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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Winnipeg Jets for the second time in the last ten days. The 1st period was tight on both ends of the ice. Neither team could find the back of the net and the game was locked in a scoreless tie after 20 minutes. 

The game continued to tighten up in the middle frame. Both teams had several chances on net but each goaltender stood tall and kept the game in a scoreless lock. 

The offense picked up in the 3rd period with the Jets picking up the first goal of the game. Mark Stone later tied the game to force overtime. Jack Eichel ended the game 2-1 with seconds remaining in OT. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 8-2 defeating the Jets 2-1 in OT. Vegas will travel to the East Coast for a five game road trip starting in Washington DC. Tuesday’s game against the Capitals is scheduled for 4P PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were absolutely brilliant for a majority of the hockey game, especially the first 40 minutes. They could not solve the mystery of Connor Hellebuyck and the posts but they continued to work even when falling behind. OT wasn’t my favorite, but Eichel pulled out the superhero cape and rescued it. VGK deserved to win, and they did. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg Jets at T-Mobile Arena.

  • 10 Game Segments – Grading VGK at the first Cassidy milestone
  • Cassidy’s thoughts on the goalies so far

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Mark Stone
** Adin Hill
* Jack Eichel



Points Aside, Vegas Could Use More Offensive Impact From Jack Eichel


Goalies Have Been Great, Defense Has Been Even Better


  1. Emmanuel

    We need more production from JE……oh wait…….

  2. Sorvino

    That stupid jack Eichel article is not ageing well.

  3. Jailbird

    Knights win! Yea baby!

    • My takeaway: it was next to IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy the game, with the nauseating onslaught of political bullshit. I’m disappointed at ATT Sportsnet for the CRAP we had to endure, mute or not. If i didn’t have to pay for Crap Cable, I would dump it. Tonight.
      Otherwise, great effort. Relentless shots on goal, finally found ways to get past the jets’ stubborn goalie. Eichel is finally showing us his true talent, and I think we ALL are impressed!
      Best of PUCK LUCK on the road trip!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        turn on TSN , they had excellent broadcast again from the CAnadian side !

      • JV

        I picked up the Center Ice package for 69.99 and I got a Sports credit on my last bill for 42.50 from the China pandemic when no sports were on. I’m just surprised the Las Vegas games aren’t blacked out as they have been in the past. Was able to watch the WPG feed and avoid the political bullshit being spewed by ATT.

        • Roberto

          That sweet, delicious political ad money is going send many a TV exec on a bonus powered luxury Hawaiian vacation. The TV nets are absolutely drowning in money, this being a state in play for many elections. Dark Money Delights all around.

          Go in the garage, get the cassette player out, dust it off, and enjoy some commercial- free REO Speedwagon for the next 8 days.

          • TS

            Roberto, WELL SAID!! MY Bro has digitally recorded probably hundreds of his old original vinyl records. He retreats to his pool room and goes back in time… the 60’s/ 70’s!

        • Jv, lucky for you. I’m stuck with cable for now…only a week of it to go, then back to beer and fan merchandise commercials…

          • JV

            TS, it’s through Cox, not streaming. They still suck, but lately they are doing a little better to keep current customers. Got the Panoramic Contour wi-fi box free for 2 years and lowered my bill by $50 a month compared to last rate I was on.

      • Tim

        TS, Get a Firestick cost 40 dollars every six months. Believe me I had cable 179 dollars a month that is now the way of the dinosaurs extinct.

        • Tim, will do just that. I checked out several others, but not that one. THNX for the tip! My cable is also that high now, with internet incl. . SUCKS.

  4. On a night where the VGK dominated the ice for the first 40 minutes they found themselves down 1-0 early into the 3rd period. The Jets came out on fire and outplayed the Knights for the majority of the period. The Captain scored off his own rebound when it counted the most in this contest to tie it and Eichel delivered the victory all on his own effort in OT circling the Jet OZ and outskating the entire defense. The winning goal was a complete destruction of Hellebuyck who could only sit there staring at the puck in the net from his seat on the ice.

    The VGK walks away with the two points, but it was far from certain as they turned it over time and time and time again 3 on 3. Add on a dumb icing call when they had control over the puck and you come to the conclusion that they won despite their own best effort to give it away at least 3 times during OT.

    There’s a lot of work to do and 3 on 3 had better be moving up on the action tickler for Coach Cassidy. The PP remains sketchy, but I do like the puck movement and the set ups are so much better than the DeBoering System of passing it around the boards with shots from the Blue Line. Cassidy’s PP schemes are so much better!

