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Will The Pacific Division Be More Challenging For Vegas in 2021-22?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

After four NHL seasons the Golden Knights have benefited by playing in the Pacific Division. Since 2017, Vegas has played 113 games against their divisional “rivals” and tallied a total of 168 out of a possible 226 points. That’s an astonishing .743 Points % against the Pacific Division in four seasons.

Hockey’s been a little bit tough with our team not being very good the last few years and not getting back to the playoffs… Things are looking up for us now. We got some new players and some young guys coming up. I’m excited for this season to start.- Drew Doughty, LAK defenseman on 32 Thoughts Podcast

Let’s be honest, it’s been easy street for the Golden Knights since they entered the league.

VGK All-Time Record vs. Pacific Division

vs. Anaheim: 20 Games (17-3-0) 34 Pts, .850 Pts %, 74 Goals For, 37 Goals Allowed, +37 Goal Differential

vs. Arizona: 20 Games (14-6-0) 28 Pts, .700 Pts %, 57 Goals For, 46 Goals Allowed, + 11 Goal Differential

vs. Calgary: 11 Games (8-3-0) 16 Pts, .727 Pts %, 42 Goals For, 31 Goals Allowed, + 11 Goal Differential

vs. Edmonton: 11 Games (6-4-1) 13 Pts, .591 Pts %, 35 Goals For, 31 Goals Allowed, +4 Goal Differential

vs. LA: 21 Games (11-8-2) 24 Pts, .571 Pts %, 63 Goals For, 60 Goals Allowed, +3 Goal Differential

vs. San Jose: 20 Games (16-1-3) 35 Pts, .875 Pts %, 78 Goals For, 40 Goals Allowed, +38 Goal Differential

vs. Vancouver: 10 Games (8-0-2) 18 Pts, .900 Pts %, 45 Goals For, 26 Goals Allowed, +19 Goal Differential

Since their existence the Golden Knights have proven to be the team to beat in the Pacific. Vegas has a positive goal differential against every team in the division and holds an overall goal differential of +123, talk about dominance. All indications show it should be the same in 2021-22.

Only a few west coast teams have kept their games with Vegas competitive but still not enough to threaten their path to the playoffs. Sure, San Jose won their seven game series in 2019 but in the regular season it’s been embarrassingly lopsided. Since that series three postseasons ago, the Sharks have been a non-factor in the Pacific, same goes for Anaheim, Calgary and Vancouver. However, two clubs that will make things more difficult for Vegas this season are the Kings and Oilers. Each team has challenged Vegas in the regular season being edged out by one game in their series history with the 31st franchise.

While it’s hard to make judgements based off two exhibition games but it’s safe to say that Los Angeles is an improved club. Even with a lack of talent in their lineup the King’s have competed in most matchups. Coming into 2021-22, LA and Knight killer Philip Danault will continue to frustrate VGK’s offensive threats. Coveted prospects are performing at a high level and LA’s star veterans could create further problems for Vegas and the rest of the Pacific Division.

There’s not much to say about Edmonton. As long as they dress Connor McDavid every game is up in the air. Same can be said for the newest team in hockey. Seattle is the biggest wildcard in the division. Based on what the Golden Knights did in their inaugural season you’d be a fool to count out the Kraken. Calgary, San Jose and Vancouver are expected to finish below Vegas but one of those three teams could make a surprising push for the postseason.

All in all, the Pacific Division is still considered relatively weak but has improved. Vegas is the only team that isn’t being doubted by analysts across the league. The other seven teams have questions to answer and it should be a tight battle for two of three divisional playoff spots. Although the Pacific may have gotten better and could make it more difficult for Vegas to run away with the division but it’s still the Golden Knights to lose.




Timeline – Robin Lehner Speaks Out


  1. Richard Santomauro

    I have already predicted that the Kings will win the Pacific division outright.

    Give Brossoit credit for the preseason win. The Kings played an outstanding game last night vs VGK. Brossoit had to make at least 10 if not more miracle saves against the Kings.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    yes it will be more challenging, last year was a joke with chicom plague impacting every thing.

  3. Scott

    The 4 teams coming out of the Pacific and will be in the playoffs this coming season :

    LA will be turning heads this season, and just might take the Pacific division.
    I can’t believe most if the hockey world is doubtful of the Kraken. They have just as good or even better draft than the Knights did, in some areas of their roster. They have the same excitement surrounding the team as well, and the players have the same mindset as the VGK did.
    The same NHL “experts” who bashed and didnt give the VGK a chance before the puck was even dropped are doing the same to the Kraken. No matter what happens it will be very very interesting!

  4. Daryl

    Up until this week, I still thought VGK was going to win the Division. I was a little worried about LAK, but now I’m very worried about the Kings. Our starting goalie is so worked up and so worried about everything else but his own game, VGK is done. He’s talking about pills given to players, something that happens on every team, YES every team including VGK. He needs to concentrate on his own game and his own problems and not worry so much about everyone else. If he wants that role, great, but step away from the game and concentrate on that.

    • Richard Santomauro

      My position is that Lehner has not stuck anywhere for a reason. It’s up to Lehner to figure that out and correct it. So far, I am not impressed that he has.

