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What Do The Avalanche Think Of Playing The Golden Knights In The Playoffs?

Has there ever been a more fitting picture for an article on this site? I think not. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Like we asked after the Minnesota Wild game, we posed the same question to the Colorado Avalanche. How does your team matchup against the Golden Knights in a seven game series?

I think it would be a good matchup. I think it would be a fun series. In the playoffs anything can happen.  -Gabriel Landeskog, Colorado Captain

The Captain was diplomatic and carefully didn’t give out any bulletin board material. His frustrated teammate however…

I think it’s pretty even. They came out buzzing in the third, but I thought for the first two periods of 5-on-5 we did a good job. Yeah, hopefully we do see them in the first round. I think we match up pretty well against them. -Nathan MacKinnon, Colorado Forward

The Hart candidate followed up with why he believes playing the Golden Knights in the first-round would be a good draw for the Avalanche.

Yeah, it’s not a super physical game from either team. I think it’s exciting hockey to watch. I think in Denver it was a fun game to watch and being here is another entertaining game. It’s a lot of off the rush stuff and a lot of speed. -MacKinnon

Avs coach Jared Bednar initially spit out a whole bunch of nonsense coach speak, but we eventually got him talking Golden Knights.

I am not going to talk about a first-round match up. We have got to get there first… We just played them back-to-back, we haven’t seen them all year basically since early in the season. It was two intense hockey games. The other night we managed to get two points in the shootout. So two hard fought games and both intense games, good pace to them so fun hockey games, you know? -Jared Bednar, Colorado Head Coach

On the other side of the game was Jonathan Marchessault, who recognizes Colorado’s talent. Well, he recognizes one talent.

Yeah they have a good team, they have a really good line. McKinnon’s line is just amazing. If we’re able to shut them down we’ll be good. -Jonathan Marchessault

Shut down #29, and VGK’s in good shape, at least so says Marchessault.

They’re definitely a fast team. That guy [McKinnon] when he gets the puck he’s definitely an amazing player to watch, but you can’t watch him. You got to stay close to him and limit time and options on him. If we do that, we’ll be fine. -Marchessault

What does linemate and 40 goal-scorer William Karlsson think about a possible Colorado matchup?

Honestly, I don’t think we think about that right now. There’s still six or seven games left so a lot of things can happen. -William Karlsson

Bill, there are six games left, and your coach expects five more goals… better get on your horse.


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  1. 1. O.t shoot out was even, Av’s won.
    2. After Belle was hurt, VGK sleeping giant was wide awake thus resulting in assault led by Marshy and Third period massacre in which Av’s fell to the sword.
    That last game was true VGK hockey..and if we are playing what we have seen most of the season out of VGK (minus 10 games prior to last) there will be no contest. You need more than McKinnon.

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