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Why Forward Line And D-Pair Combinations Matter In Rookie Games

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When it comes to prospects, we’re always on the hunt for information, trying to differentiate between players who have an NHL future and those who are simply along for the ride.

Rookie camp, and especially rookie games, are crucial in that sorting process as they stand as one of the rare times a large collection of Golden Knights prospects gather and compete on the same sheet of ice. Comparing Lukas Cormier’s 54-point QMJHL season to Kaedan Korczak’s five-game stint in the AHL playoffs only offers so much, but when they step on the ice together and compete against the same competition, much more can be gathered.

Most of that information comes from what we see on the ice. However, every once in a while we get some crumbs that give us a look into how the organization views these players, which will massively affect their chances of becoming future Golden Knights.

One such crumb was shared by this weekend’s coach, and Henderson Silver Knights head coach, Manny Viveiros.

Management and the scouting staff, they’ll put the lines together for us cause they’ve seen these kids over the last few years. They’ve been a big help in that part by putting who they want to see together including the d-pairs as well. So we’re going to decide who’s playing this weekend and with who and we’re going to go out there and support the kids and coach them on the bench. -Viveiros

This means every lineup we see being put out on the ice this weekend offers a look into the minds of the front office.

Pavel Dorofeyev and Maxim Marushev playing with Peyton Krebs on the top line tells us something about the two Russian standouts. While Mason Primeau playing on the wing of 2021 1st round pick Zach Dean and the more experienced Jack Dugan speaks volumes to where they feel the career of the 6’5″ 20-year-old who spent a portion of last year in the ECHL is headed.

Every player, every position, every decision is done with a purpose and there’s a reason behind every purpose.

Here’s the lineup the Golden Knights used in their first rookie game against the Coyotes, one they dropped 5-2 in a bit of a sloppy, penalty-filled affair.



*  = Free Agent

This is just one lineup of three we’ll get to examine this weekend. With them, we’ll get more information on players like Layton Ahac, Marcus Kallionkieli, Jermaine Loewen, Zack Hayes, Jonas Rondbjerg, and Peter DiLberatore.

In the end, it’s just a weekend, and placement in the lineup, as well as subsequent performances, will always be just a piece of the puzzle to how the Golden Knights view each prospect moving forward.

But it’s neat to get a peek behind the curtain a bit, now that we know where to look.


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  1. on further review

    the 3 czech draft picks did not look very good…

    and 76 Lajoie on D was worse than awful.

    13 and 73 were awful, could not make a beer league team

    and Dugan was a big disappointment. he looked better in the AHL games

    and Patera can’t carry Thompson’s jockstrap

  2. THE hockey GOD

    too many free agents
    and rest NMS (not much stock).

    Not impressed at all with the Henderson coaching crew at this rookie camp. Not prepared at all.

    I like rest of on this site blame PDB – NOT !

    • Daryl

      Yes we all know PDB is GOAT… I just don’t understand why he couldn’t get more from these players

  3. Tim

    In fairness the rookies only had a couple of practices. I watched two periods last night with the Coyotes rookies they definitely outplayed us throughout most of the game. We must have had 10 penalties. Watching on my computer was a drag anyone know if Sunday’s game will be on TV?

    • Stephen Cupp

      No it won’t be on TV. I’m not even sure it’s going to be streamed. The page I saw the stream on only had the Coyotes games.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Vegas’ rookie squad dropped its first contest of the tournament with a 5-2 loss to the Arizona Coyotes on Friday night at Gila River Arena. The Golden Knights received goals from 2021 first-round pick Zach Dean and camp invitee Lynden McCallum. San Jose fell in its tournament-opener to the Anaheim Ducks, 8-4, on Friday evening. Puck drop is set for 2 p.m. PT at the Ice Den Scottsdale.

        HOW TO WATCH
        Stay tuned to @GoldenKnights on Twitter for streaming information for Sunday’s game.

  4. Stephen Cupp

    Krebs was invisible for most of the game. If he can’t shine in a rookie tournament then there is no way he’s making the Golden Knights roster.

  5. on further review

    may as well send these NON-prospects to Buffalo. not one of them is remotely going to be a top 6 NHL player. more McCrimmon drafting of slow slugs instead of speedburners.

    today they are already getting shellacked by a weak SJ team that got beat 8-4 by Anaheim. and yes, these tourneys are not about winning, BUT individually the Vgk prospects are subpar scrubs who are minor leaguers of the future

    • THE hockey GOD

      right on, they named a goon 54 as an A, what a joke. The guy can barely lace up his skates.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    d amato moved all the way up to no. 1 PP Marushev took stick to face bled all over ice. Came back late in game.

    announcer was best improvement from prior game, the coyote’s announcer didn’t even know who was on the ice for most of the game.

  7. Can someone recommend Shapewear? Thanks x

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