      We will know by mid-January whether or not Lehner is going to make it here or not. If not, well, then Brossoit looks pretty damn good, plus we have Thompson.

  5. Mike StG

    I’m not as worried about LAK as everyone else here seems to be. I won’t be surprised if they make the playoffs, either as #3 or wild card. They have excellent prospects but still have a long way to go to become a legit contender for the division and cup. Their D corps lacks depth. Mikey A is a good pairing with Doughty but he’s still developing. Edler is on the back end of his career but a decent fill in at 2nd pairing. Danault and Arvy are nice adds. And Peterson is going to be really good, but also still not quite there. I think making playoffs this year is doable, but they’re probably 2-3 years from becoming a top tier team.

    Still looks like Vegas & EDM are top 2 Pacific teams. And I think VAN & LAK will battle it out for 3/4. Flames could also be in the mix although doubtful, but Kraken are a long shot to make playoffs IMO. It’s hard to see how they’re going to manufacture enough goals, unless it’s their plan to win every game 2-1 or 1-0.

    • Richard Santomauro

      I think you underestimate the damage this front office has done to the cohesion, unity and loyalty of this team. I am much more concerned about that damage than I am about the Kings.

      I still think VGK will be in the playoffs but maybe not even as the 1 or 2 seed.

      • Mike StG

        Richard, I don’t believe the FO has “damaged the cohesion, unity and loyalty of the team”. Players are professionals and all understand that hockey is a business. They all seem to appreciate that the FO is focused on winning, and if you asked any of them what would they rather have – a cup ring or to have their buddy still on the team – they would all 100% say the cup. Who cares about hanging with your buddies if you’re on a losing team?

        Players come and go. They’re used to it, from peewee hockey to juniors, college, AHL and the NHL. Maybe the fans are traumatized somewhat by the roster changes, but not the players. In Fs act players often leave of their own volition for financial or other reasons, so it’s not always the team driving the change.

        From the expansion draft it was clear the team would likely move on after the first year from many players. Neal, Perron, Marchie, and others were in the last year of their contracts. The first two were already in their 30’s and wanted longer term contracts of 4 years plus. What should they have done? Just sign them to likely bad deals because they played over their heads one year? Bellemare left in 2019 because he wanted a multiyear extension. They kept Eakin too long, and several other players as well.

        This offseason they finally made some necessary moves to improve the forward group. After 2 postseasons it was clear the bottom 6 needed an upgrade. So they let Nosek walk, traded Reaves and Glass. They traded Fleury to make space for the forward upgrades. It’s not any different than other hockey teams in the constant change in roster lineups, looking for the group that will put together that cup winning performance.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Well, the jury is out. We shall revisit this at the end of the season I guess.

        • Daryl

          Sorry but I disagree…. Yes this is a business and the FO has to do what they think is in their best interest, but it’s all about how you treat players even when you have to let them go. VGK FO and coaches have done a horrible job in that aspect

          • Richard Santomauro

            I am hoping that this won’t effect the team. All this talk about being a pro and this being “just a business” is all bullshit theater. At the end of the day this is a team sport, not a bunch of individual professional businessmen.

            You look back at any sport dynasty and their is a long term commitment from the owner all the way down to the rookies.

            If there is ill will or drama (Lehner) within the ranks it always will have an impact that is detrimental to team unity and ultimately to winning.

          • THE hockey GOD

            I agree with RS, most of this “it’s all about how you treat the players” is BS and fabricated by media hounds who really don’t know squat about squat Then there is that special agent of the prior “face”less of franchise who purposely stirs the pot making up crap knowing full well gullible fans will believe all the tripe they throw out there. VGK FO hasn’t done anything different than any other FO in the league.

          • Richard Santomauro

            Really? One of the players had his FOB card deactivated before he learned he was traded. Did anyone in the front office tell him he was traded? Nope. It was a teammate who told him on the ice after someone let him into the facility.

            That’s the sort of FO we have here in Vegas. That story is 100% true and I seriously doubt that other front offices around the league are treating their players that way.

          • Daryl

            You talk about the media not knowing squat about squat, but let’s be honest, you don’t know Saturday about squat either just like the rest of us. I believe MAF over the FO. You choose to believe the FO over MAF. And let’s not forget this agave you despise is also an agent for another VGK player. This player hasn’t been screwed over by the coaches or FO so nothing has been said on his behalf.

          • Mike StG

            Well, they gave Engo a graceful exit into retirement within the organization. They asked Hunt and Reaves (and Pirri) where they would like to go before trading them. Fleury knew the team was having discussions with the Hawks.

            Most of the “trades” occurred either during the offseason or at trade deadline. Off-season: Schmidt, Fleury, Stastny, Gusev, Glass, Reaves, Hunt, Tatar, Holden, Haula, Miller. Deadline: Lindberg, Subban, Eakin. The majority of the other player exits were non-renewals of expired contracts – Perron, Neal, Sbisa, Bellemare, Carpenter, Merrill, Nosek.

