Turn on your TV. Open a newspaper. Scroll down your Twitter feed. Everywhere you look today you read the same headlines. “Big Step for Las Vegas and Quebec City in NHL Bids”

Yes, The Creator was given the chance to speak directly to the league about the benefits of expansion in Las Vegas. Yes, this was the first official meeting of it’s kind. Yes, it’s a step in the right direction.

But let’s be real here. Is there anything that The Creator can possibly say, or even any questions that he can answer that the league doesn’t already know?

They know how many tickets have been sold. They know about the stadium. They’ve done their research on the city. If not, then what was the point of the formal application? What about stage one… and two… and three of the process?

The only real positive that comes out of this meeting is that the process is continuing. The longer it goes, the better shot we have of it eventually becoming a reality. The more time The Creator has in the face of the NHL, the harder and harder it will become to say no.

It was a step, and we, like everyone else, love that you are clicking our links about it, but…

It was NOT a big step. That, will hopefully come in December.