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What Would The Golden Knights Have To Give Up To Get Jack Eichel?

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I’ve been avoiding this topic for weeks and my plan was to continue to avoid it until it inevitably goes away. But… then I heard Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek mention it on the 31 Thoughts Podcast and I figured, ok why the heck not. Let’s explore it, give it a real look. Does it actually make sense? Heck, is it even possible?

I’m sort of assuming that the Eichel talk is going to heat up more than it already has.  -Jeff Marek

Now I’ve had a couple people tell me that might not happen until after the Expansion Draft. And I do think this, I think Vegas is sniffing around Eichel. -Elliote Friedman

Not a surprise at all. I don’t know how they do it. A) To get the cap space and B) To make the assets available to Buffalo to make it happen. -Marek

I do think they’re looking at this, I do. –Friedman on 31 Thoughts Podcast

As Marek suggests, to make it happen, the Golden Knights will have to do it in two parts. First, they’ll have to make the trade to acquire Jack Eichel, which will not be cheap, and second, they’ll have to maneuver their way back under the cap after adding his $10 million cap hit.

We’ll start with the easier of the two, which for the Golden Knights is getting the player himself out of Buffalo. Due to the public clarity which surrounds Eichel’s eagerness to depart, the trade price is actually going to be quite a bit lower than what it would otherwise be for a player of his caliber.

This certainly does not mean it will be cheap though. When they do move Eichel, the Sabres will be looking at a lengthy rebuild which means they’ll likely prefer either draft assets, prospects, or young players that will still be around when Buffalo is ready to win. This unfortunately is the place where the VGK system is least equipped.

As far as the draft, the Golden Knights hold the 30th (1st round) and 36th (NJD’s 2nd round) picks in the 2021 Draft. They also have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks for every subsequent Draft.

The prospect pool still holds a few valuable pieces. Peyton Krebs is at the top of the list as an NHL-ready player who has a chance to be a top-line center. Brendan Brisson, Vegas’ 2020 1st rounder, is still a bit away from cracking the NHL, but he’s a bonafide scorer who could become a power play weapon. Behind those two would be defenseman Kaedan Korczak, a 2019 2nd round pick. He’s certainly on the brink of being NHL ready and projects to be a middle-pair d-man with the possibility to be even more. Finally, a pair of Russian forwards may hold some value. Pavel Dorofeyev and Ivan Morozov are both looking like NHL-level talents and could be seen as attractive to the Sabres.

Then, there’s the young crop of NHLers. The lead dogs in this group are Alex Tuch, who is from the northern New York area, and Shea Theodore who is about to turn 26 and has finished 6th in back-to-back Norris votes. Both are locked up under manageable contracts and each would instantly become one of the best players on the Sabres roster if dealt for Eichel. Nic Roy, Keegan Kolesar, Nic Hague, and Zach Whitecloud would be the final group that could make sense, but none hold massive value and each would represent another piece the Golden Knights have to replace if included.

In the end, it probably costs a piece from each of the groups or multiple picks and a prospect. So, here are a few ideas…

Eichel for 2021 1st, Kaedan Korczak, and Alex Tuch
Eichel for 2021 1st, 2022 1st, Ivan Morozov, and Nic Roy
Eichel for 2021 1st, Peyton Krebs, and Nic Hague
Eichel for 2021 2nd, Pavel Dorofeyev, and Shea Theodore
Eichel for 2021 1st, 2021 2nd, 2022 1st, and Brendan Brisson

Yes, it looks like a massive ask, but this is Jack Eichel we’re talking about. On a team with Mark Stone, Alex Pietrangelo, Max Pacioretty, and reigning Vezina winner Marc-Andre Fleury, Eichel would instantly become the undisputed best player and the new face of the franchise. Losing Tuch, Theodore, or even a boatload of picks would be tough, but it’s nothing compared to adding one of the best players in the NHL to an already stacked team that has been to three conference finals in four years.

