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What To Know About Adin Hill’s Potential Extension

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Adin Hill is a Stanley Cup champion. Adin Hill is also a pending free agent who played so well along the way to becoming a champion he deserves a fairly significant raise.

Yesterday it was reported by Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet that Hill and the Golden Knights are close to a two-year extension worth $4.9 million per year. The deal has not been made official yet, but all signs point to it getting done and the reported salary being exact or fairly close.

So, what does a nearly $10 million, two-year deal for Adin Hill tell us?

First, the Golden Knights believe the run Hill had through the postseason was not a fluke. They were willing to pony up double his 2022-23 salary to ensure he remains in Vegas. By agreeing to the deal before July 1st, it shows the Golden Knights were not ready to even consider losing Hill to another team. It’s possible they could have pinched a few pennies had other teams not offered up as much, but the VGK front office wasn’t willing to take that risk.

Next, it shows a commitment from Hill to the Golden Knights. As a legitimate Conn Smythe candidate, Hill could have potentially commanded more money from another organization as an unrestricted free agent. Instead of waiting to see what was out there, he agreed to stay in Las Vegas before the other suitors could even put their offers on the table.

The price tag of two years at nearly $5 million per season should ring a bell for Vegas fans. It’s almost the exact salary on the books for Robin Lehner through the end of the 2024-25 season. Hill’s new contract is essentially replacing Lehner’s on the Golden Knights’ balance sheet, which likely gives us an indication of what Vegas’ plans are for Lehner moving forward.

Simply put, every indication is that Lehner is not in the Golden Knights’ future blueprint. Lehner’s contract will find its way onto LTIR in which case it’s essentially a one-for-one swap with Hill. Or, they’ll have to find another way out of Lehner’s contract. That would mean either a trade (in which they’d likely have to include an additional asset) or a buyout (which would cost them about $1 million in cap this year, $2 million each of the next two, and another $1 million in a fourth year).

Finally, the quick commitment to Hill probably means the end of Ivan Barbashev’s time in Las Vegas. While there still is a bit of cap space available for the Golden Knights to commit to Barbashev, the price tag he’s expected to command on the open market next week supersedes that amount. Unless the interest isn’t nearly as high on Barbashev as the Russian’s camp is expecting, he’ll almost certainly be a VGK opponent next season when he picks up his Stanley Cup champions ring.


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  1. Richie-Rich

    I think we could get Barbashev for $5m. Of course we would have to part ways with #19. What are the chances?

    • Statusquosucks

      19 is not the same 19… almost completely avoids physical play rather than what 49 delivers in addition to more points than 19 in playoffs

    • John Brown

      Read my post

      • Richie-Rich

        Okay, after 10 times of looking at you reposting “Read my post”, fuck off.

        • John Brown

          Read my POSTS. I will make you smarter than you show in your comments.

  2. John W

    As much as we should hate to lose Barby, we need to be real about his cost.

    And no, Barby is not more valuable than #19. (5 million)

    My opinion is that 4.8 is an over-pay for Hill, but I think it’s a savvy move, given the public perception of we have treated Goalie’s.

    Retaining suddenly very popular Hill will push the Fleury fiasco further back in the minds of fans.

    • Pistol Pete

      Now that Vegas has won the Cup I kind of doubt too many fans are looking back with disdain on the Fleury situation. I know I’m not but then I was not over-the-top critical over how it went down in the first place. I always felt he and his agent were the ones to land the fat $7mil a year deal. Management eventually wanted out. Business is business.

    • Richie-Rich

      Oh, and yes, I do believe that his age (Smith’s) is beginning to become a factor. Barby is 27, Smith is 31. So, I think we can simply agree to respect everyone’s unqualified opinion. If you think Smith is more valuable than Barby then state the reasons. I think Barby is #1 more physical, #2 goes to the net (Smith does not), #3 younger, and the best part is that Barby would provide stability for a few more years than Smith will on this roster. None of these things can be argued with. Now, tell me why Smith is better again?