            Don’t know how you can say players traded in the offseason were treated “horribly”, when most of them aren’t even in Vegas as they’re usually back home in Canada or Europe or other parts of the US. Same goes for players who negotiated contracts with other teams in the offseason as well.

            Treating players horribly seems more like what other teams have done – BUF/Eichel, STL/Tarasenko, CHI/player sexual abuse, TOR-CGY-CAR/verbal abuse by coaches. I would think actions like that tend to affect morale more so than an unexpected trade or lack of advance notification of the trade.

          • Daryl


            Enho was held in limbo until they very last second. I’d even say PDB screwed Engo by not letting him play in one last game. Remember, when. PDB took over there was one player, supposedly a defenseman, who was vocal against it but that player was g fever identified. There have also been at least 2 other players who have commented on VGK FO. And what I read from a couple reporters on Reaves was that Gallant approached VGK so VGK asked Reaves and he was OK with it.

            As for the Buffalo situation, fans need to take a step back and look at it from the teams perspective. They really aren’t trading Eichel poorly

          • Mike StG

            Daryl – you seem to go out of your way to throw shade on VGK FO decisions. So now PDB screwed Engo by not playing him the last game? And the Reaves to Rangers was not from VGK? Wow. The Vegas FO are a bunch of monsters. lol

            It’s pretty obvious you will NEVER give them the benefit of the doubt or credit for anything. It’s kind of entertaining reading you twisting yourself into a pretzel to paint VGK as the Evil Empire.

          • Richard Santomauro

            I will give VGK FO credit when they have earned it. They get credit for bringing in Stone, but even more credit for bringing in Martinez. The jury is still out on Petro, and it right now it looks like the Lehner decision is beginning to unravel before the season even starts. Co-General Managers seems like the dumbest thing I have ever seen. So what if McCrimmon had walked away? He’s earned absolutely nothing in the NHL.

            I sure hope they all make me eat my words by taking this team to at least a Cup Final appearance this year.

          • Daryl

            Mike… You can say what you want but I call it like I see it. Like I said, and as it was commented on almost every sports board, was that VGK and PDB didn’t do the right thing by letting Engo play in one last game. Yes I think that was dirty by PDB. The has nothing to do with the FO.

            Sorry but you tried to give the FO credit for Reaves and I was simply stating I heard otherwise. So I’m not sure how I am calling them monster’s for correcting you (at least from what I read)

            You say I will never give them credit but you seem to go out of your way to give them more credit than they deserve. For the record, I’ve given them lots of credit, like Chandler, Stone and Martinez. I’ve even given PDB props for giving Whitecloud a chance although we really don’t know if Gallant would have given him a chance or not since he SAS hurt during that time

        • SMH

          Just wanted to commend Mike StG for his always intelligent and well thought out posts. They serve as a much needed counterbalance to the constant pessimistic and whiny retread posts by certain people – I mean, do they really have to repeat their same dreary takes about Lehner & the front office every single day? Anyway, thanks Mike – I truly look forward to your insights, which are always done in a fair way that tilts towards the optimistic, as it should be with this fantastic hockey franchise that we are so blessed to have in Las Vegas. And as an added bonus, you do it without any digressions into politics, Covid, personal attacks, etc. – none of which have any place on this hockey site. Cheers!

          • Mike StG

            SMH – thanks for the kind words, and cheers to you as well!

            I realize my opinion is only that, and it’s likely I’m wrong more than right. But it’s also my belief that the people running the VGK organization – FO, coaches on down – have the benefit of experience, understanding and knowledge surrounding the decisions they’ve made. I also don’t believe they go bouncing from one decision to the next in a panic without giving careful thought before acting. To think less would be an insult to them, considering the decades they’ve spent playing, coaching and managing at all levels of the sport. I may have been a fan of the sport for the past 5 decades, but that doesn’t make my opinions worth 2 cents compared to theirs.

            Winning the Stanley Cup truly is the most difficult achievement in professional sports. There is no single person – no LeBron, no Tom Brady – who can tilt a championship to one team. The best we can do is hope that our team is managed by people willing to take the risks and actions necessary to build a team with a good chance to win it all. I think that’s what VGK has done thus far. And I hope one day soon we can have a parade down Las Vegas Blvd to celebrate that achievement. Until then let’s all just enjoy the ride. 🙂

          • Richard Santomauro

            Wait wait wait, back up. PDB has won nothing, McCrimmon even less. Sorry but let’s not pump up this front office before they’ve earned it.

            They did a fantastic job putting together an exciting franchise expansion team, which by the way was coached by Gallant not DeBoering.

            I will reserve my praise, thank you, until after these moves pay off with at least another Cup final series.

          • Mike StG

            Richard, I don’t understand why you insist on creating a false choice. So when they win the cup you can give them credit, but until that day they’re a lousy FO with a worthless coach. How is that possible? Is there no “middle ground”? Just those two extreme choices??

            PDB has taken multiple teams to the Cup final and Conference finals (including Vegas). He has one of the best (if not THE best) win record in the NHL over the past 2-1/2 seasons since he took over as coach. If winning the cup is the only measure of success than in your world most of the coaches in the NHL are lousy, and most of the FO management as well. McPhee said that McCrimmon has basically acted as a co-GM of the team since Day 1. So, McC gets no credit for their Year 1 cup run, or making conf finals the last 2 years?