If it were just the trade, and that’s it, Vegas would be out of their mind to not accept any of those five offers in a heartbeat. But, it’s not. There’s still a salary cap to think about.

Again, Eichel is set to cost $10 million against the cap each of the next five years. In those five seasons, the Golden Knights also have Mark Stone ($9.5m), Alex Pietrangelo ($8.8m), William Karlsson ($5.9m), Shea Theodore ($5.2m), and Alex Tuch ($4.75m) all tied up, plus Jonathan Marchessault ($5m) and Robin Lehner ($5m) are locked in for the next three and four years respectively. If VGK keep every one of those players and add Eichel, that would be $54.15m or 66% of the salary cap committed to just 8 players. That leaves $27.35m to pay for at least 13 more players including 11 starters. And that’s for the next three, four, and five years down the road, without the salary cap rising at all for much of that time.

As of right now, the Golden Knights have about $76m of the $81.5m salary cap already committed to players for next season (and that’s without Alec Martinez, Tomas Nosek, or Mattias Janmark).

So, say they were to add Eichel without moving any money off the NHL roster. For 2021-22, they’d have to find about $7 million to shed off the salary cap, would definitely not be able to re-sign any of the key free agents, and would be replacing one forward and one defenseman with a minimum salary player.

Obviously, the easiest path to making that happen would be to move a goalie. But, if they opt to go a different route, it might mean multiple Misfits have to go, or maybe Tuch and McNabb, or Theodore and Reaves. There are plenty of ways to do it, but no matter what it requires Vegas to part ways with a massive package to get Eichel and then sell off usable players for pennies on the dollar to once again become cap compliant.

Things get a lot easier if a player like Tuch or Theodore are included in the deal but there would still likely need to be another player or two moved out as well.

All in all, it absolutely is possible for the Golden Knights to pull off yet another blockbuster and bring in Eichel. But, the price is not going to be cheap and VGK would be committing to a completely new outlook both in 2021 and beyond if they were to make the deal.


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  1. Carl

    31 Thoughts on Vegas going after Eichel:

    1. No
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No
    5. No
    6. No
    7. No
    8. No
    9. No
    10. No
    11. No
    12. No
    13. No
    14. No
    15. No
    17. No
    18. No
    19. No
    20. No
    21. No
    22. No
    23. No
    24. No
    25. No
    26. No
    27. No
    28. No
    29. Hell
    30. Freaking
    31. NO

    • Pauly

      This guy is correct…injury prone, too expensive…

      • Forget about it, we are only a couple of peices from winning this thing. I like our younger guys, keep Krebs, keep the Russian kids, keep em all. I’m tired of losing Cap space, especially for an injury prone, 7 to 10 million Cap hit. No !!! Hell no !!!

        • Ahmed

          You are more than a couple pieces away lol VKG had their shot the last 4 years they unfortunately are headed the wrong way.

    • Sam B

      Categorically no. Trading Theodore or Krebs, and probably Tuch would be completely self defeating – you don’t make a team better by trading away its current best or future best players for someone with huge surgery to come.

      Complete non-starter. Get a better bottom six centre for depth and improve the power play and we’re there – it’s not about one superstar (the single superstar teams all fell super early in the playoffs. It’s not about that right now) otherwise the oilers would have lifted the cup by now…

      • Pauly

        Very rare correct analysis from the dumbest fanbase in sports history….but we remain with the dumbest bloggers in sports history

      • sb

        Ummmm ……… getting a bottom six center does not fix the PP. Nothing you mentioned fixed the PP. Maybe trade for a magic wand?

    • Lizzette Villanueva

      Too costly

    • MIKE

      HELLO NO. we’re not losing Theodore!! He is young and has lots of talent. He is part of vegas’ future and trading for Eichel would instantly destroy this team. Even tuch is part of our future. It would be really stupid if we give up Theo and tuch. If that’s the only option then I don’t want Eichel

    • Eric

      You Sir are correct.

