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Recap: The Golden Knights looked to tie up their seven-game series with a win over the Winnipeg Jets in Game 2. Both teams were awarded early power play opportunities but only Winnipeg cashed in. The Jets deflected one by Vegas goaltender Laurent Brossoit to open up the scoring midway through the period. The final five minutes were full of after whistle scrums which resulted in nine penalties handed out in the opening 20 minutes.

William Karlsson evened the score 1-1 six minutes into the period with his second goal of the postseason. Moments later Jack Eichel deflected in the tie-breaking goal to record his first career playoff goal. The Jets tied the game late in the middle frame, taking a 2-2 tie into the second intermission.

The Golden Knights began to heat up at the right time. Quickly into the final period Chandler Stephenson poked in a loose rebound to snap the tie and later captain Mark Stone extended Vegas’ lead. It was Stone’s first goal of the postseason and his first since January 5th. The captain scored four minutes later to widen VGK’s advantage to 5-2.

The Golden Knights even the series with their 5-2 Game 2 victory over the Jets. The series shifts to Winnipeg and will resume on Saturday afternoon. Puck drop is scheduled for 1 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It took another period of malaise before the Golden Knights really got going in this series. After a bundle of penalties for both teams, Vegas came alive in the 2nd. Their speed started to push the Jets back further into the zone and that led to much easier entries and much more zone time. From there, it took a massive scoop and score from Karlsson to get VGK on the board and then they started rolling. Winnipeg didn’t go away, but they certainly looked much more impotent tonight than in Game 1. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Winnipeg Jets Game 2 at T-Mobile Arena

  • Centers step forward to turn series around

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Chandler Stephenson
** Mark Stone
* William Karlsson


Examining The Line Matchups VGK Preferred In Game 1


Golden Knights Even The Series Down The Middle In Game 2


  1. Satan

    This is Satan.

    Satan is displeased at posters Craig, Frank, CHRIS R WOUDSTRA who were doubting our captain, the great Mark Stone and not wanting him to be in the lineup. Satan has no issues with constructive criticism as Eichel and Stone did not have great games on Tuesday but to suggest our captain be cast aside is very disgraceful. Mistakes were made by Craig, Frank and CHRIS R WOUDSTRA and I would hope that this is a teachable moment.

    I would like to point out that Jailbird, TS, Pistol Pete and my friend knights fan in minny were supportive and did not panic and believed in Mark Stone and this team.

    Satan believes that Mark Stone will get even better as the playoffs progress.

    Lets Go Knights

    Satan has spoken.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Well, all four teams in the West lost the opening game at home and now with that 2 G/1 A effort by Mark Stone that makes it all four teams coming back to win game 2. What an effort! Jack broke the ice too!

  3. Rashaad

    I agree with Satan and Pistol Pete, but also want to give a shout out to Logan Brossoit, who for the second straight game kept this team in it when they were getting out played.

    • Pistol Pete

      Absolutely! I should have credited LB’s effort.

    • TS

      Rashaad, what a clutch performance by LB!! All the pressure is on him–and he kept his composure throughout. What a TURNAROUND for our Knights!!!! HOO- RAH!!

  4. Jose

    Jack Eichel has more playoff goals than the entire Buffalo Sabres organization has in the past 13 years.

    Wild Bill has been absolutely fantastic in both games.

  5. Pistol Pete

    A few days ago I tried buiklding the case how good the Stephenson-Eichel-Stone was for Stone’s 43 regular season games. Eichel played about the first 30 before he went out. All three players did very well during those 43 Stone games just not sure Stephenson was on the line the whole time. He may have been because he posted something like 40 points, his best stretch ever. Anyways, Stephenson-Eichel-Stone may be Cassidy’s objective and in fact he tried it game 1 in the third period I believe. I like the idea of Barbashev on the fourth to provide an extra measure of offense which Cassidy tried this game (Barbashev-Roy-Kolesar). Moving Stephenson to 1LW would require Roy @ 3C and Howden @ 4C. Stephenson (albeit Stephesnson as C) with Stone worked great game 2. Stephenson and Stone works. Why not Stepenson-Stone-Eichel?


    • Emmanuel

      The 3rd & 4th line should be a scoring and shut down line depending on what they need during the game:


      But “Rolling 4 lines” is a franchise tradition…….
      so I dont see much change happening

  6. Rashaad

    Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention to the wise words of Pistol Pete. He is right most of the time and has a great handle on this team from management to all of the players including the ones that played for the Henderson Silver Knights.

