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“You Don’t Perform In Vegas, You’re Gone”

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights have been to the playoffs every season they’ve been in existence. They’ve won the division two of the four seasons and tied for the crown in the most recent year. They’ve been to the conference finals every year but one.

But, none of it is good enough, and the front office’s actions have proven that time and time again.

From moving on from Gerard Gallant to shipping out lovable players like Nate Schmidt, Marc-Andre Fleury, and Ryan Reaves to always being interested, and often landing, the biggest fish on the free agent market, the Golden Knights will stop at nothing to win the Stanley Cup.

In many ways, it’s everything a fan can ask for. Of course, it can be tough from time to time seeing all of the change surrounding the team, but in the end, the ultimate goal is to win and the Golden Knights are absolutely trying to do it.

From a player perspective, it should be the perfect scenario as well. Every player’s dream is to lift the Cup and see their name engraved on it immortalizing themselves in hockey history. It comes with a toll though.

Speaking in a recent interview on the Cam and Strick Podcast, goalie Robin Lehner explained the general philosophy surrounding the Golden Knights organization.

They want to win every year and they will do whatever they can to make the team better. If you don’t perform, you are out, end of story. If you can’t take that pressure you can’t play in Vegas. Because that’s what’s going to happen. You don’t perform in Vegas, you’re gone. –Robin Lehner on Cam and Strick Podcast

Lehner seems to have accepted it and even resigned to the fact that “it will eventually happen to me.” However, one has to wonder about the challenges that come with it for his teammates.

Many players on the Golden Knights roster signed long-term contracts expecting to play out the majority of their career in Las Vegas. They are all paid handsomely and probably couldn’t ask for much more in life, yet this harsh reality is always lurking over their shoulders.

Maybe the most difficult part is that it doesn’t take much to get a player, or coach, shipped out. Gallant had made the playoffs two seasons in a row steering the ship of the best expansion team ever. His team dropped out of the playoff picture for a week and he was gone. Nate Schmidt was the #1 defenseman for three years running. He struggled in the bubble in Edmonton. Gone. Marc-Andre Fleury was the face of the franchise, Mr. Everything to the Golden Knights. His father passed away and he had a tough few months followed by a pandemic break. Replaced and eventually shipped out for the contract of Mikael Hakkarainen.

There’s no doubting the motives of the Golden Knights front office, and based on Lehner’s quote there’s an apparent transparency that comes with it. One has to ask though, is this a healthy way to build a Cup-winning team?

They’ve done it again this offseason, which has further cemented the clarity of the management style of the Golden Knights. So far it’s led to massive on-ice success in the regular season followed by a quartet of disappointments in the playoffs.

Eventually, it must lead to a Cup. Otherwise, it’s just going to look cruel.


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  1. Michaela Vesela

    Well, Fleury definitely performed very well last year and still got shipped out!!

    • Yeah Marc Andre Fleury was the best goalie ! Vegas is very stupid for not keeping him .I hope they have a bad season this year .

      • AJ Morgan

        What can we do to get Lehner to
        just shut his month and play hockey. VGK no chance at playoffs with him at goalie. I would play Logan and call it a day. Let’s see how many games Robin misses this year!

    • Young Nudy

      You don’t spend $7M on your 2nd best goalie in a cap league.

      • They didn’t spend 7 mil – they wasted 5 mill a year on the walrus and a 5 year contract to boot. Come on to vegas all you injured or whatever players we will provide your retirement package. Now that what you call compassion and caring for humanity.

  2. Richard Santomauro

    Point is that so far it’s just cruel, inefficient and likely to fail.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    i wouldn’t call making the playoffs every season, going to finals, and semi finals , in first four season failure or disappointments.

    They are stepping stones. Many teams need to gain experience in semi’s and in the finals in order to know what it takes to win. In other words they need to lose first, in order to find a way to win.

    So far they are behind franchises like Pens, Caps, Bruins, and Bolts in this regard.

    They are competing with Islanders, as they are nearly in the same situation as the VGK if you are looking solely at last few seasons. Although I like the NYI chances better than the VGK because they have played higher level competition. But anything can happen in NHL playoffs because it is mainly based on a marathon, staying healthy, muckers coming through, and how to play on increasingly bad ice as the games “slosh” though summer ice conditions in heated buildings with 90 to 100F temperatures outside (the most famous being not only bad ice, but FOG ICE, which occurred during the infamous Buffalo series years ago). FOG ICE HAPPENS- beware the FOG !!! (I remember Vancouver also had an issue if I am not mistaken)

    • Phil Gaudreau

      Detroit, Minnesota, and Ottawa (maybe even Boston in recent years) would disagree with you: perennial playoff teams for long stretches of time, occasionally making strong runs or playing well above expectations…only to fall short every year. Good, but not good enough.

