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With Or Without You Standings: Which Players Absence Hurts VGK Most?

The great modern-day philosopher Bono once wrote, and then subsequently sang like 100,000 times, “I can’t live, with or without you.”

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Unfortunately, for the Golden Knights, they haven’t had that option. 62 games into the season, not a single player has played in every game on the schedule, and just six have missed fewer than six games. They’ve been doing a lot of “living without you.”

Whose absence has hurt the most though?

For that, we go to the WOWY (with or without you) standings to find out the answer is clearly Keegan Kolesar. But seriously, it’s been Reilly Smith, Brayden McNabb, and Mark Stone.

Games MissedRecord WithPoints % WithRecord WithoutPoints % Without

This season, the Golden Knights’ record is 32-26-4 for a points percentage of .548. That record is worse when missing 14 different players, including eight that have missed double-digit games.

Robin Lehner’s numbers pop off this chart a bit, which are in line with the overall records of the goalies. In games in which Lehner got the decision, Vegas is 21-15-1 (.597), in games he didn’t, they are well off the pace at 11-11-3 (.500). *The table includes the one game in which he was pulled and the Golden Knights won.*

.607 with Stone and .500 without him is probably the most important one on the board. It shows that Vegas has absolutely been a lot better with him, but even when he was in there, they were still firing at a level that would have them in 6th in the conference.

Do with these numbers what you may, but always know, I really can’t live with or without all of you reading these stories. So you are the real heroes here.

Didn’t Bono have a song about heroes too? Oh no, that was Enrique Iglesias.




Goalie Interference – Episode 21


  1. Gary J Potter

    WOWY, made me smile. Keep up the good work. I have learned a bunch.

  2. Daryl

    Using stats and numbers makes it hard to include Martinez in this group… I know offensive scoring is a huge issue, but I think defense is even a bigger issue, especially when you consider the troubles VGK is having with their goalies…. I’m going to say Martinez is the biggest missing piece

  3. THE hockey GOD

    Sonny Bono ? Didn’t he run into a tree skiing ? KaBlash ! (RIP)

    1. a real goalie
    2. a solid d man
    3. Riley Smith.

    AS the big guy said a couple of days ago, every single Knight except no. 7 and no.9 is playing at least one level above their station (i.e. ability) , some two or more. And a few orders of magnitude more.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    heads are going to roll, whose head is first on the chopping block ?

  5. LVsc

    Pacioretty is not the same player or threat without Stone.

    and the misfits are not the same threat without each other.

    those 2 facts are supported by the eye test, forget stats.

    and Hague is much better when he plays on the 3rd pair with Whitecloud, so missing Martinez to pair with 7 is a very important loss to the d corps.

    • Blitz

      I agree with what you said. I would take it further and say “a healthy Mark Stone”. Even with Stone in this year he didn’t look the same. So him playing injured makes sense in hind sight, for what I saw. A healthy Mark Stone made Patches great and Stephenson a C1. It was a great line combo of laser shot, speed, and supreme hockey intelligence.

    • PAtricia Riegert

      The Knights never have been the same since they let Our Flower go. He was the spark of the team.

      • Galdom

        He was adorable.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @galdom, yes Galdom he was the farce, opps, FACE of the Franchise. Billy Buckner would be proud.

          • Daryl

            And look what we have now…. A $5m goalie who isn’t even on the ice and when he is, he’s holding his stick upside down and headbutting pucks into his own net.

            What’s sad is you keep bringing up one mistake and act like he’s the only goalie to do so when not too long ago I posted a half dozen or so videos of hockey greats making huge mistakes on the playoffs

      • sb

        Such a sweet boy. Can’t live without him.

  6. THE hockey GOD

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    Sonny Bono
    ex Mayor of Palm Springs
    and very poor skier

    • Thg: I very much prefer this side of you, you CAN be amusing! Sorry I called you out lately, just HATE the whole political divide. ESPECIALLY HERE. I just want to enjoy fellow hockey fans’ thoughts and their shared interests in the VGK success! PEACE!

  7. LVsc

    doesn’t pro Bono mean “free” ?

    maybe the Vgk players should be working pro bono to get that cap hit under control.