  3. knights fan in minny

    solid in net aidan and logan

  4. Tim

    I’m not going to second guess management although they have made mistakes the Stanley Cup is hard to argue with. Hill had a great run he’s had a good run but he’s been with 3 other teams. So that brings up the question is he that good or is it Cassidy’s system. I like Barbashev and understand the cost but I’d figure a way starting with Alex Martinez and his 5 million.

    • Pistol Pete

      Even at his age Alec Martinez is worth the last year of his contract. He blocks shots and has a knack for scoring in important games such as the last game of a Cup final. Important presence in the locker room too.

    • THE hockey God

      another FO bash numb nuts


      hello, take your meds golden oldie

    • John Brown

      Read my post

  5. Tiki Owl

    Lehner, the mistake that keeps on giving. Amazing that VGK was the only team of his previous productive stops that was willing to meet his multi season demands. I don’t like losing Barby unless the cost would exceed even what was available without Lehner or that it would cost the team #19.

  6. John W

    I would rather they pulled an Engelland on #23, than mess with #19. There is your 5 million for Barby.

    • THE hockey God

      @John W , your posts make the most sense. #23 has considerably slowed on D. His shot isn’t what it once was.

    • John Brown

      Read my post

  7. Pistol Pete

    I am not worried about losing Barbashev, just glad McCrimmon snagged him for the playoffs. Dorofeyev will be in the playoffs next year. Ten gets you one McCrimmon and Cassidy are banking on that.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Kelly McCrimmon would never ever trade Reilly Smith.

  9. Daniel Burns

    The Hill signing means one thing to me. The VGK are planning a path to back-to-back Cups. Maybe Barbie will stay for one year or two years for less than he’d get on the open market because he wants to win another Cup. If not, best wishes. He deserves to get paid. And we have younger guys who can do his job.

  10. Richie-Rich

    Barbashev was the missing ingredient that made that line click. The Golden Knights should do as much as they can to try and sign him to a deal here. I know people are saying Smith is better, but Barbashev is 4 years younger and was a huge factor in this cup run. Smith? Barbashev? Maybe. Martinez has a good year left in him. I don’t see him moving or being traded.

    • Emmanuel

      Id rather let them both go, but id keep Barbie over Hill. Overpaying at G is the begining of the end. That sounds like starter $ but is Hill the starter?

      • TS

        Emmanuel, I wonder why your Goalie opinion is so low? It seems you feel Goalies aren’t worth REAL money, compared to the rest. Not sure why you diminish a G’s value ans importance to a team, but WITHOUT Hill, we would have gone home halfway through the Playoffs!

        • 44Pronger

          Goalies are so hard to know what will happen year to year. So many flashes in the pan win cups then fall back. What will Hill be. But hw do you not sign the 2nd most important player in the cup run?

        • Emmanuel

          He seems to be out of position often. I credit the team defense not Hill. Last year proved you can stick any of the G in there and they will be solid, except for Quick.
          Yes I undervalue G because they are overvalued. There are some G that shouldnt be in the NHL like Quick, but the top 80 G are interchangeable except PERHAPS for a half dozen of them and even thats questionable. Move Ullmark to the Coyotes is he still All-World?

          • TS

            Well, HILL WAS facing the best offenses in the league, through the Playoffs. He literally did CARTWHEELS to battle through the attacks. Yes, he does slide out of position at times. He has MASS added to his inertia, causing big moves at times. But, he still was a HUGE blockade for opponents, and he certainly stunned them all with his ability to STOP THE PUCK throughout Playoffs. He EARNED his chance to repeat, and if it costs us $$$$, I think he’s WORTH HIS $$$

          • Emmanuel

            Rumor is LT is being shopped…….

    • John Brown

      Read my post

  11. Looking ahead in the future to Games50-60 next season….i am not one for ‘I told you so’s’…and i sure hope it doesnt come to pass…but I do not foresee Adin as our savior in goal…he obviously was on our path to the Cup this year but I just think that is way too much money for an oft-injured journeyman in net…Im just a fan with a set of eyes…the front office must see …hope??…something more.. that i dont see and again i hope i am wrong and have to eat crow when Adin dons the #4 jersey again next year!…and what if logan is our main guy again next year…hes a good guy and teammate…but how is he going to feel when his paycheck arrives vs his backup hill?

