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Whose Names Will Be Engraved In The Stanley Cup For The Vegas Golden Knights

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The greatest honor in the sport of hockey is to have your name engraved onto the Stanley Cup. The rules state each team is allowed to submit 52 names from their organization to be immortalized.

From players to coaches to front-office executives to the owner, you’ll probably know most of the names that make the cut. But, while 52 is a lot of names, the Golden Knights will have to make some tough decisions on who to choose. Here’s a list of names that are guaranteed to be on the Cup followed by the group in which Vegas will have to make some difficult choices.

Locks (Players) – 21

All 21 of these players are 100% guaranteed to have their names engraved on the Cup.

Mark Stone (captain), Michael Amadio, Ivan Barbashev, Laurent Brossoit, William Carrier, Phil Kessel, Jack Eichel, Nic Hague, Adin Hill, Brett Howden, William Karlsson, Keegan Kolesar, Jonathan Marchessault, Alec Martinez, Brayden McNabb, Alex Pietrangelo, Nic Roy, Reilly Smith, Chandler Stephenson, Shea Theodore, Zach Whitecloud

Locks (Non-Players) – 20

These 20 non-players are all guaranteed to have their names engraved on the Cup as well.

Bill Foley (Owner), George McPhee (President of Hockey Ops), Kelly McCrimmon (GM), Kerry Bubolz (President/COO), Bruce Cassidy (Head Coach), John Stevens (Assistant Coach), Ryan Craig (Assistant Coach), Misha Donskov (Assistant Coach/Skills Coach), Sean Burke (Goalie Coach), Dave Rogowski (Video Coach), Aaron Heishman (Head Athletic Trainer), Doug Davidson (Strength and Conditioning Coach), Raul Dorantes (Manual Therapist), Chris Davidson-Adams (Equipment Manager), J.W. Aiken (Assistant Equipment Manager), Pat Maino (Assistant Equipment Manager), Vaughn Karpan (Director of Player Personnel), Bob Lowes (Assistant Director of Player Personnel), Andrew Lugerner (Director of Hockey Legal Affairs), Rick Braunstein (Director of Team Services)


Next is the “strong chance” group, which are all very likely to have their names engraved on the Cup. 90+% chance.

Strong Chance (Players) – 3

Teddy Blueger, Jonathan Quick, Ben Hutton

Strong Chance (Non-Players) – 4

Kyle Moore (Associate Head Athletic Trainer), Mike Muir (Assistant Athletic Trainer), Wil Nichol (Director of Player Development), Scott Luce (Director of Amateur Scouting)


This leaves four more spots. There are three players that have a clear claim to each of those spots.

On The Bubble (Players) – 3

Paul Cotter, Brayden Pachal, Logan Thomspon

Neither Cotter nor Thompson dressed in a single playoff game. Cotter played in 55 regular season games while Thompson started 37 and dressed as the backup for many more. Pachal played in just 10 regular season games but suited up for one playoff game.

All of the three have a legitimate claim and easily could be selected. It would be surprising and disappointing if any are left off, but it’s certainly possible.

Depending on how many of those three players are selected, there are between one and four slots for the final off-ice personnel. Here’s the list of names possible.

On The Bubble (Non-Players) – 7

Vojtech Kucera (Director of European Scouting), Tom Poraszka (Director of Hockey Operations), Katy Boettinger (Director of Hockey Administration), Todd Pollock (Senior Vice President/Chief Ticketing Officer), Nate Ewell (Vice President, Communications and Content), Eric Tosi (Chief Marketing Officer), Peter Sadowski (Executive Vice President)

Every single person listed here absolutely deserves to have their name engraved in the Cup. Unfortunately, there’s only room for 52, so a few of them will undoubtably be left off.

Typically the names are engraved on the Cup sometime in September. Historically, pictures tend to surface sometime around the last week of September to as late as early November.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    i don’t see RL
    listed !!

    NHL News Updates
    Yesterday at 1:52 PM ·
    Elliotte Friedman suggests Ivan Barbashev could get an eight year contract, and implied a sign-and-trade could be in the works.

    • George L.

      You mean Robin Lehner? Nope. The only cup his name belongs on is the cup holding the pencils he’s selling on the corner.

    • Ken

      All players who played any game regular games or playoffs. How is Thompson on the bubble to be on..front office shouldn’t be..Foley, McPhee, McCrimmon that’s it..put all players on there..let the office get rings

    • ANTNY

      There’s no room for his fat ass on the ice so there won’t be any room for it on the cup. Tell me exactly how he would have earned that honor??

  2. Jonathan Bezrutczyk

    I thought quick Cotter, and Thompson were locks. Quick for being backup in the finals. And Thompson and Cotter for playing in half the regular season games.

  3. It seems to me that all the active players should be on the list with the coach, owner, GMs – and coach – player personnel (assistants etc), then fill in the remainder with whomever from the laundry list of possibilities.

    They have many more pressing issues to be concerned about and resolve. September will be here before you know it.

  4. Congratulations Las Vegas golden knights team you will are changing cup all of us watch the hockey game

  5. Jailbird

    Yea, Cotter and LT certainly will be on..

  6. Barb M

    Make sure all of the players get on there. Top brass, coaches , trainers, equipment caretakers, and all that keep as many healthy players on the ice have to be on there.. Don’t go too deep on the list cause nobody will know who they are anyway. Don’t dilute the list!

