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Just before reaching arbitration the Golden Knights and William Karlsson reached an agreement.

When the contract expires, Karlsson will remain an RFA with arbitration rights.

William had a great year for us and we are excited to now have him under contract for next season. -George McPhee

I’m happy to have my deal and we don’t have to speculate other things. I want to prove that I can do it more than just once. Hopefully I play good and can look at a longer deal in the future. -William Karlsson


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  1. Andy Bremneyer

    Great job explaining the difficult.

    PS – Where in the heck were you shooting from?

  2. Wow – I think this is almost a perfect compromise all around. Karlsson gets a big raise as a reward and a chance to show last season is no fluke. Vegas keeps another year of RFA/Arbitration Rights with Wild Bill.

    If Wild Bill can come close to replicating last year’s success GMGM will feel much better about giving a hefty long term deal and giving him money for a top center. If he regresses (and he probably will) then they can settle on a decent long term contract that makes sense for both parties.

    And if it does end up that this was a one year fluke never to be seen again, then we can go from there.

    But if I would prognosticate I expect with his speed and two-end abilities he will have a good if not great season, and will probably end up in the long term $7mil range.

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