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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to take a 2-1 series lead with a win against the Jets in Winnipeg. Chandler Stephenson got Vegas going right out of the gate with his second goal of the series. Minutes later Jack Eichel doubled the Golden Knights first period lead to 2-0. The Jets scored to get within one but the Golden Knights held a 2-1 advantage going into the first intermission.

Midway through the 2nd period Eichel scored his second power play goal of the game. Later in the period, Keegan Kolesar stretched VGK’s lead to 4-1.

Winnipeg scored quickly into the final frame to give themselves life. Phil Kessel committed a late-period penalty allowing the Jets to get closer on the power play. The home team took advantage to get within one. With their goalie pulled, the Jets fought to the last minute and forced overtime with a late game-tying goal.

In double overtime, the Golden Knights jumped on a fortunate bounce and Michael Amdio shot in the game-winner to win 5-4.

The Golden Knights hold on to win Game 3 in Winnipeg and now lead the quarterfinal series 2-1. The two teams will battle it out on Monday night for Game 4. Puck drop from Winnipeg is scheduled for 6:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The game started out a lot like the end of the previous one with the neutral zone wide open and Vegas zipping out of their own zone and in on goal. They converted an early one and then got a fortunate play on the power play to grab control of the game. Then, things went off the rails a little bit as the Jets stormed back into the game with three goals on different strengths. A late power play really helped to settle things down before the OT. VGK did what they wanted to do coming into the series in OT, create turnovers on the forecheck. Plan E with the amazing shot on the game winner. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Winnipeg Jets Game 3 at Canada Life Centre.

  • How the late PP calmed the group before OT
  • Focusing on what got them to 4-1 after 2.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Chandler Stephenson
** Michael Amadio
* Jack Eichel


One Major Momentum Swing Has The Series Tied


Penalty Drawn Before OT Changed Tenor Of Locker Room During Crucial Intermission


  1. Rashaad

    Crazy game. Just a crazy thought or at least it may seem crazy to some of you, but would it be a terrible idea to start Adin Hill next game? None of our goalies have shown to be especially durable. I’m proud of Brossoit today for bending but not breaking but we may be a little lucky today that Connor Hellebuyck didn’t have his best game. Last thing we need is an injury to one of our goalies. I just don’t want Jonathan Quick to enter the equation.

    I can’t believe it but the power play is actually starting to look somewhat competent and moving towards looking like a weapon.

    Mark Stone took some hits and a dirty knee on knee in particular and was able to withstand it.

    My last thought is in regards to Jack Eichel. Are we done with any criticism? The man is a human being, and not some kind of cyborg or a computer who just doesn’t have an off game because of a number on his paycheck. Are we going to hear a bunch of crap from people if he has another off game at some point? I hope we are done with that. He scored goals and made plays that virtually most NHL players can’t and that is the definition of what this team hasn’t had and that is a game breaker.

    Phil Kessel had a nice game as well.

    • Emmanuel

      It crossed my mind that hill should start. Thats a heavy workload for Brossoit. He hasnt been exactly a wall….

  2. Rashaad

    Keegan Kolesar to some would seem like the logical man to go out of the lineup when William Carrier is ready to go but I’m not sure that would be the plan anymore.

  3. knights fan in minny

    big win to close but that’s playoff puck the jack attack is alive and well the birthday boy chandler with second in a row good game besides his goal amadio had a nice game to

  4. TS

    That game was one of the most physical games I’ve watched the VGK play. 69 hits against us! The hits went against EVERYBODY but LB. Brutal. The guys are going to be pretty beat up after that one.
    Brossoit was SUPERB. What a season- saver he has been! Give him a much- deserved break, as others said.
    I wonder if Hague got boxing lessons recently? In that early melee , he landed a right sledge hammer blow–he has definitely figured out his assets…size and a helluva right!
    Overall, glad they pulled it out…and glad that one’s over. Bet the guys are glad it’s over, too!

  5. Jailbird

    Went from sick to my stomach, to almost having a heart attack! Ha Big win. Don’t think you will see us giving up a lead like that again these playoffs. Yea, I think Hill would be logical start on Monday. March on boys!

  6. Satan

    This is Satan.

    Satan wanted to mention that Alex Pietrangelo and Chandler Stephenson were also very good.

    Satan has spoken

  7. Great win – that said it was pretty alarming to see Vegas allow the Jets to tie it up. They took their foot off the gas and are lousy at trying to sit on a lead. They were very fortunate to win. Hopefully a lesson was learned and sinks in as they won’t always be that lucky.

  8. Richie-Rich

    One factor that won’t be talked about much is that the refs actually did give the Jets some life in that period. Calls not made on the Jets, at least one obvious hooking call and the Kessel and Hague penalties were really questionable.

    With 21 seconds left the VGK were unable to close the door in the 3rd period. When the Jets tied it my entire house filled up with F-Bombs! The Jets had numerous high danger chances through OT but Brossoit really stood up and shut them down despite the D being pretty much outplayed.

