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Winning The Deadline Is Good, Winning Games Is Better

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Once again, the Golden Knights are going all in. They’ve already made moves to bring in a forward and a defenseman and there’s still time to bolster the lineup further before noon on Friday.

There’s one problem.

The play on the ice hasn’t instilled a ton of confidence that the reigning champions can do it again. The Golden Knights are 2-7-1 in their last 10, 12-16-2 in the last 30, and 22-22-6 in the last 50 games.

The Buffalo game, we’re in it, it’s 2-2, we give up a goal at the end of the 2nd period when we mismanage a puck. Losing hockey, to me. It’s not something that we typically do. Then it snowballs and then the same thing happens in Columbus. -Bruce Cassidy

While much of the focus will understandably be about the new players coming in, the Golden Knights have to start getting their game in order.

We’re in 8th place, so the next spot you’re out of the playoffs. Players do have to realize that and focus on the task at hand which is building your game and getting better. The urgency level is much more on us than a team that’s ahead of us. Is this going to continue or are we putting the breaks on this and start getting going here now. That’s the message. -Cassidy

Anthony Mantha will be in the lineup tonight and Noah Hanifin could join him as well. In addition, Cassidy believes they could also see a bump from the return of injured players.

We need a little pop. Theodore came in and gave us that. Hopefully Jack does cause he’s missed time and now Hutton. -Cassidy

Cassidy doesn’t believe the team is far away from turning the corner though.

I have faith in this group. I think management does and I think the players do. We’ve just got to get it done. That’s it. -Cassidy

The next chance comes tonight against the Pacific Division leading Vancouver Canucks. It’s the first of three more matchups in the regular season, a matchup the Golden Knights have dominated historically. History has seen Vegas in this very spot too.

We’ve seen the last two years at this point. One story didn’t end well and one ended really well. -Cassidy

The deadline is fun and the Golden Knights have clearly been leading the charge there, but they have to start stacking up some wins now.






  1. JB

    We have to start winning no matter what team we play. Excited about the two new players and waiting for that last big trade to happen!

  2. Mikuhnt Isichi

    Thanks for working hard and being a good, loyal soldier Hutton, and for patiently waiting to play your 500th NHL game. Even though you’ve been busting your ass at practice, have been looking really good, and probably thought you were gonna reach that milestone tonight – f*ck you!

    Please welcome our latest shiny, new toy. Let us know how he looks from the pressbox.


    Kelly and Bruce
    Vegas Golden Mercenaries

  3. NAM

    I think now is the ultimate time to cash in on those “Future Considerations”.

  4. knights fan in minny

    bjornfort on waivers

  5. Vegas Hockey Forever

    Getting Hanifin and Mantha is a plus. But the current team has not played to their ability at all. That’s more concerning to me.

  6. Jim

    Avs adding some grit to their talent today with trades for Trenin from Nash and Duhaime from Minny

  7. NAM

    Playing a little catch up on details, but just reading an article that says Hanifin was for a conditional 2025 1st rounder where if it is a top 10 pick we keep it and it changes to a 2026 1st rounder. That isn’t surprising, happens a lot, but what is surprising, is that it is also conditional on whether we still give our 2025 1st rounder out to another trade before the deadline. Such a fascinating trade detail. The good news with that is they pretty much plan on spending that pick today or tomorrow. The bad news is we can’t draft another player until like 2030.

    • VGK Fan

      Are we really going to miss not having a 1st round pick. Look at the 1st round history of VGKs drafting studs in the 1st round Suzuki that is the list.

      Let’s give the organization credit though they are great with trades and brought us a cup in 6 years. Also, they are willing to spend lots on money to improve the team trust the process.

      • NAM

        I am more concerned we won’t have enough draft picks to make more trades next year. LOL. No I really don’t put a lot of stock in the draft and the VGK haven’t really had success in the first round to date (still waiting on Brisson).

  8. knights fan in minny

    from what i have been reading the canes and vegas are favorites for guentzel canes clearing cap space but who knows

  9. NAM

    Toffoli, not playing tonight for trade-related reasons. I seriously wouldn’t mind him. In fact I am not sold on Guentzel. Too many teams involved raising the cost.