    Hill did a great job and remains undefeated!

    The VGK are 2nd in the league in points, but I am still not sold that they can compete with the top tier teams in the NHL. The jury remains out until mid-January. Toughness remains a huge question. The PP and PK are still not worthy of a top tier NHL rating. Tonight their 3 on 3 weakness was exposed.

    How close did Nate Schmidt come to ending the night? Damn close.

    • Rr, just how I felt, watching the same long passes on the boards, those ridiculous blue line shots were maddening. ( the guys would actually practice those shots– absurd). Puck movement is where it should be–where we actually can SCORE. Seems such a simple concept, but PDB had
      players dancing around on the outside, looking in. THIS team is charging the net, fighting for goals up close, getting it done. I’m all in with Cassidy— this season is a game- changer!

      or something) Neither ever resulted in GOALS.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Thought the VGK played super most the game with excellent Cassidy setups in the D and N zones. Hellebuyck (46/48 = .958) was ungodly preventing this one-sided affair from being the blow-out it should have been. I attended the game. Overall excellent defending by the VGK.

    Make that a point a game for Jack as his two way play continues to improve (+8 to go with +3 last season).

  6. Was at the game… Large stretches were absolutely dominated by VGK…. Hellebuck and the posts were the sole reason why jets were even in the game. VGK deserved and got the win when you thought this one could have gone against them. Adin Hill solid. Misfit line deserved a goal, great work by them. Eichel finishing like a boss which needs to happen more often.

  7. Tim

    16 out of 20 points not a bad start big road trip coming up should be fun.

  8. Jailbird

    As usual, after a win, some have to pick something apart. 3 on 3 ,really? Something that happens only in OT games, which are a very very small % of play! The Knights are for real. Time to realize that!

    • Richie-Rich

      I call them out on shit when they deserve it Jailbird. Three turnovers in OT and an icing when you are in control of the puck 3 on 3 is unforgivable and something needs to be addressed. Sure we can enjoy the victory but with the exception of the Eichel goal the Jets had several opportunities to walk away with the 2 points.

      • THE hockey GOD

        RR where you asleep or in a coma or sloshed during the first half of the game ?

        or all of the above ? have a cookie, maybe it will sober you up.

      • Jailbird

        You make no sense .

  9. THE hockey GOD

    Jack Eichel
    Jack Eichel Jack Eichel
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    ROIC ROFLMAO, haters heads are exploding today, note they are no where to be found ! Trolls hiding in their caves and deep in pits of Mordor.

    • Richie-Rich

      Nah, my heads not ready to explode. If the VGK can sustain this level of play AND show me that they can beat the top tier rated teams then I will subscribe. I’m impressed with Cassidy and the goaltending is much improved over previous seasons. It will be interesting to see what McIdiot does when Brossoit comes off of IR.

      • THE hockey GOD

        RR i see pieces of your head all over the floor, like humpty dumpty.

      • THE hockey GOD

        RR you keep moving the goal posts, a typical libtard , nancy pelosi trick.

        That won’t fly here, your VGK hate has been exposed on more than one post.

      • Chuckles

        Ha Ha we should have waited awhile before making moves in the off-season? Go win on the road. Knight time right time!

  10. THE hockey GOD

    question of the day

    what do Daemon Targaryen in episodes 1-5, HD Biker, and Jets- VGK players in regular time in last game ; all have in common ?

    Having issues finishing !

  11. knights fan in minny

    good win tough win hellabuck was very good hill held his own game winner was a thing of beauty from jack keep the train rolling

  12. BT

    “That right there is what we said we haven’t been seeing enough of.” Its been happening. And this isn’t his first game winner for the Knights either. Last season the final week or two we were tied late against Ottawa and Eichel got the game winner with 5 seconds left. That was a huge 2 points at the time. Im sure the next game if he doesn’t have enough sexy plays that result in points he’ll be taken down a peg no?

    What a game though, Hellebuyck is one hell of a goalie. He always seems to give us headaches i feel like, not too sure what our record is against him but i feel like he has played like this against us many times. Great job by the boys to hang in there and not let their confidence down, good goal tending has done that to this team in past. I think Bruce is too demanding a coach for the players to get away with that type of play. While i doubt DeBoar would have been okay with it either, i think he would have let the players sort it out. Sometimes i think thats partly what Pacioretty meant after leaving. Idk if our team lacked leadership, as much as they did a foundation to play. I think they lost their identity and DeBoar trusted them too much to sort something out, when what that they needed was some good ol fashion coaching guidance. It seemed to be more of a every man for himself mentality, whoever can save is do it. There wasn’t that chemistry clicking that we have seen before. Bruce has this team trending in the right direction, and they’re not even at their peak yet. This team can be really scary in a couple months if they continue to grow together and become more comfortable in this system.