      • Bob m

        Absolutely no way we go after Eichel ….A LITTLE tweaking get rid of a couple players with salaries worth 10m. Keep Martinez and get another center (pp efficient) and bring up rookies..
        My suggestions for trades are Smith, Theodore Holden and Reeves or some combo of those. Hate to lose Two of them but team first.

    • Cody

      Eichel would immediately become Vegas top player and face of the franchise. Fans: pLaY LeHnEr

  2. Branden Earl

    Do you see the Knights going after Zach Human?

  3. Richard Santomauro

    So, I am not even going to read this nonsense. I am a FIRM no on this. No more losing guys like Suzuki – period. Line 1 is already long in the tooth and Petro is no spring chicken himself.

    We stand pat on the lineup we have unless maybe we can pick up Kessel. We definitely do not move Krebs or Schuldt. End that madness right now.

    • Ryan

      “Long in the tooth”… then immediately says yes to Kessel and no to Eichel lol.

      • Kessel is about 5 mil less !!

        • Lol that’s what I was thinking like… Kessel= DEFINITION of long in the tooth. I really hope that they make a decision about and and which one they re going to trade off for the space to resign Marti….He is WAY to bad of a Damn (offense producing dman at that!) With multiple cups, multiple big time moment plays/shots, and that unteachable toughness and grit it takes to be a great dman so willing to sacrifice his body for the blocked shot…These things as well as his almost desperate competitiveness during games and him already mentioning he’d like a long term and be done with the tripping talk for 5 years all point to VGK finding cap space by any means necessary to resign Marti and we will have either petri and Marti on the ice inside our zone for the next five years. .

      • Richard Santomauro

        Kessel for the right price.

        • Mike StG

          TFP reports ARI may be willing to retain up to half of Kessel’s salary, so Phil would cost ~3.4M. One year left on his contract. Last year he had 20g/23a= 43 pts in 56 games. On Vegas he would’ve been 4th in total points, 3rd in goals, 3rd in PP goals. If you’re looking for someone who can add scoring in bottom 6 and on the PP and maybe

          • Mike StG

            get VGK over the top next year, he’s someone to consider.

          • Brian

            If we take San Jose games out, his stats become a lot more pedestrian.

        • Drew Johnson

          We have some fabulous hotdogs places here in Vegas for him.

          • arnold rothstein

            and lots of casinos for him to play in, he will love it here!!

      • Daryl

        Two completely different types of players and price tags. I would to see Phil on this tea

    • Agree, no more getting rid of our top prospects, no more. I want to see what we have, no more Suzuki trades, though I love Patches !!

    • Clinton (NY) Comets fan


    • sb

      Kessel ……… VGK don’t need another scoring winger. They need a center, a set-up guy, an assist man. Wingers don’t score without someone feeding them the puck. Phil? you mean that guy who scores one and gives up two? Never played a lick of defense in his career. A liability everytime he steps on the ice. And $6.5 mil? Where’s that coming from?

      • Daryl

        You have it backwards…. He scores twice and gives up one. He’ll get VGK around 60 points a season which is much needed. Plus, VGK is set up defensively which will help Phil out on what he lacks. Everyone (or a lot) were excited about Petra but look at how many odd man rushes he is responsible for yet all we hear about his his offense. Why can’t this be true for Phil?

  4. THE hockey GOD

    has to pass a physical before being traded, and then there is fact that the sabres appear not to want him to have surgery , which would be an issue.

    Too many complicating factors, too risky.

    THe media mob trying to create HYPE to move this RISK. Definitely too risky for young franchise at this point in their quest for the Lord Stanley’s Cup.

