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When Will The Golden Knights Start Making Moves?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Golden Knights over the past seven seasons, it’s that they are always ready to make moves. With six unrestricted free agents set to hit the market on Monday and a limited amount of cap space currently available to sign them, it’s to be expected that Vegas will be active on the trade market before puck drop of next season.

The question becomes, when?

With the NHL Draft kicking off from The Sphere on Friday, there’s certainly a chance VGK could look to begin their offseason movement as soon as this weekend. However, there hasn’t been a lot of history of the Golden Knights making player-related moves on Draft Day.

Last year before the Draft even began, Vegas traded Reilly Smith to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a 4th round pick. That pick was not for the Draft later that night, however. In their seven previous drafts, the Golden Knights have never added nor subtracted an NHL player during the Draft. In 2017, VGK exchanged a 2nd round pick for Keegan Kolesar, but Kolesar had yet to make his NHL debut (and wouldn’t until 2019) after being selected in the 3rd round in 2015.

Digging back a little deeper in the archives, in his 17 years as GM of the Washington Capitals, George McPhee only made three player-involved trades on Draft Day. In 2012, he sent Cody Eakin and a 2nd round pick to Dallas for Mike Ribiero. In 2011, he acquired Troy Brouwer for a 1st round pick that ultimately became Philip Danault. And in 2008, he moved Steve Eminger and a 3rd for a 1st in which he selected John Carlson.

*It has nothing to do with the point of this article, but during the 2007 Draft, McPhee made 4th round pick swap with the Kings. The 4th that went to LA became Alec Martinez and the one that went to Washington became Braden Holtby. Pretty crazy.*

So, between the two GMs in charge of the Golden Knights, they’ve made just three player-involved trades on draft day during 24 Drafts and the last one was 12 years ago. Typically, Kelly McCrimmon and McPhee prefer to keep their focus on the Draft during the two days of the Draft and then shift their attention to addressing the NHL roster.

The next few days have historically been quite active. VGK have not been afraid to make moves, and sometimes big ones, in the days immediately following the Draft. Max Pacioretty was sent out in 2022. 2021 saw the departures of Marc-Andre Fleury, Ryan Reaves, and Nick Holden. In 2019 they moved both Colin Miller and Erik Haula. And 2017 saw Expansion Draft picks Marc Methot, Alexei Emelin, and Marcus Kruger all moved within a week of the Draft.

Vegas’ situation is a bit unique at this Draft as they do not have a pick between #19 on Friday and #180 on Saturday. Maybe there will be so little to focus on that they can make their first big move of the offseason on the Draft floor, but more than likely, it’ll be next week when the action really starts to pick up.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the team inking contracts on Draft Day, they’ve done it twice in seven seasons. Ivan Barbashev signed an extension hours before the draft last year and Chandler Stephenson inked an extension during Day 2 of the Draft in 2020.


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