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Film Breakdown: Zach Whitecloud’s Offensive Instincts

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When the Golden Knights signed Zach Whitecloud as an undrafted college free agent out of Bemidji State, the hope was for him to turn into a defense-first option at the NHL level. During his early stint with the Golden Knights and a couple of years with the Chicago Wolves, that’s exactly what he was.

But, since Pete DeBoer took over and Whitecloud has become a staple in the lineup, he’s starting to show some offensive flair. Here’s my film breakdown showing his excellent ability to read and react to plays.

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  1. Pistol Pete

    I think with DeBoer a D man must rush when it’s open, it’s integral to his system. They all have been doing it.

    • Daryl

      I agree…. but unlike some of the others, I like the way Whitecloud does it. I don’t know if it’s because he is still hesitant but he doesn’t do it too often. Other’s, including Theo and more so Petra, seem to do it more often and they get caught in the offensive zone. When Whitecloud jumps in, another forward is able to drop back to help out defensively. I’ve seen others jump in when all 3 forwards are down around the net and it’s led to odd man rushes

  2. Tim

    Sometimes you get lucky the 2017 draft and free agency gave us Glass, Hague, Coghlan, and Whitecloud to get three outstanding D-Men in the same year is a credit to management. With Korzack and Cochran in the wings are blue line with Petro and Theadore is set. What we need is a #2 center to play with Stone and Patch. Move Stephenson down to the third line to play with Glass and Tuch. Fourth line Carrier, Roy, and Kolesar. Keep Nosek as a swing man trade Reeves and Holden. Fleury goes to the Penguins to free up 7 million to pay for our #2 center providing Lehner is healthy. With the Reeves and Holden money about 3.6 million pick up a decent backup goalie. That’s how to win the Stanley Cup otherwise we won’t. We’d have much more speed and better point production this isn’t rocket science. To get a center who has had enough with losing won’t be hard to find. I’d give our first, second and the New Jersey second picks in this years draft. I wouldn’t give any of our young talent that we’ve worked hard to develop. Someone will take that offer. With our Blue Line set and Krebs, Evelens, Dugan, and the two Russians we’ll have enough centers and wings coming up so the draft choices would hurt us the least especially where we draft.

    • sb

      It encouraging to read that at least one other commentor here sees the Number 1 problem – Vegas absolutely needs a crafty playmaking center for Pac and Stone. Move Stephenson to the third line with Tuch and Glass. Good bye zero production Reaves, Carrier, Nosek. Hello new 4th line Roy, Brown and Kolesar. Vegas needs to add only 1 player – a first rate center for Line 1. Move Martinez? He and Stephenson are great additions.

      • Tim

        sb, I agree with most of your comments except the following Nosek is a good swing man and durable Carrier at 26 has a lot more upside then Brown at 29. otherwise were on the same page. We both know what it would take to win the Cup some other minor pickups Ken suggested won’t get it done. Let me be clear Stephenson was a great pickup for a 5th round draft pick but he’s no #2 center end of story.

    • Daryl

      I remember a long time ago saying it was a horrible idea to give Holden a renewed contract. Said the same about Reaves. IMO I think we need an actual #1 Center but a #2 will be ok if his strong suit is winning FO. To me, the Center position is the biggest need this team has and they will not win the Cup unless they address it

  3. Tim

    How about Jack Eichel between Patch and Stone. Buffalo sucks he hates it there you would think he’d do cartwheels to play for the Golden Knights.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Looking forward to the outdoor game today. We have a team, right now, that can win the cup, this year! Can they add a player who could help, maybe. But, IMO, the Knights can win this year with what we have. Only one thing is certain. The team will do whatever it wants to do. Comments here will not direct their moves or lack of. Go get em today boys!!!

    • Daryl

      So Doc, you still think VGK can win it all after watching this series thus far? I’m not being a dick, I’m legitimately asking if you think they could win it.

  5. Tyler Durden

    @daryl’s racist head is probably exploding with NBC doing a segment about Ryan Reaves and his community involvement. LMAO!

    • Daryl

      Nope, not at all dumbass. Try again. I easily turn my TV channel when they waste my sports time with non sports related material. You gotta do better than that

    • Daryl

      I have nothing against Reaves as a person, but no I do not think all these stunts should be done during sports. And yes I do think BLM is a JOKE. I deal with them all the time. You can look this up, but they gave more money to politicians than they did giving back to the black community. The stats they use are also false.

      Question for you…. Take race out of it, do you think Reaves deserved a raise and an extension based on how he played before the contract? There is no way you can honestly say he deserved it. Do I think race played a role in him getting his new contract. Yes I do, but obviously there is no way for any of us to know for sure. But I find it odd that it was given to him right in the middle of all those protests

      • Tyler Durden

        Yup, nothing racist about being mad at a black person having the nerve to stand up for his race and his beliefs.
        I’m not even gonna bother responding to all your other babble.

        • Daryl

          Who said I was mad at him for crying black. I think what the WHITE female soccer player did was very disrespectful as well. Again, she is WHITE!!!!!

          And the reason you won’t respond to my other “babble” is because you don’t have an answer. It’s OK though, your keep bekuevung the lies. Keep calling anyone you don’t agree with racist. That’s all you got which makes you a joke!!!

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I guess the long delay can only help the Knights. They were playing awful.

    Yea, great story on Revo. Shows what a good guy he is away from the rink!

  7. vgk21

    the 4th line was out there for the Avs goal, with poor backchecking. the Avs dman Girard beat them up the ice.

    and Carrier was the reason they later got a too many men penalty… he stupidly jumped on the ice while the team was shorthanded. he does not play the PK, so wtf was he doing?

    as many have said here in recent posts, the VGK 4th line is a big problem right now. they used to start games last year, but they have lost a step, and they have gotten too comfy in their spots on the team, and now they spend most of their shifts pinned in their own end.

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