    • Galdom

      Stone, Martinez, Lehner

      Mark Stone is a massive loss. He’s just such a unique talent. Obviously losing your number one goalie is going to impact you big time like it has lately when the alternatives are complete horse crap. Alec Martinez is a warrior. Those three are pretty tough to overcome.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    the goalie coach today was working extensively with LB, he took two hockey sticks and taped them behind each padded leg, on the calf side. To prevent him from
    flopping down into butterfly, Then he duck taped his pads together to eliminate the five hole. Then he took a third hockey stick and propped it up under his glove hand’s elbow to keep his glove hand up. Then he did drills moving goalie side to side. He looked like one of those metal goalies on table top hockey game.

    • THE hockey GOD

      from this angle it looks like he may have been scratching his jock scrap ?

    • Blitz

      Apparently I hurt your feelings again. “How dare he say Lehner’s a kneeler. Nobody talks about my Lehner that way. Mom, get off the computer I need to find a picture of Fleury kneeling”.

    • VGK Fan


      What is this about?

      Why the never ending hate?

    • Daryl

      Figure you would bring up MAF once again….

      • Galdom

        It’s just a joke people. We all know he is just kneeling and it has nothing to do with any kind of protest.

        • Daryl

          Yes I know the pic is a joke… I was talking about bringing him up in general. It seems as though there are a lot of new posters who keep bringing him up as well

    • Stephanie


  9. VGK Fan

    This team is going no where unless it gets back 61, 67, 19, 23, 3 and 90. If none of these guys are coming back its time to start trading players and get ready for next year.

    Next years problem, we have 16 players signed and we are 1.5 million over the cap.

  10. Greenbay

    Players most missed? FLOWER

  11. I think we miss Flower more than anyone.

  12. Galdom

    I think he is brave

    • Daryl

      You would… Nothing brave about caving into the media. Standing your ground is being brave

  13. JockEnvy

    Here’s a question…

    Who would/wouldn’t be on this roster if injuries weren’t an issue and how far over the cap would we be? Injuries have decimated the team but without the LTIR, we wouldn’t even have the same roster right now.

    • THE hockey GOD


      • JockEnvy

        Knights are projected to be $11 million into the LTIR. Those contracts only add up to $2.7 million. I’m assuming the remaining would be that they wouldn’t have traded for Eichel. Was just curious as to who others thought may have either been traded for Eichel or other trades to make room for Eichel.

        • sb

          Dadonov and Smith. But that’s not the case. MGT always intended to keep $10 million of players on LTIR until the Playoffs. They learned this from Tampa.

  14. Galdom

    I take my comments back. If Marc Andre Fleury wants to be a kneeler that’s his choice. Nothing to do with hockey. He is so brave.

    Je retire mes commentaires. Si Marc André Fleury veut être agenouillé, c’est son choix. Rien à voir avec le hockey. Il est tellement courageux.

  15. Galdom

    Blitz, you have absolutely zero sense of humor.

    • Blitz

      You may have a point there. Hanging out on a VGK blog in 2022 just makes me want to break shit. It’s like one step above being on facebook around a presidential election.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    organization knows today whether or not they will get key injured players back in order to make a run

    therefore, knowing that they know that, they will have to decide
    whether to tank the rest of season and retain their no. 1 pick (which will likely
    be in top 10, so they can pick another cody breaks glass) or go for it. Next few days will be major tell.

  17. Jay

    I think it’s too little too late… The kings are doing well, the oilers are on a streak, and the Canucks seem to come out of nowhere… Calgary is taki g it all… Unless it’s nearly all wins – they will be out, and after 5 straight losses to many lower ranked teams – this is the year the knights broke… And it all started with a lie to flower…

    • JockEnvy

      This all started with a disagreement between a fantastic coach and a GM that wanted to find a superstar to build his team into what he built in WAS.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i thought it was about time out in san hoses when his farce, i mean , face of franchise blew a three goal lead with less than three minutes left in game /

        • STEPHANIE

          How bout more like eakin shouldnt have even done a baby crosscheck and coach shouldve called time out and the pk had a melt down as well cuz eakin was on pk back then .but most of all .how bout holy crap drop it !!!

        • sb

          That’s it! That’s the truth. He blew a three goal lead. Choke, choke, choke.

          • Daryl

            You mean giving up 6 goals to COL costing VGK the top spot???

