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Who Will VGK Play In The First Round?

Just reference this very easy-to-follow flow chart to find the answer.



If Healthy, The Golden Knights Have Tons Of Lineup Options





    You could of HighTech that alot better ……LOL

  2. Pistol Pete

    Now that Preds have finished with 99 pts the outcomes are pretty clear, VGK OTL losses vs. CHI and ANA notwithstanding. Win both in regulation and the VGK finishes with 100 pts ahead of NSH and LAK and in third place in the division and will play EDM. If the VGK loses one game in regulation and wins the other in regulation they will finish as the #2 wild card and play DAL. Only thing that will change that would be the Kings losing in regulation to CHI at home which seems unlikely in which case the VGK’s 98 pts would be enough for 3rd place in the division.

    Too bad the Kings lost to the Wild actually because had they won making their clinch of third place more likely, the VGK would have had a chance to
    pull ahead of NSH and play VAN in the first round. Now if they win the two games they lock up third place and play EDM.

  3. JaB

    Yea LA looked awful last night. I think they don’t want to play Edmonton either.

    • Interesting take it didn’t appear they were interested in winning. Trying to pick their poison apparently. Either that or like Vegas on more than one occasion were thinking more about early golf. Vegas needs to pour it on the next couple of game and be in the winning attitude right from the start of playoffs regardless of opponent.

  4. jeffrey

    that evander kane guy. he skated at pietrangelo as the period was ending and cross checked him in the mouth last playoffs. right in front of the ref and no call. that guy is a piece of shit. remember when his wife publicly tweeted at gary bettman “my husband gambles on hockey” lolz

    • GWNorth

      Pietrangelo? Isn’t he the guy that two handed Draisaitl? Does he still play? Oh, wait, only in the playoffs like Stone.

  5. ThG

    “what’s a woman”??

    dems are clueless
    meanwhile their own party members in USA close bridges and chant DEATH TO AMERICA

    nice going dimwits

    meanwhile, patience, we’ll know in a couple of days who the vgk will play

    • Drinking Magat Tears

      The precious Snowflake is back! What would the world do without your mouth breathing, empty headed takes??

      91 felony counts, who’s the real dimwit??

      • knights fan in minny

        none of them will stick you tds piece of shit cant wait for your head to explode when the don becomes prez again

      • ThG

        liberals are snowflakes, get it right, they are ones who melt whenever you look at them

        the whiners that they are, always with bleeding heart bull shit

    • knights fan in minny

      those piece of shit muslims in Dearborn michigan yelling death to america and the american hater talib thinks its okay

  6. Bolts1

    the Vgk have already lost to Chicago once this year at T Mobile, and they have already lost twice to Anaheim this year, so it would not be out of the realm of possibility that they see the Kings, and raise them one, by losing a game to avoid Edmonton. The Vgk are 3-0 vs Dallas, so they could be tanking a game to face the opponent they want, just like LA did last night.

    • ThG

      players don t have mentality of “wanting” to face one opponent over another

      • JB

        And how would you know that? Know what anyone player would be thinking?

        • ThG

          being an ex player I would know, just because fans say their team would rather play a certain team over another one, you rarely hear NHL players say that. Last year the idiot toronto fans were chanting like maniacs “we want Florida ” “we want panthers”. And panthers smoked them. Try to get it right, most players want to beat the best, and don’t want to upset the cart by motivating the other team and saying something stupid like you suggest that they do.

  7. knights fan in minny

    mcnabb should get a 2 game rest has played eighty games

  8. knights fan in minny

    chandler and mantha out tonight

  9. Frank

    The knights should go into the playoffs on a high note and finish off these two bottom dwelling teams…. doesn’t matter who we are playing next. Would rather go in on a win streak than dropping a couple of games that we should have won….. Just my 2 cents…..

  10. NAM

    Lot’s of comments about not wanting to face EDM. I don’t get it. EDM has talent, but is beatable. Personally I think DAL is the toughest out. I would rather VGK face EDM. To be clear though, I don’t think there is an easy out. I think Vegas can beat or lose to any of them. Just depends which VGK team shows up. I think the cup winner is in the west and has the toughest road. Can’t wait to watch.

  11. Missing Mister

    The new playoff format is horrible every years..the league really broke the playoff with their “Rivalry system” it suck so much , it’s boring.
    Bring back 1 vs 8 … This Division system is horrible

  12. Starsbebright

    Dallas Fan Here. I can tell you right now, Dallas fans do not want to face Vegas. So please win tonight. On another note, I believe that if you guys had played Edmonton the way you played Dallas and Florida, it would have been a short series. Hopefully we don’t see you guys until the Western Conf final.

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