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Will Positive Tests Around The League Affect The Golden Knights Preparation?

Yesterday was a tough day for the NHL and their attempt to award a 2020 Stanley Cup champion. News broke that the Tampa Bay Lightning temporarily shut down their facilities due to three players and two staff members testing positive for Covid-19. The anxiety escalated even more when it was reported that Toronto Maple Leafs superstar Auston Matthews tested positive as well. Leaving fans concerned for the players and their return to the ice.

Locally, it’s been quiet. According to GM Kelly McCrimmon, none of the Golden Knights players have contracted or been exposed to the coronavirus.

Since NHL clubs were permitted to open their training facilities on June 8, all players entering these facilities for voluntary training have been subject to mandatory testing for COVID-19… All players who have tested positive have been self-isolated and are following CDC and Health Canada protocols. The NHL will provide a weekly update on the numbers of tests administered to players and the results of those tests. The league will not be providing information on the identity of the players or their clubs. -NHL PR

With the latest news from around the league, the question around Las Vegas is how will this affect the Golden Knights and their preparations?

So far 11 NHL players have tested positive since June 8th. However, over 200 players have been tested multiple times and results came back negative. While the positive test news may sound grim, it doesn’t appear it will delay the opening of training camps scheduled to begin on July 10th. Even if more players fall ill, according to the league it won’t impact the Golden Knights groundwork.

The league had a conference call with all of the general managers tonight, and I think the word is ‘let’s see where this goes.’ I don’t think there’s any movement at this point in time of changing the opening of camps on July 10th. I think they’ve set it so the final day of the Stanley Cup Final, if it happens on schedule is October 5th. -Elliotte Friedman, SportsNet

Hopefully, the Golden Knights will continue to report no positive tests through the next two phases. Currently the biggest concern is that players won’t officially be locked down until early August. At that point, team’s will begin their sequester. Up until then, it’s important Vegas players remain cautious.

I don’t think the NHL is surprised some players are testing positive, and in fact I won’t be surprised if we get more players testing positive in other locales… For now I think the NHL will be preceding business as usual but I think everyone’s waiting to see how many positive tests there.-Bob McKenzie, TSN

Overall, it’s a positive sign from the NHL that they won’t plan on delaying their return to play plan. Which means Golden Knights fans can continue their optimism and excitement for the chance to watch hockey again. Undoubtedly, there will be more failed tests in the weeks to come, but as long as the league feels confident with their containment process fans should expect postseason hockey.

Oh, and remember if you see your favorite players out and about make sure you continue to social distance. It will help the entire process, and Vegas’ chance to make a deep run for the silver chalice. Wear a mask so the boys can raise the Cup.


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  1. Doktor Hockey

    I still believe we WILL see hockey in a few weeks. But, news like this does cause concern. The way people just continue to ignore masks and social distancing it could kill all sports and live events for a long time! Hope not.

    • John

      Understand not everyone can wear a mask. I agree if you can, go for it, but the best way to be safe is still washing your hands and avoiding large gatherings, not masks, which are only really useful if you already put yourself into a bad situation *and* everyone else also has a mask. I dry heave, gag, and struggle to breathe in a mask after less than 2 minutes, so I can’t do that. I’ve tried 25 times at home and it simply doesn’t work for my body, I can’t breathe through two layers of cloth nor does that seem humanly possible to me lol so it amazes me people do it. I applaud them, but I get pretty sick of the mask police.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    People around town are ignoring the guidelines, it is sickening to see this behavior; completely disrespectful to those at risk. Governor Blockhead is useless and clueless.

    • Doktor Hockey

      I actually agree with part of your comment. But, I feel our governor did a pretty good job compared to many in other states.

    • Unfortunately you can’t fix stupid – everyone is at risk that doesn’t seem to sink in. The media doesn’t help either. There is zero reason for the media even to give them the time on the air. I hate to tell everyone All Life Mattrrs regardless of color the sooner everyone recognizes that fact the better. You can’t fix one thing by trashing another it doesn’t work that way. You can’t fix stupid or thoughtlessness .

      • THE hockey GOD

        Right on BIKER !

        all lives matter AND OBEY THE LAW

        that is what really saves lives; anyone who says anything else is full of it.

    • B-Rad-Lee

      If I have been infected and recovered months ago, I am neither infectious nor susceptible. I am no danger to anyone. So what would be the point of wearing a mask? People need to understand that there is a reason we are maskless.

  3. Tim

    Ken I look at it this way. On average at any given time in the 2020 season how many players have missed 14 consecutive days because of injury? Right now Mathews, and a couple of Tampa Bay players are sidelined with the Virus were they social distancing or did they get lax we don’t know. Let’s pray the numbers stay low so we can have a playoff. Personally the NHL isn’t that flush so a lost playoff may have long tern problems like teams going belly up, who knows where the cap my be, how the the AHL survive. This playoff and has to be played or hockey could be in a doomsday scenario. Foley and the Knights could ride out the storm but how many teams couldn’t. Ken have you heard anything about when they’ll announce who there bringing up?

  4. Tim

    I wasn’t’t going to go there but I read a story yesterday on Canadian minor league hockey getting sued. Now you want to hear some sick shit check out the articles. A couple just to give you a sense of how sick they were. How about a bowl of urine having the rookies bob for apples, jacking off in front of team and coaches and many more at least that bad or worse. Of coarse it has to be proven in court but there are enough players saying this happened so you have to believe it’s true. Who would ever make up this sick shit. I’m not a prude and a little cocaine use which was forced on them was the least of there worries.

  5. Jim

    A dumb question I would hope…unless you re talking about next season which is really the next time you will see hockey played.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    I don’t see any winners here, it’s a complete and total clapshoot** ! Imagine your team’s best player (s) have to sit out due to Chinese Huhan Corona Virus. There is no winner here. The team loses, the fans lose, the NHL loses.

    The only possible winner here are those making long range bets and those booking the wages; which means the lucky ones and the other part is just plain sick.

    ** an asterisk riddled season in the annals of hockey (anyone know how the league handled this in 1917 season ?)

    • Tim

      Shockingly Hockey God I have to agree with you what a mess. An appropriate song title from Queen is ( Another One Bites The Dust ) We are definitely on shaky ground.

  7. Jason

    I think the onoy chance the playoffs will finish is if the league chooses two Canadian hub cities. The U.S is too much of a mess right now.

  8. Doktor Hockey

    Location wise, it would seem Vancouver & Toronto would make sense?

  9. fn

    clueless report Pothier… you don’t tell the full truth.. the average age of corona deaths is 70+… and the total of deaths in past week for those age 1-34 was exactly 7 people out of hundreds of millions

    iow, a positive test means that a young healthy person with no underlying disease is going to get better in a short time and is no more sick than a cold or flu. will Austin Matthews or any of those 11 players need to be hospitalized? no, they won’t cuz they are young and generally healthy with strong immune systems.

    Back in 2009, a new type of flu — an H1N1 strain — popped up and people panicked because we didn’t have a vaccine and the novel strain was spreading fast.

    were sports shut down for H1N1 virus? no, of course not, cuz it was not politically advantageous for the media at that time. 284,000 deaths, 12,500 in the USA in 2009, but no shutdown.

  10. Jim

    So dufus…people over 70 don’t matter to you???
    Totally asinine comment.

  11. fn

    not what I said, jerk. Learn to read. The comment points out that young hockey players are NOT in the risky category.

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