thing, a vehicle. Give us our vehicle, and let The Creator drive.

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