            You need to adjust how you measure success. By your definition, Ottawa & Buffalo & Anaheim are all on par with Vegas. Yet they’ve all been at or near the bottom of the league.

            How about this for success? Since the year they began Vegas has won 7 playoff rounds. What other teams have won 7 or more playoff rounds since those 2018 playoffs? There is only 1 team – the Tampa Bay Lightning with 10. Boston has won 6 rounds. The Isles have won 5. Does that mean Boston has a lousy coach and FO? Does that mean that Lou Lamoriello is a lousy GM or Trotz is now a crummy coach?

            Your ‘I’ll give them credit win they win something’ position makes no sense, and is just a way for you to deny praise or giving credit to the FO or coaches for what they have accomplished to date. It’s disingenuous to say the least.

          • Daryl

            Yes there is more than just winning…. PDB has done a good job in his 1st year or 2 everywhere he has gone, but then what? His teams have declined every year. Both PDB (and Gallant) and the FO have done a good job but I would say a great job or better. VGK has had the advantage of playing in the Pacific and a covid season which has helped them tremendously. I have a couple major issues with PDB. First is his inability to make adjustments. VGK has had the same issues offensively for 2 years in a row. Their PP is horrible. Now, I actually put that blame on the PP coach but PDB brought him here and is keeping him so it c Jones back on to PDB. I sing care what little thg says, they’re had been fine to fix the PP. And I don’t want to hear this BS that pd couldn’t make adjustments because of covid or shortened season or any others excuses…

          • Richard Santomauro

            I expect PDB and this FO to get us back to a Cup Final before I give them credit. The FO dumped the Coach of the Year and has just about completely dismantled the team that went to the Cup Final in year 1.

            So, for me, those moves had to have been made because Gallant and that year 1 team were good enough to get to the Final but needed to be flushed because the FO wants to win the Cup. I think I recall the goal being within 5 years????? Correct?????

            Well, guess what. It’s year 5 and we are now going to see if the major change in direction is going to get it done – or not.

            So, yeah. Cup Final is what I am looking for this year. Not necessarily winning it, but getting there and giving a good competitive showing.

            That’s where I am coming from. Teams that are constantly tweaking their coaching and players almost never seem to gain consistency and build a winning mentality.

          • Mike StG

            Daryl – what happened 10 or 15 years ago with PDB’s other teams is totally irrelevant to the current situation. Players and teams change every year, competition improve, there are injuries and other factors. And coaches can only play the players they’re given. By your definition Barry Trotz was a failure all those years coaching until he finally won it with the Caps. Let’s see – 18 years of failure, 15 with the Preds, 3 with the Caps. And, now he’s on another 3 year losing streak with the Isles! And don’t forget Jon Cooper – 7 years of utter failure with TBL until he finally won a cup. All those years these coaches didn’t know how or refused to adjust their teams’ play to win it all.

            All I’m saying is that DeBoer, like him or not, is a good coach. He’s not afraid to change things up during a game, or even play different combinations from game to game. But the fact is that he’s limited with the players he has had to work with. I think the results of the last 2 postseasons are a reflection of not having sufficient talent in the bottom 6. That was also Tampa’s problem, so what did they do? They went out and got Coleman and Goodrow to form a 3rd line that could score and be a legit threat every time they took the ice. It appears that is also what Vegas has done – bring in players to augment their forward group and give them more depth. I believe last year they were basically banking on Cody Glass stepping up and being able to help fill that role. But he didn’t do so and the team was left without sufficient scoring depth, allowing opponents to key in on the Top 6.

            With Dadonov, Patrick, Howden additions they now have botoom 6 forwards who can play special teams to reduce shift time for the Top 6. Watching Dadonov and Patrick in preseason I see legitimate reason for optimism that L3 will be a scoring threat and the PP should be significantly better. If by season’s end and the postseason that hasn’t happened then you can start looking hard at how the team is being coached. But for now, it appears to me that the FO has been able to augment the forward group with the needed talent. Having unloaded the burden of Fleury’s $7M salary enabled that, as unfortunate as that turned out for fans and MAF.

          • Daryl

            While I watched hockey for the past30 years, I didn’t watch a bunch of teams and even fewer closely. I can’t speak on the situations of those other coaches at those times. As for PDB, yes he is a good coach but nothing more. My bringing up his previous teams is relevant to this situation in as much it shows his lack of imagination and his lack of adjusting. Yes he is willing to change up his lineups but he does t make game adjustments. He even said so himself. And you can go back and see comments from fans from other teams who have said the exact same thing.

            As for MAF, trading him isn’t and never was the issue. Picking up Lehner was a huge mistake and never should have happened. UT once he was taken the smart move, and really the only move was to trade MAF. Now, I m very disappointed in what they got after trading him. I think VGK FO did a horrible job with the money they spent. This had nothing to do with PDB

  6. Richard Santomauro

    Apparently Robin is going off on the Sabres, Flyers and the NHL all over his twitter account today. Spiraling out of control once again. Just do what’s right for you and stop the off ice drama.