      Vegas, wisely, does not want to get caught in this trap. It may be harsh, but they have a better chance at a Cup than those other teams because they know it’s all or nothing. They aren’t taking a ‘make it to the playoffs and anything could happen!’ mindset based on wishful thinking and pixie dust.

      • THE hockey GOD

        My time frame is recent. Detroit had a good run in late 90s to mid 2000. Bettman’s NHL salary cap ruined them. Stevie Y , is following the route of GMGM. Both built up good bases , only to leave win after they were GMs.

        I don’t know what “trap” you are talking about. I never said anything about a trap.

        I mentioned the bruins in my original post. Ottawa never was good enough.

        The fact of matter is most teams that win the SC have had to take baby steps to win. Including the CAPS, the PENS, the BOLTS. Even the detroit red wings back in the 90s on their run lost devastating series to the AVS, and in the finals to the DEVILS. BEFORE THEY WON THE CAP. That is not a trap. That is called making my point.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    But, lots of fun laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tim

    Ken no doubt the Knights are chasing the title. With George and Kelly’s excellent expansion draft we had a leg up and showed it by making the finals in our first year. After that we never quite got our mojo going. Trading for Tatar in our first year was a disaster first, second, and third and he never fit in. Next big mistake Patch for Suzuki, Tatar, and a second. In other words we gave Tatars 3 draft choices added another second and threw in Suzuki. Patch cost us 7 million a year and is 50 to 60 point man we could have resigned David Perron for 4 years 4 million who also averages 50 to 60 points plays every game in the last 3 years since he left the Knights. If that had happened then we would still have the second round pick we gave Montreal Tatar could have been traded separately, and Suzuki would have been a first or second line center. Will always be the biggest botched trade in Knights history. The good news in trades are Stephenson was a steal, Janmark OK but 2 seconds a little expensive and Martinez a good move for the 2 seconds we had to give LA. All this talk of Jack Eichel scares me I see that as becoming another disaster if we gave up Krebs, Hague, Smith, and a first. The problem with George and Kelly is they view draft picks and prospects as perishable items and for the future thats a problem.
    Like I’ve said before to win the Cup would be great if the cards fall our way but it’s more important to me to have a competitive team like we’ve had the last 4 years.

    • No Eichel, no. I don’t want to lose any of our guys for another overpriced guy that have severe medical issues, no way !!!!

      • Vivacious22

        KMcC is very driven, and single minded, in his decisions; once he’s made a decision, that’s that. It doesn’t mean he’s cruel, he’s just cut and dry, and wants to be the very best he can be, and bring The Cup to Vegas. So, he compartmentalizes the emotional aspect of the game, and puts , almost, his entire self into the business aspect. He really is the first one there, and the last to leave. His way of doing things isn’t for everyone, but once we have The Cup, I’m sure he’ll be forgiven for his perceived lack of compassion, as it pertains to players, and the fans who love them.

        • THE hockey GOD

          “lack of compassion “??? This is a business, these athletes make millions. Where was the “compassion” when Fleury’s idiot agent made that back stabbing cartoon ? And Fleury had to bail him out.

          And most of this “compassion” nonsense is fueled by misinformation from mob media nut jobs who are clueless.

          Compassion is for church, not hockey games.

          BAH !

          • Jeff

            Enjoying reading your comments! Takes big balls to take on a bunch of brainwashed haters.

        • Keith

          With Mc in charge the Knights will never win the cup. He makes so many stupid moves it’s like he doesn’t want the knights to win

    • John Brown

      I agree. VGK is showing itself to being a “close, but no cigar team.

      I am 72. Hockey fan for 50 years.

      Bruins for 15 years until my hometown area Pittsburgh got a team and now VGK.

      That’s 15, 40 and 5 years each.

      Why Bruins/Pens have cups and VGK doesn’t is the 2 to 1 rule.

      Two GOOD trades/acquisitions for every BAD one.

      VGK has been 1 to 1 since 2017.

      Although in the last 18 months it is around 1.5 to 1.

      VGK will NOT get the Cup before 2025 until the 8 years of trades equal 1 to 1.

      That is how my former Bruins/Pens did it and when they did they were CONSISTENTLY in the playoffs.

      Cant win the Cup unless you make the playoffs and get past the first round.

