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Recap: The Golden Knights returned home for a two-game set starting with the Washington Capitals. Vegas opened the scoring with an opening period power play goal by Jonathan Marchessault. Vegas took advantage of an early man-advantage and held a 1-0 edge going into the first intermission.

Jack Eichel doubled Vegas’ score to 2-0, picking up his second point of the game. The star center broke out and was able to fool Washington’s goaltender in the second period.

It didn’t take Mark Stone long to extend his club’s lead in the final frame. Eichel dropped a quick pass behind Washington’s net to Vegas’ captain for a nifty, highlight reel goal. The Capitals got themselves on the board in the 3rd period but Marchessault recorded another goal moments later. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 16-5-4 with their 4-1 victory over the Capitals. Vegas will hit the ice again on Monday to take on the St. Louis from T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop against the Blues is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were just flat out the better team in every area in this game. They spent most of the game on the attack and when the Caps did have it they couldn’t get anywhere near the goal… until it was too late. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Washington Capitals at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Podcast (Tuesday, I think)

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*** Mark Stone
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Jack Eichel



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  1. Pistol Pete

    Caps had no answer for Eichel and Marchessault. Nice win for LT even if he did not quite get the SO.

    Keep getting points Paul Cotter (see below).

    • Pistol Pete

      I really doubt McCrimmon and Cassidy view Cotter as a long term replacement for Reilly Smith in the top six, however he is signed through 2025-26 @ $775k making him an attractive asset if he can cement solid bottom six numbers, let’s say a 35 point pace this season. A potential trade deadline piece? Who knows what happens with Dorofeyev although imo Cassidy has him waiting in the wings because he knows his offensive upside is higher than Cotter’s and he’s more responsible defensively. He too may be a long shot replacement for Smith, however his AHL and early NHL numbers are a great deal closer to Smith’s than are Cotter’s.

      Comparing Smith’s first 32 NHL games to Dorofeyev’s first (and only) 32 games:

      Dorofeyev: 8 G/6 A (+7)
      Smith: 3 G/4 A (-4)

      Smith did not record a point until his NHL game #16. Dorofeyev recorded his first in his game #6.

      Smith’s AHL numbers were a bit stronger than Dorofeyev’s but not enourmously so especially given that Dorofeyev’s were far more weighted to goal scoring than Smith’s.

      Smith: 14 G/21 A (35 pts in 45 games: .78 pts/game)
      Dorofeyev: 45 G/37 A (82 pts in 119 games: .70 pts/game)

      Cotter’s AHL numbers: 29 G/31 A (60 pts in 153 games: .39 pts/game)

      • PP – your love affair for Dorofeyev and analysis while informative doesn’t mean squat as of now. Obviously Cassidy doesn’t share your optimism and opinion otherwise Cotter would be gone. When you start comparing stats from years ago – that is ancient history and has zero value versus the presence. One could very easily question if in either are to pp six material. Your always the first one to point out scoring isn’t everything and point to Edmonton as your example. Cassidy is doing his job very well, the TEAM is winning and when the A in team shows up with the proper attitude they are difficult to beat. Go knights go..

        • ThG

          popgun pedro is stuck in retrograde motion, this has been repeatedly pointed out in the past. Thanks for bringing it up again.

          It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as there are forwards at the
          HSK knocking at the door. In the past VGK would trade the “dream’ for established NHL players. Which means the popgun blog blather goes no where except lathering up some posters.

  2. Great win – bumber for LT missing the shutout.
    ” A” team was on show tonight. Nice to see net presence – on to Monday GoKnightGo

  3. DeezNutz

    I told you guys that the goals would come. Were is Pisshole Pete at?

  4. Sorvino

    To the negative nellies out there, do not worry as you will get your chance to shine again, as Vegas will have at least another one or two slumps this season. They will go on another 3-5-3 run. It might be slightly different looking, maybe it won’t be for lack of scoring but maybe some defensive lapses are bad goaltending but a slump will come. Just be patient. Then you can tell us all how they suck again and should make trades to fix their team.

  5. Richie-Rich

    Back-to-Back outstanding performances. It was nice to see Eichel bury a breakaway.

    Note that Martinez and Theodore are out. I’ve seen Korczak pick up his defensive game as well after a couple of poor performances.