    I also dont want to pay Barbashev anywhere near that amount of money either…just as with Hill we would be paying top 6 money based on a short sample size…and yes i relaize he was on our top line…but also recognize he was slotted as a 4th liner when he arrived here…i love his game…physical…gritty…nerves of steel…a perfect complement to wherever he would be in the lineup but at $% mill for 5 yrs…uh uh!!!

    Lastly…does anyone know why VGK banners have never flown in summerlin approaching City National Arena..especially now as we are the champs??

    • Donald Bittle

      Agree completely

    • TS

      Larry, did Summerlin need to order those SC banners, like I have done? MY order won’t be delivered until late June/July!

    • 44 pronger

      Learning why it is so hard to repeat. Everyone wants to get paid. Vegas is very lucky there is no cap in the playoffs. Even luckier if Lehner goes LTIR again. No way they win the cup with him on the roster. That is 5 mil less to spend and he can’t win the big one.

  12. JV

    One thing about Barbashev. I believe the Blues played him mostly at Center this season. The shift to Wing obviously helped him here. Really need to find a way to keep him.
    IMHO, Hill is getting overpaid. Is he a system goalie? I don’t believe he would have gotten 5M per as UFA with such a small sample size. Teams have made mistakes giving more experienced G 5M+ and have paid for it. Murray, Campbell, Petersen come to mind. Maybe Brossoit is more injured than believed. Thompson looked comfortable skating around with a 30 lb. Cup, but no news since.

    • THE hockey God

      barby crushed Rudas and sent him to the dressing room, that alone was price of admission to game two. I don’t see anyone else other than Kolesar doing as much on the roster. I hope they find a way to keep him on the team

    • John Brown

      Read my post

      • THE hockey GOD

        i did
        i like it

        “old time hockey , coach
        Eddie Shore
        Toe Blake” – the hanson brothers, slapshot

    • 44pronger

      Don’t forget the most similar situation to Hill. Binnington with the Blues. They signed him for 6 years for $36 million so they didn’t lose their 2nd in Conn Smythe voting goalie.

  13. Donald Bittle

    Lehner will either be LTIR or assigned to Henderson. If someone claims him good for him and us. If he plays well in the AHL he’ll be prime trade material

    • THE hockey GOD

      the only way RL comes to play if he avoids process servers

  14. Jailbird

    As fans we might not always agree with or understand the moves the McGMs make, but by now we should realize they know what they are doing. Hills success wasn’t just because of our system. He made many amazing saves in the playoffs. Plus he is feisty and takes no crap from opponents. Also, no way we will breakup our six d-men, not this year! I believe Cotter can developer and provide same kind of physical game as Barby did.

  15. Vic

    Interesting to see what was missing during tonight’s NHL Awards show……The VGK. Just the way it should be….others get the individual prizes, and the VGK have the greatest team prize of them all. P.S. Marchy’s prize is nice as well.

    Agree with THG about Barby. He was massive in the second season, and it won’t be so easy to get back the chemistry he brought to his line. Nice to have the goalie duo, but Barby will be missed when the going gets real from April-June when the big boy pants go on. I thought Mgmt was screwed up the past few years, but they pushed the right buttons, and they came out on top. Hope good decisions continue.

  16. John Brown

    So Hill with with 27 Regular games 2.5/92%, 16 Playoff games 2.17/94% wants Kuemper 2.87/91%, Ullmark 1.8/94%, Saros 2.69/92%, Oettinger 2.37/92% and Sorokin 2.34/92% for 27 regular games.

    Those goalies have 2-5 years of full time playing.

    Tell Hill to fuck off. There are NINE goalies with 2-5 full seasons with near identical records as him making $2,000,000-$4,000,000 per year.

