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Will The Golden Knights Go Back To School Like The Florida Panthers?

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Most Golden Knights fans aren’t familiar with D’Eriq King but it’s possible they will this offseason. King is an extremely talented quarterback for the University of Miami. Why am I bringing up a football player from Florida on a Vegas hockey site? Well, King may pave the wave for local athletes after agreeing to the first sponsorship deal with an NHL organization.

D’Eriq is a superstar both on and off the field and we are excited to reach and engage South Florida sports fans in new ways through this collaborative partnership -Sam Doerr, Panthers Chief Strategy Officer

Now we can all agree The U and UNLV are on different stratospheres. One hauls in $55M annually from their football team while the other makes roughly $17M from their entire athletic programs combined. The NIL settlement allows student-athletes from both schools the same endorsement opportunities though.

The Florida Panthers offered King a contract to appear at games, on digital content, and interact with hockey fans on social media. It’s a smart concept that could end up building and diversifying the Panthers fanbase. It’s no secret the NHL falls far behind other sports in popularity and using another league’s star as an ambassador could pan out in Florida. Not to mention, it’s more cost-efficient than hiring the Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa to do the same thing. Or in Vegas’ case, Derek Carr.

Frankly, the Golden Knights do not need UNLV the way the Panthers need the University of Miami. That isn’t to say a partnership with a Rebel athlete cannot be effective. Every hockey club could use a hand reaching out to college kids normally living in their own little campus world. More importantly, the Golden Knights could proudly trumpet equality and progression by contracting female athletes such as players from the Lady Rebels basketball team.

Using the new NIL agreement, partnering up with a collegiate athlete would be cheap, local, and out of the box. The Golden Knights could continue pounding their Vegas Born campaign and possibly draw in more loyal fans of other leagues. Just imagine the buzz on social media if a collegiate athlete took over the Golden Knights Twitter account for an evening. We might get more than just emojis… I kid, I kid.

I’m sure at some point local institutions will begin paying UNLV athletes for promotional opportunities. Let’s see if the Golden Knights will break the mold first.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    “diversity” is mentioned. Every time I hear that word I think of how the left wing mob media is being brainwashed by the liberal sick /twisted agenda. It is a subtle word, But it is constantly being used to brain wash American society. And western culture. LEt me explain why and how it works. And why you all should think for yourselves and see how your mind is being manipulated and where all this is leading.

    “diversity” = perversity. It is a liberal “woke” concept hatched from the depths of h3ll. If a sports franchise has to cater to sick/twisted anti God, anti America, anti humanity “fan base”. It is disgusting, like the waste refuge sitting at bottom of toilet bowl. The left likes to say we are phobic this or phobic that. It has nothing at all to do with anyone being phobic or fearful of anything. Disgust it more like like. Analogous to not being afraid of that pile of feces lying in bottom of your toilet bowl. There is nothing to be afraid of, disgusting , stinking , smelly heap that it is. Do we tolerate it ? No, we flush it to the waste treatment plant where it belongs, to abe treated appropriately.

    The bible terms it an “abomination”. More than once. If God says something more than once, you better not only sit up, you better listen. And you better run !

    If a franchise has to steep this low, to make a bargain with the devil in the name of “diversity” , which is a code word for perversity then it is doomed to failure and eternal damnation.

    The NFL is having it’s fan base problems because it is getting too political. It should stick to sports and leave the political, especially libturd sick/twisted power mongering hate cancel culture agenda, out of it.

    People come to see sports, not this hollywierd perversion pushed on them.

    know the facts ! Know the truth the matter.

    Covid virus is the sign of times . some say a sign of end times. others a sign from GOD, God is not happy with America. Especially in last ten or so years with it’s hard turn left into satanism. The extreme tats , piercing, hollywood anti familty, anti God culture permeating every thread of american life has made that clear.

    ThG has spoken, heed the words well.

    • Blitz

      I agree completely. Was always pissed that the NFL even put themselves in a position. They could have said we are a football/sport league not a political platform. We respect your opinion, but kneel, protest, etc on your own time. You are paid to do a unique job, not to have a platform. I am sure some outspoken players would have bitched, but people would have respected it. Instead during a complete political shit storm people couldn’t even turn to sports to get a break.

      I thought the NHL did ok compared to the NFL, but still pandered to Reaves etc. The NBA is dead to me, that piece of shit league/sport.

      To bring it to the article. Really I can care less if we or any one pays a college athlete. I have been putting money in my kids 529 plan for 14 years and it still is not enough to get her through a decent college. Honestly, its up to 50k and that will cover a year maybe, but then will fuck her over for financial aid. Yet these jackass athletes get a free ride and now are making money on top and alot of them can’t spell ‘school’ and are blowing their education just to attempt to get to the next level. The shit pisses me off.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @blitz, I hear you loud and clear.

        Can you look into college scholarship programs, if you haven’t already done so ? There may be some out there, and may have changed since I went to college a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Different time and space , it seems so out of whack with college entrance programs of today.