    I do view Dorofeyev as a more natural replacement for Smith. But, I’m not ready to see any of the younger guys as trade bait. In fact, I view Dorofeyev, Cotter, Densinko and Brisson and eventually picking up the gauntlet in the next year or two. If the VGK is going to trade for talent it’s going to have to be for players with longevity and a proven PPG potential.

    Hopefully LT will remain healthy! Will we see Patera get a start on Monday?

    • Pistol Pete

      With Marchy turning 34 December of the 2024-25 season might next year be his last season with the VGK? We can only guess but at some point McCrimmon will need to replace him. Will he re-sign Marchy for one more year, longer term, who knows? We see older guys like Crosby and Pavelski still producing. Brock Boeser will turn 28 February 2025 the last year of his contract with the Canucks. He’s a right winger. There will be choices like him out there. There is no way Vegas replaces a player like Marchessault with home grown talent, an extraordinary increase in skill by a young prospect notwithstanding. Cassidy has taken Michael Amadio to a level nobody thought he could go. On a hope and a prayer he can do that with Cotter, Dorofeyev, Brisson or Denisenko?

      Amadio’s numbers this season rival Stephenson’s. Nice work Bruce.

      Amadio: 4 G/10 A (14 pts in 25 games: .56 pts/game)
      Stephenson: 2 G/9 A (11 pts in 21 games: .52 pts/game)

      Amadio +12
      Stephenson -5

      My goodness.

      • Richie-Rich

        Seriously PP, the Canucks are not sending Boeser to a division rival.

        I think all of this trade talk at the deadline depends on injuries and injuries alone. Our team is well stocked and Marchy is producing. Sure, he’d be a great trade piece, but why? I view him in almost the same light as Smith 2 years ago. McCrimmon chose to pay him and let him go as a free agent at the end of his contract. I think the same thing will happen with Marchy. The only difference is that I do see him being resigned for at least a year, but more than likely 3.

        I don’t see any movement at the trade deadline. Both Cotter and Dorofeyev are young enough. Carrier wasn’t lighting up the points board too much in his first season or two, and he’s seen his share of time on the bench due to injury. No, I don’t think you trade away Cotter. He’s a good fit even if it is just to backfill Carrier.

        I do think that Dorofeyev has more upside for top 6. We agree on that potential, and I do stress potential.

        Lastly, and I think more importantly for the VGK is to get a good look at Patera in goal starting on Monday. Rest Thompson, play Patera. Both Hill and especially Thompson have been prone to injury and the VGK need to know what they have with Patera as a fill in. It’s early enough in the season to take a look. I’d rather see him get a game or two in with a healthy D, but the stars are just not aligned right now with Martinez, Theo and Hill on the bench.

      • Richie-Rich

        If Dorofeyev is a top 6 potential, then you don’t know if he can eventually fill the shoes of #81 at some point. Marchy has been a fundamental foundation of the top 6 for 7 years now. No one is going to come in and fill his shoes. He’s been a great player who rarely misses any ice time due to injury.

        Marchy is going nowhere.

        I hope.

        • JB

          RR, Marchy is not going anywhere. He means everything to the guys both on the ice and off. Yes, he’s a streak scorer, but when he’s hot, lookout!

        • TS

          Rr, DITTO . March is our firecracker, the emotional strength of the team. He should retire a KNIGHT!! Why all the trade talk, I wonder? Isn’t March good enough, passionate enough for the team anymore? He turns a certain age, and it’s throw-away time? KEEP HIM!!

  6. Pistol Pete

    Howden is something of an enigma. He was great in the playoffs getting 5 G/5 A in the playoffs well above his career regular season average yet this season he continues a bit below his a career average of .29 pts/game. He’s got size and physicality which matters on the VGK team. You’d think with his modest offensive production he might be the one to be replaced by a Dorofeyev, Brisson or Denisenko though none of them can match his physicality, not yet anyways.

    2023-24: 4 G/2 A (-1) 23 games (.26 pts/game)

    • Richie-Rich

      You are really pushing to bring up a Silver Knight! Personally, I don’t see the dire need to do so. We are at the TOP OF THE NHL with the roster we have right now!!!!!

      It’s nice to know we have those three right here in Henderson to call on. But, they are not needed right now. The team chemistry looks great. Sure, give them some ice time if injuries call for it, but to think that we NEED to replace anyone on the Golden roster right now is a huge stretch of the imagination.