    He is NOT worth $4,900,000/ year for two years. He wants TWO years, then UFA at 29 in his prime.

    VGK offer should be FOUR years @ $3,700,000-$4,000,000/year. Tell him he can make that and NO state tax or go to a tax state for $4,900,000 and make $4,000,000 after state tax and higher cost of living.

    ALSO leak that you are calling in Brossoit to talk to him about his future with the club.

    • Pistol Pete

      Appreciate your “DD” but I’’m deferring to Sean Burke and McCrimmon when it comes to keeping Hill and consider they were shrewd enough to acquire him from SJ in the first place. How good does that move look now that they won the Cup with Hill in the net?!!!

      • Richie-RIch

        I was hoping they would find a way to keep both Hill and Barbashev. I thought $4 to $4.5m would have gotten the deal done. Apparently $4.9m.

        As good as Dorofeyev may become someday, we all saw what a huge difference Barbashev made this year. I am still hoping they find a way to keep him even if it means the end of the line for Smith. I heard some people say Martinez is too old and too slow, but he continues to be a rock solid D and the best shot blocker in the league. Even if VGK were to trade him, it is likely the VGK would have to eat a large portion of his CAP. I am hoping they keep #23.

        • John Brown

          Read my post.

          • THE hockey GOD

            i did
            i like it r2

            “old time hockey , coach
            Eddie Shore
            Toe Blake” – the hanson brothers, slapshot

      • Richie-Rich

        PP-I won’t be criticizing the FO as much as I used to. The proof is in the result, and the result was Cup in 6. Stanley Cup Champions. That’s a phrase that’s never going to wear off! I was right on the Lehner acquisition and the hiring of DeBoer. Cassidy should be here for a very long time. Back-to-Back? It’s quite possible with a team this deep and talented, if they can stay healthy. They are going to have to be careful with Stone. I have had back problems for decades and never had surgery. I can only imagine how difficult it is for Stone to still be playing and at such a high level. Stone’s health is one of the big reasons why I think it is important to try and hold onto Barbashev. If they can somehow find a way then do it. He is only 27 and could be a top forward for us for the next 6 years or so.

    • Steve

      Read my post

  17. John Brown

    Available cap space left WITH Lehner’s $5,000,000 AAV is $3,462,516 based on $83,500,000 2023-2024 Cap space maximum limit according to Cap Friendly.

    ALL the Unrestricted Free Agents of Howden, Barbashev, Brossoit, Hill, Patrick, Quick, Kessel and Blueger EQUALS $15,300,00 available cap space IF they were ALL were to leave.

    That means we HAVE $18,762,516 TOTAL to sign who and when.

    $4,000,000/year for Barbashev for (3) years carries him ONE year past Marchy’s UFA date.

    $4,000,000/yr for Hill OR Brossoit for (4) years. Do they want to win another Cup or go for the money with a non Cup contender. The present theory is Colorado, Toronto, Boston, Avalanche, Oilers, Dallas, Florida and VGK are the front runners. NON of those 7 teams needs a 1A or 1B goalie. If neither stays, there are (10) UFA goalies ages 24-27 with $4,000,000 AAV and similar stats. They are NOT the only good $4,000,000 goalies out there on the market

    $2,500,000/yr for (3) years for Howden. Stephy/Stone think highly of him. He is a 200′ player.

    You now have spent $10,250,000 of the $18,762, 516 and now have 2 very good young forwards and a battle tested 1A/1B goalie for at least THREE years.

    The cap money already allocated for next year also includes Cotter, Thompson and Hutton already.

    Say good bye to Kessel, Quick, Patrick, Blueger and Hill or Brossoit.

    You now have $8,512, 516.

    You now have money to buy out Lehner if you can’t trade him or get someone to pick him up on waivers or waive his contract for some conduct violations (slime chance).

    Plus enough to pay the RFA’s who played enough NHL games to get a NHL contract and “maybe” enough money left ($2,000-$4,000) to pick up to an “elite ” goalie with that 2-4 million and the 4 million you didn’t get to spend on Hill or Brossoit.