      • Blitz

        I would definitely say this is along the correct lines. I think GG brought together a group of guys and helped built amazing chemistry. He is a players coach and well liked by the players. It’s clear bad feelings were built between FO and GG. What exactly happened I don’t know for sure. I would imagine it started when the FO didn’t resign Perron and Neal or maybe that GG wouldn’t play certain players they brought in in year one. I definitely think the firing of Turk and/or what led to that bad decision is what unraveled this org. I have stated it many times since that day. Every move made since then has compounded (PDB-> Lehner -> Petra…). Didn’t need a coach, didn’t need a goaltender, and sure as hell didn’t need a cap maxing defenseman when the desperate need was a center. This team is now max capped and not at all deep with no ability to move any real cap to fix it. The prospect pool is shit and picks are lacking to fix that. The coach has lost the locker and the chemistry is gone. The fans already were exiting earlier this year and I imagine it is going to get even worse. Things are bad with no real reset button available.

        • the hockey God

          i don’t think the “coach has lost the locker room”, the players are trying. They just are not good enough. Big difference

          • JockEnvy

            DeBoer has clearly lost the locker room. It’s why Stephenson had to make his public comment about grabbing your sack and trying harder. It’s why Marchy is taking frustration penalties. It’s why Kolesar is pretending to be Ryan Reaves. No one can light a fire under this team and if you think they are really trying then you must be watching a different game. They have spurts but they can’t put together even a period of decent hockey right now.

        • JockEnvy

          This is easily the best and most spot in explanation of what is wrong with this team. Chemistry is key. It’s impossible to click when you have the FO swapping pieces two or three times a season. I believe this has taken a serious toll on guys like Karlsson, who has the ability to be a star, not superstar, player in this league, but listens every season to “VGK is in desperate need of a top line center”. They made their bed and now it’s time to sleep in it. I’m betting we see some key guys (Stone, Theodore, Patches) shopped this off-season to alleviate the cap situation but only to see McCrimmon inevitably blow that space on another version of Dadonov.

          • STEPHANIE

            Exactly ! I mean how many times is the misfit line and Stephenson and alot of people gotta hear their looking for better and not only that has PAID more .and essentially theyre not much better than them .just more $ .Its like McCrimmon is searching for a better gfriend or wife cuz the grass is always greener

          • THE hockey GOD

            “It’s why Stephenson had to make his public comment about grabbing your sack and trying harder. It’s why Marchy is taking frustration penalties. It’s why Kolesar is pretending to be Ryan Reave” None of that is “coach losing locker room”. bull shit and clueless projection is all it is. Marchy has always been a hot head and has always made dumb penalties. The rest of comments are along same line.

            “I believe this has taken a serious toll on guys like Karlsson” what has? Chemistry ? He’s played on same line 90% of time this year as a whole. So the chemistry is gone, yet he plays on same line ? That doesn’t make any sense at all. The injury to SMith caused the line to dissolve the last few games, but that just happened recently. Over the long haul I would say injuries, five years older, and four steps slower caused his demise not chemistry. He’s not as fast as he used to be. That is fact for sure. HAs nothing to do with ‘coach losing locker room”.

        • sb

          When healthy, this team is very, very deep. Gallant was a “players coach.” OK. But honestly, what does that get you? The greatest coach of all, Scotty Bowman, was never, ever considered a players coach by anyone. Scotty was all business. Players respected him. But he never was pals with any of his players. Bowman is the greatest coach ever and not a players coach. This “players coach” stuff is nonsense.

          • Daryl

            He also ran his team and played the players he wanted. The FO listened to him and went adter the players he wanted. He also knew how to make adjustments mid game

          • JockEnvy

            I agree that Bowman was all business and that’s not my issue with DeBoer. Gallant had the ability to motivate his players to rise to the occasion. Look at the Rangers this year. Look at his Canadian team that came back from the brink. When DeBoer was in SJ, he had Big Joe and Marleau that would take on that role. Mark Stone is not that guy. Stone is a lead by example type and he sets the standard on both ends of the ice when healthy. But there is no one that carries that torch for the VGK. Just like in a regular work setting, when you have a lack of leadership, you have a lack of effort and complacency sets in. That’s what we are seeing now and that is the difference between a PDB and a Scotty Bowman.

          • THE hockey GODv

            ” Gallant had this , gallant had that”

            Gallant got fired three times, just like PDB.

            Gallant worship on this site is only second to farch of franchise worship. Baseless, clueless, unsophisticated projection. Players get older, players get injured, players move on. Especially in this absurd sal cap driven mad mad mad world of Bettman’s socialist NHL. That is real cause of demise of league. Note every game is nearly the same, their is no individualism, it is very difficult to watch a game this decade

      • sb

        This all started with as many as ten starters getting injured. Had the team gone the season w/o the injuries, they’d be in 1st place in the Pacific and playing Colo in Round 3. It’s “all about the injuries” and nothing more than that. When healthy, this team is DEEP. Stop blaming the MGR’s for players injuries.