  7. JB

    Total domination! Nice game all around from forwards to D to LT. I would think they might roll with LT again on Monday. Jack and Stoney could be building something special. So good to see Marchy bury one. I said they would work out of the slump and they have. Like Sorvino says there will be a tuff patch or two during the season yet, that’s part of the regular season grind! Way to go boys!

  8. Tim

    Two nice wins in a row let’s keep it going. With Theadore and Martinez out long term and the jury still out on Hill there are questions. Let’s hope Hill isn’t long term the other two we have replace but Hill would be a hole we couldn’t fill. I think Cotter plays over Dorofeyev because of toughness. I think Cotter is more in the mold of Carrier, Roy, and Kolesar a banger and I think that’s Cassidy’s style. It also looks like he favors Korazak over Pacal.

  9. Tim

    All this I told you so were back really glad for the last two great efforts but before that 3-5-3 was more then a bad stretch. If you’ve been following the Knights facing a good goalie scares the hell out of me. We learned that in the playoffs twice not once that we got smoked against Dallas and then the Montreal disaster. Talk your cocky shit but after two flops in which we should have made the cup finals we went home.I don’t doubt our talent but one player that could end our season is that man between the pipes hence the need of a sniper and please don’t tell me Marshy and Eichel are snipers, good players yes but like Elton John said we need a Rocket Man.

    • JB

      You just can’t except success can you? You are such a paranoid person. You keep going back to2-3 years ago? Means nothing now. Your rants tend to get embarrising ! Just enjoy the friggin wins and settle down old buddy!

      • TS

        Jb, your eternal optimism is enviable!! I wish I could contain my frustration…NOT with the team, but with a certain Poster here,whose identity shall remain anonymous…but, HEY, it’s only ONE Goofball here..
        Could be worse!!

        • JB

          YesTS it is frustrating but do your best to try and ignor and stay above it!

          • TS

            You inspire me to TRY to refrain from LIKE RESPONSES from the NASTY GUY!! YOU show remarkable restraint, but I react emotionally to the VILE things said about me…being a woman,I’m an emotional creature, do not handle the NASTIES well. I hate being attacked by a total stranger who knows ZERO about me. I have my pride
            , and he is the most offensive human i have EVER encountered.Thanks for the reminder
            .he’s NOBODY to me, so I need to remove him from my posts, period..(.easier said than done, I know..)


  10. TS

    Superb play! My, how the once- MIGHTY CAPS have fallen!
    Never, EVER count Marchy down and out!! Ditto Stone, no matter how slow he skates! He doesn’t need to be FAST– he finds his spot, he WAITS for the puck, then BURIES it!!
    Who says ya gotta be fast?. Stone plays SMART!!
    Nice defending by LT. Very reassuring to know that he is ready for what comes, given Hill’s questionable return.. Cassidy can relax a little— the boys have got this!!

  11. Pistol Pete

    Here is the goal @ LAK that Dorofeyev absolutely created but for which was not credited an assist. From behind the net he passes it out front and it found its way through to Amadio. Did the scorekeepers not award the assist because the pass touched players on the way through to Amadio? It’s plain to see he set up the goal, primary assist. This would have given him 1 G/5 A in 12 games a half a point a game.

    See @ 2:15:

    • JB

      Pete, this constant Doro thing is getting old. Neither Cotter or him are top six. But Butch likes Cotter and so do his teammates!

      • Pistol Pete

        JB I respect your view on this. You don’t think if they can get Cotter up to 25 points by the trade deadline that he’s a tradeable asset? A depth forward through 2025-26 @ $775k. Think about it. McCrimmon and Cassidy could very well have determined Doro is the more talented player but they are playing Cotter to increase his trade value.

        You might want to know this. During the preseason last year Cassidy indicated Doro was “not strong enough”. Concerned about this, a couple months later I emailed McCrimmon and here is what he said verbatim about Doro:

        “Bigger, stronger, more in the play. Very encouraging.”

        Since he told me that, Doro has 8 goals and 6 assists in 30 games. Check out how Smith did his first partial year with Dallas 37 games
        (not very well). I do not think Doro will get 51 pts his first full year like Smith did in Boston but anything is possible.

        Bottom line for me Cotter is not top six material but Doro may be. You can see what McCrimmon told me per above and he knows a lot more about hockey players than either of us.