    AND remember, Vegas has a 97 cost of living index (100 is average). Every team except Florida/Dallas (no state income tax) is going to have a COLI in the 125 to 150 range.

    To live like a Vegas $4,000,000 player, you will need $5,000,000 in other places except Florida/Texas. IF VGK Chief Financial Officer does not explain that to Barbashev, Hill, Brossoit and Howden, they failed to do due diligence for the organization

    You’re welcome.

    74 years old
    Bruins fan (1963-1967) Pittsburgh had no team
    Penguins fan (1967-2017) Fleury/Jagr fan
    VGK fan the DAY they took Fleury in expansion draft
    B.S. in ECONOMICS (Liars will figure, but figures do not lie)

    • JV

      Remember Stone was on LTIR and Shea Weber as well until they traded that cap hit in Feb. (which worked out great for AZ. 3 years of 7.4 cap hit while only costing 3M total in real cash.)That was what close to 17 million in LTIR. Besides Lehner’s 5M, who else they have?

      Howden is RFA with arbitration rights. Guessing he gets 1.25M x 2.

      Apparently Logan Thompson is well enough to play in the charity softball game against the National Felons League team that stinks out a stadium.

    • 44 pronger

      Economics say Cup Winners want to get paid so you figures get thrown out. Unless there is some magic draw to keep them most look for more money. Captains leave for more money or a special contract clause. And there are plenty of place far cheaper than Vegas to live that have teams.

    • Steve

      Read my post

  18. Sorvino

    Are people here really doubting the best front office in the league again???

    Holy Shit!!! Shocking!!!

    • Pistol Pete

      Amazing how some fans think they know the business of managing an NHL team better than a GM! Quite amusing to watch the FO doubters after this one won the Cup. Wonders never cease!

      I will say if John Brown is correct and Jesse Granger is wrong about there being enough cap space after signing Hill to sign Barby that would be great but something tells me Granger has the number right.

      • Richie-Rich

        The only way to keep Barby is to give up another big piece. That’s either Smith or Martinez. Of course that includes getting rid of Lehner as well.

        • Pistol Pete

          R-R most of Lehner’s $5m must be out of the picture otherwise McCrimmon could not sign Hill for $4.9m. He will never ever trade Smith or Martinez to keep Barbashev. Barby is a piece that was valuable to the postseason run but McCrimmon simply does not have the room to sign him. He’s counting on #16 to emerge as a top six player acquiring the additional physicality sufficient for the playoffs. Pav is not dumb. He knows what he’s has to do to go to the next level. He may not be able to do it actually but I’m betting he can. Cotter is in the picture too but I think #16 is the more talented stick handler and scorer.

  19. THE hockey GOD

    no. 16 does not know how to play like this, yet

    • Pistol Pete

      That’s true but #16 can learn to get closer to it just by hitting more. I agree though. Eichel does not hit like Barby either however. We have not given Kolesar enough credit for what he did to Tkachuk. It seems in his wisdom McCrimmon has kept Koley around in part due to his ability to hit. Have you seen him shirtless? He can also skate which enhances his physicality.

  20. John Brown

    Granger is WRONG. That’s why he is NOT an Economist.

    IF you look at VGK Cap Friendy it tells you EXACTLY what VGK has obligated for 2023-2024 and that include Lehner.

    That number is $3,462,516.

    Look at Cap Friendly and it will tell you we paid the UFA $15,300,000 LAST SEASON.

    Granger likes to pretend he all knowing about hockey.

    I am 74. 60 years as a fan with experience in “revenue management”.

    Only thing Granger has managed is to fool people into thinking he understands math and revenue management.

    Liars will figure, but figures do NOT lie.

    • Richie-Rich

      Damn, hell. That’s the answer to every team’s GM problems. Just hire a fucking economist. Problem solved.

      Economists in this country have us $32 Trillion in debt. Fuck them.

