Yeah, I know it’s mid season college and professional football time. Sure, it’s October and there’s playoff baseball going on as well. Heck, if you’re a NASCAR fan I’m sure something is going on. However there’s something that most of you are ignoring. Hockey.

I’m here to plead to you Vegas, please watch more hockey.

The Las Vegas market isn’t, and has never been, a city that pulls good hockey ratings. Heading into another season, I’d like to see our ratings go up, and prove Las Vegas cares about hockey as much as the hashtag insists. As they annoyingly say about the Major League Baseball All- Star game, “This Time It Counts.

The rest of the continent for the most part still doubts us as a hockey city. Who are we kidding, half our own city doubts we’re a hockey city. So if we show the hockey world that were not watching, the doubting will continue.

I know in the grand scheme of things, the ratings won’t matter if Sin City is awarded a franchise. It’s the Penguins fans, the Habs fans, the Red Wings fans, that look down on cities like Miami and Phoenix. We don’t want to be recognized as another one of Betttman’s mistake cities.

While myself and others show their NHL pride with bumper stickers or license plate holders, it’s the football fans we need to join us. When most were watching Thursday Night Football, puckheads were watching the Wild and Avalanche or the Stars and Penguins.

Try it out, get your sports television fix by watching the flawless goaltending of Carey Price, the slickness of John Tavares, or the all around skill of Jamie Benn. Watch Dustin Brown lay out a perfectly timed hit, Corey Perry rifle a top shelf bomb, and Jaromir Jagr still dazzle. It’s the NHL, it’s a gift.

Las Vegas wants to be a success and nothing less, and getting to know the league better could help the anticipation. Sure there’s no horse in the race, but if that’s what you need there’s always a sports book; go place a bet, believe me, that will help get things started.

Just watch more hockey Las Vegas, trust me you’ll want too.