        • Daryl

          It’s all about speculations…. That’s all you have

        • JockEnvy

          If an if was a fifth, we’d all be drunk.

          “Had the team gone without injuries”…

          You wouldn’t be looking at the same Knights team as they wouldn’t have used the LTIR to free up enough space to get Eichel and would have probably still been over the cap.

        • Blitz

          @SB you have said in a couple of posts that this team is “deep”. Personally I haven’t seen it and the sinbin guys have made fun of the term as well. So let me ask you, why do you think the VGK, when healthy, are deep? Before Eichel/After Eichel? Don’t forget you have to move a cap payload to get Eichel in. Before Eichel you would have had to do a little work to get Tuch in, but not till he was ready.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @SB correct, real facts, SB not speculation not projection, a very sophisticated well thought out, reasoned approach.

          • Daryl

            It’s pure speculation that this team would be top contenders without the injuries. As you said in another post, players get older. Some injuries are always going to happen. Is this a playoff team without injuries. Without a doubt. Are they Cup contenders without the injuries? I seriously doubt it

          • JockEnvy

            I hope this is sarcasm because this is the definition of speculation. If you’re serious, you need to change your name as you seem to only fill the role of the class clown in these threads.

          • Blitz

            I agree with Daryl, if healthy this is a playoff team, but still don’t think it beats Calgary out of the pacific. Something about that Flames team screams VGK Buster.

            The thing that bugged me about this team, coming into this season, was they seemed like they never played together before. Pre-season to game 2+ (just a small sample before injury), this team seemed lost and were playing like they haven’t played together, when in fact it was mostly the team from last year. I remember thinking that Seattle looked like the more gelled team and they truly were new together. Maybe it was the stupid 1-1-3 maybe it was early injuries. Something was a miss and I didn’t see it with other teams. That said I do think they would have figured it out as time went on, but to me that was very strange and didn’t put the expected confidence in me, at that time.

  18. WOWY, while an interesting data point, doesn’t point to the problems in such a way that helps to determine where the pain is actually being felt.

    The Misfit line has actually been focused on defense. Adding to the defensive woes are McNabb and Martinez being out. Sure, the WOWY factor doesn’t point to Martinez as problem, but I would argue that it is a major factor in the Wins/Losses. Then, you have to take into consideration Robin Lehner being out also.

    This all leads to the obvious conclusion that the defense is hurting with these players out. We already know that the power play is shit and that scoring overall has been regressing over the past year or so. Jack Eichel was supposed to help with the offense, but that really hasn’t materialized.

    So, well, then – I guess PDB and the VGK FO will live on to further fuck up this team as they will be leaning on the excuse of “injuries” as to why they are where they are and not likely make the playoffs.

  19. Chevy

    I can’t believe you had a link to the Enrique Iglesias music video! I really really can’t believe I clicked on it by accident!! I really really really can’t believe I stayed and watched the entire video!!!

    Keep up the great work, guys.

  20. knights fan in minny

    trades are starting

    • the hockey God

      who was traded ?

      • the hockey God

        The Montreal Canadiens traded defenseman Ben Chiarot to the Florida Panthers on Wednesday.
        Chiarot was sent to the Panthers in exchange for Tyler Smilanic, a 2023 1st-round pick and a 2022 4th-round pick. Chiarot had seven goals and 18 points in 54 games for the Canadiens this season

  21. the hockey God

    orc, I mean Russian, cotter and rondberg re assigned to AHL team, keeping no15 and pachal for now, maybe two forwards are coming back from the mash unit ?

    • the hockey God

      i think a lot of Russian NHL players play is being impacted by Valdof Putler’s war.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if el fuhrer calls them all back to mother Russia

      • Daryl

        WW1 7/28/1914
        WW2 9/1/1939
        Russian Invasion 2/24/2022

        WW1 – 7+28+19+14=68
        WW2. – 9+1+19+39=68
        Russia – 2+24+20+22=68

        • Holy cow! I don’t know how or why you thought of this, Daryl, but this is FRIGHTENING. I’m not exactly a numbers person, but THIS is BIZARRE.

