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The Golden Knights have extended the contract of defenseman Zach Whitecloud. The new contract is six years, $16.5 million for an average annual value of $2.75 million. Whitecloud is now tied to the Golden Knights through the end of the 2027-28 NHL season.


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  1. Richard Santomauro

    Fantastic deal for this young man and the VGK! He’s turning into a solid performer on defense and has shown signs of being able to produce on offense as well. He will only get better with age.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    * THE CHIEF *

  3. Herby

    Finally some good news

  4. John W

    Or, this is a precursor to a Jack Eichel trade. Whitecloud locked up for Buffalo. Just speculation, of course. Why would this happen mid season, right after he can go on LTIR?

  5. trade

    more Dman news Vgk——-

    The Vegas Golden Knights have added a bit of extra defensive depth, signing Ben Hutton to a one-year contract worth $750K. Hutton had attended the very end of Anaheim Ducks training camp on a PTO, but to this point had not carried an NHL contract. He’ll now join the Golden Knights organization on the league-minimum contract.

    Hutton, 28, was an interesting case this offseason in terms of his unrestricted free agency. Despite having 379 NHL games under his belt, including 38 last season between the Anaheim Ducks and Toronto Maple Leafs

    A fifth-round pick of the Vancouver Canucks in 2012

    • trade

      Miromanov and Korzcak were both sent down to AHL

    • THE hockey GOD

      when e f hutton talks

      people listen

      his plus / minus rating is not the best that there ever was. just a stay at home d man as far as I can tell. Shipping back the youngster so that they can actually get some minutes in , not sit on bench.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Signing Whitecloud long term this early when he’s already under contract for the season, isn’t that a good indication a trade is underway?

    • trade

      yes, and the Vgk cannot afford a 2.75 guy on their 3rd pair next year, even without an Eichel trade.

      Since 7, 23, 27, and 3 are all returning there is no leeway on the 3rd pair for a $2 million increase next year for the 5th dman

      • McNabb is gone after this year

      • trade

        actually McNabb is a UFA next summer, and so is Reilly Smith, but I don’t see them just walking away from those 2 guys.

        and Hague, Roy and Kolesar are all RFAs, so they each will be getting raises if they remain.

      • Pistol Pete

        Very good thanks. It would be inappropriate (illegal) for Whitecloud to not know?

  7. Jim

    Signing the veteran dman Hutton, and then this contract extension out of the blue, it seems like something is up behind the scenes, that is for sure.

  8. John W

    After more contemplation, thinking 27 (damn, I have his Jersey!) will be heading to Buffalo…….he is from upstate NY, so kind of a local hero up there. His 5.25 mm AAV is a big piece to make the deal work. Thinking Carrier also……just a guess.

    Unsure what the rest of the package looks like, but locking up Whitecloud is a huge indicator that something is up with blue line changes.

    Keep watching.

    • Pistol Pete

      And signing Hutton to replace Whitecloud. Doubt they would give up Theodore but it did cross my mind. Colin Miller is still over there off to good start this season.

    • Jim

      you have Theodore confused with Tuch. it is Tuch who is from upstate NY…Theodore is from Langley B.C. Canada, and he played his jr hockey in Seattle. He has no connection to NY

  9. Tim

    I’ll say it’s not looking good for Reilly Smith and Nick Hague from sunshine in Vegas to Buffalo if that’s not a culture shock nothing is. If things go well Jack Eichel would be ready to play the middle of March I emphasize if things go well. Another Misfit bites the dust. I believe Karlsson will be the last Misfit standing.

  10. Tim

    I’m confused first DeBoer is telling us how happy he is with Miromanov and then we send him down and sign Hutton who couldn’t make the Ducks team. Does anyone else get there logic except he’s more experienced but isn’t worth a shit.

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