    • THE hockey GOD

      BT welcome to jungle, I give them to end of november .

      The franchise has been successful 4 1/2 out of last five seasons, I wouldn’t be too hard on them at this point in time.

      • BT

        Fair enough. We shall see.

      • Pistol Pete

        And would have been successful last season without the injuries. Even without Pacioretty and Dadonov it’s clear so far this season why the VGK entered last season as one of the Cup favorites.

        And for the McCrimmon haters is there something wrong with the Adin Hill acquisition? And for the Eichel detractors, just for the record he leads the roster with 10’pts in 10 games (4 G/6 A) +8.

        • Roberto

          You can pair that pick up with Logan Thompson. He was available to any team in the league for years, and KM picked him up for free. The front office is so sharp with bargain bin shopping like that, you wonder why they hit the more expensive aisle and come home with Dadanovs and Brossoits.

          • Pistol Pete

            I’m assuming whatever it takes, a trade or waving him, Brossoit will be out, clearing $2m+ in cap. Actually, assuming he’s on LTIR, not sure there is the space to activate him but in any case I don’t see the need to hang onto him unless they anticipate a decline in play by Thompson or Hill or an injury to either.

  13. Chuckles

    Ha Ha we should have waited awhile before making moves in the off-season? Go win on the road. Knight time right time!

  14. vgk21

    Jack is back. Great move in OT. he took charge in the final seconds, and won that game in OT….. his confidence is growing game by game, and this helps a lot.

    disappointing OT by Smith and Wild Bill ……. those 2 guys know better than that, after 5 seasons, that in OT you MUST hold on to the puck, and you MUST enter the zone with speed, not slow motion cycling and east west fancy passing crap. You reset if the opening is not there, and go north, full speed thru the neutral zone, and you beat one guy to get in all alone on the goalie.

    but bottom line, the VGK are playing great right now, their defensive structure and goaltending are working beautifully in tandem, and the chemistry is building.

    the PP and Pk are getting better, but still need more work, as does the 3 on 3 strategy.

    tough road trip coming up. Wash, Ott, Mtl, Tor, Buff

  15. LVsc

    Vgk have the best goals against avg in the league by far, just 17 goals allowed in 10 games, or a 1.70 avg

    You don’t need big name goalies, you need big time defensive structure and strategy. no more chasing players, and thus getting out of position in the d zone
    LT and Hill are doing a good job of making the timely saves, and controlling their rebounds most of the time. and there is internal competition between them, and no pressure on any one guy to shoulder the entire load every night.

  16. Tim

    What can I say it’s Back to the Future as I stated before 2017-2018 has returned to T-Moble. The energy and feeling good is back. DeBoar had a good record but just never lite a spark like Gallant or now Cassidy has done. I like when the coach says they outplayed us for 30 seconds and tells it like it is.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Brossoit assigned to HSK for LTIR conditioning. Three games or five days whichever comes first. We’ll see how he does and how Thompson and Hill do on the upcoming five game road trip. Both should be fine providing the VGK keeps defending as they have so far.

    • JV

      Would think they try to trade….I mean give away… Brossiot. Toronto could use him. Or the usual suspects like AZ and CHI put in a waiver claim. If we try to waive a forward, PHI has been claiming players left and right due to injuries. In TOR Samsonov has been OK, but their backups are terrible.

    • Pistol Pete

      Make that six days or three games whichever comes last.

  18. goalie trade

    Brossoit was a huge disappointment last season. He started out OK, but then he began to flounder in midseason, and then he was injured and unavailable at the end of the season.

    although I am glad he was out late in the season because that gave LT the chance to show his stuff, and the rest is history.

  19. Another contraversie in the works – which is the last thing this team needs. Brossoit needs to get traded and not disrupt what is working. I would hope they learned a lesson with the MAF/RL situation but won’t be surprised if they didn’t. LT and Hill are making the stops they must when the odefense flounders as they are paid to do. They don’t need the distraction of another sitting in the wings. The team appears to enjoy (trust) their presence and that is a huge factor for success. It’s not the time to fix what isn’t broken.

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