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Recap: The Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken dropped the puck outside in the Great Northwest for each franchise’s first NHL Winter Classic. Seattle took the honor of opening the scoring 4:50 into the contest. The Kraken deflected one past Logan Thompson to take a 1-0 advantage into the first intermission.

Seattle added to their lead quickly into the middle frame. The Golden Knights were awarded a late period power play but couldn’t cut the lead in half before the break.

Trailing 2-0 the Golden Knights tried to make a 3rd period comeback. However, Seattle made it difficult with another early frame goal. The Kraken jumped on a loose puck in the Golden Knights zone and slipped it past Logan Thompson 2:10 into the period. Vegas created chances in the final ten minutes but couldn’t find the back of the net.

The Golden Knights record drops to 22-11-5 falling to the Kraken in the 2024 NHL Winter Classic. Vegas will head back home for a weeknight matchup against the Florida Panthers. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In the marquee regular season game of the year the Golden Knights were a no show. Forecheck really never got going aside from a few individual efforts here and there. That meant limited zone time and not much by way of pressure on the Seattle D. The Kraken played a simple game that limited VGK’s transition and allowed them to spend more time in the offensive zone than they usually do against Vegas. Really poor showing from a team that typically steps up in these types of events. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Seattle Kraken outdoors at T-Moble Park.

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  1. Danny Gallivan

    Effin’ disgrace.


  2. DeezNutz

    Seattle has a good goalie and VGK have a shit goalie. Pair that with trash can defense and one of the league’s most pathetic offenses and you get embarrassed on national TV in front of the entire hockey world. This team is painfully average and they only seem to play good once every 3-4 games. I’m personally sick and tired of Logan Thompson he will never be a legit NHL starter. The guy let’s in at least 2 soft goals almost every game. Embarrassing

  3. Jake

    I watched a few minutes.

    Vegas didn’t seem to care much so I shut it off.

    I don’t like to waste my time on 50% effort.

  4. ThG

    detailed analyst
    hey won we lost
    followed by sticky ice
    crappy ice
    more sticky ice, I think the announcers alluded to bad ice about 59 times.
    But those posters here know no such thing exists, how so ? They say it all the time.

    sticky ice
    sticky ice

    and cotter blew that one.

    • ThG

      detailed analysis
      they won, we lost

      new crappy keyboard

      star no. 3 – #89 shinny ice
      star no. 2- #00 Ice Tea
      star no. 1 – #666 Sticky Ice

  5. TS

    Painful to watch. The team acted like they had never played outdoors. Out of their element.
    Yes, ice was lousy. Really slow. Puck bounced around like a ping pong ball..all over the place, except on the ice. But the Kraken managed to control it enough to actually score goals. No excuses.

  6. knights fan in minny

    brutal cement in the skates

  7. JB

    This month will determine if we will compete for the division. Quite a few home games with time to practice and maybe get Hilly and Theo back? Disappointing today, but we will get it back. The real fans will stick with it. The fair weather ones will make some comments like above. Happens every year.

  8. Jb – painful and pathetic – there you go – realism at the finest. They didn’t even appear interested in being there or playing. A very poor excuse for a Stanley Cup champion team. Realism trumps negativity every time. Hopefully you will figure out the difference.

    • JB

      What the F are you talking about hd? Not even making sense right now.

      • Apparently comprehension is not one of your strong suits. They should be embarrassed and hopefully they are they didn’t even belong on the ice with Seattle based on their performance. This doesn’t make me any less of a fan than you – actually the big difference is hockey knowledge mine not your. If you are the fan you posses you are take off the rose colored glasses and see it for what it is l have posted repeated when Team A shows up with a winning attitude they can.n beat all comers but certainly how they played today.

        • JB

          Oh here we go! The old rose colored glassses. Ha ha. HD, you been throwing around that for years. You used to accuse DOC of that, then turned out he was right all along! So little man, are they going to make the playoffs? Yes or no?

        • ThG

          liberals have issues with realty and comprehension, 7851.

          it is known.