    I would go with a batch of under the radar muckers, not high paid over the top injured wanna bees. Look at all the top center teams , other than TB , they were all out. Toronto OUT, OILERs out. AVS out. Top centers and PP are over rated, give me the TB MUCKERS any day of the week.

    x notify me by snail mail of follow up schmuck comments
    x ignore paulie if he responds

    • Pauly

      In a sea of VGK morons who don’t understand hockey, this trailer trash idiot is among the dumbest

      • THE hockey GOD

        x ignore paulie the moron if he responds

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          • knights fan in minny

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            busted for being a poser and supersreader of hate.

          • Those kind of comments about the flag and national anthem in any country but here you would be considered a traitor and probably shot. Why not keep your dumb ass remarks to hockey this is not a forum for politics. Do you have any idea how many people have died for the freedom you take so lightly- stop being a jerk- your the only racist with your BLM bullshit. I have many black friends who consider your type the problem. Help your race out and grow up.

    • Jim

      Eichel’s 24yo and already an MVP candidate. The reason he’s being traded is so he can get his surgery. Jfc Vegas fans are dumb.

  5. sb

    What did you think? You’d get a 30 goal All Star for free?

  6. RJ

    I’d rather see this line up with a healthy Krebs and a motivated Glass rather than blow it up for Eichel. That said, if we get Eichel I’m buying a jersey the next day, so I’m certainly part of the problem.

  7. David D.

    A trade for Jack Eichel would destroy this team as we know it. The asking price is just too steep in terms of who we would have to part with and the potential risk of this surgery. We’re only a piece or two away, we don’t need to go the route of addition by subtraction while watching another Suzuki-like situation unfold. Tweak elsewhere, such as the bottom six or move out a goaltender to create some more room for better scoring options. Management needs to stay as far away as possible, I hate the idea of them even “sniffing around” about Eichel.

  8. sb

    Eichel is the best fit out there to cure VGK one and only problem – a set up center for Stone and Pac. Move Stephenson to Tuch/Roy line. Three scoring lines and Eichel straightens out the PP. Don’t subtract a single one of the top 7. Subtracting does not ADD and Vegas needs to add, not subtract. Go three first rounders, Krebs and Dugan (who says they’ll be any better than Glass?). Don’t cry yourselves to sleep over the first rounders. Those would likely be Number 30-32 picks anyway and those positions are crap-shots at best.
    Vegas can accomplish the same much cheaper, although shorter lifespan. Go after Kopitar. Yes, $10 mil, but LA may let him loose for a 1st and AHL prospect. Kopitar would rack up 60 assists w/Stone and Pac. He’s straighten out the PP. Yep. He’s 36, but he’s still got alot left in the tank and fills the only hole on the Knights. He’s that big center, assist man, the missing piece.
    Another short-term fix is Fleury for Malkin. Similar to Kopitar. Less costly and shorter lifespan.

    • Mike StG

      sb – Anze isn’t leaving the Kings to come to Vegas. That’s a pipe dream.

      Your comments about Kessel hold no weight. “Gives up two for every one he scores”? How does one player out of 5 skaters on the ice actually give up a goal? And a forward no less?? If you don’t like Phil’s D then play him 8-10 mins at 5v5 like they do with Reaves. But his shot, his passing ability, his threat on the breakaway, his 40+ pts in 50+ games on an anemic ARI offense says something. The PP would become a lethal threat with Phil on the right side.

      And, NO on Eichel. NO on trading Krebs or Dugan. If they want a solid C, then look at Ryan Johansen (who NAS would like to move so they don’t lose him for 0 in the Kraken draft) or Sean Monahan. Won’t be as difficult to pull off capwise, won’t lose the team’s best prospects or roster players, and won’t have to worry about whether JE’s neck injury is a perpetual issue.

      • knights fan in minny

        johansen has been a flop

        • Mike StG

          Daryl my man,

          Looks like you, Richard and I are the only ones riding the Kessel train. Hopefully, GMKM get on board. They’re the ticket punchers.