    I still am not a fan of this front office move.

    The good thing?

    We have Brossoit and Thompson standing by.

    • THE hockey GOD

      has a ways to go to catch that idiot , the previous “face-less” man of franchise’s agent with his stupid back stabbing cartoons.

      • Daryl

        Yeah I don’t know about that having a ways to go. He started last season crying about covid and now he is crying about everything. I think he’s passed that agent who has other players on VGK team (and you can say what you want, but MAF was stabbed in the back by the coaches and the FO, more than once)

        • THE hockey GOD

          nobody stabbed the seven million dollar man in back, except his stupid agent, and himself for choking repeatedly when the money was on the line. Don’t believe the fake news, media hype. of his stupid shit stirring agent.

          • Richard Santomauro

            Instead of having a HOF qoalie who still has several good years in him, we have the Twitter Drama Goalie who somehow seems to be getting injured every 2 or 3 games.

            I have said this repeatedly. We will know for sure about the goalie situation in mid-January. My prediction is that by then we will have Brossoit and Thompson.

          • Daryl

            I bet you really miss having Doc hehe to get your back when it comes to the Walrus! Tell me again how many winning teams did Lehner beat last year? This is a team sport and yet you put all the blame on one player. How pathetic is that? You can’t see how not scoring a single PP has an effect on the game. Just admit what the rest of us already know, you aren’t a fan of MAF. Stop being a bitch and man up

          • Daryl

            And talk about shit stirring, we’ve got the king of that in our net

          • THE hockey GOD

            “I bet you really miss having Doc hehe to get your back when it comes to the Walrus” Spin and twist.

            my post is about idiots drinking the kool aid and believing all the BS k about FO back stabbing players, which is what it is BS. Not sticking up for the Walrus, not happy about his constant twits. But still has a long way to go to catch up to MAF’s agent sob stories.

            ” Did anyone in the front office tell him he was traded? ” you don’t know that for sure.

            ” All this talk about being a pro and this being “just a business” is all bullshit theater. At the end of the day this is a team sport, not a bunch of individual professional businessmen.” But it is about over paid seven million dollar goalies who choke and love affair some brain dead fans who can’t seem to get over that hump. It’s also about their agents lie and lie and lie to try to make FO look bad when it was pretty obvious that MAF was on the trading block. Also, the players are individual professional “businessman” whether you like it or not. Especially those hiding beyond loser agent’s like MAF has.

            “Instead of having a HOF qoalie who still has several good years in him” HOF ? Hall of shame, didn’t get the job done in Vegas. Good riddance, there was a reason they rode his sorry butt out of Pittsburg. Every real fan in NHL knows the score.

          • Daryl

            Here you go again thinking you know everything. It’s always a spin on things when it comes to you isn’t it? Well my post is about the idiots who always believe what the FO says and ignore what the players say. Talk about BS. The FO has lied to its fans and players multiple times and yet these kool-aid drinking idiots still believe them.

            Yeah its about an over paid goalie who won the only real goalie award and without the help of his backup. He’s also the same goalie who got them thru 2 rounds in the playoffs without the help of and entire offense that choked.

            Just curious, where has Lehner led this team? He chocked last year when the team at least had a little bit of offensive help. MAF got the team just as far without that offensive help. K

            As for the Pens you probably shouldn’t talk shit b/c you really have absolutely no clue what you are talking about there and you make yourself really look ignorant… And stupid!!!

          • Daryl

            I can only imagine what you think of our player who as the exact same agent as MAF. Why don’t you ever bring him up. Why is he never an issue?

    • Richard Santomauro

      And Robin is once again deflecting attention away from the ice, away from his focus on the game and on things that are better handled through the NHLPA. Even if he is 100% right, this is not the way to handle it.

  7. where the Buffalo roam

    what is the prediction for the # of games that clubhouse lawyer Lehner will play for VGK this season?

    between injuries and controversies, my guess is 15-20

  8. Tim

    We all have our opinions on how the Pacific division would line up. My thought is this plain and simple the other teams don’t have enough ponies pulling the wagon. Were 20 deep they’ll be lucky to be ten deep. We have multiple extra D-Men and forwards where if they have injuries there in trouble. I was very encouraged by 3 or 4 of our prospects so depth on D is no problem. Remember we are also a tournament tested team where these other teams aren’t. Not sure how good this Mosarov kid is but he’ll sign as soon as his KHL season is over and I think he may be very good. This Brisson kid at Michigan also looks like a keeper. Bottom line to me is were in pretty good shape are we Stanley Cup ready no I think that ship has sailed but still a good team. I still say overall management has done a good job from the talent aspect but a lousy job on the PR side.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Fair enough analysis, except for the unsettled goalie situation. We won’t know what we have between the pipes for sure until mid-January.

      I am impressed with Nolan Patrick, not so much with Howden. Dadanov looks okay as well. I still think Cotter and Brown bring another level of aggressiveness and speed but we will likely not see too much of them.

      Miromanov has had a couple of great games as well.

      Now, we have to see whether or not Pete DeBoering can continue to motivate this team to play at a high level more than 1 out of every 4 contests.

