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Which Golden Knights Have the Best Odds To Win Individual Awards In 2021-22?

Last year the Golden Knights got back atop the individual awards podium when Marc-Andre Fleury took home the Vezina Trophy. Before that Vegas had seen wins by William Karlsson (Lady Byng), Deryk Engelland (Messier), Gerard Gallant (Jack Adams), and George McPhee (GM of the Year) all in 2017-18.

With a stacked roster and the expectation of being a Cup contender once again, there’s a good chance a VGK player could win another individual award this year. Recently, William Hill listed all of their awards futures on the mobile sports app and all are available to bet right now. Here are the VGK candidates.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Norris Trophy (Best Defenseman)

Shea Theodore: +2500
Alex Pietrangelo: +2500
Alec Martinez: +6000

As the odds suggest, this truly is a toss-up between Theodore and Pietrangelo. While Shea had the much better regular season and finished 6th in the voting a year ago (and the year before), the postseason put in by Pietrangelo was the closest thing the Golden Knights have ever seen to a Norris-level performance. Martinez was stellar in the playoffs but his chances of being a true Norris finalist are probably long gone.

Vezina Trophy (Best Goaltender)

Robin Lehner: +2000

Lehner clocks in as the 8th favorite to win the award despite taking over the starting job of the team that just the Jennings. He’s double the price of Fleury and much higher than Philipp Grubauer who is set to play for the expansion Kraken. It’s rare to get good value on a Golden Knight player in one of these, but this one actually looks like it’s decent value. $50 pays $1,000 for a goalie that’s been in the top three before.

Hart Trophy (MVP)

Mark Stone: +3000
Max Pacioretty: +5000
Robin Lehner: +7500
Shea Theodore: +15000
Jonathan Marchessault: +15000
Alex Pietrangelo: +15000

As much as I love Lehner on the last one, I hate him in this one. Heck, I hate all of the Golden Knights in this one, mainly because they all play together. It takes 125 points or so in a full season to win the Hart and there’s yet to be a Golden Knight to even reach 90 (and there probably won’t be again). Stone at 30:1 is clearly the best option, but even that seems like it should be closer to 50 or 60. Stone is 16th on the list and the highest Golden Knight.

If you must take one, the best option value has to be Pietrangelo. If he goes off and has a point per game while the Golden Knights repeat as Jennings winners, maybe. That still probably won’t even get him top five though.

Other notables

Nate Schmidt (Norris): +5000
Marc-Andre Fleury (Vezina): +1000
Marc-Andre Fleury (Hart): +6000
David Perron (Hart): +20000
Tomas Tatar (Hart): +100000

I was planning on leaving these out, then I saw Tatar’s name listed among the lot and I thought, I have to include this. Imagine a world in which the newly signed New Jersey Devil puts in a better season than Connor McDavid. Schmidt for Norris seems almost as ridiculous but at least he’s headed to a place where he was a good chance to be the #1 D-man once again. If Fleury repeats as Vezina winner and pays out that 10:1, let alone Hart at 60:1, there’s a chance City National Arena is burned to the ground.


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  1. Tim

    My faith in Stone has waned after his performance against Montreal I don’t think you have to worry about the Hart, Selky or any other recognition I believe teams now have his number. Theadore can’t get the puck out of the zone half the time and when he does it’s a wing and a prayer shot from the blue line. It’s to bad because Theadore can skate , keeps his head up but just makes dumb mistakes. To bad they can’t get a quality center for Reilly Smith and Shea Theadore and I don’t mean Jack Eichel.

  2. Jerry Crowell

    I’ve lost hope in the VGK. No Flower
    is gonna cost us chemistry.

  3. Tim

    I was just on another site and they claim a trade between the Golden Knights and Buffalo for Jack Eichel is close. This is very disheartening news to me and I’m sure most of the fan base. From what I read they’ve agreed on three pieces but still have to make the 4th piece work. Nick Suzuki, Erik Branstom, Nick Hague, Cody Glass, Payton Krebs will all be gone like the Splash Brothers always say prospects are perishable goods.