        • Mike StG


          RJ’s decline seems to align with Hynes’ tenure as coach. Don’t think arrival of Matt (the Cooler) Duchene helped either. His skating speed, playmaking ability could add the needed elements to the Stone line.

  9. Dean

    It really doesn’t make a difference at this point as winning a Cup with or without Eichel is not. Going happen as long as we have one of the worst coaches league. I just want the roster to be as stacked as possible when we finally show DeBoer the door. If we have a new HC for the 2022-23 season, getting Eichel would probably still result in a depleted roster at that time. If it’s any later, we’d have at least 2 years to patch up the holes on the team and he. Could be huge cornerstone the Knights.

  10. TheMan__Oss

    If Jack E is really the guy you want to have there are a few options I think you all are missing:
    1. Buffalo needs a goalie badly. The flower could be that fix. I doubt Panda would be willing to return to that mess.
    2. Rebuilding with youth and scoring are two areas that the Sabres are looking at. So they may value Glass as part of the return.
    3. They need a veteran leader who can show the kids how to play and compete. A guy like Patches could fit that role.
    4. Stone may have to be part of the trade as two C’s could easily divide the room.

    Trading either of 1 or 3 result in $7mil in cap space right away. This makes the trade much more palatable to us.

    5. Sam Reinhart is a cheaper, harder working player who Buffalo has constantly abused. He can play center and is a dominant winger. He would be cheaper and a better fit with the the team dynamic. He is also an RFA.

    • THE hockey GOD

      why would buffalo, or anyone want, for that matter the flubber goalie ?

  11. Tim

    These hockey sports writers have nothing else to do now except put out bull-shit stories to give everyone a rise. Never buy damaged goods end of story. We don’t have many decent prospects so who would give away what little we have. You have to remember it’s getting close to closing time on the coach and management so as desperate as they are to keep there jobs who knows what they might do.

    • THE hockey GOD

      that is what I said above Tim
      “THe media mob trying to create HYPE to move this RISK. Definitely too risky for young franchise at this point in their quest for the Lord Stanley’s Cup.”

  12. Why on earth even entertain buying into yet another heath issue – isn’t the walrus enough? 10 mill for damaged goods makes ZERO sense – in fact 10 mill just creates yet another problem. The money Vegas wants to spend won’t deliver the Cup. Until they figure out how to correct the lack of winning attitude they are simply whistling in the wind. The Splash Brothers have proven yet again – big fish don’t necessarily create winning teams.

  13. Chelsea Dagger

    Phillip Danault would be a much better choice. 1) He’s a free agent, so nothing has to be given up. 2) much cheaper, probably 4.5 million vs 10.5. 3) Much better defensive player plus great upside on the offense side. 4) He wins face offs.

    • Mike StG


      Though I like Danault as well, only #4 is a good reason to pursue him. Biggest problem is he’s not a prolific offensive player and that’s what Vegas needs in a center.

    • ulf

      He’s not leaving Montreal. Lots of dreaming around here. Why not ask for McDavid too? He’d be a good fit…

      • original 6

        hell No. we need a scoring center with speed that wins face offs. Have a better chance getting it thru draft. Have faith in r GM

        • ulf

          The McDavid thing was a joke, although I’m sure you got it –

          By the time any player from the draft is ready to join the VGK the core will be too old – it’s borderline old anyway. That’s why The Owner’s declaration of “win in 6” is going to bite him in the rear – VGK have no prospects of note to trade, only young players worth anything are Theo and Tuch. So he has to try to buy a team in the next 2 years and the chances of that working in the NHL (LTIR withstanding:) is way, way less than any other league.
          He’s overrated Patches and a few others. We’ll see how it goes.

    • THE hockey GOD

      welcome to the jungle, Dagger.

      PD would be a nice addition, but alas he likes it in Montreal and has said repeatedly he wants to play there.