    • Dylan Barmmer

      Kelly McCrimmon Burner Account…

  6. I agree with what is written here. It’s cut throat, it’s a win at all costs mentality. MAF was too expensive and I loved the guy, we needed the Cap space. Lehner better act like a $25,000,000 man or it’s over. Their is a reason he’s been shipped around from team to team, his mental state is weak, well, he needs to act like a man, we sacrificed the face of the franchise for this guy, don’t act like a bum. I mean, most of us are pikers, Lehner can wipe his butt with my paycheck and it would mean as much to him as sweat coming off a Ducks ass. If he folds like a cheap suit, Foley needs to eliminate the 2 Mac’s, just wipe them out because they both have stepped on alot of toes here. The 2 Mac’s need to keep us happy or theirs no VGK. That’s how I see it, from a nobody that loves our Knights !!

    • John Brown

      What FLEURY to expensive dumbest thing I’ve read yet 7 million for a 3 time CUP winner 3rd all time winner in NHL history hell he’s worth more you give 25,000,000 for what VGK will not Win a CUP now or ever this way I suggest you watch the movie MONEYBALL

      • Tell that to the 2 Mac’s not me, I’m just telling you what they were thinking, not what I was thinking, I would of kept him, not relied on Lehner, he’s not dependable, that’s how I see it. By the way, it’s not the dumbest thing someone has ever done, it’s close but not the dumbest !! C’mon, wise up !

      • I concur be in the fight, but don’t to use a Vegas term CRAP OUT. Love the team but I enjoy the honest conjecture. The radio station that carries the games won’t say anything constructive to better the franchise. Prefer Brian Blessing and Stevie Skapshot on KSHP 1400. I was long time Rebels fan been here 40 years.

  7. If there is no Loyalty from Management on down, you are not gonna win a Stanley Cup by just switching out players every year, as if they’re your underwear. Some stability & chemistry with players has to be there.

  8. Dean

    If that’s the philosophy, than why wasn’t Lehner sent packing after the 2020 season? Instead, management overpaid him with a $25 million dollar deal that will haunt the team for 4 more years.

    • Michaela

      And Lehner thinks he is underpaid, according to what he said on cam and strick podcast couple days ago ☹️☹️☹️

      • knights fan in minny

        the backup keeper better be ready he might end up the starter

      • THE hockey GOD

        this is what he said, M.

        Robin Lehner
        People who think that in my latest podcast was complaining about my salary for the reason of actual money are Crazier then my 5th personality on a bender in Amsterdam. It’s about that I have better stats then most and get paid less becuse I’m open about mental health issues.

        obin Lehner
        While everyone keep hating each other on social media. I visit the bazaar in Casablanca and hang with the people of Morocco. Cleaning my soul around positive people. What a day. Show respect and get respect. Folded handsRed heart

        • Dylan Barmmer

          How insecure can one multi-million-dollar jock be?

          This dude needs to at least shut down the Twitter account, already. Jayzuz…

    • Dean – the walrus is still here with the contract to show all that management didn’t make a mistake in the first place bringing him here. The 2 Ms are obviously not the sharpest knives in the drawer otherwise the team would not be faced with the cap situation. They took on another team’s problem as apparently Panda isn’t elite as mgt would have you believe. If he were he would never have been available in the first place.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Well, Fleury was “available”.

        Does that mean he was/is not elite?

        • DOC – your an ass and your name is not Dean who the post was directed to. Your love affair with the walrus is pathetic- to each his own.. He was and is a problem one way or another everywhere he has been or he wouldn’t be here in the first place. This is strictly addressing his hockey which unfortunately for him is effected by other problems.

  9. Nino

    Fleury: Vezina
    Lehner: loses elimination game 2 seasons in a row.
    Fleury gets shipped.
    Lack of offense in the postseason. Top line dead. Out coached. Out played.

    • RT

      The story was and will forever be the total absence of scoring by the first, second and third lines in the playoffs. PERIOD. No excuses. They were pathetic. And a personal note to William Karlsson: you are so lucky you’re a nice guy because you are a huge liability. Let me reword that- you are useless to the VGK. And I agree that trading Suzuki was a huge mistake.

    • RT

      The story was and will forever be the total absence of scoring by the first, second and third lines in the playoffs. PERIOD. No excuses. They were pathetic. And a personal note to William Karlsson: you are so lucky you’re a nice guy because you are a huge liability. Let me reword that- you are useless to the VGK. And I agree that trading Suzuki was a huge mistake. Et bonne chance MAF. Vgk will miss you!

  10. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    And if Lehner pays admirably, what comes of all this nonsense negativity?

    It will be in the shit can, where it belongs! ha ha

    • Don’t worry DOC the probability of the walrus playing admirably is slim to none. Wishful thinking on your part – history does and will repeat itself concerning the walrus.

  11. Common denominator in the post season? McPhee and Mcrimmon

  12. Ken is the Hockey God

    Robin Lehner is 5-6-0 , 2.94 GAA, and 0.898 SV% lifetime against the Avalanche. Won’t be pretty if Fleury got it done against them, and Lehner doesn’t in the playoffs. The Fleury cult will be out in full force.


