Last week we began a spirited discussion over the activity, or inactivity, we’ve seen from the new Las Vegas NHL franchise over the first three weeks of its existence. There will never be a true answer to that question, but during the discussion there was one question that kept coming up in my own mind and now it just won’t seem to go away.

We learned there are nine (not five) full time members of the NHL staff at the moment. Most of them are in sales with a majority of them specifically focused on ticketing. A few communications people, our buddy in social media, and another in events. Add it all up, and there’s literally not a single paid employee with knowledge of how to properly select a GM.

That brings us to the only name linked to this organization that does have the background to help select the right person to head up the hockey side of the operation. His name is Murray Craven, the 18 year NHL veteran who is “advising” The Creator in the process of setting up the organization.

But that’s really all we know about Craven’s involvement. Any time he’s referenced it’s as just that, an advisor. Since 2014 when this whole thing began, Craven’s name was linked to The Creator’s. Something comes up about hockey, must have been Craven’s idea. Now though, seemingly within days, or at least weeks, of hiring of the GM, we still don’t even know if Craven is, or is ever going to be, an official employee of the organization. Thanks for the help Muz, see ya!

So who really is making what may go down as the most important decision the organization ever makes, hiring its first general manager? Is it the billionaire who owes his wealth and prosperity to brilliance in the field of finance? Is it Murray Craven? Are there others?

That brings me back to the original issue that started the debate a week ago, why don’t we know? At the moment we are led to think The Creator is making all the decisions. Are we really supposed to believe Bill Foley is qualified to make this hire?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning the aptitude of one of the most accomplished men I’ve ever met, but shouldn’t there be a system of checks and balances here? Shouldn’t the vetting process of hiring the man who will take the organization from nothing to a full fledged NHL team in less than a year be done by more than an owner and a friend? Shouldn’t there be more people with extensive background in hockey operations be involved?

I don’t know the Creator well, but I am smart enough to know he hasn’t gotten to this place making decisions like this on his own. Like it or not hiring a general manager to run a hockey team is NOT in his wheelhouse. Hiring the President, CFO, anyone who has to do with money, now we’re talking.

I’m not an idiot. I know when it’s all said and done it’s his decision to make, heck he Created this whole thing (nailed it!), did he not? But he simply does not have the experience to make this call, and he knows it… or at least I hope he does.

So where, and more importantly who, are the people who do have the knowledge base necessary to make this hire? And when will we find out?

Cause until then, it’s all on Bill Foley… American businessman and former attorney, specializing in financial services… to make the most important HOCKEY decision in the history of the city of Las Vegas.