      Last, but not least, how many times is Martinez going to be blasted by a shot and shake it off? He’s a goalies best friend beside the crossbar and pipe!

      • Tim

        Richard like you I like Cotter and Brown not so much on Patrick. Were all hoping he works out but I’m not convinced as I’m not convinced with Krebs either. I’m not as worried as some about goal Lehner will be fine and both backups look decent.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “I still say overall management has done a good job from the talent aspect but a lousy job on the PR side.” they sell out nearly every game, their ticket prices are highest in NHL They have an AHL in their backyard. They have had a successful first five years. I think their PR has done pretty good. The only people that don’t get it are those like yourself who fall the fake news by media , who know nothing, and MAG agent’s antics which have been well documented.

      • Daryl

        Everyone should know by now that if you have a differing option than this little thg, you are automatically wrong. How dare you not agree with this old man? Just look at his name, he is already telling you he knows everything…. Even though a majority of his posts tell you the exact opposite!

        • THE hockey GOD

          @Daryl, what we have as common denominator on this thread started by Lehner tweets is the fact that VGK goalies (MAF and Walrus/panda) complicit with their lame agent(s) seem to have a penchant for trashing FO’s around the league. Nothing more. The rest of the stories are made up BS regarding FO policies and hearsay. VGK FO and coaches are acting the same as any other FO in NHL. Much of it has to do with liability and players not picking up their phones and/or agents not picking up their phones or relaying messages or them not reading the tea leaves. Everyone knows if FO calls you, or your agent, it is usually not good news. The same thing happens everyday in the REAL WORLD. Companies turn off FOBs and restrict access to their facilities after someone is let good. That is policy.

          Wait for Walanda or his agent or his whispering little birds to trash the VGK FO after he leaves, it’s in his DNA it appears.

          • Richard Santomauro

            We haven’t even played a game yet and Lehner has everyone talking about stuff other than the game. If he is that concerned quit playing and join the NHLPA.

            These sort of distractions are detrimental, even if you agree with Robin (which I do). Teams have physcians for a reason. They are trying to protect their investment. You would think that the Team doctor and the player’s doctor would find agreement on treatments? Something smells.

            Now, back to hockey……

        • THE hockey GOD

          august 2020 article
          looks like MAF is one who couldn’t handle the trade dead line acquisition of Lehner according this article and comments my local vegas writer (another one stirring the pot), backing up my claims that the media is furthering this. MAF comes out not so much smelling like a flower or being a “team guy” at all.

          “National Hockey League player agent Allan Walsh stunned the hockey community on Saturday when he published a graphic image on social media, one that showed his client, Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury being impaled by a gigantic looking sword.

          This not only got a lot of players and pundits wondering why the agent did so, but also got the ball rolling on many rumours about Fleury’s future in Sin City.

          You see, team insider Jesse Granger for The Athletic suggests that Flower’s defense of his agent has given the impression the veteran goalie didn’t disagree with Walsh’s provocative post criticizing his client’s lack of playing time…

          This has prompted many insiders and pundits, including Granger, to wonder if Fleury is looking to move from Vegas, wanting to be traded once the postseason comes to an end. Sure, Flower had Walsh removed the post from social media, but since he didn’t immediately condemn the image, it gave the impression Fleury wasn’t that upset over it, or even disagreed with it.

          I might, how could he? Fleury has appeared in just two of the Knights’ games since the NHL returned to action, with trade-deadline acquisition Robin Lehner seeing the bulk of the starts at most crucial moments.

          We all know Flower is a team guy, but he may want more than what he is getting with the Golden Knights. Fleury has two years left on his contract while Lehner will become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. If the Knights choose to keep and re-sign Lehner to a large contract, Granger believes they could face having between $12 – $14 million invested just in between the pipes and they would have to move on from Fleury.

          It could make sense for him to want to move elsewhere, but with his 10-team no-trade list and the flattened salary cap for next season, there might not be many destinations for Fleury.

          Trading Flower won’t be easy, but if he wants out, the Knights might not have any other choice… ” And somehow this is all the FO’s fault ?!?! LOL !

          • Richard Santomauro

            It doesn’t matter what MAF’s agent did after the fact of bringing in a new goalie. The facts are the facts, and they are:

            1- MAF had a short stretch of bad games when his father passed away.
            2- The 4 goal fiasco in the playoffs wasn’t entirely MAF’s fault but he apparently lost the confidence of the FO anyway. This even though the league eventually admitted that the call was a bad one.

            MAF wanted to retire as Knight right here in Vegas. He had been very vocal about that and Foley was on the record stating that he supported that outcome.

            All of these are facts, no different from the fact that MAF’s agent tweeted out that stupid graphic. What is conjecture is whether or not MAF knew that graphic was going to be tweeted by his agent or not. That’s also a fact, NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE – it’s pure conjecture and you can have an opinion on it one way or another.

            Also factual is that Robin Lehner has bounced around this league for years and unable to stick anywhere. His off ice issues are well known.

            To summarize my own personal opinion…….

            The move to bring Robin Lehner to Vegas was 100% unecessary, and in my opinion will be viewed as a mistake by mid-January. Robin is already beginning to unravel and the season hasn’t even started yet.