          • THE hockey GOD

            more orcs, according to NY TIMES, 7000 have been killed in last 2 1/2 weeks than
            America lost in AFganistan (most of which were during the 8 years when the kenyan was president due to him changing the “rules of engagement, BTW)

  22. Norm Bell

    Sorry this string went so far down the rabbit hole.
    The stats tell several great stories. Thanks for doing the work.
    Somewhat surprised nobody mentioned the Eichel numbers or the Whitecloud numbers.
    Sure, small samples are an issue I’m not saying we’re really twice as good without Eichel. But it’s hard not to notice Eichel isn’t carrying Stone’s unused jock.

  23. Eichel 4-9-1

    There is a reason why Eichel never made the POs in his NHL career. Probably trading him before the no move clause Kicks in is not a bad idea if the return is decent.

  24. Barney

    There’s always next year…. Or the year after next year…

    • THE hockey GOD

      or they year after that, or after that , or after that

      Regina here we come ?

      Maybe Quebec, I hear Quebec wants a team back. The Quebec , what shall they call themselves ?

      Buttery Croissants

      It’s Nice

      Le Winners

      No Le Pain No Gain

      Vin to Win

      In the Baguette

      Rouge Wave

      Poppin’ Champagne

      Eiffel, Now Get Up

      Beret Bunch

      Oui Will Rock You

      Chat Noirs

      French Toast

      Bordeaux No!

      Quick On Our Confit

      Oh Crepe!

      We Don’t Eclair

      Holy Moules

      Louvre to Win

      Champs Élysées

      Came to Plaît

      Beaucoup Crew


      Channeling Chanel

      Grow a Pierre

      Fromage Force

      Joan of Arcs?

      • THE hockey GODv

        good one, Foley’s follies , thanks to fake curse guy below. KUDOS

  25. Kevin

    If we’re doing a U2 theme … is this then, the perfect song for the McCrimmon and McPhee (which are both Irish names, btw … lol)

    …”And I STIIIIILLL havent found, what I’m lookin forrrrrrrr”…




  27. JB

    Tuch and krebs are great additions in Buffalo. How is John, $11M, Eichel working out for VGK? If you miss the playoffs and I believe you will then you will see more of Eichel’s self centered egotistical character come out. He won’t be able to help himself. He’s not a team player, it’s all about himself! Bahahaha

  28. THE hockey GOD

    elioote says
    Vegas, reeling to 10th in the West via points percentage, is back home after a five-game, zero-point road trip where Peter DeBoer’s frustration with goaltending boiled over after Tuesday’s 7-3 loss in Winnipeg. They’re going to get updated timelines on all injuries, and make their decisions. Most important update is Robin Lehner’s, no question.

    meanwhile Neal the real deal is lighting up AHL, will he come back to vegas ? Despite not liking it here ? Now that his buddy reaves is gone, he has no complaints.

    MEanwhile we know DOMI is not coming to vegas, because he don’t like no. 7 with a passion

  29. THE hockey GOD

    does anyone think now that they should have kept tuch/krebs and traded no 27 instead ???

    • Blitz

      Jury was out on krebs because he was literally playing his first games and was really raw. After watching his progress, in this short time, in Buffalo I absolutely think he was worth keeping and of course Tuch was. I would trade back in a heartbeat. Not because Eichel isn’t good, but because we destroyed ourself and our cap to do it. You can almost literally have 2 Tuch’s and a Krebs for the cost of one Eichel.

      As for Theo, and a scenario where I have to take on Eichel, I would say yes. Theo over Tuch/Krebs. He just isn’t working out for his price tag and I think he could be good again elsewhere.

      My 2 cents (4 cents with #FJB inflation)

      • THE hockey GOD

        yes let go brandon inflation

        i wrote to goobner sissy pothead and told him to suspend the
        state gas tax like Florida did, but he just laughed at me.

        • Daryl

          I’m just thankful I have a work vehicle and don’t have to pay for gas. Off work, I’ve been riding my motorcycle but may have to get a moped or bicycke

    • VGK Fan

      Maybe if we could have turned him into a goalie!! Just kidding, not sure time will tell.

  30. Daryl

    Notice how PDB now blames goaltw ding for VGK woes? When RL was playing it was the defense and lack of scoring. Now that RL is out, PDB feels its safe to say it’s goaltending. Nothing has changed with the defense or scoring but all of a sudden it’s now on goaltending

  31. THE hockey GOD

    DeBoer said there’s a lot of ambiguity when it comes to the injuries to Pacioretty, Smith and Lehner.

