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Year After Year Pietrangelo Among The Most Dependable And Durable

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Consumer Reports consider Honda as one of the most reliable brands of vehicles on the market. In fact, the popular publication estimates the average life of a Honda is around 200,000 miles. Not bad right? Chances are Consumer Reports would likely say the same thing about Vegas defenseman Alex Pietrangelo. Both engines run effectively and efficiently for years. It’s no wonder the two partnered up in 2021.

Since his arrival in Las Vegas, Pietrangelo has been heavily relied on by two coaches. Under Pete DeBoer, the veteran defenseman averaged 24:34 of ice time per game. Current coach Bruce Cassidy relies on Pietrangelo for roughly the same amount. In three seasons with Vegas, the Golden Knights’ alternate captain has led all skaters in average ice time per game. No surprise for a player that’s recorded a lifetime ATOI of 24:37.

Pietrangelo’s Time On Ice Since 2017-18

  • Total TOI – 9195:14 (12th)
  • Average TOI – 24:39 (7th)

When the Golden Knights introduced themselves to the NHL in October of 2017, Pietrangelo was leading the St. Louis Blues. Starting with that inaugural 2017-18 season, the three-time All-Star has been in the Top 25 for ice time, shifts, and situational usage. Compared with other defensemen, Pietrangelo’s engine revs now as well as it did six years ago.

Pietrangelo TOI/Shift Breakdown Since 2017-18

  • 7336:38 EV TOI (17th)
  • 19:40 EV Time Per Game (16th)
  • 1031:10 PP TOI (14th)
  • 2:47 PP Time Per Game (22nd)
  • 122:24 OT TOI (12th)
  • 10,406 Shifts (18th)
  • 27.9 Shifts Per Game (14th)

Should there be a slight concern that everyday wear and tear will catch up to the right-handed defenseman? Of course, especially with the soon-to-be 33-year-old continues playing his ATOI per night. It’ll be interesting to watch how Cassidy handles Pietrangelo’s minutes down the stretch. With a likely playoff bid ahead, will the coach hold back his workhorse to freshen up for the postseason? Based on where they are in the standings by April, Cassidy could elect to use Pietrangelo and Mark Stone less frequently. It could make a difference if Vegas gets caught up in a long series.

Some of Pietrangelo’s teammates also deserve mentions for their sturdiness over this period as well. Since 2017-18, William Karlsson is ranked 23rd among centers in total ice time (7287:22) and time on ice (0:51) per shift. Defenseman Brayden McNabb has racked up the 7th most shorthanded minutes (1039:17) and is 22nd in shorthanded minutes (2:44) per contest. Lastly, and it’s no surprise, Jack Eichel averages the 18th most power play minutes (3:32) per game and the 7th most overtime minutes (1:45) per occasion.

Now to be more accurate, Pietrangelo is paid more like an Aston Martin but represents the dependability and durability of a Honda. Like his Honda Odyssey, there are a lot of miles on both but experts rarely question their reliability.

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  1. Canada

    I noticed you omitted Petros plus minus . What is player worth who every time he scores or sets up a goal gives one and a half up . I like him but he is not as quick thinking as he used to be reminds me of Coffey in his latter years . When you have him playing with top lines we only have one person thinking defense on the ice we pay a price.

    • THE hockey GOD

      plus./minus is over rated and ill timed stat most of time

      this type of article is better suited as filler space for the off season, you never want to write stuff like this in middle season, For obvious reasons.

  2. Emmanuel

    No question he is their most important player in the sense that he is the hardest to replace in the lineup.

  3. Canada

    Regarding plus minus your right stats are just paper so why did the poster put up all the other stats , watch petro next time our fourth line is out and were scored on when they show the replay you wont see him other than his stick in the top right hand corner of the frame .either he is caught behind the play or he is standing there with out a man . That’s what i see . Plus minus matters .

    • SMH

      .So if you are going to try to tell us how important that plus/minus is with regards to factoring in defensive prowess (which is very debatable by the way – e.g. Shea Theodore has a +/- of plus 14 this season, and Jack Eichel’s is plus 15 – would you call Jack and Shea great defenders?), could you at least use accurate data? You are telling us that “every time he scores or sets up a goal, gives one and a half up”. Petro has 28 points so far this year, so by your math, that would mean that VGK must have given up around 42 goals when he is on the ice, for a plus/minus rating of minus 14. But in fact, Petro’s actual plus/minus is only minus 2 this season. Further, in the 2 prior years he has been with VGK, his plus/minus has been plus 20 and plus 7. In the playoffs with VGK, he has been plus 8. And for his entire career, he is at plus 102 for the regular season and plus 16 for the playoffs. Thus, you are trying to use statistics to support your argument that you are either grossly misquoting or didn’t bother to look up at all. Either way, I’m sure this board would appreciate if you could try to do better in the future. And while you’re at it, proofreading your posts can help clean up a lot of grammatical, syntax, and punctuation errors. Just some friendly advice. You are welcome, my friend!

      • Canada

        Fair comments, first on the grammar and punctuation . I apologize to those that place high value on syntax ,punctuation and spelling on this forum . I missed a lot of english classes and never had a opportunity to attend journalism school . What is syntax? My father used to say about the english language if one Mouse is Mouse and five Mouse are Mice then why isn’t five Moose Meice . It’s a complicated language for me, i write how i speak ,my wife would agree with you and says im terrible .
        On to Hockey , if you were to ask the coach’s who the best two way hockey players on the ice Eichel and Stone i think would be their choice, (surprisingly their plus minus is pretty good ) and the Coaches could tell you that without ever looking at a stat. Best defensive D men Shea and McNab would also be my guess ( surprisingly their plus minus is pretty good) . Petro is a talented offensive hockey player i think he was -6 or 7 before his injury cant remember ,it wasn’t great . He’s exceptional for the PP , or when playing with 200 ft players and players quick enough to cover for him . That’s tough for a coach to stay on top of ,Petro alone is responsible to make the decision when to go and when not to go . In my opinion he is prepared to leave his position without adequate support on the ice and let the chips fall where they may ,it contributes to his negative plus minus . (more to my earlier comment about him playing with the 4 th line) . His D zone play often drives me crazy and as one poster noted he isn’t know to take the body .
        I agree there is a lot that can play into the plus minus , linemates , ice time , matching against the other teams top lines etc. . That stat is just a quick look to confirm what your seeing on the ice. Its such a fast game its sometimes tough to keep track of what just happened . The old scouts who scouted the kids when they were 12 -16 years old didn’t have stats they sat up in the corners of the rink in some God forbidden place in Northern Saskatchewan or Ontario and just watched hours of play and talked to their previous coaches ,That’s how you learned hockey and learned to evaluate players in my day , Sitting in the rink, its the best way to learn the game other than playing it .

  4. Vic

    He often gets hit, but doesn’t hit.

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