          • Apparently in this case you are right and we agree – wonders never cease. Let’s try sticking to hockey this year’s – lots of time come fall for the other stuff

  9. DeezNutz

    Everybody talking about how bad the ice was seems to forget that there was also bad ice for the other team that scored goals and made saves.

  10. Danny Gallivan

    Buffalo, Wash, Pitt, Philly, Chicago, Ana twice, Arizona, Calgary, Edm, St Louis, Seattle

    that is 12 losses to teams that were either perennial bottom feeders or were NOT in a playoff position at the time.

    It is a good thing that there is no relegation tournament, or the Vgk would be in a lower league.

  11. Richie-Rich

    The Kraken did NOT jump on a loose puck for the 3rd goal. Cotter had that puck on his stick and he was stripped resulting in the 3rd goal.

  12. Gaetano

    Interesting collection of mental patients on this forum. Are these bots are actual human retards on here?

  13. ThG

    God speaks to “the land”

  14. Richie-Rich

    Game 38 Winter Classic Analysis
    SEA 3, VGK 0

    We are now officially past the point of simple concern. It’s now time for panic mode to set in. I have been a Season Ticket Holder since Day Fucking 1. I’ve never left a game early, nor have I turned off a game – until today.

    The effort put forth today by the Golden Knights was disgusting. It was unfair to the fans, the owner, the Front Office, the players and the families of the players. There was zero effort, zero passion.

    Technically, I believe LT should have stopped that 3rd goal. However, even if he had, the score would have been 2-0 instead of 3-0.

    People keep talking about the goaltending as if it is the reason why this team looks pedestrian. It’s not the defensive scheme or the offensive scheme. These piss poor performances are on the players.

    The amazing fact that gets lost in the anguish of the current slump is that the hot VGK start still has them tied for 3rd in total points in the NHL with 49. I find that to be startling given the play on the ice these past 6 to 7 weeks.

    One thing is for certain, if they do not turn this around soon it is quite possible that the VGK could see themselves as sellers at the trade deadline.

    The lack of effort, poor passing, getting out skated. The VGK looks tired and beat way too often.


    • TS

      It takes the entire team to win OR lose. The entire team was responsible for the loss. No one player to blame. It was a lousy game all around.

  15. knights fan in minny

    panic stop it

  16. John Dumas

    And yes, some new Bally. Who’s on here don’t wanna talk about the goaltending. Tom is soft he’s not a goaltender that’s gonna take us anywhere. They better get a goalie at the trade deadline because Aiden Hill gets hurt a lot and they have no back ups that are worth a shit. This team played like crap. I’m getting sick and tired of watching it. I’m a diehard fan but I’m not gonna waste my time watching a team it doesn’t even want to care about playing. What a piss, poor effort. This team is much better than this, but they better get their shit together or they’re gonna be in deep trouble here in the next couple weeks.

    • knights fan in minny

      corn hole on espn johnny

    • ThG

      “I am not going to waste my time..blah blah blah”

      typical band wagon jumper “fan”, aka unsophisticated per Ian who , for some
      odd reason, after rightfully so trashing the loser posters here Ken doesn’t allow to author a single article. The “truth” hurts, doesn’t it?

  17. Tim

    As I’ve said and others have commented we lose to the bottom feeders on a regular basis. Believe me George and Kelly are working the phones to pickup a forward that can give us a spark. We have a good team that’s been reading there press clippings and got away from there game. We need Theadore and Korczak back and need to trade Alex Martinez for some cap space. I watched the first period and you new right then we were toast so my wife and I went to our favorite watering hole and had fun playing video poker. Believe me playing Video poker is much more fun then watching grass grow. Be patient change is coming Foley wants another winner not the hockey we’ve been seeing the last two months.

  18. JB

    Ok enough bullshit. Let’s get this documented. WHO here thinks the Knights will NOT make the playoffs? Let’s go panic pussies. Let’s hear from you so we can make a list of you idiots! Making the playoffs is all that matters. I say we WILL make the playoffs! What do you say?