  7. Frank

    Here to gladly eat crow. Stone proved me wrong tonight. Helluva comeback game by him. As awful as he looked in the first game, this one was a complete 180. VGK showed they can take a punch – which should build good confidence moving forward. When they play like this as a team, hard to beat. Need to keep it going. First star in both games for me is Karlsson tho… His game has been spectacular in both games.

    • TS

      Frank, agreed! Tuesday was a disheartening game, Thursday was redemption on ALL fronts! I am sooo psyched!!

  8. TS


    • Emmanuel

      Is he close to 100%?
      If so this teams in VERY GOOD shape……..

      • TS

        Emmanuel, only Stone knows, I suppose. But his desire and passion go a long way…and, maybe a few pain injections pre- game.. wait, can they do that in Hockey?
        It was a game to remember!!

  9. Jailbird

    Yea, yea, yea, yea ….. YEA let’s bench Stone. He’s not ready, he can’t play, Yada, yada, yada, bullshit! I told you what would happen in game 2! I told you the boys would be back. Ha, ha, ha, ha ….. yea baby!

    • knights fan in minny

      well said jb saturday cannot come fast enough best of all no injuries

    • TS

      Jb, THAT was Stone MAGIC! I’ll bet the JETS were STUNNED!! I know I was, after Tuesday’s rusty start! WAÝ TO BELIEVE, JB!!

  10. knights fan in minny

    now that’s the team we know LB was fantastic sweet tip from jack stoner was back to form he ignited t mobile phil was good howdy was good wild bill busted his ass of again all the stone and kessel naysayers can suck it i have never seen so many shots off the melon in one game 4 times

    • TS

      Kfim, 4 melon heads??? DANG!!! New playoff record, I bet! WHAT A GAME FOR THE BOOKS!!

  11. Rashaad

    kfim, since you are a Minnesota native what is the vibe in that city in regards to MAF right now. Fluery’s start against Dallas on Wednesday was borderline disgusting. Have no idea why he was even allowed to start.

    • knights fan in minny

      there are some rumblings about it as much as i love the flower i would have stayed with gus

  12. Jailbird

    Thanks guys! I never lose faith because we have an experienced team that realizes the roller coaster ride the playoffs are. And yes, LB played a great game especially in the first when they had 15 sog. Also I noticed Hill was the backup last night. That’s a good sign as we will need two goalies going forward. It’s so much more fun, as a fan, to stay positive and enjoy the talent of the boys we have.

    • Stan

      This is Satan.

      Jailbird, very happy that Adin Hill is back. Jonathan Quick is emergency depth, and should only be looked at in that way. He should not start a single playoff game.

      Satan has spoken.

  13. Satan

    This is Satan.

    Jailbird, very happy that Adin Hill is back. Jonathan Quick is emergency depth, and should only be looked at in that way. He should not start a single playoff game.

    Satan has spoken.

  14. Vic

    Game turned mid first period. VGK showed toughness taking the Jets off their game. Without numerous saves by Bro, the game would have been 2-0, 3-0 or worse. Three stars…..Bro, Stone, Karlsson. Honorable mention…Petro. Jets tried to bang him around to get him off his game, but he played like a champ. Key game 3 early Saturday.

    • knights fan in minny

      so right on the toughness vic i noticed that to howdy was throwing his weight around it was good to see them push back

    • TS

      Vic, Petro has definitely stepped up lately. I feel with Stone out, he took more of the lead. A veteran, guiding the new guys. Mcnabb, ditto. And his physical response when the team is pushed shows he’s in it to win it!

  15. THE hockey GOD

    LB was the no. 1 star

    by far , he kept the VGK in this game until they finally woke up.

    Woke being used in good sense of the word !!

    This is the SINBIN where evil lurks, due to SIN, GOD’s warriors are not afraid to enter the deepest, darkest, holes on this planet to spread the word. Relentlessly.

    The wagon jumpers are notorious on this forum, they will be back.
    And so will the warriors.

    just say no to perversion
    sexual deviations
    gender bender creeps
    men playing women sports
    and the overall wokeVERSITY sick and twisted agenda.

    Evil never sleeps, and neither should you.

  16. Richie-Rich

    There’s no doubt that at some point in this game the light came on, the sun rose, a great awakening occurred. It clearly was an absolute effing miracle on ice for sure. I was 12 rows behind Hellybuck when the magic happened. The question one has to ask is, “exactly where the fuck was this team and Mark Stone prior to this?”. It was quite like watching the dead rise, the crippled walk and the blind see. It was truly that much of a turnaround. I am happy, but let’s not forget that the Jets kicked our asses for 4 of the total 6 periods played the past two games, and that ass kicking was a true beat down in every aspect of hockey. The fact that we’re tied at 1-1 gives us hope. Now, let’s carry this momentum on!

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