    • Come on PP give it a break. When the time is appropriate for Dorofeyve it will happen. By any chance are you his PR agent?

      • TS

        Ha, I was wondering the SAME, HDbiker!

      • Pistol Pete

        Appreciate folks putting up with me. Hopefully I will be as right about Pav as I was about the $10m guy lol though admittedly that was a way more certain situation!

        Look, I have followed him since the beginning of his 45 goals in 119 games in Henderson. He comes in here last year and playing RW he gets 7 goals and 2 assists in ten games playing with Smith and Karlsson. Not sure we all really know how significant that is!

        I just find the posssibility that Cassidy thinks he’s better than Cotter but is playing Cotter over him rather intriguing!

        I get it though. Enough is enough about it! Will be the last you hear from me on the subject until when and if Cassidy slots him in.

        • Walt

          Most of us don’t put up with you or your alias. Your posts are becoming more insane than some of the lunatics who post here. When someone asks you how’s the weather, you probably say….pav should be in the lineup. Johnny one note.

        • PP – Thank you – the last we will hear about Pav. Case closed thank goodness..

  12. knights fan in minny

    big win the boys dominated 99 percent of the tilt jack is the man nice night for logan in the blue paint

  13. ThG

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    • Pistol Pete

      ThG did I by chance once meet you at CNA and talk with you outside for about 30 min. afterwards? Argue albeit cordially would be more like it. Ashali the VGK announcer walked by us and we exchanged pleasantries with her? My point is, debating on this board is not the place to do it. In person is. I am 70. Yourself?

      • ThG

        I don’t think so PP, not me. I don’t know you and don’t talk to strangers.
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        This is an open forum, and free speech is one thing that the lib tards like to take away because they can’t argue facts and thus insult people, try to shut them down, complain and whine all the time. Like a certain poster here who is a moron and rants , raves, like a two year throwing a tantrum. I am not naming names, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone with a brain.

        Earlier there were posts about you , not about hockey. Where was this ranter and raver ? No where, easily exposed as hypocrite that they are.

  14. JB

    Ok my last comment on Cotter vs Pavo (for a bit) . I think Cotter is destined to be a 3rd/4th line grinder. That’s ok, a place for that. Pavo is not really grinder material.He must up offense to be of value. Can he do that and be a top six? I won’t say no, but right now not showing enough to be such at NHL level. Maybe he’ll get there but needs time. And no, I don’t think they are playing Cotter to up any trade value. He’s simply the best option in Butch’s mind right now. Plus he is a good personality in the room, with the guys.

  15. knights fan in minny

    walt laying down the law

  16. Pistol Pete

    Attn: SinBin board readers:

    For those interested in my handle my real name IS Pete and a lifetime ago I was as fanatical a Pete Sampras fan as I am now a VGK one.

    I have been right about few things here. The biggest was the Eichel trade when there seemed to be more detractors here than supporters. It was not a blind luck call either.

    As for Dorofeyev I do want to apologize for over posting. When I received a pleasantly bullish response from McCrimmon on him early 2023 it lit a fire that so far has not burned out. I would like to thank the board in advance for being understanding. It does come across as a bit obsessive. As hdbiker intimated above, let’s just see what happens.

    • ThG

      nothing like someone blowing their own horn, or popping their own popgun, eh Pedro ?

      • Pistol Pete

        Yup a horn tooter I can be like you too eh?

        • ThG

          sorry I don’t toot my own horn, I defend myself against the small number of idiot moron losers that post and stalk here

  17. TS

    Pp, no apology needed! You are a NICE poster, and you have thoughtful ideas to share!

    • Pistol Pete

      Thank you TS. We met at CNA too. I like you!

      • knights fan in minny

        get a room you 2 just kidding

        • TS

          Silly! Minny, PP is the only sinbin poster that I’ve met…
          That I know of, that is!

      • TS

        Pp, you remembered meeting me? That was a couple years ago. It was nice to meet the man behind the posts! Surprised you remembered, Pp.
        I still attend practices when they are home…maybe I’ll see you there!

        • Pistol Pete

          TS the “yup” was for ThG. Yeah let’s look for eachother. I am not going as much recently and today Monday I have an 11:30 haircut but maybe next time!