    • Emmanuel

      If healthy and they get a legit LW yes. But I can see a remake of 2 seasons ago.

    • knights fan in minny

      the squad will make it

    • Richie-Rich

      The Golden Knights are statistically 5th in the NHL, tied for 3rd place with 49 points overall. No one, at this point, believes that they will miss the playoffs.

      That doesn’t mean that concern hasn’t transitioned to panic, at least for the fan base.

      There’s zero reason to believe that they won’t make the playoffs. They have the talent and this is basically the same team that won the cup. The real bullshit was the level of effort put forth on the ice today. There needs to be accountability.

    • Tim

      Of coarse we’ll make the playoff no one is disputing that but making the playoffs and and winning the Cup has a lot of space in-between. We need a shot in the arm if we don’t get it nothing lost we will forever have that Stanley Cup banner flying in the rafters. You watch sports to be entertained and if you think the Knights have been entertaining for the last 28 games good for you. Even when we win it’s a snoozer scoring 4 goals in a game is a rarity so sit there and watch the grass grow that’s anyone’s choice myself I’ve got 100’s of channels when we don’t have our legs, or we just got back from a road trip, of any other excuse they use. The fact is your a paid professional so act like it. People are paying 100’s of dollars to see these horse shit games against bottom feeders and they run us out of our own arena I’m sorry like at the Alamo draw a line in the sand you come to play or sit in the press box and eat popcorn.

    • TS

      JB, fans are frustrated. We have seen the very best that this team can show us, but they have lost the winning edge somehow. After the fast start we had, the current level of play has been pretty concerning. Fans are nderstandebly frustrated, myself included. REAL fans will still support them, including fans here who are expressing that concern. Yes, fans can be harsh, but I think it’s because we KNOW what the team is capable of. We’re all feeling it right now! Some just more…expressive than others! The team will reverse this, Cassidy will right the ship. He HAS to, right??


      • JB

        Yes TS we will get it going. I predicted this one week before season started. I said we would probably have a up and down performance the first half of season. We certainly have. And yes it’s frustrating, even to me, to watch some of these games. But, I know they will pull it together. After all, these are the same boys who won the Cup!

    • No sure any true interested fan on here doesn’t think the VGK will not make the playoffs that’s still 40 plus games away. Are you getting nervous already and need support?

  19. Vic

    First we see the NHL network guys eating toasted grasshoppers, then we get treated that thug Lynch. Next we have some rap and then a young Hendrix copy cat. Oh yeah, then there was a unilateral hockey game (one team actually played). Not a good look, but this is the NHL. Our guys may wake up soon, or not.

    • TS

      Vic, Heart was entertaining! The real deal, grizzled voices and all.

    • ThG

      yes Vic, welcome to Gary “pantyhose” woke broke NHL. Pathetic, Crap rap shit, botched national anthem, fried grasshoppers. All the old time hockey greats are rolling in their graves at this bull shit.

      Don Cherry didn’t even watch the game. Should change name from “classic” to full of “crap”. The VGK were obviously playing not to get hurt on a less than adequate , I would call it ‘unsafe’, ice surface. Everything was i slo mo, kind of like Dementia Joe falling on stage, falling off bike, or falling down airplane stairs. It was down right embarrassing. Perfect example of putting politics into hockey, so if anyone says there is no politics in hockey, clearly they are brain dead morons.

      The sweden finland world juniors game on NHL network was much more exciting. They play on little larger surface, which gives the skilled and higher ability players an advantage over the scrums, goons, and average NHL mucker.

      The Kraken muckers outplayed the muckerless VGK on crappy outdoor conditions. Their goalie was lucky, Eichel couldn’t lift the puck like he normally does under slick ice conditions.

      Meanwhile it’s not time for panic mode, idiots calling for trades are clueless as usual.

      • TS

        So, wtf does Biden have to do with bad ice, thg?? Just asking g for the SANE people here..

  20. Rocco

    There are several mental patients here.

  21. Rashaad

    Rocco and Gaetano may be correct. Several posters here need therapy. This is downright frightening.

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