This week The Creator made some buzz with a comment to Steve Carp of the RJ.

I thought we’d have the team in no time. It just shows you how naive I was. – The Creator

Naive is the word that jumped off the page to most. Most read into it that he expected his team much quicker than it’s happened. However, a select few in the media here in Las Vegas took it a much different way. On multiple talk radio programs I heard speculation that the word naive was actually a way to start lightening the blow of bearing the bad news.

It’s more than likely those views are uninformed and should hold absolutely no weight, but it does pose an interesting question. (See the title of this article)

There’s a lot of moving parts to this that I wasn’t initially aware of.

Parts such as rules of the expansion draft, salary cap, revenue sharing, player contract stipulations, and the list goes on and on and on.

Naive almost seems unjust to The Creator. I know he’s just trying to say the right thing, as well he should, but a lot of the blame here has to fall on the league.

Las Vegas fans (specifically Dana Lane) are growing restless wondering when the announcement may come. The Vegas based organization hasn’t offered anything beyond, “hang in there.” But it’s not their fault. They simply don’t know because Gary Bettman and the NHL won’t tell them anything.

Naive indicates the information was there to be gathered, which by all accounts, it wasn’t. The Creator didn’t think it would take this long because of a preconceived notion in his head. Hit the ticket drive goal. Submit an application. Cut a check. Voila.

That was never the case, and we’re slowly being informed of the reasons why. Naive? Kind of. Misinformed? Definitely… but not anymore.