            These are my final thoughts on the matter until then.

        • THE hockey GOD

          and a few short days later , this article comes out. Notice how his agent again uses the same lame old lie “MAF didn’t know about this’ Sounds to me like MAF needs a better agent. Stirring the pot.

          August 23 2020
          “National Hockey League player agent Allan Walsh stunned the hockey community on Saturday when he published a graphic image on social media, one that showed his client, Las Vegas Golden Knights Golden Knights goaltender Marc Andre Fleury being impaled by a gigantic looking sword. As I stated the image was graphic, it showed Fleury cleanly run through by the sword and the tip of the sword was even dripping with what presumably was Fleury’s own blood. The highlight of the image though was the name written across the sword “DeBoer,” a blatant reference to the man the image was targeting, Golden Knights head coach Peter DeBoer.

          It was an unprecedented move by the agent and one made all the more controversial by the fact that the Golden Knights currently find themselves in the middle of a playoff run and are in fact currently the favorites to win it all this season in the eyes of the oddsmakers. Although shocking it sounds like the image will not impact the Golden Knights decisions moving forward, with reports suggesting that the team met with Fleury inside the bubble on Saturday to iron things out. That being said though it now sounds like Marc Andre Fleury’s time as a member of the Golden Knights has come to an end.

          On Saturday night NHL insider Chris Johnston shared the latest on the ongoing Fleury saga in Las Vegas and indicated that he feels a trade may come in just a few short weeks. Personally I believe that Fleury had full knowledge of the image prior to it going up, I simply do not believe an agent would be so bold without consulting his client first, but Johnston was willing to give Fleury a little more leeway.

          “This was sent by Allan Walsh… I do not believe Marc Andre Fleury had prior knowledge of this tweet before it was sent out… but I also do not believe that it would be up 5 hours later if he did not at least endorse some of the message,” said Johnston.”

          Johnston would then describe that Fleury feels he has been slighted by the Golden Knights after having not been given a fair shake in the round robin and opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

          “I think this is representative of a little bit of tension around that goaltending situation. I do not think that Marc Andre Fleury feels he has had a fair shake while starting just 2 of the 8 games that Vegas has played.”

          Johnston would then go on to say that there are now serious long term questions regarding the future of Fleury as a member of the Golden Knights. Even more stunning though was the fact that Johnston believes the change could be made in a few short weeks given the NHL’s tightly packed schedule.

          “I do think that it is fair to say that this raises some long term questions about Marc Andre Fleury’s time in Vegas… it might be something they have to do a few weeks down the round.”

          I can’t imagine Fleury remaining on that roster while DeBoer is the coach given just how brutal the image was.”

          MAF and his agent made their beds, and when it came for them to sleep in it, they go crying and whining all over again. SHAME SHAME SHAME !

          • THE hockey GOD

            “Johnston would then go on to say that there are now serious long term questions regarding the future of Fleury as a member of the Golden Knights.”

          • Daryl

            I guess you missed the articles where MAF himself said he didn’t know about the trade. You also act as if MAF is this agents only client. There is a reason he is so vocal for MAF and hasn’t been for any other client…. Maybe he is just correct about what’s happened to MAF and there is no need to speak out for his other clients

          • Richard Santomauro

            MAF has been a stand up guy, a team leader, fan favorite and I am of the opinion that VGK FO totally effed him over. That’s my opinion ThG, period, your unqualified opinion is as good as mine.

            There are many more data points of VGK FO disrespecting players. That’s more cannon fodder evidence against them.

            You’d think they might learn from their mistakes and not treat players as objects but rather as what they are, human beings under contract who deserve respect. If you cannot get hold of a player via phone or text then drive the hell over to his house and make it face to face. Don’t deactivate someone’s FOB until after you do. Being a decent employer really is as easy as that.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I still say overall management has done a good job from the talent aspect but a lousy job on the PR side.

      That statement does not hold water.
      VGK sell out nearly every game, their ticket prices are highest in NHL They have an AHL in their backyard. They have had a successful first five years. I think their PR has done pretty good. The only people that don’t get it are those like yourself who fall the fake news by media , who know nothing, and MAG agent’s antics which have been well documented.

      • Tim

        THG I’m not talking about the Vegas fans but if you listen to national hockey radio shows Vegas doesn’t have the reputation you think they have.

  9. Richard Santomauro

    What I do like about Patrick is that he is always in the right spot. Good hockey IQ. That needs to translate to points, lots of them.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Good hockey IQ

      the talking heads NHL “”experts” are saying the same thing about Maynard C. Krebs.

      And they said that very same thing about Cody Glass. IS that really code word for fancy pants and NMS. Not much stock ?

      • Richard Santomauro

        What Nolan has that Krebs doesn’t yet is NHL level toughness. Krebs is like a pinball out there speeding off on his own and getting beat up by 2 or 3 opponents.

        Patrick has the IQ, the speed, the toughness and has looked very good on the power play as well as 5 on 5. The question is, Will this all translate into points?