    • Pistol Pete


  18. JB

    What is CNA?

    • Pistol Pete

      City National Arena: VGK practice facility and corporate headquarters.

      • JB

        Of course. I just never heard it referred to as CNA. When I still had decent health I was there for practices about 4-5 times in year one. Maybe I meant or talked to some of you there?

  19. ThG


    City National Arena

  20. ThG

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    • TS

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      • ThG

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        • ThG

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          • TS

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        • TS

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        • TS

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          • TS


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  21. I thought our first 2 periods last night was even better than the game against the Canucks which was more an 60 minute defensive clinic…after the 3rd goal we got a little lax…or maybe the caps just rathcheted it up a bit…in any case we look much better…except for Petro being on the first unit PP…he just doesnt have the same affect as Shea which is not necessarily a shot at him but rather how much more Shea is dangerously effective…just a note on ‘sniper’ talk…its a dying breed unfortunately…but the one guy who fits that bill is often traded….and heavily maligned…and oft-injured…with a reputation as a malingerer and poor teammate…with a high salary…but if he could somehow be acquired at a reasonable price…and was thought he could buy into a new system location and team…that would be Patrik Laine…just saying.

    • Pistol Pete

      Interesting idea but could he be made to defend?

      • Pistol Pete

        Cassidy’s defend first approach is why the Cup is here. Have to have four lines and six D able to do it.

      • Pistol Pete

        Larry no way can McCrimmon do a Laine or Nylander without trading Marchy and not extending Martinez. I don’t see it happening this year. Marchy gets extended unless he gets to be just horrible. I can see Martinez moving on. Don’t think his $5.2m is enough to sign a big contract with an elite forward plus they have Stephenson to re-sign.

        • Richie-Rich

          I don’t see any major pieces being traded at the deadline this year. We’re obviously not going to be a seller and I don’t see any team giving us a gift for picks unless it is a Phil Kessel type of player. If we remain healthy this team is positioned to win the Division and have a shot to repeat.

          I believe all of the roster discussions and decisions will be made after the season is over and we raise the Cup again!

  22. ThG

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          • ThG

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          • ThG

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          • Richie-Rich

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            There are very few Democrats who do and a slightly larger number of Republicans (Freedom Caucus) who actually support “We the People”.

            This is why I say that every single incumbent in both parties needs to be flushed like an enema on a bad day. This country sucks and both political parties are to blame.

            Trump’s been trying to take over and change the Republican Party from within but it simply has not worked. Both parties do not want change. They love their campaign donations and the under the table grift and corruption that they get. In the meantime it is the people who get fucked. All of this nonsense that divides us is the Establishment keeping us polarized.

            I was a registered independent voter from 2009 through 2020. I returned to the Republican Party as a part of the precinct movement, whose goals are to reform the party and make it more accountable to the people than corporations. The same can be said of the Democratic Party as well. They are two sides of the same coin, but they are much more aligned with global corporatism than the GOP (but not by a whole lot).

            I will be leaving the Republican Party again right after we caucus in February for President. I used to be a member of an organization called “Get Out of Our House” (GOOOH!) Google that. It was an initiative by a guy named Tim Cox in TX to change the way we go about nominating candidates to the House of Representatives. It got some press in 2012, but of course the Establishment made sure that it never got much publicity and the effort died out.

          • ThG

            I wouldn’t say 90% of the GOP, but establishment GOPers are a minority and a problem. They are supporting Nicky Haley. That is pretty clear. If she gets the nomination then I would say you are correct. But they are not the majority. They just have the most money.

      • Pistol Pete

        TS do these conservatives ever have anything good to say about anything not in the realm of their views, or propose solutions to our problems? I have a lot of blue collar conservatives in my workplace (table games) and for the most part they are narrow minded and lot very well read to go along with it. A lot of whining and no answers including working across the aisle to find them. My father was a lifelong Republican a businessman. A open minded man of high principles always willing to work with those of differing views. Remember William F. Buckley Jr.? Very interesting man. Too bad he’s not around to weigh in.

        You know with respect to something like displacing an elderly veteran due to a situation with immigrants, we can email the White House. We should not think nothing would ever happen. A few years ago my family needed our passport applications expedited so I contacted the office of one of our Congressman and they took care of it. The party affiliation did not even matter.