    Try being a FL Panthers fan the last 20 years, where ownership didn’t care and management kept telling us that the young guns were a season away. Steinbrenner was a jerk but if you were a Yankees fan you loved getting the big stars and regularly winning and sometimes capturing the flag. Give me an owner and front office that’s hellbent on winning any day.

  14. knights fan in minny

    the backup keeper better be ready he might end up the starter

    • John Brown

      The WALRUS is one more concussion away from a season LTIR.

      We are screwed if he goes down.

  15. Knights fan in minny – it may be sooner than anyone realizes based on previous history. The irony of it all is when poetic justice kicks in and vegas is struggling. I am a knight’s fan and know how spoiled we are. I am also a realist and know from years (many) you can’t regardless how you try buy the Cup – probably the most difficult trophy in sports to acquire. The splash brothers day is coming or going depending on your point of view.

    • Mike StG

      Hd, just thinking about the comments that you and others have made over the last many months that “you can’t buy the cup”. It seems to me that’s exactly what TBL did. Only they did it by circumventing the cap and manipulating the rules (legally, of course) to build a team that was 18M over the cap. In real terms they had $99M in players when the rest of the league had $82M or a little more with LTIR. So, is it surprising they won the cup when they had 18M more to spend on player salaries? I’d call that ‘buying the cup’.

      That, along with having about 10 years of draft & development and top 5 picks in the Entry draft the years following the seasons when they sucked. And that’s not to take away from the Bolts’ success as an organization. But, you cut little or no slack to a Vegas organization that has been in existence for only 4 years, and has had only 1 pick in the Top 10 in that time. And that was a #6 that followed top 5 picks that included Heiskanen, Petterson and Makar.

      I realize you’re a genuine Vegas fan, and that we are a little spoiled by the team’s success. But every season has new opportunities and challenges, and you never know how things work out.

      In the early 80’s I never expected the Isles to win 4 in a row. It was obvious they were a really good team, and in the late 70’s they didn’t get there. But a few key additions led to massive success. I don’t think that kind of success is possible in this cap world but I do believe it’s very possible Vegas could take home the cup once within the next 3 years. There are 31 other teams gunning for the same outcome, so I think it’s a positive thing that Vegas has made it deep into the playoffs 3 of 4 years. We should enjoy it while we have it.

  16. Katie

    And what exactly have they done to improve their PATHETIC power play???? Nada. This team is just cruel. As a former season ticket holder, I want absolutely nothing to do with them now.

    • Mike – my point in all of this shows TBL mgt is smart at managing – vegas mgt is reckless spenders which has and will be a problem going forward. It’s all about ROI.

  17. lateralus

    getting to the finals of the first year really spoiled some people with unrealistic expectations.
    and trading players 2 years into a multiyear deal is going to make players hesitant to sign with the team.
    it’s cute that mcphee has this win or leave mentality, when he’s never managed an nhl team to a title. washington won AFTER he was gone. and he’s got a history of questionable trades too.
    and he’s practically traded away all the draft capital they got in the expansion draft and the only prospect worth anything the team has is Krebs and they NEED him to hit.

  18. Contact Tracer

    Scorched earth is always the best way to get to the top. Throw mama from the train, grandma under the bus, and put those jack boots to good use on all available throats. A handy stack of knives for any back that’s in the way. The Knights will suffer the “curse of the Misfits” …. they are not even close to the best team in the league and will be in decline for many years to come. R. Kneeler is not the answer. I believe their best years are behind them ….

    • Mike StG

      Contact, I guess it’s time for you to change teams if things are that bleak for Vegas. Let’s see, Buffalo and Detroit have had some of the worst seasons in recent memory. Maybe you should support one of them. Their seasons have been so bad that “their best years have gotta be in front of them”!! Best wishes on the new team. 🙂

      • Contact Tracer

        Curse of the Misfits Mikey, curse of the Misfits …………….

  19. DC

    Every player has his ups and downs. If VGK management doesn’t realize this and give players second chances, it will end up chasing its tail like a dog, never getting anywhere but constantly on the move.

  20. lateralus

    i’m curious who becomes the face of the franchise now? flower is pretty irreplaceable. stone? meh. the 3 biggest personalities were jettisoned in the past 2 offseasons.

    • THE hockey GOD

      franchise never had a “face”, remember no captain.

      stop the lies about needing a face.

      False idol worship.

