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Where Do The Golden Knights Rank?

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Christmas has come and gone and with it, we sit basically at the midway point of the season. 40 games down, 42 to go before the real season starts.

With every team off for the last three days, meaning the stat sites are all up to date with every game played, it’s a good time to dive into the numbers to take a look at exactly where Vegas stands in comparison to the rest of the league.

Starting with the most important number, the Golden Knights have accumulated 46 points, good for 8th most in the NHL. However, do to games in hand (no one has played more hockey than Vegas and Edmonton), the Golden Knights sit in 14th in points percentage at .575.

They rank 10th in goals for with 119, but 18th in goals per game with 2.94. As for goals against, Vegas comes in at 20th place with 118, or 13th with 2.91 per game.

For every other stat, I’ve broken it down by where the Golden Knights rank. We start with what the Golden Knights lead the league in, then where they are great, good, average, bad, and finally what they are worst at. Every stat is “per 60” which normalizes the numbers with teams having played different numbers of games.

Lead the League

Takeaways – 9.6 (1st)
Scoring chances (Natural Stat Trick) – 30.9 (1st)
Offensive zone faceoffs – 22.1 (1st)

Great (Top 5)

High-danger chances (Natural Stat Trick) – 12.2 (2nd)
Shot attempts – 60.8 (3rd)
Shots on goal – 33.6 (3rd)
Expected goals – 2.94 (3rd)
Hits – 26.4 (4th)
Icings against – 4.9 (4th)
Shorthanded goals – 0.15 (5th)

Good (Top 10)

Giveaways – 8.9 (8th)
Corsi for percentage – 51.9% (9th)
Penalty kill percentage – 82.6 (9th)
1st period goals – 0.975 (T-9th)

Average (11-20)

Power Play percentage – 21.4% (11th)
Power play goals – 0.625 (12th)
Save percentage – 90.66% (13th)
Defensive zone faceoffs – 19.5 (13th)
Shots on goal against – 31.1 (17th)
Faceoff percentage – 49.9% (18th)
2nd period goals – 0.975 (18th)
3rd period goals – 0.975 (19th)
Penalty minutes – 8.2 (19th)
Even strength goals – 2.2 (19th)
Shot attempts against – 56.4 (20th)
Scoring chances against (Natural Stat Trick) – 27.1 (20th)
PDO – .994 (22nd)

Bad (21-25)

Missed shots – 12.6 (22nd)
Minor penalties taken – 3.7 (T-23rd)
Minor penalties drawn – 3.2 (T-23rd)
Expected goals against – 2.82 (24th)
Shooting percentage – 8.74% (24th)

Terrible (Bottom 5)

High-danger chances against (Natural Stat Trick) – 11.5 (26th)
Icings taken – 5.2 (29th)
Empty net goals scored – 0.075 (29th)
Hits against – 26.4 (30th)

Last in the League


**Stats complied using, NaturalStatTrick, Evolving-Hockey, and Hockey-Reference.**


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  1. Ken intresting info not sure which one addresses screening the oppossion goalie where they must be seriously lacking. Watching other teams they make it pretty difficult on Vegas goalies. The stats suggest they should be leading the division not tied it would be an intresting exercise to see a comparison to Arizona. One can only imagine the results if the real team showed up to play every night— Lord Stanley start engraving the names. Unfortunately not sure them have the mental attitude however which past performance has demonstrated to date. Someone needs to be preaching pride and killer attitude as they do have the potential. It is not going to happen by depending on a handful of guys , it could if the entire team shows up. The misfits didn’t know any better but to give it all. Time to focus forget the commercials etc and do what they are being well paid to do play hockey. I am a little surprised you haven’t addressed that subject and frankly shocked the NHL allows it. Just an observation of course but not sure hawking local dealer products raises the standards of the sport

  2. Tim

    The Knights are an o.k. team nothing special. Our third line is a big weakness we just don’t get much scoring and that doesn’t make us a cup contender. Team is to up and down when you play 82 games and get paid to perform and come out flat as they sometimes doesn’t sit well with me.

  3. jim

    Do they keep a stat for the player who ices the puck the most? Bet my life its Engelland.

  4. DOC Williams

    The stats are interesting. I suppose they are more useful for coaching, etc…. I have stated many times this season, as have others. The EFFORT is just not there on any kind of consistent manner. It’s night & day from season one and most of two. It’s very clear that those, still on the team, from the “misfit” days don’t give near the effort or desire they showed us all that season. I mean just barely over .500 at the fortress?????? COME ON!!!!!!!!! It just gets sickening , to the thousands of us who have given our all to this team, that they aren’t doing the same.

    We are NOT the naturally most talented team in the league, far from it. BUT, we can play with and beat, any team when we friggin play hard!! So enough is ENOUGH! They better dig out the “misfit” gear or do whatever it takes to play the friggin game hard, EVERY NIGHT!!!!

    • Well Doc seems like we are saying the same thing. Funny the obvious to the fans recognizing the issues overlooked by those with the capacity to change things. Yes they may not be anything special but that not a pre-requesite to be a winner. Attitude is what could make them special. Remember when USA. Beat Russia in the Olympics they were far from special not unlike the misfis.

  5. Alan

    lost big to Colorado and played a stinker tonight in Anaheim. Really…the Ducks? First season I always heard “hardest working team in the NHL”…this year, not mentioned at all. Players got their big contracts and the desire ebbs. We have the talent to beat anyone but the desire is just not there. A missing stat? Haven’t come back from a 2 goal deficit this year. First year, opposing teams feared what we might do, now they see Vegas on the schedule and they know they have a chance to beat us.

    • Alan my man the Evil of big money. Nothing to prove and apparently pride is not high on their priority list. We definitely know the killer instinct doesn’t exist.
      They have no idea what hard working is all about so the fact it is never mentioned is not surprising. They skated like they had lead feet.

  6. Lt

    late garbage goals, too little too late.

    Vgk look like complete shit again. and even the goaltending is now awful too. the PP and the PK both were atrocious tonight.

    Nosek’s stupid high stick cost them this game, and stupid penalties have hurt this team all season, and Gallant does NOTHING about it. He should be benching guys who cost the team with bad penalties, but instead he gives them more ice time, which gives the message keep doing it boys

    The team needs a big shakeup trade to get these complacent bastards to wake up. the Vgk mojo is fading fast.

  7. DOC Williams

    These comments should send a clear & loud message to the Knights organization. Gallant is said to be a “players coach”. I guess this means HE will never call the boys out regarding effort and desire. And WHT do we never hear the media guys in interviews with not question him on these lack of desire and hard play??? It’s like the Knights will ban them or something. Anyway if Gallant wants to be their buddy. then he can spend lots of buddy trips fishin with them in April, May & June.

    • My email address is I want you to email me the exact players you believe are not trying hard enough, then I went video evidence (you can just send time stamps, I’ll look it up), and an explanation of where you see guys with a lack of desire. Show me, and I’ll be more willing to ask. Because personally, I believe it’s a lazy narrative that is leaned on any time a team loses. I don’t blame games on intangibles, I want to see it. Help me see it.

  8. DOC are we the only guys who see this. Love the comment about the media – they are as guilty as the coaching staff – maybe even more so. It would be one thing if the talent wasn’t there, but not the right attitude, which everyone is capable of, is in excusable.

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