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Watch Part Tonight At The Space

Come join us tonight at The Space to watch the game in Calgary.

Giordano’s pizza will be on hand to feed those in attendance. We’ll have trivia before, during intermissions, and after the game with great prizes from SportsTown. And, following the game a live Periscope with questions from the audience.

The event is open to all ages with the doors opening at 5.

See you tonight!


Golden Knights Appear To Be Turning A Corner At 6-on-5




  1. Achilles

    Which part?

  2. JB

    Can’t make it but sounds like fun! LA lost last knight, so chance to move back into third. Question is: Where do we want to finish? Third, and play Oilers in first round. Or wildcard, and play AVs or Stars in round one? I know we will have to get by the Oilers at some point to advance,but myself I would rather not that be in the first round. Thoughts?

    • Kevin C

      If it ended today, VGK gets Vancouver. VGK is WC2 and VAN has a good lead in the conference…so there’s that to consider. I get your point though … do you really want to pass up LA only to then get Edmonton. Heck, if Oilers go on a longer run, they could pass VAN and then it changes again. No avoiding the good teams though…just glad we’re talking about playoff opponents instead of wondering if VGK will even get there (which isn’t a full lock just yet)

      • JB

        No, not a lock yet but trending the right way. Need solid game tonight. If LT goes then I hope he can solve his road problems.

    • knights fan in minny

      the boys ousted them last year no reason they cant this year

  3. Emmanuel

    Thats in my hood, never been there though (dead end street?).

  4. knights fan in minny

    carrier in tonight

  5. JB

    Due your thing Will. Get the boys riled up!

  6. My firm belief still is as our boys get healthier and up to game speed shape…our forechecking will lead to extended offensive zone time…lessen the pressure on the D-corp which in turn will lessen the pressure of whoever is tending the goal.. I’m expecting Carrier to be fully at game speed tonight as the 4th line is reunited and regenerated.

  7. ThG

    article left out this part >>>

    “The moment Biden suggests taking a few questions, his handlers come flying in like Secret Service agents taking a bullet, yelling at the press to get back in their cars,”

    While Biden claimed that Hur brought up the topic of his son’s death, transcripts actually show that it was Biden himself who brought it up. This questions the credibility of Biden’s entire testimony and shows that he is willing to manipulate the truth for his own benefit.

    the media and handlers covering for the worst president in history in last 50 years, worse than Carter and OBAMA. That takes some feat.

  8. JB

    So far into the third, not going to win playing like this. Out skated, out hit. Come on!

  9. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Weak Sauce!

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