        • Mike StG

          Richard – if a player like Patrick is given Carrier and Kolesar as linemates then it probably won’t translate into many points. But you put him on a line with Tuch & Dadonov, or Patch & Stone – it will translate into beaucoup points. Because that’s how hockey works! 🙂

  10. Richard Santomauro

    Mike, agree 100%

    Neither Carrier or Kolesar are going get it done. I see Patrick on the 3rd line with any of the following:

    Dadanov, Howden, Janmark, and Brown not necessarily in that order, and eventually with Tuch. Maybe its time to mix him in on line 2 for Smith or Marchy?

    • Mike StG


      I don’t know about putting Patrick on the Misfit line. I just think that those 3, and especially Reilly and William, have such great chemistry on ice. They have the benefit of playing 4 seasons together. They know each others’ moves, where they’ll be on the ice, what they’ll do next. I can’t see breaking that up. Maybe putting Dadonov at LW and moving Marchie to LW3. That would make L2 more dangerous with him in the middle. Could also add a new dimension to L3 with Marchie there. As Ken said in the podcast, it would be ideal if they could balance playing time on the lines, especially L1, L2 and L3. Would put more pressure on opponents’ defense.

      I do think Patrick could be a killer on Line 1 though. Can you imagine him net front screening for Patch and whacking away at rebounds? And with Stone distributing? Or a Stone pass to Patrick flying thru the NZ on a breakaway?

      It’s great that they have more talent to work with. I’m hoping as Ken does that they experiment with different line combinations during the season. They might find a combination that really pops and be able to deploy that in the playoffs.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Experimenting with Patrick on Line 1 and Chandler on Line 3 would be interesting.

  11. Tim

    I for one believe Lehner is telling it like it is. Doesn’t it make sense with as rough as the game is and getting banged up every game that many players would turn to pain killers. This is just another dirty secret the NHL will try to minimize as a problem. If you recall last year some players from the Canadian minor leagues exposed the disgusting stuff they made rookies do and now you hear nothing about it. My friend The Hockey God may once again say this is fake news but I know you are of rational intelligence and where there’s smoke there’s fire. Professional sports are big business and hockey can’t afford to be associated with this kind of drug problem so somehow they will discredit Lehner. I personally think he stirred up a hornets nest and it will be interesting to follow this story.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ha ha ha, VGK goalies and their agent’s have penchant for making things up, twisting the truth of matter.

      Flyers coach Alain Vigneault called Robin Lehner’s accusations “completely false” during the coach’s daily news conference on Monday morning.

      Lehner, the outspoken Golden Knights goalie, posted a series of tweets on Saturday implying that Philadelphia’s training staff may have supplied a player or players with drugs designed to aid sleep or reduce anxiety. Lehner also singled out Vigneault, despite never having played for him, calling the veteran coach “a dinosaur.”

      Vigneault responded on Monday: “There was something thrown out there that was completely false. Maybe not the dinosaur part, I would rather say experienced. But the other part, this organization treats its players professionally. … As far as the other thing, with me ‘pushing pills,’ I don’t need another income. I have no idea where that comes from. I don’t know what else to say. I have no idea.”

      The NHLPA has reportedly talked to Lehner about his tweets.<<<<<<<oh oh, look out. Even his fellow players are seeing this !!

    • Daryl

      If Lehner is correct, where are all the other players backing up his stories? If things are as bad as he says they are, you would think other players would come to his defense. Just like last year’s playoffs, Lehner is the only one complaining. Heck, he is even accusing a coach for how he treats players and he never even played for him. Maybe Lehner is off his meds

      • Tim

        Daryl there’s a lot of money at stake and guys don’t want to rock the boat. Lehner has been through all kinds of shit including rehab and the 12 steps etc so maybe it’s important to him to fess up. I do believe with all the pain inflicted on players during games it’s pretty easy to see how they’d turn to drugs. There going to have a hard time dodging this bullet because I believe leaner will go for the throat.

        • Daryl

          Maybe, but unless more come forward, it will be hard to prove. And it will probably piss off a lot of athletes if they are using these drugs as now it will be harder for them to get them. This goes back to what most parents have told their kids… Worry about yourself. He calls out a coach that he never played for. How does that make sense.

          • Richard Santomauro

            I have seen activists like this all through my life. They may have good intentions but typically people don’t like to be singled out and exposed unwillingly. I mean, what does Eichel think about Lehner just coming out and making a big thing out of his situation? If it were me I would tell Lehner to STFU and mind his own business.

            I really didn’t think Lehner would unravel this quickly. He’s basically shit the bed and the season hasn’t even started yet.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    NHL Watcher
    Friedman on The Jeff Marek Show: “I don’t think Buffalo and Vegas can make a deal because of Krebs…I’ve heard Buffalo wants Krebs in that deal and I don’t think Vegas has any desire to do that”.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Kelly McCrimmon says he’s spoken with Robin Lehner several times over the last couple days. He also spoke with the league, and Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher.

    McCrimmon said Lehner is very passionate about players health issues.

  14. THE hockey GOD
    Oct 1
    Red Wings legend Igor Larionov, “The Professor” is the one who told Daniil Miromanov to switch from forward to defense when he was 16.

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