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Will Las Vegas Fade In National Coverage Once Season Starts?

With the World Cup coming to a close, big surprise, Canada won, the NHL calendar turns over into preseason and before we know it the 30 current teams will hit the ice and start the regular season. But where does that leave us here in Vegas?

Next weekend Frozen Fury will be in town with a pair of games and the Vegas Hockey Fan Fest outside the arena. Without question, this will be the talk of the preseason as it’ll be the final NHL games played in the city before Las Vegas’ first home team takes over for good. Then there’s the team name unveiling ceremony which will undoubtably be the biggest news in sports that week. But then what?

Here in Vegas, and specifically on, we’ll have a new story every single day (except Sundays) trying to drum up excitement while keeping everyone up to date of what’s going on, but it’s the rest of North America to worry about. Throughout this offseason everything Las Vegas did was big news. Any time there was a good rumor or a new staff member came on board, the hockey world erupted to talk Vegas.

But now they’ve all got something to watch, something to cheer for, and likely less time to spend concerned about the league’s newest team. Between now and the trade deadline, which will be littered with Las Vegas expansion implication stories, not much can happen to spark the interest of the national and international media.

Vegas isn’t expected to hire a coach before the end of this season. They won’t have a player until June, and once the names and jerseys are released there won’t be much to spark interest nationally until there are bodies filling those sweaters.

There’s never really a dead period when it comes to an expansion team, and there certainly should never be a day wasted simply waiting for our chance to get into the game. So hopefully, the organization has a few aces up its sleeve to keep the world interested in the most interesting city in it.


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  1. sparky chewbarky

    They won’t have any Aces up their sleeves, Ken.
    That would be a gambling reference.

  2. Cappy

    Vegas will get as much attention from other teams’ fans that those fans usually devote to other teams not their favorites.

    There might be a smidge more attention given to Vegas only because of the “What are they doing now?” factor.

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