  21. John

    The Montreal series showed the Achilles heel of the VGK; weak at center and slow wingers on the first and second lines. The Montreal defense shut them down easily and the Knights had to depend on scoring from the D to stay in the games (Karlson and the others basically disappeared) Flower was impressive, but he can’t score goals, so if the Knights are serious about hoisting the cup, they have to address giving their goalkeeper some offensive support

    • THE hockey GOD

      @john, the montreal series turned on a dime when Fleury pulled his bonehead play. The VGK were completely dominating the series AT THAT POINT IN GAME 3. The would have been up 3-1 going into game five. He gave them new life. The only thing montreal exposed was need for VGK to get a goalie in semi’s who does not repeatedly choke in big series.

      Don’t get me started on bad ice either.

      • Blitz

        At worst Fleury gave MTL one game and even that I still think is false. On the other hand if it wasn’t for Fleury, VGK would have been bounce by MIN in the first round. There is no question he kept them in those games when the entire team looked like shit. In round 2 vs COL, Grimace (Lehner) wasn’t going to win that series. It was Fleury or nothing. So 2 series that Fleury gave you a chance to win, but somehow one flub by Fleury in one game cost VGK an entire series against MTL. No, just no. The top 2 lines were shit and ~ZERO~ power play goals was the issue. Lost puck battles, bad panic passing, etc, etc

        The kicker doesn’t lose you the game at the end. You lost the game because you were relying on the kicker.

        • THE hockey GOD

          everyone in NHL back east knows it to be true, that gaff was a momentum killer Blitz that VGK could never overcome, history says so.

          And he had another soft goal in Wild series, you can’t have a Billy Buckner in nets in playoffs.

        • Julie

          Well said. And thank you for the Grimace reference. Spot on. Although, Grimace is more fun to watch on the ice.

  22. Smoke

    I’m so happy to hear people question Panda as a long term starter for various reasons. When I post on Twitter under a different name, everyone thinks I’m a jerk for pointing out Panda’s vulnerabilities

    • THE hockey GOD

      you are a jerk, and come off as a hater

      aka LOSER.

      • John Brown

        Well this loser days Walrus is dead near and a welfare.

        If management likes welfare cases, go work in the state welfare office.

        The Walrus is one bad series/concussion from going into a fetal position and going on LTIR for the remaining season.

        Dumbest move made when there were 5 or more goalies as good or better for 5-6 million.

        Will haunt for 5-10 years.

        All I have to go by is the age of 72, 50 years as a hockey fan of the Bruins(Orr), Pens and now VGK.

        Name callers show their LACK of hockey knowledge by lashing out like the school bully.

        All brawn, no brains.

        • THE hockey GOD

          people who post hate about our goalie(s) are losers, deal with it john brown.

          I call them , like I see them. He even admitted it. Others saw he was a being a jerk. So case closed.


          • Julie

            But you coined the name Walanda, referring to Walrus and Panda. I guess you were for name-calling before you were against it. Noted.

      • Smoke

        Hockey God—Your anosognosia is intuitively obvious to the most casual of observers.

  23. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    What’s wrong with giving Lehner A CHANCE as the fulltime starter?

    Why spend all this negative energy until you see what he ACTUALLY does!

    Makes no sense to criticize your goalie. He’s #1 now people, deal with it!!!!!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      $$ all we are saying

      is give him a chance.

      Ev’rybody’s talking about
      Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
      This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m
      All we are saying is give peace a chance
      All we are saying is give peace a chance
      Ev’rybody’s talking about Ministers
      Sinisters, Banisters and canisters
      Bishops and Fishops and Rabbis and Pop eyes
      And bye bye, bye byes
      All we are saying is give peace a chance
      All we are saying is give peace a chance$$

    • Dean

      He’s had a chance to be the goalie in Buffalo. They couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

      He went to New York as the man in net and they said bye after year.

      Chicago took a chance on him and shipped him out of town in less than a season.

      He’s had his chances and every other team in the league sees that history and stays away……except for one.

      We say……here’s a 5 year contract as a reward for your failure in the playoffs. We’ll take the best goalie in the game and ship him out of town for nothing to accommodate your grossly overpaid deal.

      Good job McCrimmon. You will never be a GM again in the league after You are shown the door here. The rest of the league is laughing at how you’ve destroyed our title hopes.

      • Correct. Greedy Arrogant Pig McCrimmon is a Tool. He’s everything the A$$hole Owner is, too, though. Just an extension of that Fool. Whoops!

  24. St Louis Blues were the best expansion team ever, they made the Cup final the first four years of their existence.

    Vegas won’t win players with there model over the long term. Fleury performed and won the vezina and was shipped out…so thats a terrible assessment.

    Vegas is in its infancy and has no clue how long it can take to win a cup. Spending to the cap an demanding performance helps, ultimately it doesn’t guarantee anything.

    Character and determination win cups, who wants it the most. Shipping out teams leaders and organizational corner stones like Fleury won’t win over character players. They will realize the situation is volatile after awhile. The team couldn’t get past Montreal, Montreal had less skill, but more heart, you can’t buy heart.