  7. Bobby J.

    I say you give the final 3 spots to the players and Katy. She deserves it as much as any of them.

  8. Dave K

    Can you imagine LT and Cotter not being included but assistant equipment managers being on there? No offense to the great work they do, but let’s prioritize here.

  9. Herbolsheimer Kurt

    Todd Pollack was the first employee Bill hired. Before George. He was a big part of the ticket drive. I say he gets on

  10. Achilles

    Kim Frank not going to make it?

  11. Melissa I

    Why would Phil Kessel be a lock but Teddy Blueger and Ben Hutton wouldn’t? Teddy and Ben both played in playoff games.

  12. Roberto

    Create a full replica of the Cup and put the names of everyone who played and worked for the team (from Bill Foley to Mark Stone to the popcorn guys at T Mobile) on it. Put that Cup in the lobby at CityNational in a glass case.

    This is, and has been since day one, the best organization in the sport. Maybe any sport. Takes a team effort to do what they did and everyone who did a part did it exceptionally. Be great if every name got to be recognized publicly.

  13. Trip

    How about a Sin Bin podcast or Goalie Interference pod cast to recap the cup!
    I mean we’ve had them all year to discuss all the ills of the team and the good. Be interesting to hear about y’all input on the whole ride. I mean pick some milestones or turning points that made the run. If we lost there would be 5 podcast telling us why! Let’s find out why we win beside a total team buy in and unselfish players willing to play for the crest

  14. Nice to see that LEHNER won’t be on the CUP. that man did nothing to earn a place on the CUP.

  15. bruce silliman

    Katy Boettinger – she keeps the tickets coming to the family members who need them when the relatives show up. Also handles travel. I worked with her in 2017-2018 and everything always clicked.

  16. Dave Bosman

    All these names on the cup is ridiculous. Only the warriors and coaches should have their names on it. All of these names causes the cup bands to fill up faster and eventually get removed and posted in the hall of fame but no longer on the cup.

  17. Christine Kirk

    Put all their names on in GREAT BIG LETTERS! Paul Cotter and Logan Thompson need to be included…they were amazing and Paul would have played his heart out had he not been a healthy scratch! I love my VGKs! (Dump Lehner and sign A. Hill immediately (if they haven’t already!)

  18. THE hockey GOD

    The trainer on bench that gave Stone a stick who passed it to Howden who scored a goal , deserves to be
    on the CUP !

    What ever his name is.

  19. THE hockey GOD

    mural of VGK captain raising Cup on Main street, Art’s district, is distinctly lacking in
    1) no number 61
    2) doesn’t even look like Mark Stone.

  20. DM

    The only people with claim to the Cup are the players, coaches, owner and GM.
    Not the Fucking legal department, ticket department, travel department etc…
    The players are the ones who give it all. Spend their entire lives dreaming and sacrificing their bodies is pursuit of that Cup.
    F@ck every one else. You did a great job thanks!
    Your name DOESN’T belong on that cup!

    • Bobby

      Yup players first, absolutely. Shake out the rest however you want.

    • THE hockey GOD

      at this rate the Cup will be ten times bigger in no time at all !

  21. Jim

    Wild Bill Karlsson said my name belongs on the cup because I have been a fan since day fucking 1

    actually, my name is already on the cup…and the jockstrap that holds it.

    • Edy Gaudioso

      LOL. Can I b on there, too? Born and raised here and watched every game in all 6 seasons.

  22. Rashaad

    Congratulations Jim

  23. Julie C

    All Players Should Be on the Cup that played for this Season…… The Team Deserves It First

  24. Jailbird

    Lots of us have been fans since day fucking one! Can I be on the cup then?

  25. Jim

    I can see it now……your own personal mini Stanley Cup, with your name engraved on it…..on sale now at the Arsenal

    the fans were yelling “We want the Cup”….well, now they have a chance to get one

    VGK marketing dept will thank me for this

    • TS

      Jim, I think you’re on to something here! How many fans would buy a Mini SC? it could have all players’ names on it, PLUS a spot for the FAN’s name— HEY, I’m all in!!

  26. Vic

    On the Cup….Players, coaches, owner, GMKM and Ken Boehlke.

  27. RJ

    Sadowski is a pretty public figure (on the non-player side) and he’s been with Foley since fidelity, long before VGK. Wasn’t he also the first “employee?” He might be closer to a lock than on the bubble, Especially if it’s Foley picking the names.

  28. THE hockey GOD

    old time, hockey coach
    eddie shore

    toe blake

  29. THE hockey GOD

    “old time hockey, coach

    eddie shore

    toe blake”

    Hanson Bros, Slapstick

  30. THE hockey GOD

    “Because the golden knights’ players got drunk, acted like idiots, and used foul language in front of children. I can no longer support them”.

    A former VGK fan.

  31. FL Fan

    All should be on the cup. Who represented VGK in the all star game; Logan Thompson? How can the VGK all star goalie not be on the cup???

  32. Rick

    If you don’t like how our VGK players celebrate then move to California. At least they don’t drink and drive drunk. Killing innocent people like other professional players do.

  33. NB

    Glad that Lehner is not on the Cup! No contribution – nothing but excuses – injuries because he is so out of shape – personal problems, etc. He is a hot mess! They should drop him like a bad habit and free up valuable cap space for a back up goal tender for Hill and Thompson. There will be times when this is necessary!

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