  14. knights fan in minny

    it will be a fun off season

  15. Bent Hermit

    If they’re going to go big game hunting M. Tkachuk would be a better option. They could trade Patches as part of the deal because Calgary is still trying to compete for a cup. There would have to be a little more going with Patches but it wouldn’t be a piece like Tuch or Theodore. Tkachuk would add a lot of grit and nastiness that they need. He is also great in front of the net. Eichel brings play maker but look at the Avs they have one of the best lines and still haven’t won a cup. The only bad is Tkachuk is guaranteed a minimum 9 mill after next year. Trading Patches opens up a lot of cap.

    • Mike StG


      You basically answered why CGY won’t likely trade either Tkachuk or Monahan (who I’ve mentioned) to Vegas. They have Cup aspirations, so why would they trade to make Vegas stronger, a division rival? If they trade either it will probably be to an Eastern Conference team. Same with Johnny G.

      • Bent Hermit


        Everything I read he wants out of CGY. So they might not have a choice. Plus they get a 30 goal guy back with a little extra. I don’t think it happens but I would sooner see GM’S go for that type of player.

        • ulf

          where do you read that? I do a deep dive in hockey writing on a regular basis and haven’t heard that at all. Were you looking at fan forums?

          • Bent Hermit


            You must of been diving in the kiddie pool. There’s been several articles about him wanting out. Google it. It’s the first thing that comes up on the news feed.

        • Mike StG

          Bent, while I agree with you on what Vegas’s goals should be I still think whoever CGY trades will go east. Or at least not in the Pacific. They’re already going to lose a player to the Kraken.

        • ulf

          O’Brien (where the rumor started) had a very weird reputation as a player and isn’t in the top of the league of analysts who report on rumors like this.

  16. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I have always been impressed by Hertyl (sp).

    Just saying!

    • Pauly

      Dumbest fan base in sports history

      • knights fan in minny

        dumbest person in vegas is you pauly prove something punk all the crap you spew your just a scared little girl on welfare

  17. jason mason

    Just thinking about it makes my neck hurt.

  18. Richard Santomauro

    VGK needs to move Lehner, and bring up Thompson. Beyond that this team needs a new Head Coach and especially a PP assistant coach. Save Martinez if possible.

    Other than that?


  19. Daryl

    Can’t we sign Eichel to a year deal for whatever amount of money he wants…. Then put him on LITR until playoff time? That way his salary won’t go against us and we’ll have him for playoff time. I mean, it’s basically what TB did, right?

    • Tim

      Daryl one small problem what would we have to give and who knows if his neck will ever be right. My opinion bad option.

    • ulf

      ha good point…

  20. Vic

    Let’s sign Walt Tkaczuk (correct spelling and no relation to that other famous hockey family). He’s 73 years old now, but the walking definition of a quality center (scoring, plus/minus, pp, pk, and his specialty was shutting down opposing star centers). When players tried to check him, they normally would up on their asses. He was the most underrated NY Ranger in the 70s, and every young center should strive to be like him.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree Vic, next we can dig up Gordie Howe and stick him onto the right wings boards, no one would go within ten feet of his bones.

      Then in between periods when the teams’ skating direction changes we can the girls in the squire outfits move him to the other side.

  21. Mark M

    Hey, everyone,
    Did you see what Ken posted on his tweet for this? He didn’t want to write this article. He said “here’s what’d it take” Calm tf down.

    • Just read the article and say “This is a terrible idea! Ken is a moron!!!” That’s what everyone else does.

      (Thanks though. lol)

      • THE hockey GOD

        Ken is not a moron, he helps people in the city understand hockey.

        Although some people like paulie are beyond repair. FUBAR. That will be his new name. Paulie Fubar.