      • knights fan in minny

        well said R-R

      • John Brown

        Nope and nope. There has never been an “economist” who SIGNED bills putting us trillions in debt which is why I put bank robbers, prostitutes, and used car salesmen higher than politicians on my “morals” scale. Politicians vote for trillions and I guarantee you they do not consult a “economist”

        It is NOT “economics” in hockey, it is “revenue management”.

        When I was a McDonald’s manager, our computer had THREE years of sales by that tracked sales by day, time, weather that day and sales PER hour.

        Half way through the 7AM-Noon, Noon-5PM and 5PM-10PM shift , the computer would review the sales compared to that day, day before, day after for EVERY month going back THREE years.

        If that days sales where lagging by 25% or more, you sent someone home early as your labor operating costs were approaching more than 33% affecting your REVENUE for the day.

        Operating costs are “optimal” when labor is 33%, raw materials are 33% and overhead (utilities, taxes, maintenance) are 33%.

        I guarantee that VGK has a computer software system for “revenue management”

        As an example they have EVERY NHL goalie in their system and ALL their analytics, cost PER goals stopped of every team goalie played and that teams strength within the division. They have thousands of data points that can tell them what Hill or Brossoit should get paid on a two, three, four year etc .

        And it is NOT $4,900,000/year for two years for Hill. That doesn’t mean that don’t overpay what he is actually worth which is $3,797,000 for 4 years and $4,250,000 for 3 years.

        Again he is NOT the only goalie out there that has his stats.

        You can run that software for any player. It is “only” a starting point. Lots of variables go in the final decision.

        AND don’t make the mistake that Hill has VGK over the barrel. The VGK are Stanley Cup champions. The ownership is in the drivers seat. They are in MORE demand than Hill is. There are 8-9 Hills out there that are UFA’s and would fit into the VGK culture.

        As I said before, the other seven teams that are projected for the 2024 playoffs do NOT need a 1A or 1B goalie.

        So would you take $3,797,000/year for 4 years or go play for Jets/San Jose/Chicago etc for $4,900,000 for two years.

    • Pistol Pete

      John Brown all I can say is I hope your calculations are correct and there is ample room for Hill @ $4.9m and Barbs for another $5m (minimum from what the talk is) plus another $3-4m for Howden and Dorofeyev. Hope you are right, I think Barby is a good fit. Fact is I am probably not convinced he’s really worth $5m though. McCrimmon is qualified to make that call. I am not.

      • Pistol Pete

        P. S. John Brown

        Adding it all together on CapFriendly it comes to $74,248,317 (that is adding together CapFriendly’s sub-totals for forwards, D and G). That is zero for Lehner though and according to Granger he will be $750k (more according to Ken). That total also does not include Korzcak ($789,167) who obviously does not need to be signed to the roster.

        If we allow $750K for Lehner the total is $74,748,317.

        Cap $83,500,000 minus $74, 748, 317 = $8,751, 683

        That makes Granger’s $8.5m pretty close (he used the CapFriendly numbers). CapFriendly includes Korczak which more than negates the $750k for Lehner. Note with Lehner LTIR CapFriendly shows $8,462,516 (includes Korczak).

        No way is there room for Barbashev not unless I am missing a piece.

        • John Brown

          Use PROJECTED cap hit of $80,037,484 which includes Lehner.

          With $83,500,000 cap space for 2023-2024 VGK has $3,462,516 as you project cap space based on Lehner being healthy before start of seasonto make the “RIGHT” moves aka move, trade or buy out Lehner. There is a 5% chance Lehner is a VGK goalie in the upcoming season.

          NEXT, management “assumes” we are getting rid of all the UFAs who salaries total $15,300,000.

          You NOW $18,462,516 of cap space to “solve our player problems” Again is $5,000,000 cap space no matter if he is healthy. We are talking PRE-SEASON decisions.

          Read my other posts as to how much to pay Hill or Brossoit, Barbashev, Howden and RFAs.

          VGK has the cap space to do what they want.

          Lehner is the problem. Ideal is trade him for a 100th round pick or LTIR.