        • Blitz

          Yes, or at least it will be yes soon enough. She is 14 and starting high school next month so we will definitely be looking into it as time is getting closer. In the mean-time I am probably going to have to step in and start teaching her on the side. The governor (oregon) just came out and said they are going to dump the requirements to graduate high school, because it’s too hard for some students. Oregon is something like 47th in the nation for dumbasses (student ranking) and now they want to drop the standard. Trust me the standard is/was already less than what you or I had. I remember when math/science/writing/history mattered. Now it is about feelings and social issues and what’s your pronoun, and reading books about cops killing innocent black kids etc (not a joke). They stopped doing pledge of allegiance and deemed it racist. It is disgusting. How do you teach your kids that people are equal when clearly everyone around them doesn’t want people to be equal. I really could type a novel right now, just to get it off my chest, but i’ll stop here. Thanks for the short therapy session. LOL

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ blitz I hear ya , loud and clear.

            I am praying for you and our nation .

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      You’re nuts, plain and simple THg

    • StfuTHG

      This is a hockey blog you simp.

      • Daryl

        I guess you didn’t read the blog

      • THE hockey GOD

        tell it it the writer of article, he’s one who opened the door
        to political statements.

        he’s the one who mentioned “diversity”.

        learn to read or STFU, yourself.

    • Dude…I don’t know how to say this politely, but please, with all sincerity…shut the fuck up. We don’t care about your opinion. We don’t care about YOUR God. We do not care about what the Bible says, I respect that about as much as Horton Hears A Fucking Who. Actually I have more respect for that because it least it and the fans of it know it is fiction and treat it as such. How in God’s name your account hasn’t been deleted yet I will truly never know.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Amen, D !

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ D, last time I checked the first amendment and constitution says I am entitled to an opinion. Just as the author of this insane article is entitled an opinion. You lib tard , anti GOD idiots can not stand our constitution. You like the cancel culture and Bible.

        I will not stand for it. Repent your sins and errors of your ways, or face God on judgement day. What do you have to lose ? Oh yes, your soul to satan. But it appears you have already sold your soul. But it is not too late to repent.

        John 3 16.

  2. Thg , well well well amazing we are on the same page will wonders ever cease???? Who would have believed. Hopefully this will bring the real situation to those who think otherwise

    • THE hockey GOD

      biker, I never doubted we where not on the same page.

      I have faith in humanity.

      God willing.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i hate double negatives, it doesn’t make for proper english, no, wonders will never cease. WE are on the same page.

  3. Vic

    THG scores again!!! You will be banished to the Island of the Unvaccinated Gulag for this type of posting where you will be forced to listen to and endless loops of AOC and Joe. Hockey has been tainted by the kneelers, and money being spent on the endless brainwashing (commercials on NHL Network and special nights for who knows what). How about spending money on helping to create the best and brightest carpenters, plumbers, pilots, electricians, etc? Who cares what skin color and what sexual orientation…..just learn to play hockey if so desired. You hit on the tip of the iceberg my friend.

  4. Daryl

    I’d like to thank all of you thus far for your comments. And like the rest of you we are all on the same page. I have quit watching the NBA and MLB and practically quit watching the NFL. If I do watch an NFL game I will stream it so they don’t get credit. Sports are becoming a joke in this Country!!!!

    • Blitz

      Luckily I stopped watching the MLB product years ago. Pretty sure it ended after the Mcguire/Sosa year. If ever a sport needed to embrace steroids and cheating. What a snooze fest. Fun to play beer league softball. Fun to drink cheap beers and hot dogs watching your z level farm team lose to some other z level farm team. That’s America! MLB is meant for the radio in the 30s while you are whittling a new tobacco pipe and honestly NOTHING better to do.

      Football on the other hand is a great game! College ball great! NFL great! NFL after politics and players feelings…hmm maybe I can leave this game behind. If it wasn’t for my FF league where I have played with roughly the same guys for 20+ years I would walk away. Now I just stream it exactly like you say.

  5. Daryl- truer words were never spoken. Sports use to be for the love of the game and now like every thing else is all about the $$$$. It all changed when politics got involved. When l thing about those guys kneeling in Edmonton it just makes me question what the league is and was thinking about. In many countries tries that would be consider a traitor

  6. Tim

    Our goalie nonsense never ends now with Fleury out of the way Lehner is crying foul. An unhappy goalie is fitting after all the bull shit we’ve been through with goalies for the last year and a half. Pete I wonder whats going through your mind right now.

    • knights fan in minny

      what is lehner crying about

      • THE hockey GOD

        Robin Lehner
        People who think that in my latest podcast was complaining about my salary for the reason of actual money are Crazier then my 5th personality on a bender in Amsterdam. It’s about that I have better stats then most and get paid less becuse I’m open about mental health issues.

        obin Lehner
        While everyone keep hating each other on social media. I visit the bazaar in Casablanca and hang with the people of Morocco. Cleaning my soul around positive people. What a day. Show respect and get respect. Folded handsRed heart

        (I have no idea what he’s talking about )

        • Daryl

          I’m not quite like others on here who don’t like Lehner. I think he is a good goalie but not as good as MAF. I don’t think he can lead the team deep into the playoffs. Personally I think he should be getting around the $3.3m salary. As far as his pay vs others, his mental issues should and do play a role. He is getting paid for a seasons worth of work. If he isn’t able to complete a full season due to his mental issues then it should affect his salary. Look at someone who is injury prone. Does that not affect his contract? Of course it does. I do have a problem when an adult professional hockey player gets upset over comments made on a Twitter account. That is a huge red flag for me.

    • Blitz

      Wow! That’s some trainwreckery. Can’t imagine why some other team wouldn’t want him.

  7. Vic

    RIP Tony Esposito

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