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Why Shea Theodore’s Name Has Been, And Will Continue To, Pop Up In Trade Rumors

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You’ve probably started to see some of the rumors. If you haven’t, give it a few days and you’ll eventually come across them as they are only likely to get louder and louder as the Stanley Cup Final wraps up. It happens every time with trade speculation, the first time you see a name of a player currently on the roster and under contract you’ll think, really? Whether there’s actually weight behind them or not (I have no clue about any of the Marner stuff), the names that find their way into the hypothetical deals are not random happenstance.

Which brings us to the name that will inevitably pop up in every significant trade rumor regarding the Golden Knights for as long as his situation remains stagnant, Shea Theodore.

There are multiple reasons Theodore stands out amongst the VGK roster as an attractive and possible trade piece.

First off, and most important despite what it may seem, is his current contract status. As it stands, Theodore has just one season left on his deal before hitting unrestricted free agency for the first time in his career. The 28-year-old is set to be paid $5.2 million against the cap this season and with the numbers he’s posted over the past few seasons, he’s due for a raise next summer.

Next, Vegas added a highly paid puck-moving defenseman at the deadline and instantly re-signed him to a lengthy extension. Noah Hanifin is now under Golden Knights control until the end of the 2031-32 season at the hefty price of $7.35 million. Couple that with $8.8 million alternate captain Alex Pietrangelo and there’s not a ton of space for another big dollar defenseman.

Finally, Theodore has hit the first true down patch of his career with the Golden Knights. Despite excellent season long stats of 42 points in 47 games, Theodore ended the year with just five points and no goals in his final 10 games. Then, in the playoffs, he went pointless despite averaging 22 minutes per night with 63% offensive zone starts. Historically, when a player struggles in big moments wearing a Golden Knights uniform, their time in Vegas ends shortly thereafter.

Put it all together and Theodore makes perfect sense as the major trade chip in any imaginary trade.

On the flip side, while many other teams may be salivating over the idea of pulling a nearly point-per-game defenseman from the deepest defense corps in the league, first, Vegas has to make up its mind of what to do with him.

As of July 1st, Theodore will become eligible for a contract extension with the Golden Knights. To end all of the speculation, and lock as good of a defense trio anywhere, Vegas could offer Theodore a long-term extension which would not count against the cap until the 2025-26 season (not the upcoming one).

If they don’t though, that’s where things get a bit tricky. As we’ve seen with Jonathan Marchessault, Chandler Stephenson, and the rest of VGK’s UFAs, playing out a full season on an expiring contract means lots of uncertainty. It also opens the door for the player to leave at the end of the year and Vegas to get nothing in return for a valuable asset. Every day beyond July 1st that passes, Theodore’s probability of being in a real trade increases.

While the salary cap is expected to rise once again next season, Theodore will be one of many VGK pieces that will need new contracts. Adin Hill, Logan Thompson, Brayden McNabb, Brett Howden, and Keegan Kolesar are all set to become UFAs and there’s a fair argument for each and every one of them to be in line for an increase in pay.

Due to age and VGK roster construction, Theodore will always stand out among that group as the most coveted piece by other teams while still somewhat expendable in Vegas.

If Shea enters this season without a deal there will be a ticking clock on his time in Vegas unlike any unrestricted free agent before him. Not offering him an extension this summer admits the Golden Knights view him as a luxury more than an indispensable piece. With that, will come the vultures.

So if you have heard his name already, that’s why. If you haven’t, get ready, because you will.


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  1. ThG


    did you all miss the playoffs and last quarter of season ?

    Why not. Get maximum value for down trending player, like they
    almost got for 88

    • Wayne Shore

      McCrimmon is in a pickle. He can’t start the season without at least one goalie having an extended contract. The Hill-as-starter experiment failed as expected. Now what’scCrimmon gonna do – extend him and waste even MORE than the already stupid $4.9M? Expect him to take less?? (He is, after all, your starter!)

      And they’ve pissed off LT. He’ll easily get 4M plus decent term if he goes to FA next year so you know he ain’t giving Vegas any team friendly deals.

      The smart move is to move Hill and extend LT and bring in an older goalie to back him up. But, that will be next to impossible as Hill is overpaid by at least 2M and is always hurt so no one will take him, unless McCrimmon retains a good portion of his salary.

      If he moves LT, unless they get a starter in return, they will be screwed in goal and will be in the market for a starting goalie before Christmas.

      And THAT is just in goal without having to deal with the Marchy/Stephenson/Theodore etc. issues.

      This team has peaked, it’s all downhill from here. The Visa bill is due and there’s not enough money to pay it.

      • ThG

        LT isn’t pissed off, LT and Hill are best friends

      • TS

        This team has peaked? After a few short years as a team winning the CUP, you think tge team is now done winning?? Come on.

  2. ThG

    The Utah Hockey Club

    it is, for next year.