    This article is pretty skewed. Vegas fans are in hockey infancy. Long term teams don’t win championships every year. That management isn’t doing their fans a service, within ten years this will work itself out. Vegas will have one of the worst farm systems in the league due to trades and terrible signings trying to win now.

    Hopefully they figure out they haven’t accomplished anything yet and pull it together.

    • Issac – apparently you are one of the few who
      realize you need the heart to win which Vegas has yet again is lacking. Year one heart and something to prove but lacked the horse power in the end yo pull it off. Since that time they continue to hopefully depending on your point of view have upped the horsepower but lost the heart. Attitude makes up for a lot of deficiencies

    • THE hockey GOD



      knock knock

      anyone home ???

      • Isaac

        Yes it was the first expansion teams after the original teams. Also they still went to the cup final there first four years, still making them the best expansion team ever….I’m still home, thank you

        • THE hockey GOD

          apples and oranges comparison Isaac. “BEST expansion team ” HA

          The VGK is , they didn’t play in an extremely diluted division with minor league teams for four years with an easy playoff structure.

          AS I expect, no one is home.

      • Which made it even more impressive.

    • St Louis was in a western division of all expansion teams and didn’t have winning records for all 3 of their first years as Vegas had.

  25. Tim

    Like Doc just mentioned let’s give Lehner a chance he may surprise. Worse case if he doesn’t work out the Splash Brothers would make a trade for another goalie. Please remember our division is weak and we have all year to figure things out without a lot of pressure on us. I’m excited to get going.

  26. Trevor Lock

    How about the character statement Robbin Lehner made about Buffalo. Bad energy entering the rink? What professional has ever admitted defeat before taking off his street clothes and been successful? Certainly not a goaltender known for allowing guys on penalty shots to score without actually shooting a puck on net!! Funny but to me another character statement. Robin will simply understand when its is time to leave…. He’s never fought for anything. He’ll never know the pride of taking the crease in a city he’s willing to fight for or understand their willingness to back him. Yes Fleury made mistake….. but that dude battled more often than he faltered. He was more often than not the reason that team was successful. When has anyone ever said that of our willing to point the finger and except defeat Lehner? Good luck Vegas. Gonna learn the hard way that sometimes character outweighs talent. Specially in a sport where knowing guys have your back is essential.

    • Correct. It won’t end well. And it will probably end…soon. And they had one year left on MAF deal. Morons.

      Hey, Trash Panda: Might want to quit all your moaning. Might want to shut that Twitter account down. Weirdo.

  27. THE hockey GOD

    “You Don’t Perform In Vegas, You’re Gone”

    if you don’t perform in this forum , then you will go the way of the PAULIE !

    (he gone)

  28. Isaac

    Knights were a 3 line team last year, usually 3 line teams don’t win cups, especially those who lack large talented centerman.

    Defense is pretty deep, wing is deep, centerman is meh..

    3 line teams with an attack mentality without large talented centers usually don’t do much. Ownership building off wrong model.

  29. Spoiled, Coddled, Privileged, Out-of-Touch-with-Reality Greedhead Owner. Absurd, really. You’re a fifth-year NHL Expansion Team. Go ahead, though. Keep treating all your “underlings” like crap when they don’t win it all. How often does the average NHL team win a Stanley Cup? How long did it take the Capitals? The Blues? Foley is a Greedy Tool. Period.

  30. Dylan Barmmer

    Interesting. I’d say the dude in front of him last season performed pretty damn well. For four seasons. Even took a first-year expansion team all the way to the Stanley Cup Final. Is that impressive? Oh, and he won the Vezina Trophy. Last season. Oh, and he will soon be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    Not bad…performances. At all.

    VGK Ownership/”Management,” you blew it. BIG TIME. It only took you four seasons to ruin a Beautiful Thing. And become the Darth Vader of the NHL. Nice work. Greedy Fools.

    What a Clown Crew!

  31. Tim

    Well it looks like more bashing and I notice most of the bashing is from posters that I’m not familiar with. So my conclusion is either there old posters who changed there name because they embarrassed themselves on this site or new posters who just want to pull someones chain. Either way we don’t need your foolishness.

    • THE hockey GOD

      some of them have same first name, and then post with same first name with added last name.

      they didn’t make my ratings list.

      their boats are not in the slips, but still rowing at sea.

      • Furthermore. St Louis was in a western division of all expansion teams and didn’t have winning records for all 3 of their first years as Vegas had. Welcome to the NHL when you know how to lose and handle it as a fan. Detroit and the Lakers of last several years after 2-3 decades of making the playoffs. Just be happy Vegas is big time waited 35 years for it.

