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White House Welcoming Good Sign For VGK’s Repeat

(Image Credit: @GoldenKnights on Twitter)

Yesterday, the Golden Knights fulfilled childhood dreams of countless professional athletes across North American sports. On top of the agenda for U.S. President Joe Biden was to officially welcome the reigning Stanley Cup champions to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This royal-type treatment takes place after a team conquers their respective leagues and the Golden Knights were the latest to be honored.

In recent years we’ve seen repeat visitors to the East Room such as the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins in back-to-back years. Both teams were congratulated by two separate Commander-in-chiefs, but Vegas is hoping to reconnect with President Biden sometime again next year.

It’s an incredible honor to be here at the White House. As kids we grew up dreaming of winning the Stanley Cup. I thinks it’s five months to the day that we raised the Stanley Cup. We all come here in awe of this beautiful place and have such respect for you and the office that you hold. – Mark Stone

The current POTUS has congratulated and honored 21 championship teams during his time in office. So far under Biden, the Georgia Bulldogs and Las Vegas Aces were invited back the next year. Dating back to the Reagan administration, championship repeats happen twice as much when a Democrat occupies the West Wing.

POTUS Party – Total Repeat Champions Since 1981

  • Democratic Party: 14 Repeat Champions
  • Republican Party: 7 Repeat Champions

In the previous administration, held by a GOP-elected president, only one franchise successfully defended their world title (Golden State Warriors).

It’s an honor to speak on behalf of my teammates. Thank you so much. For some of us this is a once in lifetime opportunity, fortunately some guys have done this more than once. We’re looking forward to try and get back here. Last thing, Go Knights Go. -Stone

By all signs, the Golden Knights will likely be in a position to defend their Stanley Cup championship regardless of what party affiliation. To go along with the running lists of trends, we might as well add in the Democratic title defense. Never forget, ChatGPT correctly predicted Vegas would raise the Cup last season.


Golden Knights Make Champions Visit To White House




  1. Alex

    Beats going on prison visiting day to see Trump next year

  2. I am guessing the players were told not to look at the teleprompter as Biden was talking.. to make it seem like everything was committed from memory as he recited the vgk history…Stoney was amazing as he made it through his speech while being soooo understandably nervous… question though.. who is that John guy??…back to business tonight against a Caps team laying in wait and playing better.

    • knights fan in minny

      mush head could not do it free style

    • Pistol Pete

      Teleprompters are a standard aid when the POTUS delivers prepared remarks. A little research I did on the subject earlier today had one expert on the subject indicating that Old Joe is a decent ad libber when using one.

      As an aside it is an over simplification to blame the POTUS for inflation. While there are countermeasures an administration can take, inflation is largely out of their control. Doubters are unlikely imo to do the DD required to understand this, however do it and you’ll see my point. Just remember, voters tend to oversimplify issues when taking a position. That is just how it is!

  3. knights fan in minny

    mush head could not do it free style

  4. Jailbird

    Whatever Biden is, in his old age, I’m not sure. But, what we DO know is that in his old age orange man is EVIL! He is an evil person who WILL try and destroy our democracy and country. If he gets in office again he will do anything to become a dictator! He’s dangerous and crazy.

    • Pistol Pete

      Jailbird I concur. I have concluded at least some of his supporters, perhaps on subconscious level, want a dictator. No more democracy, they don’t believe in it even though with it they have the freedom that citizens of less fortunate countries can only dream of. Bring on totalitarianism!

    • knights fan in minny

      and your idol mumbles is a roll over weak tit high gas high prices 2 wars you angry dems said trump was going to start ww3 w have scumbags crossing the border at a record pace how about ford reporting they will lose billions on evs the thing mush head shoved down the americans throats declared war on fossil fuels the country was doing fine with energy until mumbles declared.war on fossil fuels epic failure

      • Jailbird

        Biden is not my idol, nor any politician, and trump should not be yours!

        • knights fan in minny

          why not he fights for americans not like lay down joy he cares more about illegals then are own vets or homeless illegals being put in nice hotels while are vets live on the street

          • Jailbird

            He cares about no one but himself. Surely you can see that. I know you are not that stupid!

    • Jailbird

      Yes! Truth hurts!

      • knights fan in minny

        what about the blow in the white house one of the most secure places in the usa and they could not figure it out i tell you what if that happened under trump you angry dems would have called for a federal investigation and trump put in jail

  5. Guys I am sure there must be a site to “discuss” the political ills of this once great country. Someone please find it and take all this BS back and forth there and resort to what the intent of this site was established for “HOCKEY – Golden Knight specifically, there is more than enough turmoil in the world without bringing it on more here. I appreciate we all have our opinion on all subjects which is what makes us all human – – let’s keep those opinions on this site to HOCKEY. Maybe you all remember or at least I hope you do there were things your dad probably told you – don’t talk about – politics, religion or other men’s wife’s. Keep smiling here’s to a win this evening. GO KNIGHTS GO.

    • Jailbird

      For once, I agree with you hd!

    • TS

      Hdbiker, if THE Hockey GOOF stops, we ALL can stop. I offered ” Detente” several years ago, begged him to stop, but he IGNORED/ REFUSED my offer. He doesn’t stop because he doesn’t want to. Man- child has no interest in stopping. The rest of us can continue getting bashed and called unspeakable names, as he has called me, or SOMEBODY has to STOP him. He will NOT stop until all the ” vermin” leave Sinbin. My theory is he’s a Russian Bot. He is here to do exactly what he has done for years— ROCK THE BOAT AND PISS PEOPLE OFF, PITTING HOCKEY FANS AGAINST ONE ANOTHER, BEING A FUCKHEAD. ALL on a Hockey site. Maybe if more like you called him put, he MIGHT listen. He is afraid of REAL women with their own minds, so he bashes me endlessly. If we all collectively REJECT HIM, maybe, just maybe, the NUTBAG will CEASE AND DESIST.

  6. Jailbird

    Just saw Stoneys speech at the WH. He was great and funny ! Good job Cap!

  7. knights fan in minny

    and did not have to us a prompter like mumbles mush head

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