        • Richie-Rich

          I define myself as an American first, not a Democrat, not a Republican, not a conservative, and certainly not a liberal. I find it funny, because the liberals back in my youth 1960s and 1970s were anti-war and upheld the ideals of peace and love. I believe in the Constitutional values upon which our Republic was formed in 1776, obviously without the slavery and treatment of minorities throughout the first 100 to 150 years or so of our history.

          Both political parties are guilty of leaving our borders open. We have tens of millions of poor people leaving their shit hole socialist and communist countries to come here. Most of them are taking jobs that Americans won’t do because America pays them not to work (socialism).

          Propose solutions to problems?
          1- How about no new wars, and a defense budget and strategy that ends the planet policing and war mongering around the globe (Trump).
          2- How about permanent funding for minority colleges (Trump).
          3- How about the best economy and job growth for minorities and women (Trump)
          4- How about energy independence (Trump)
          5- How about the Abraham Accords and peace in the Middle East (Trump)
          6- How about a great new trade deal, the USMCA (Trump)
          7- How about holding China, whose economy is built upon slave labor and commits genocide against its own people accountable (Trump)
          8- How about, despite the Democrat and Republican Establishment attempts to oppose him, the stemming of the flow of illegals with a more forceful Border Patrol and Remain in Mexico policy (Trump)
          9- How about real justice reform (Trump)
          10- How about the tax reform? For the first time since the early 70s I was able to file short form. (Trump)
          11- How about the “right to try” allowing those with serious medical problems to have access to cutting edge new medicine? (Trump)
          12-Biden wants to take credit for lowered prescription drugs. That’s a lie. (Trump)

          But all any of you can see is his mean tweets and his anger that is mostly directed against the Establishment.

          I find it almost unbelievable that Trump actually accomplished as much as he did during his 4 years while being opposed by Establishment Republicans, Democrats and by Departments and Agencies across the entire Federal Government.

          You can go back and check this, but every single big Hollywood or major Civil Rights leader was for Trump before 2015 when they all thought he was going to run as a Democrat.

          It doesn’t take much intuition to be able to see through the lies of the big media networks and the rich corporations and military industrial complex. Our freedoms are being stripped away and it’s happening quickly.

          • ThG

            here here RR

            The solutions that the DEMS come up with include
            = never ending wars, proxy war with Putin
            = blue cities/state high crime and homelessness (which were
            once thriving communities, now destroyed)
            = rent “control” which does the opposite, raising rents
            = “affordable” health care, which does the opposite.

            I can go on and on, DEMS suck and so do their policies. No solutions, only make things worse for middle class.

          • ThG

            I don’t agree with premise that there are jobs that Americans won’t do, many of these jobs are ensconced with the illegal immigrant community. Back in day many high school students would do these jobs. But today they are not available to them because Pedro runs the show and gives them to Paulo, or Jose, or Juanita, or Boris, or Yusev, or Alex. Get the picture ?

            But that day will change when robotics and computers and AI, drones, etc take away these jobs. But then the DEMS will want to TAX the robots. But that is illegal because it will be double taxation (taxed with company buys the robot, and taxed again). But that never stopped the tax and spend demonrats before.

            Next up, tax on your mileage. Wait for it. Odometer back scalers will be the job most wanted.

        • ThG

          almost ALL the liberals I know, and I know a lot of them having been from CA; are clueless brainwashed stupid zombies. Goosestepping like good little nazi’s following orders from the party line.

          pathetic stupid people, non educated, know nothings, cult following dipchits

  23. Richie-Rich

    I spent 30 years in the service. McCain wasn’t a hero and he was an even worse politician. War mongering, regime changing member of the Republican Establishment.

  24. When I woke up today I was pleasantly surprised to see 15 Sinbin responses in my email account…hoping to read responses all about hockey and our VGK…but sadly that was not the case after the first 2 posts.. sigh .

  25. TS

    Rr, agree on. one thing: the border problem.has been a problem for many years. The Central/ South America’s mounting problems, too many to list, are resulting in the HUGE border problems. A ” tipping point” of a diff kind is here. Time to face the BEAST, Washington!!

  26. JB

    I define myself as a friggin HOCKEY fan. Which is what this site is SUPPOSED to be! We can’t have a letdown tonight against a Blues team we should beat. Any more news on Hilly? Where ya at Ken with investigating reporting?

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