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Watch The Actual NHL Lottery

The first NHL Draft Lottery including the Vegas Golden Knights went as poorly as possible for the NHL’s newest team.

The video below is the actual footage of the Lottery from the war room in Toronto where it went down. The league did once again use the 14 ball system yielding 1000 possible outcomes. Remember, the Golden Knights were assigned 103 of those 1000 possible combinations and none of them were selected in the three lotteries.

Bettman gives an extended explanation of how Vegas is integrated into the lottery. Still kind of surreal to hear him referencing Vegas as a part of the league and not dancing around it like he’s done for the past three years or so.

We have yet to locate the “random number look up chart” as referenced in the video. In 2015 and 2016 they released it so it should come out eventually. When we find it, we’ll post it. Apparently the Golden Knights were one number off of winning the 3rd pick. Hopefully we get to see the chart to see how close they were to first and second as well.

So, enjoy 14 minutes of lottery madness. Hopefully the next time Vegas is involved it doesn’t go this poorly.

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**If you watch this video and still think the lottery is rigged, you need to go get your head checked.**


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  1. RJ

    So here is my silver lining scenario:

    With the first pick Las Vegas selects Michael Rasmussen. He is a bit of a reach, going 10-15 in some mock drafts, but also going as high as 4 in mock drafts. Rasmussen is 6’6″ and 215lbs. He is a good skater and a strong two way player but probably will never develop into a top scorer. Did I mention he is 6’6″ and 215lbs? Whatever else happens, you cant teach size.

    There will be plenty of players with comparable skill, but very few with skill AND size. Even in the expansion draft and in FA it will be difficult to find players with his rare combination. I like Rasmussen because of that. Even if he is a bust SOME team will want to roll the dice on his size and we can spin some value for him later. Rasmussen fits the bill whether the plan is to win ASAP or to build future value.

    With the third pick in the second round there is a VERY good chance we can gamble on the best goalie in the draft. I dont understand why in a poor class of forwards and defensement no Goalies are projected to go in the first round. Why take the 20th forward or the 15th defenseman when we can take the 1st or 2nd goalie? Either Ken Petruzelli or Jake Oettinger should be available and both will likely develop into NHL netminders. Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen would be a little bit of a reach, but holy cow that name is sweet.

    There is my armchair first two rounds. McPhee, please feel free to make me AAGM.

  2. Slack

    I personally think it takes a lot longer for the tall guys to truly develop in the NHL. A lot don’t hit their true stride until into their late 20’s so be patient Mr. AAGM. As for Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, let him start every road game so I can hear stupid opposing fans try and sing his name.

  3. Dwayne Lucyk

    Should have known New Jersey would win the lottery, with Taylor Hall traded to the Devils. That makes it 5 times that Hall has been on a team that won the lottery and got first pick, including himself. That’s more than a lifetime amount and he’s still young. Vegas lost the lottery but all is not lost. The Knights still have a chance to select a number one pick overall, from a few years ago, Nail Yakupov, and give him proper coaching, provided he doesn’t bolt to the KHL next season. His best, and only good year, was when Ralph Kruger coached him that year (hint hint Ralph for assistant coach). Just play him in offensive situations, second line and use his one timer shot on the power play. Although he is not the type of player to build a team around, Nail is, nonetheless, a likeable guy, that Vegas fans would embrace for his offensive skill and try. At the very least, Vegas fans would get a first pick overall in their lineup in year one, that would take some of the sting away of not winning the lottery and hope he turns his career around with proper coaching, that he has never gotten.

    • RJ

      I’ve thought about Nail as a potential expansion draft pick as well. The biggest drawback is he is a UFA this season, so we’d only be drafting his rights. Hopefully we could draft him and sign him to a contract that makes sense.

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