      • Dylan Barmmer

        You’re a Massive Clown.

        Everyone sees is and smells it…

      • Dylan Barmmer

        THE hockey GOD, Ryan THE Hockey GUY, Peter DeBoer.

        Clown Crew. Just ask Gallant.

        Cue Clown Car Circus Music!

    • Isaac

      You might be getting new posters due to the fact this is an internet forum and it poped up on peoples news feeds due to ai that are interested in hockey like myself and read the article and thought it was ridiculous that the title was perform or get out after trading a vezna winner for a bag of pucks, which looks absolutely ridiculous to most hockey fans from other parts of the country and aren’t exactly persuaded by a love of knights hockey, or the ridiculous assessments made by the writer of the article about doing whatever it takes….several teams spend to the cap an do whatever it takes every year and still win no cups for decades…soo.. Possibly just having an objective mind and able to spot a crock of nonsense when they read it..just a thought..possibly the article was so over the top that people all over the interwebs felt compelled to say..I don’t know…RIDCULOUS…just maybe lol. Let’s be honest Fleury was the most heart and soul guy on the team. Just won the biggest award for a goaltender, performed at the highest level possible, then the article runs with his 1bs assessment to perform or get out…I believe he might be thinking he’s for the author to imply its a dream location for players is kind of ummm…ridiculous!!

      I am an outsider, I do watch knights hockey, I watch all hockey, im not a rabid fan boy, im just an observer who sees issues with the content of a mass publication internet article thats honestly ridiculous.. honestly your team had more talent than the habs and lost due to being somewhat slow, dirty, and lack of want..thats an objective view from someone not trying to yank chains, just seeing what I saw. Yes lack of large Centerton also played a role, but let’s be honest you played montreal?? Where is there glut of offensive depth down the middle? Its not like you lost to Tampa where this would be a problem, thats why the article is ridiculous, then somebody wants to argue St Louis wasn’t the best expansion team ever due to them being in a Divsion of expansion teams….okie dokie

      Maybe if its not st Louis its Tampa? I guess st Louis and Tampa can’t here any of this due to Stanley cup rings blocking there hearing? Who knows? I guess its Vegas, best ever! Won nothing so far! Really dirty for the most part, and lacking when key situations arise…but k, its vegas.

      Not being rude, but honestly if its believed to be the best expansion team ever without winning anything yet or being in the league 10 years, more power to you and enjoy the cool aid.

      Other than that I like the knights and hope they get some ownership with brains, fire a coach that was underwhelming in San Jose, and learn to be less attack, more puck possession, then maybe they really will be the best expansion ever after they eclipse some of the contributions made by the other 3/4 of the league that are expansion teams…just saying..

      We do anything! We spend, spend, spend! Trade our heart and soul for a salary dump, then we trade our farm system to win, win, win!!! far..0000’s

  32. RT

    Don’t think Lehner has the physical or mental toughness to go through a whole season as #1. He needed another year with Fleury. Who is the #2 goalie? NOBODY. Oh brother. Fortunately VGK are in a lousy division, so playoffs should be in the bag. Playoff games will be another story.

  33. sb

    That’s precisely the way it should be. Perform or be replaced by someone who will. This for the player’s own good. 99% of pro players need to pushed by competition to reach excellence. Competition makes everything in life better. People need to be pushed to reach excellence. A player who has no competition becomes complacient and mediocre. That can be seen when comparing MAF’s results in 2018, 19 and 20 to his results in 2021. Lehner’s presence made Fleury a much better player. I respect VGK’s MGT because they insist on winning and excellence.

    • Furthermore. St Louis was in a western division of all expansion teams and didn’t have winning records for all their early years as Vegas had. However After the Original 6 St Louis has the most playoff appearances. Welcome to the NHL when you know how to lose and handle it as a fan. Detroit and the Lakers of last several years after 2-3 decades of making the playoffs. Just be happy Vegas is big time waited 35 years for it.

  34. Isaac

    Yes I agree they upped horsepower and lacked heart.

  35. Jim

    DaBoring is an Ahole your gone from the Knights if he doesn’t like you and he did not like MAF.

  36. Isaac

    Do you think Fleury has his Stanley cup ring from the pens blocking his ear holes or maybe his veznzna trophy??

    • Furthermore. St Louis was in a western division of all expansion teams and didn’t have winning records for all their early years as Vegas had. However After the Original 6 St Louis has the most playoff appearances. Welcome to the NHL when you know how to lose and handle it as a fan. Detroit and the Lakers of last several years after 2-3 decades of making the playoffs. Just be happy Vegas is big time waited 35 years for it.

  37. I am so very sad about Fleury, Ryan Reeves, and Schmidt. I loved them so much. They made the game worth watching. How horrible!