    Couldn’t clarify if they’re day to day or week to week, but said “Let’s put it this way, they aren’t on my radar for tonight, or likely the near future.”

    anyone with a brain could see the goalie play fall off cliff on this road trip

  32. THE hockey GOD

    another loss projected for tonight as it is likely hague is out; team is trying to give AHLers nHL experience. I put in parenthesis their normal playing lines in my experience, taking into account some players playing out of position. (5) means they are not performing at NHL level nor close to it. AHL means they belong in , well AHL. As you can see by ratings we only have two legit first liners, no second liners on forward, one on D, and team full of complete misfits in regard to their stations on the ice based upon past month’s worth of performance. They have no number 2 or number 3 lines, their number one line is barely functional. Their defensive pairs are jumble up mess. Their goal tender is struggling under water.

    Need a miracle to turn this around. Getting two players back Howden and Janmark, losing two players to AHL no. 15 and no. 46

    Marchessault(3) —Eichel (1) —Karlsson(3)
    Carrier(4) —Stephenson(2) —Roy(4)



  33. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    “At this point all signs point to Robin Lehner’s latest injury being a significant one.

    I hesitate to put a timeline on it, because of the uncertainty, but it’s very possible he misses the rest of the regular season.”

    If FO thinks they have a post season position in mind, they will make a move for a goalie before trade deadline and over pay. IF not, they will wait until off season when the trade deadline high ‘buying’ prices are off the table. Either way it looks like RL is damaged goods, and likely done as VGK.- ThG opinion <<<I will miss the old walrus, Doc is sobbing in his beer now. I can hear the sobs all the way out here at my end of the valley. The wind carries sound very well.

  34. Galdom

    Ladies and Gents,

    For those of you that are still optimistic that they can make the playoffs I admire your optimism but I also feel respectfully that you are delusional. I am not shitting on the team because the injury situation has just been unbelievable and nothing that I’ve ever seen before in all my years watching hockey. Unfortunately as much as I love Bill Foley I think he’s going to want the front office to be aggressive and do anything to make the playoffs.

    Jesse Granger is reporting that Robin Lehner will likely be out for the rest of the regular season and it appears that Mark Stone will as well.

    This is what I would do. Put Stone, Lehner and Martinez on LTIR for the rest of the season and free up what could be 10 million of available cap space. Announce to the rest of the league that the VGK will be taking on bad contracts but contracts that are expiring this year In exchange for draft picks. A team like Toronto that might need cap space to acquire a player can dump a bad expiring contract on us and compensate us with future draft picks. This season is a lost cause. Might as well try to benefit whatever way you can rather than just die slowly.

    • JockEnvy

      This makes the most sense. Really good insight into something to benefit the future of the club.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Galdom, VGK FO have generated a “BAD REP” around the league for fleecing them in the past. That is why they over paid for Eichel. So it will be very difficult for them to “pull off” any trades. Which is one of reasons that FOLEY may opt to gut them during the off season and bring in some fresh blood.

      If they are selling, like you say, they have very little to offer right now. We’ll see what they do.

      • Okay. Say a little prayer for me.

        Today I get my IOVERA cryoanalgesic shots in my leg for the partial right knee replacement surgery in two weeks. IOVERA is nitrus oxide injected into the leg to deaden the nerves to reduce pain for 4 to 6 months. It allows the doctor to avoid nerve block drugs and post operative opiods (at least reduce them). Surgery is 1 April.

        Good thing it’s not a disk in my neck replacement!

        Check back with you all this evening.


  35. mcart

    gee, here is a trade that might make sense

    Jack Eichel to Buffalo for Tuch, Krebs, and a #1 pick and a second round pick as well.

    been there done that you say?

    well, option #2 is to FIRE the guy from Brandon Manitoba. Mr Wheat King

    Let’s go Brandon

    • Damn it, we need a Rewind button! Too many regrettable decisions. Did Foley have that ” money’s burning a hole in his pocket” feeling? Gotta have it NOW. ALL IN. No-limit Poker, I mean Hockey. It’s a high- stakes Vegas gamble. Will it turn around and pay off? Yes, it will. Vegas doesn’t back the losers, VGK will win again.

  36. Well, IOVERA treatment went better than expected. Knee pain is gone. Now surgery on April 1st….

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