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“We Have To Find A Way To Score Some Goals”

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With the injuries stacking up, the Golden Knights need a lot more offensively out of those who are in the lineup. That starts with the man who etched his name into the Conn Smythe trophy a year ago.

At the end of the day, we have to find a way to score some goals. It’s a privilege to play in the NHL and you have to find a way to do the job because they don’t care what you’ve done in the past so you need to take the opportunity in front of you and right now we don’t have enough guys that are doing that. When you have Jack and Karlsson not there, a guy like me, you have to find the back of the net. -Jonathan Marchessault

Marchessault hasn’t scored in the last nine games. He had scored 17 in the first 34 games which had him on pace for a 40-goal season. Now, he needs to get going again just to reach 30.

His linemate is in a similar slump. Ivan Barbashev also hasn’t found the back of the net in Vegas’ last nine games. Barbashev’s production has been scarce this season when he has played on a line without both Jack Eichel and Mark Stone. When matched up with both of VGK’s best players, Barbashev is recording nearly a point per game, without them, he’s barely reaching a point every five games.

Barbashev-Eichel-Stone (16 games): 5 goals, 8 assists, 13 points,
Barbashev-Eichel-Marchessault (24 games): 4 goals, 2 assists, 6 points
Barbashev-Karlsson-Marchessault (2 games): 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 points

Head coach Bruce Cassidy is begging for offense down the lineup as well.

We do have some guys now, the middle group, they’ve been in the league in a few years, and they haven’t produced for a long time. When you take other guys out of the lineup that typically do someone else has to fill in for those goals. -Bruce Cassidy

That “middle group” he’s talking about includes Michael Amadio, Brett Howden, Nic Roy, and Paul Cotter.

Games since last goal
Brett Howden – 19 games
Paul Cotter – 9 games
Michael Amadio – 5 games
Nic Roy – 3 games

It’s not just goal-scoring either. In the last 15 games, none of those players has registered five points or more. Combined, since December (19 games), the middle group of four has a total of 8 goals and 23 points.

The last problem is since Shea Theodore’s injury, Vegas has gotten almost nothing from the blue line. In the past 14 games, defensemen have scored just one goal in regulation.

Games since last goal in regulation
Nic Hague – 33 games
Alex Pietrangelo – 28 games
Brayden McNabb – 14 games
Zach Whitecloud – 14 games
Alec Martinez – 7 games

Add it all up and it’s no surprise the Golden Knights are struggling to score. With Eichel, Theodore, Karlsson, Carrier, and possibly Stephenson all out of the lineup once again tonight, the tide will have to shift. No one cares where the offense comes from, it just has to come back. And soon.






  1. Richie-Rich

    I guess we have to begin questioning that Howden extension?

    Injuries are definitely factor in the recent skid. We could very well find ourselves fourth in the Division if this doesn’t turn around soon.

    Opponents are getting way too much penetration and the D is using their sticks and bodies but the new rules do not allow for checking in front of the crease any longer. I watch closely for this and the refs are not very good at catching and calling this. They need to do a better job of clogging up the shooting lanes. Pucks are getting blocked but the rebounds have too often been in the crease or too close. The VGK are not winning those rebounds and are getting burned.

    In any case, the goaltending and D really isn’t that bad. A lack of offense is ending up in too many chances for opponents. There was a huge disparity in energy between periods 1-2 and 3 in the last game. The energy and intensity level simply hasn’t been near consistent enough the past two months. The only 3 players that I have seen putting in the effort is Marchy, Eichel and Stone. These 3 have been creating chances. I would put Dorofeyev in that group as well. He’s been pretty sharp.

    Cotter continues to be unable to take his game to the next level. He’s pretty quick, has strength, but his passing and shooting hasn’t been near consistent enough. In fact, I believe he has regressed. He could be a trade piece at the deadline. Sad, because I wear a Gold jersey with his number on it. I may have to get #16 and swap that out!

    Young Brisson may get his chance today. This team needs a sniper. This is his trademark. He has a great one, but is he ready for the NHL? Probably not.

  2. Emmanuel

    Howdens a bubble NHL’er. 4th liner/AHL’er. He got “hot” when it mattered but look at those career stats, YIKES!

    I like Barbashev….as a third liner. Hes OK, but hes a checker/35 point guy.

    Cotter and a D should be dangled for a PURE scorer.

    • Richie-Rich

      I think we have plenty of depth on D to dangle Pietrangelo and Howden for a trade, throw Cotter in for good measure. Pachal, Korczak and Cormier who I really like are good prospects. That leaves us with plenty of defensemen. Go get a legit sniper if there are buyers with that asset. Or, if not, get some picks and prospects. #7’s offense has been putrid and his defense is suspect too often despite his GWG in OT last game. Whitecloud, Theodore and Cormier are all 3 excellent skaters, pass extremely well and can bring offensive punch.

  3. ThG

    mid season slump, dog days of schedule

    wait until we get back full line up; meanwhile just keep plugging away.

    If Lions can win a playoff game, despite the REFs screwing up more than once; anything can happen. Even a 82 year old pResident of White House falls off a bicycle , or on stage, or on stairwell every so often. Anything can happen.

    sez me

  4. ThG

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    This is so sad, and Genocide Joe owns this, he funded Iran who funded these sub humans. Silence is what is coming out of the WH upon this news. No wonder his ratings are at new lows.

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