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“We’re Built To Play”; In Front Of Fans Or Not

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It’s going to be different. It’s going to be quiet. It’s going to be weird.

But according to Mark Stone, it’s going to be just as intense as ever when the games finally get going in front of empty seats at a hub city somewhere in North America.

No matter what the surroundings or what the setting is, I think the intensity is going to be there. -Stone

Vegas fans are so used to seeing their team play in front of 18,000 screaming fans inside of a building with a sound system that makes jet engines sound like lullabies. They’re also used to players both home and away explaining how important to fans are to the success of the Golden Knights.

But the fact of the matter is when you take it all away, as awkward as it will look visually, hockey is still hockey and the best players in the world will be competing for the same prize they’ve dreamed of winning since they were young boys.

I’ve played competitive games since I was five or six years old in front of no people. We’re hockey players. We’re built to play. We’re built to try and win. -Stone

It’s hard for fans to digest, but when push comes to shove, they really don’t influence the game in any significant way.

Players are used to playing in empty buildings because it’s what they all grew up doing.

I’m excited. I want to compete for the Stanley Cup. I want to play hockey and get back to work. -Stone

This really is work for these guys. And whether they are entertaining you in person or on TV, the ultimate goal remains the same.

Hopefully, empty buildings won’t last long and we’ll see the Stanley Cup lifted in a jam-packed home arena, but while the buildings are empty, rest assured that the players playing in them will be playing the same way they do when the buildings are full.

Oh, and don’t expect Mark Stone’s expressions to change either.




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  1. simon

    Perhaps less competitive players than Mark Stone would disagree with him?

  2. Ken, you can’t even imagine how ready I am for the @GoldenKnights and the @NHL. I’m in hospital here in north San Diego county waiting to be discharged after four weeks inside due to four heart bypasses. I feel great and ready to break off the tops of batteries with my teeth and downing the acid to propel me forward. LV needs to be a hub, fans inside or not. And #vgk4eva will be at the team’s side ready to go. #GoKnightsGo!

  3. Doktor Hockey

    As I’ve said before regarding this … The real professionals, WITH that cup desire, will play just as hard empty arena or not. After a couple of hits & skirmishes it will come down to just who’s there, on-the-ice, that matters. It’s playoff hockey!!!! The greatest playoffs in the world!!!!

  4. Does NBC import canned 60s era cheering sound effects? LOL

  5. Jim

    Nobody listens to me….no hockey for 18 months. Already a Bruins player testing positive ….all this foolishness from Buttman…..a pipedream from the start

    • sb

      I am confident you are the one in a hundred.
      Poverty kills more people than this virus.

  6. Doktor Hockey

    Boston player was tested twice more later and was NEGATIVE ! Other news: One source saying Las Vegas WILL be a hub city!

  7. Tim

    With us being a hub city I would have to believe they’ll have an eastern team as the other hub city to play games throughout the day. Ken I haven’t heard much about the players skate time are they having two or three groups of six every day getting in shape? We know the first group that skated basically all the elder statesmen now how have they broke up the other groups?

    • Because they are voluntary skates, we are not going to get full details. But from what we understand, the entire team is skating again.

  8. Tim

    Ken have you heard when they’ll name the extra players they can bring up?

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