  38. Isaac

    Ok how many teams on the NHL do you think are expansion teams?

    By your logic everybody but the original 6 NHL teams, Detroit, Montreal, Chicago, Toronto, New York Rangers, Boston are minor league teams? I believe this is why nobody takes the Vegas fan base seriously…

    Not St Louis? Ok fine, Tampa? How about Edmonton or Pittsburgh? Both have won 5 Stanley cups and are expansion teams? How many Cups has Vegas amassed while collecting Apples and Ornges? Just curious..

  39. Isaac

    Fleury was amazing against Wild, holding Fleury responsible for losing to the habs is also ridiculous. Hockey is a team sport, good teams find ways to win, they don’t tank over one miscue and blame a great contributor who helped get them as far as they got…Vegas keeping Lehner over Fleury is a salary dump. They probably want Eichal or something ridiculous, which won’t fix their center issue either, he needs a neck surgery, who knows how thats going to go, and again another expensive fill gap, today’s hockey does not work with these methods, lack of farm and prospects is going to hurt soon if flat cap isn’t changed.

    • The REAL hockey god

      Fleury was the only reason VGK have had ANY success. PERIOD.

  40. Cruel is writing an article that offers no insight to a young aggressive successful franchise with a great fan base. Cruel are the cities that regardless of the sport trot out the same old tired hapless lineup season after season for a decade. This kind of cynical story belongs in one of those cities not in Las Vegas. Fluery is gone better a year early than a year late. He is loved well compensated and leaving on top of his game so where is the tragedy. This franchise is moving in another direction and given their track record I trust them.

  41. Flower was very clear about finishing up his career in Vegas!
    Come on.
    100 percent the whole team played better w Fleury in net.
    Loosing Flower for what.
    Chump change to Vegas.
    Forget about it.
    Big mistake.

  42. BennyC

    If you don’t have a core to build around you’re not going to win it. Adding the best available isn’t going to get you the cup either. You have to have the right players not necessarily the best. Vegas had a core group and traded it away. Their inaugural season was the closest they had to the team they needed to bring it home. Hockey is a business but the locker room is a family and anyone who’s played the sport knows that. Having that in the locker room gives you a little more edge, to dig deeper when you need it, like game 7 in the SCF. Everywhere McPhee goes they have this problem, great teams who perform but can never get it done.

  43. Isaac

    I didn’t know Lehner made 7mil a year, that is outrageous!

  44. I'm Anthony and I like hockey

    This isn’t good for the culture. And anyone who’s team won the cup recently knows its 50% culture, 25% skill and 25% luck.

  45. Mark

    Well Vegas didn’t dump Fleury because of a lack of performance. There are two major factors behind that decision. #1 was the salary cap, you can’t have $12 million dollars tied up in goaltending alone and Robin Lehner is much younger and makes less money. #2 was Fleury’s age, he will be 37 this year. No matter how amazing Fleury is, the guy is old. People forget that sports is a “Business” and in business you have to make difficult decisions to better setup the team moving forward. Now when it comes to getting rid of Ryan Reaves and Nate Schmidt, I’m all for it. Ryan Reaves honestly sucks. He has absolutely ZERO hockey skill. He doesn’t do anything on the ice except hit people. We need scorers and players who can do more then one thing. You can sign players who are physical and can also score and pass / setup other players. Ryan Reaves couldn’t do ANY of that. So dumping Reaves was very very smart. Nate Schmidt is a good defenseman yes but Alex Pietrangelo is WAY WAY better then Nate Schmidt so that was a major upgrade. Vegas will be just fine.

    • Dylan Barmmer

      How “old” is Tom Brady?

      Who won the Vezina Trophy this past season?

  46. geob

    MAF did his job….didn’t complain bout stuff like others constantly on Twitter
    I LOVE VGK’s…’s gonna definitely be different and sad without MAF!!!

  47. DesertLady76

    It has been said throughout the NHL that the Knights should never be in the post season AT ALL. THEY HAVEN’T PAID THEIR DUES! They made a lot of enemies by going all the way to the Cup final that first year. Habs fans were screaming the Knights shouldn’t be in the post season this year when they up there playing against them. So, when Gallant got bounced out, in comes DeBoer who doesn’t like Fleury, and has made it his mission to bring the team down to their place in the pecking order ~~ the bottom. They will occupy that place with the Kraken. The Knights are being punished for their day one successes on the ice. They brought the one bright spot to the Vegas Valley and Nevada as a whole at a time of a horrible massacre. They gave back to the City every ounce of love that the City gave them. It is going to be interesting to see if and how they are going to perform without the key players this year forward. The management is intent on fixing what wasn’t broke!

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