  10. Jim

    Five Teams Remain In Talks For Jake Guentzel


    The Canucks, Golden Knights, Hurricanes, Panthers, and Rangers are the five teams remaining in the Jake Guentzel sweepstakes as a trade is “getting close,” reports David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period. Penguins GM Kyle Dubas didn’t have a deal in place for his star winger by Wednesday night as he’d hoped, but all signs point to Guentzel still changing hands before tomorrow’s trade deadline.

    None of these teams come as a surprise, and various sources have bandied them about as fits for Guentzel throughout the past few weeks. The Golden Knights, Panthers and Rangers have been incredibly aggressive in advance of the deadline, collectively acquiring some of the top trade targets in Noah Hanifin (VGK), Anthony Mantha (VGK), Vladimir Tarasenko (FLA), and Alexander Wennberg (NYR) in the past 72 hours.

    The veteran winger is amidst another All-Star-caliber season. While he’s been out since Valentine’s Day with an upper-body injury but is inching toward a return, practicing without a non-contact jersey today for the first time since the injury (video via team reporter Dan Potash). He scored 22 goals, 30 assists and 52 points in 50 games before getting hurt, his fourth time averaging over a point per game since 2019. He’s also logging over 20 minutes per game for the fifth straight year.

    Despite the high level of production and his clutch postseason performances (58 points in 58 career playoff games), it makes little sense for the retooling Penguins to sign the 29-year-old pending UFA to a long-term extension. Multiple reports over the past week indicate that Guentzel will likely be dealt as a rental and be the top free agent on the market when the 2024-25 league year begins on July 1. His suitors probably note that Guentzel backs up his consistent production with consistent possession quality control numbers – he has a 57.1 xGF% this season and a 54.5 career xGF% throughout his 503 games as a Penguin, per Hockey Reference.

    The Golden Knights, Hurricanes and Panthers could all take Guentzel’s $6MM cap hit at 50% retention without involving a third-party broker. The Rangers are a few grand short of having the necessary cap space to do so and could still make a trade work with a third party, while the Canucks have just $125K in cap space and would need to move a significant chunk of salary out to accommodate Guentzel, even at a 75% reduced $1.5MM cap hit. There have been some spotty but credible rumors of Vancouver potentially flipping Elias Lindholm, whom they just spent a first-round pick to land from the Flames in January, to create cap space for Guentzel.

    Improbably, Vegas is still well-positioned to land Guentzel even after landing the top defenseman on the market in Hanifin. The team still has $3.8MM in deadline cap space with Robin Lehner and captain Mark Stone on long-term injured reserve despite having 27 players on the roster counting against the cap – their full 23-man roster plus $9.375MM taken up by Alec Martinez, Brett Howden, William Carrier, and Pavel Dorofeyev on standard injured reserve. They also still have their first-round draft picks in 2024 and 2026 and have not parted ways with top prospects Brendan Brisson, David Edstrom, and Carl Lindbom.

  11. Jim

    Hurricanes Close To Acquiring Jake Guentzel

  12. Jim

    I wonder if Duclair is coming to Vgk?

    he is scratched for a trade tonight

    • Tim

      Jim, I mentioned yesterday Duclair was on my news break coming to Vegas and then it disappeared. I did say where there’s smoke there’s fire. Pick him up cheap and fuck Guentzel.

  13. Tim

    All these Guentzel rumors are bullshit in my opinion. All they do is get a writter to put it out that 5 teams are still interested oh we better jump on it before someone else does. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge I’ll sell you. First off he’s not moving yet because in his mind he wants at least 4 pieces and by the way Guentzel’s been out with a bad shoulder but he’s coming back Right. Of coarse there GM is going to spin that story if your stupid enough to believe him. My take is there’s to many fish in the sea so fuck him and the horse he rode in on. Time to look at another hannifin deal which like I said was a White Collar crime what we did to Calgary.

    • ThG

      you clearly don’t get it, you don’t know how these trade dead line deals

      get off the FLOOR !!

      find that remote !!!!

      TIMMAHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

  14. JB

    There was some good other layers mentioned in a story in the paper this morning. Let Guentzel go somewhere else if the cost is to high!

  15. Jim

    Duclair goes to Tampa

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