  4. Will Riley

    I take the under on Lehner being the starting goalie past February. He will create drama. It’s what he does best. Critical mistake keeping the high adipose Swede. Along with firing Gentleman Gerard Gallant. Acquiring Lehner and firing Gallant were both unnecessary. If McIdiot and unmade bed DeBoring ran In N Out the menu would be six pages long. #FireMcIdiot

  5. Vic

    The only individual awards in the ‘better than average chance’ category are Selke and Lady Byng. If they have an award for hitting the post, maybe #67 wins it.

  6. Galdom

    You people making negative comments are absolute douche bags who have been ridiculously spoiled by this phenomenal hockey team. Calling McPhee McIdiot? Please go cheer for another team.

    I live in Toronto where a real horse crap hockey team exists. Critiquing every move that doesn’t work out is just nonsense. If your general manager is right 65% of the time you are in great shape. Nobody has a crystal ball and predict how everything will work out. While it’s unfortunate that for the second straight year Vegas lost to inferior teams in Montreal and Dallas they still had great long playoff runs.

    I love Marc Andre Fleury like everyone else but how quickly everyone forgets that he had a six month span where he couldn’t stop a beach ball and that’s why they brought in Robin Lehner. I love this team and appreciate having management that is obsessed with trying to win.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Galdom ….. You will find that many of those on this site, are here JUST to breed negative thoughts. I have been on this site a long time and am leaving it in a couple of weeks for another.

      This place is really not much of a hockey site anymore.

      But, I appreciate your comments in regards to what Toronto fans have suffered for so long. Here in Vegas that magical first year simply ruined the thoughts of the “fans” here.

      They have no concept of what goes into keeping a team in the playoff race each year. Anyway thanks for your thoughts!

    • Daryl

      We’ve been critical of several moves management has made and said upfront how bad they were…. and guess what, those moves came back to bite the team in the ass. I didn’t know that being a fan meant you have to agree with everything management does. As for MAF, you mention a stretch where he was injured and his dad died. You take that stretch away and he played great. And just because your management sucks doesn’t mean we can’t talk about ours

    • Eric VGK

      I could not agree with you more. Our VGK fan base has been spoiled. They have no concept of the hockey business as a whole. It’s all about warm fuzzy crap rather than wins. Thank God the players know what’s up and how to be a dominant team. DoBoer is an amazing coach. McPhee is and has been brilliant since he became a NHL executive. I feel for you and that shit show up there in Toronto.
      Lehner will excel as a full time starter. Those first two lines for the VGK will continue to stack up numbers. Getting Tuch back mid season and healthy will also add to this team. I have great expectations for the VGK this season. I’m excited to see what Patrick can do in a much better situation than Philly. That kid has monster talent. Looking for another deep run and hopefully things fall together for the ultimate prize.

      • Daryl

        Just curious but what makes PDB an amazing coach? He’s taken a couple of stacked teams deep into the playoffs and his record declined every year after that. He’s done decent in a very bad Pacific division. I’ll ask the same of the GM.

    • Vegas pete

      Thank you Galdom!! Another person that shares my sentiments. Some of these people on this site are unreal and have no idea what it’s like to be a fan of a bad franchise. There are a few that seem like great posters but to many wanna be GMS who actually believe they can do a better job running this club. LMAO

      • Daryl

        I posted a link to an article awhile back about GMs… It showed how many actually had high level hockey experience and how having a lot of money was more important to become a GM than hockey knowledge. How many big mistakes had this organization made in its short existence?

  7. Blitz

    I give Lehner +500 to not be the starter at the end of the season. If letting in a soft goal in the first period every 2 out of 3 games is a qualification for being a Vezina winner then Lenher has it in the bag. If not getting any wins against quality opponents is a qualification for a Vezina, Lenher is a sure bet.

  8. There is only one trophy that really means anything and it takes a committed team with the correct attitude to pull ot off. While individual ones are wall paper if it’s not “team first” they will never get to hold the coveted prize and skate around the rink. They were beat the last two years by lesser team despite the individual winnings as they lacked the champion winning attitude which the splash brothers can’t buy and have done a number of things discourage its development. Knowledgeable hockey fans know exactly what l am taking about.