  22. knights fan in minny

    rumor here in minny for jack is prospect marco rossi mat boldy and 3 first rounds do not see that happening but who knows

    • Why is it that VGK has made the semis 3 times in 4 years all playoff years since the begining and some people feel like failure or choke artists is even a plausible descriptor for this team? If anyone remembers, ALL sports writers didn’t give hockey a chance in hell in Vegas before they begin they’re incredibly motivating first year run. They had more of that desperation to win and a chip on their shoulders for not being “beloved enough” by their teams to have protection “wasted” on them before the expansion draft. The great initial and continuing relative success, albeit without the ultimate prize, has somehow morphed people into being spoiled as fans and having an extremely high bar for judging success in our team. Expecting the playoffs year in and out is something I can get behind and agree with, but to take the let down feelings that all but one team and their fans bases feel every year and start turning on our beloved VGK is wholly unwarranted. Yes, they were stymied on the offense in the playoffs (again), yes Ofer on the PP is mathematically improbable (where’s our 1/2 random deflections?!) But if we can step back and look at it as a whole, were it not for a few extremely ill timed mistakes/slumps and I mean just a few, and we could have been pushing TB to game 6/7 right now instead of already craving more hockey already. Bottom line for me, we need to resign Marti at ALL costs and that can only happen with some cap dumps so panda or flower gotta go. So what do you do…..keep the one who is almost always upbeat, positive, and almost the face off VGK as well as pretty dependable and helps maintain a good locker room and morale. FLOWER is very close to retirement And do you keep him as your choice to allow him to hang it up as a Knight or do you keep the one with the 2 Mill lower AAV, longer contract, much longer future not to mention the height and size, and his true appreciation for being swooped up despite his past addiction problems? I would love to have MAF I like him better personally but his age and the fact that he is a 7 Mill dollar make him the one to go imo. Plus, if we are looking for someone to scoop him up, Being able to say your bringing in the reigning Vezina Trophy winner and future HOFer will always excite any team in desperate need of some magic between the pipes. That money saved by dumping our beloved Flower, as crappy as that sounds just typing it!!! ;(, would allow us to get Marti at 5.5 AAV and allow some more manuveurability . One problem, well problem isn’t really the correct word I guess, but one thing that could throw a monkey wrench in this scenario of mine is of Flower decides to volunteer for a reduction JUST to stay and finish out his career as Knight on something like a two year 8 Mill contract which saves VGK 3 a year and keeps the happy family all together lol

      • Mike StG


        I’ve said the same thing on this site – that we are lucky that we won’t have to suffer for 6-8 years with an expansion team that sucks. And we should appreciate the success the team has had, and the fact that every year they’ve added big pieces to try to get better.

        I was also a proponent of acquiring Marty 6-8 weeks before they actually acquired him. None of the local hockey media agreed, and at best we’re ambivalent to the suggestion. He’s been better than anyone could have imagined for Vegas, so I’m 100% on the Marty train.

        Your last point is actually fact. Fleury’s agent has already said publicly that Marc would like to finish his career here, and that he would be willing to take a reduced salary in a contract extension. I’d like to see him extended for 2-3 yrs, and Vegas to trade Lehner and bring Thompson up as #2. Would make cap room for next season, and Fleury can mentor Logan to eventually take the starter’s role. Several top goalies have played at a high level into their late 30s & early 40s – Brodeur, Luongo, Roy. Even Hank. No one should expect that if Fleury is traded that the other team would carry his full $7M. Almost certainly Vegas would have to retain at least $2M.

      • THE hockey GOD

        welcome to the jungle, Mr. Dodds.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Fleury has 1 year remaining on his contract and then will take much less to remain a Knight while Thompson is groomed. Lehner is simply too big of a risk with all the off ice issues.

  23. ulf

    VGK would be nuts if they tried to swing a deal with Eichel. #1, he’s the wrong player for them. An injury-prone guy who doesn’t perform great under pressure in recent years, and #2 VGK would have to give up what little they have of youth to get him,

    Tuch and Theodore would be the starting point. VGK has no young prospects of any worth in the system that would impact an Eichel trade anyway.
    So you ditch Tuch and Theodore, get Eichel, and hope that Eichel performs on his massive contract for the next 2 seasons while VGK has a chance to be competitive.
    You have no room to maneuver otherwise because many of your other players are locked into big contracts, and when Patches turns 35 in 2 years you hope he’s playing good enough to be on the 3rd line.