          Trade you got $5,000,000 more cap space. LTIR, you can go $5,000,000 above $83,500,00 cap limit. Buyout is worse scenario. That is DEAD money, just like retaining salary.

          Send Quick, Patrick, Kessel, Blueger and Hill or Brossoit on there merry way. Cotter and Hutton as backup forward and defensemen.

          L.T. and Hill are your goalies.

    • Steve

      Read my post

  21. LVsc

    simple solution. sign Barby, and put Marty on LTIR until the playoffs.

    remember, that serious skate cut to his face also left him with concussion problems that kept him out for months.

    • Pistol Pete

      That’s an interesting idea but Martinez is not really disabled. Don’t think that one would pass muster.

  22. Jailbird

    This is exhausting, all the blah blah. Especially this new expert John brown! In nay a few days we will actually find out what happens. Knights are Stanley Cup Champions, but it didn’t take long for all the bullshit to start back up here! So funny!

  23. TS….i was more referring to why there is NO…i repeat NO banners of any kind when you turn on So. Pavillion and heading to City National Areana…in fact there is nothing at that entrance that would indicate anything about the Golden Knights!!…why wouldnt the city of Summerlin have banners everywhere…the same can certianly be said about Red Rock Casino!!

    • TS

      Larry, I agree!! I am also baffled at the LACK of VGK acknowledgement, esp considering the facility is there. AND most all players live there.Summerlin should be decked out in VGK regalia, ABSOLUTELY!! ( but i’m still gonna be waiting weeks for my champ stuff!)

    • Steve

      Maybe it’s so this doesn’t go to the players heads? Yes it’s monumental, and great for the city, but perhaps the team asked for it not to done in the area of town the players live & train in.

  24. Emmanuel… i do tend to agree with your observation Hill was caught out of position on many occassions…sometimes he emulated Quick in those dubious moments…his paddle save was miraculous…of course he was in another zip code when he had to dive back across!!!…but overall he swallowed up rebounds much like # 90 did in his first 3 games with the team….that was a false image of him as we all know!

  25. Richie-Rich

    I seriously doubt that LT is being shopped, unless it is to try and move up in the draft. He’s a bargain at his salary and has 3 years remaining on his contract. Could be due to a lack in trust from an injury perspective? That would make sense.

    First round is starting soon, so if it is draft related we will know something very soon.

  26. Richie-Rich

    Smith to the Penguins for a 3rd round pick. Sad to see an original misfit leave us, but if it means keeping Barby (age 27) and losing Smith (32), it’s a good move for roster stability as well as makes us competitive next year with Dorofeyev and Cotter contributing more.

  27. LVsc

    who is the guy who said they would NEVER trade Reilly Smith??

    guess what? he’s gone to Pitt for a 3rd round pick.

    hello Barby?

  28. LVsc

    Ivan Barbashev is back !!!!!

    5 years, 25m

  29. LVsc

    give me Barbashev in the playoffs over Smith because of the physical play he brings in addition to blending in perfectly with Jack Eichel and 81.

    and 5 years younger.

  30. Richie-Rich

    Barby, 5yrs, $25 million.
    Nailed it
    2nd Cup in year 7.

  31. vgk21

    VGK still has $8.46m in cap space with RL either gone or LTIR

    • John Brown

      You have to ADD $13,500,000 to that that we were paying Hill, Brossoit, Patrick, Quick, Kessel and Blueger in 2022-2023. FIVE of those SIX are going bye bye.

      We have $14,962, 516 of REAL money to spend. That does NOT include Lehner’s “normal” cap space OR Lehner’s LTIR cap space.

      That money is for Hill orBrossoit, Howden, RFA signings and leaves about $2,400,000-$4,000,000 left over for another forward or D man.

      Trade Lehner for a bag of pucks (or LTIR) and you have $5,000, 000 MORE to add to that “left over” $2,000,000-$4,000,000.

      Liars will figure, but figures do NOT lie.

      B.S. Economics

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