    Up 2 games to 1, Morrissey likely to miss game 4. VGK has found its MOJO.

    Eichel is now earning his salary, so no more bitching about it by me. Stone has found his legs and his game after a slow game 1 start.

    Things are looking actually pretty good at this point. Surprised? No negativity! Whomever is guarding the on/off switch, stay there and make sure no one turns it off.

  9. Vic

    The Kessel penalty brought back memories of ‘Not a Major’. I’ll call it ‘Son of Not a Major’, or better yet ‘Not a Minor’. Had that same sick feeling. Let’s hand it to the boys for staying strong in the OT. Only one negative to point out…..The VGK forwards have to pressure the Jet’s defense by finishing checks. Almost every Jets forward lowered the boom on the VGK defense the entire game, and that takes a toll. Credit to all six of them for getting it done. One more thing….1 PM is a terrible time for an NHL playoff game, but a few extra hours to heal for Monday.

    • THE hockey GOD

      shades of the SHARKS game, still coach doesn’t call a time out to settle
      things down.

      Meanwhile in the real world the CONGESS bans pervert , confused, liberal gender benders from participating in women’s sports which BELONGS to REAL WOMEN. No the confused new generation of penis slashing brain washed turds.

  10. TS

    Rr, absolutely!! Ditto on Eichel…I think he IS finally earning his $$$$…Was he this fast before?
    There were a couple missed penalties– maybe the refs had their hands so full, with ALL the Jet hits against us, they couldn’t keep up!
    In the end, BETTER to be LUCKY…..

  11. Pistol Pete

    Not sure I agree with only one star for Eichel. Not just his two PP goals but for setting up Kolesar with that rebound shot to go up 4-1. Those two one-timer PP goals is hopefully a watershed moment for the VGK PP adding a constant threat weapon. Nice to see Cassidy implementing the one-timer for the PP. I emailed the team some time back suggesting this, for Eichel in particular. I attended a recent practice and saw Smith out on the ice ahead of everybody else just to practice his one-timer from the right circle. Very encouraging. Will also apply to Dorofeyev 2023-24 imo.

    What a tough series for the goaltenders with both coming up huge at various times. Sort of not the greatest stats but conventional goalie stats do not always tell the whole story.

    Brossoit: GAA 2.97/SV% .897
    Hellebuyck: GAA 3.25/SV .894

    Many big saves from Brossoit but maybe time to give him a break and start Hill Monday.

    • Rashaad

      I don’t think it’s one star for Eichel. I think he is saying that he is the first start of the game unless I am wrong.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Did anyone notice the Stephenson-Eichel-Stone lineup for the last FO of regulation following the WPG tying goal? That was the most productive line the 43 games Stone played. Eichel was out for 12 games, Stephenson went to center and I believe LW was Cotter, Howden and possibly Kessel (not sure).



  13. Pistol Pete

    Definitely not the best puck management on the 6-5. TBS guys were right about that. Not sure goals
    2 and 3 were Brossoit’s best either.

    • Pistol Pete

      Bissionette was saying not easy for Brossoit to track the puck goal 3 on the PP.

  14. Satan

    This is Satan

    To all VGK fans, have a wonderful Sunday with your significant other, family members or friends today.

    Keep up the good work Ken. Going to listen to your video on the game recap later this evening.

    Any Logan Thompson or William Carrier sightings?

    Satan has spoken.

    • Caleb

      Greetings Satan. Like your handle. Very clever. I love Logan Thompson. I hope he is back soon. First time on this site.

      • TS

        Caleb, Satan’s a bit of a moderator here. The realist. Maybe the “conscience”. He’s as clever as his name!

  15. THE hockey GOD

    Whoa, we’re half way there
    Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer
    Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear
    Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer

    it’s resurrection Sunday , time for redemption for all sinners
    in the SIN BIN.

    The VGK were extremely lucky because the REFS swallowed their whistles
    missing many obvious penalties against the VGK players. The JETS were furious
    and rightfully so. No. 81 CROSS CHECKS the player in back, after being legally checked in boards. REFS turn a blind eye. Many , many more calls missed. Count your blessings. THE VGK walking on a thin line. Don’t expect the same courtesy in the next game.

  16. THE hockey GOD

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  17. THE hockey GOD

    tbs surely didn’t have their A team broadcasting. The hosebag of color commentator was TERRIBLE. EVery comment was OBVIOUS, should changer her/him/ it’s name to CAPT OBVIOUS. Color commentators should remain the domain of ex players/ ex coaches. This person added nothing to broadcast, not even eye appeal. WokeVERSITY is out of control. She/he/it is taking a job away from someone who is more qualified. Turned the sound off, then turned channel to TSN where they KNOW hockey a lot better than the woke clowns at TBS.

  18. VGK fan

    Refs nearly stole this one away. VGK played great and deserved to win.

    Was this the same ref from the “not a major”?

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