  24. the hockey God

    everyone invited to my going away party !! (except paulie)

  25. Richard Santomauro

    Let’s not give away ANY more young talent like Suzuki. A few tweaks is all this team needs and better coaching!

    Sign Martinez if possible to a 2 year deal if he will take it.
    Bye bye Lehner, Holden, and Reaves.

  26. Mike StG

    Sort of on a related subject, I think the expansion draft may net Vegas what they need in the way of a top 6 center and/or other upgrades. As the only team not losing a player, there are some good players available for trade with teams that would rather not lose a quality player for no return. Will be interesting to see what if any deals Vegas makes before the Kraken draft. Could even involve the Kraken in a 3-way trade.

    Also, it looks like there will be some high quality players exposed for the Kraken to choose from, given the players rostered by some teams using dead cap space and the cap freeze. It’s WAY better than what Vegas had to choose from in 2017. I think the Kraken could easily end up in the playoffs their first season, and NOT as a wild card – ie., in the top 3 of the Pacific.

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK haters don’t like it again , that is : VGK is sitting in cat bird seat. With no further expansion in near future, this is unique situation. Let’s see how much love the other NHL team’s will throw to VGK after the NHL fleeced them last time.

  27. Tim

    This Jack Eichel trade talk reminds me of the record payola scandal of the 1950’s which most of you weren’t alive. What happened was record companies would pay radio stations to play there new releases over the competitions songs which was illegal. I see the same thing happening now with Jack Eichel. Elliotte Friedman, Darren Dreger among others are trying to convince us there’s a large market for Jackie boy which I believe to be bullshit. Are the Buffalo Sabres paying these sports writers to keep his name front and center when in reality no one wants him. I just read his two surgery options and you tell me any GM that would invest a dime in him. Surgery one a disk replacement, surgery two fusion surgery which he prefers. How do you think his neck will hold up getting banged along the boards? There spinning stories of at least 7 teams including Vegas are interested which anyone in there right mind knows thats ridiculous
    Buffalo is desperate and there holding a losing hand even though everyone is trying to convince us his 10 million salary and the cost to acquire him plus maybe a permanent injury please stop this nonsense talk.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes Tim, I caught on to this also from my earlier post- they are really shoveling the manure on this one, and it’s analogous to that movie (O brother where are you) with George Clooney and record company deal (with soggy bottom boys)to keep the people distracted the goobner (big fat guy) orders them to play “you are my sunshine” over and over.

      **The soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2002, becoming the first soundtrack since 1994’s The Bodyguard to win the top prize.

  28. Richard Santomauro

    If Vegas makes deals for Jack then I will be selling every single one of my season tickets next year and won’t be renewing. Dumbest move ever if they go for it.

  29. Dan

    Don’t forget the Sabre’s are in the market for a goalie…

    • Richard Santomauro

      Eichel is too big of an injury risk with his neck injury. Period, the entire conversation ends on that note. No deal.

  30. Sabresfan

    Vegas does not want Eichel, hell Buffalo doesn’t even want Eichel, he’s a plague. You guys will have a better team if you stand pat.

  31. David

    Yeah that’s real smart get rid of Peyton Krebs! and he’ll come back and kick your ass like Suzuki did!!!

  32. Sreously

    Its hard to take this blog seriously if you didn’t realize Theodore is your best player in the present and the future. Norris voting aside, the guy us a top 5 defender in the NHL and will be a perennial Norris finalist. Is eichel even a top 5 C injury issues aside?? Dman are always undervalued but no GM is giving you theodore+ for eichel if even straight up.

  33. what about fluery 1rst 1rst eichel middlestadt

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