  9. Tyler Durden

    I only give a shit if a golden knight wins the Conn Smythe trophy, because that would mean most likely the knights won the Cup. The rest are bullshit, except when negotiating contracts. If you interviewed the players, they would say the same

    BTW, get vaccinated dummies

    • THE hockey GOD

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      • THE hockey GOD

        sorry i forget to snip the ads

      • Tyler Durden

        “Misinformation alert: A video that’s currently circulating social media claims the spike proteins contained in COVID-19 vaccines kill or damage your body’s cells — but medical experts say there’s no evidence to support the statement.”

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        Not even gonna bring up Laura Ingram, she’s such a fucking nutcase, her own family hates her.

    • Daryl

      BTW, vaccinated people can get and cash transmit so what’s the point???

      • Tyler Durden

        If you can’t even be bothered to proofread a one sentence post, nobody should listen to a word you say.

        • Daryl

          Oh my look at this guy!!! Watch out we have the English Professor in here all worried about grammatical errors and wrong words from people using small cell phones for input.

          If you couldn’t understand what I was trying to say then maybe nobody should listen to a thing you post.

          BTW, how many fuck-up does Dementia Joe have on every broadcast? Too many for me to count using both hands and both feet

        • Daryl

          If you are fully vaccinated can you get covid? Can you pass covid onto others? Can you die from covid?

          Maybe you can read that… but probably not

  10. Jake

    A salary cap environment makes it tough to keep expensive, but declining players. Lots of fans don’t like it, but it is what it is.

    I enjoy the management’s desire to win.

    Go Knights!

  11. Games to watch this season. VGK vs. Blackhawks and VGK vs. Rangers. Pay back can be a bitch.

  12. T

    best disappearing act- Mark Stone and Max pacioretty tied for first

  13. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Thank you Eric & pete!

    Good common sense posts!

  14. Vegas Pete

    I’m not sure about a reward, but I do hope that Danault sent Mark Stone a thank you card for single handedly being responsible for the big pay day he received in the off season.

  15. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    See, just look at THg rambling rant. Nothing to do with hockey. Just more right-wing bullshit that has taken over much of this site.

    The worse part is that the “owner” of this place does NOTNING to keep it AS a hockey forum. NOTHING!!!

    Just continues to allow NON HOCKEY political & even racist rants to take over here. People like this will do all they can to ruin sites with this kind of crap, especially when the one person who can stop it, doesn’t give a shit!

    • knights fan in minny

      do us a favor now doc leave your boy joe blunder biggest failure ever you must be proud of your worthless vote

    • knights fan in minny

      dementia joe making us the laughing stock of the world other world leaders know blunder boy is weak your hero doc

    • knights fan in minny

      great job by your hero doc the tallyban own our 2 hundred million dollar embassy in kabul

      • Daryl

        But wait… According to Biden it is Trumps fault and the Afghans fault. He hasn’t taken responsibility for any of it. Even his own party has publicly stated they were embarrassed, every but Perosi

    • Daryl

      Like how you blame thg when he was simply replying to another who brought up non-hockdy talk…. Typical liberal move

      • knights fan in minny

        i wonder what the pantsuit wobbler hillary and bath house barry will have to say time for joe to have a heart attack

  16. knights fan in minny

    the sheriff in brainerd minnesota was in the reserves years back and he was sent to afghanistan to help train police there after he got back to minny the mpls paper did a article with him asking him how it went he said it was a waste of time and money traing them all they wanted was money

  17. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    And on and on and on !

    Ignorant rabbit hole ranters. Still pissed off the country got rid of their racist psychopath hero, fat man!

    Again, nothing to do with hockey.

    Oh, isn’t friday (20th) when orange man is supposed to be back in office? What excuse you going to make about why THAT’S not so. ha ha ha Idiots!

    And yet, where is Ken?

    • knights fan in minny

      calm down doc go change your depends like your hero border blunder joe the man with blood on his hands

    • knights fan in minny

      leaving americans behind joe has no clue the dementia is getting worse maybe he can join your new site

    • knights fan in minny

      this failure by your loser prez is more important then hockey

    • Daryl

      He’s laughing at you

  18. knights fan in minny

    leaving americans behind joe has no clue the dementia is getting worse maybe he can join your new site

  19. knights fan in minny

    how funny was that doc when your boy ran from the podium today clueless what to say

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