For some unknown reason a issue major sports leagues have that has caused them to shy away from Las Vegas is the taboo of gambling on sports.

Major League Baseball obviously has their history with Pete Rose (who seems to be everywhere I am when I head down to the Strip). The NFL has frowned upon sports gambling despite publicly aligning themselves with fantasy football. The NBA and commissioner Adam Silver (great name) have seemed to warm up to betting, but still publicly curl up when questioned. And the NHL has never really commented on the topic themselves.

Now, with the NHL likely coming to Vegas in 2017-18, a major sports franchise will finally have to cross the hurdle.

Here’s what’s going to happen though. The league will announce the team in Vegas, have a bogus prepared answer to any questions about gambling on the team, and when the team finally hits the ice for real, their games will be on the board, just like every other team in the league.

Players aren’t going to bet on or against themselves. No one is going to throw a game. And nothing bad will happen.

Why leagues are still concerned about this is beyond me. Sports gambling in Las Vegas is a highly regulated business that is 100% trustworthy and transparent.

Heck, if the league is smart, they’ll partner with William Hill, CG Gaming, or one of the other companies, put kiosks in the stadium, and take a cut of each wager.

People are going to bet on the games one way or the other. It’s better, and safer, for everyone if the league allows Vegas games to be available to sports bettors across the valley.

And finally, you better believe that right here at The Sin Bin, we’ll be breaking down every single game… against the spread.