    • ThG

      wow the new UTHC sweaters show no imagination! Shades of SJ Sharks!

      No wonder this franchise is in the dump. the should have moved to Quebec and re branded themselves as Quebec Nordiques

    • Frank

      Seriously no imagination on display… No identity, no logo…. colors arent bad…. but you think they could have come out of the gate a bit stronger…..

  3. A Fan

    I’ve been saying for some time he needs to go now while VGK can get something for him. The days of him skating in with the puck and scoring are a distant memory. He is not physical and turns the puck over way too often. We have some good d-men with the Silver Knights who need some more time playing in the NHL. I will be very surprised if he isn’t traded, probably sooner than later.

    • JB

      Yes, trade him. It’s the only logical thing to do!

      • knights fan in minny

        no way to valuable

      • Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

        I agree JB, makes too much sense.

        • knights fan in minny

          stop it why would you get rid of a gifted offensive d- man who is a elite skater when nabber and ptro getting older all dmen have miscues every team in the league would take theo

    • Emmanuel

      I dont think hes on a downward spiral, in fact he will get Vegas some much needed F depth pieces.

      Carolina has some players on the block…

  4. Alex

    He has to go…too expensive and on the downward spiral

    • Alex

      That fat slob part time comedian ate himself to death at age 50…

      • ThG

        wrong as usual know nothing pin head

        Pinette’s personal doctor signed off on his cause of death as pulmonary embolism.[14][15]

        • alex

          With liver and heart disease – or is CBS news and Wiki part of the deep state conspiracy to protect obscure fat unfunny people ?

          • ThG

            he wasn’t obscure, he was famous in Canada, East coast, and in Europe.

            Just because he wasn’t in your small area of knowledge, doesn’t mean you have to make idiotic statements about nothing.

        • alex

          Famous in Canada and Europe? What a loser you are! Another defective hero of yours! HAHAHA

          LIVER AND HEART DISEASE AT 50. Look it up

          • ThG

            you left out east coast loser, he was on SEINFELD idiot

            And look what happened to them in their final episode for making fun of a fat guy. GUILTY GUILTY

  5. Just an opinion but I think the uncertainty of the players who are URFA not having a contract extension in place had a direct bearing on their play last year. Uncertainty is a detriment to both the players involved and the team. Yes, I know most could be traded at the drop of a hat and that’s business however the contract thing is another issue. Shea has deteriorated in his play and injuries obviously haven’t helped his situation and probably the addition of Hanifin didn’t help his mind set. VGK could use his trade potential to good use and maybe even a change of scenery would be a plus for him.

    • Emmanuel

      Most players who played in the NHL last year had ELC or 1 or 2 year contracts. The “I need a contract before this one is over” borders on extortion but if you can get away with it more power to you.

    • TS

      I think the contract issue definitely affected Marchy at year’s end, and esp. The Playoff round. He was a different player at the end.

  6. Pistol Pete

    If one looks at the current cap space Theo is a logical trade to free up enough space just to re-sign Marchy, Pav and Korzcak, in fact it might even create enough room for someone a bit higher priced than Marchy. Go to CapFriendly and run the numbers. With Lehner on LTIR there is less than $5m last I looked. Now may be a bit low it could be $6.5m-7m but I would not count on it.

    • BusterTN

      Better hutty if your going to Cap Friendly. I thiink July is the shutdown month.

  7. JB

    Just a little over two weeks before draft, then start of FA a couple days later. All questions will be answered then. Thankfully!

  8. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    What is this???

    I never talk politics but everyone else does so why shouldn’t I. I’m not on either side. I know nobody asked or cares. I hate Donald Trump. I think he is an awful human being. I’m not convinced that the other side is better. Look at Joe Biden in this video. How is this guy fit to be a president? What’s with the guy wearing the red dress??? Imagine being Marty McFly and Doc Brown in 1985 and travelling 39 years into the future and seeing this.

    I’m sorry if I upset anybody by saying this. I still want to talk Golden Knights with democrats and republicans.

  9. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    I am a republican but Donald Trump is not a real republican. I’m leaning to not voting at all. I guess the question I have to ask myself is if we were better off before when Trump was predsident. Those phony freaks in that TMZ video give me the creeps.

    • knights fan in minny

      your sad if you do not vote

    • Donald J Trump

      What a beautiful post, I don’t hate you

      I am victim here

      Anyone is better than creepy, Jihad Joe.

      And with your support we are going to win in November 2024.

  10. Rashaad

    A 1st round pick for Shea Theodore. Get another first rounder for the draft at the sphere.

    • knights fan in minny

      if you trade theo you better get a hell of a lot more then a 1st round pick every squad in the nhl would take him

  11. DeezNutz

    Minny wants to send Theodore and Thompson to the Leafs for his man crush Mitch Marner.

  12. Alex

    Happy Pride Month minny!

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