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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to extend their winning streak to three games with a victory over the St. Louis Blues. Vegas had several 1st period scoring chances but couldn’t convert one into a goal. The Blues broke snapped the scoreless tie with under a minute remaining in the opening period.

In the middle frame Vegas’ frustration continued in St. Louis’ end of the ice. Neither team committed any penalties and the score stood 1-0 Blues.

On the Golden Knights’ 31st shot of the game, Jack Eichel evened the score 1-1 with a pinpoint wrist shot over goaltender Jordan Binnington. St. Louis didn’t take long to end the game 2-1 in overtime.

The Golden Knights record drops to 16-5-5 falling 2-1 to the Blues in overtime. Vegas will hit the road for a two-game trip beginning with a rematch on Wednesday in St. Louis. Puck drop against the Blues is scheduled for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights peppered the Blues with dangerous chances but they just couldn’t get one to go. Finally, on a power play in the 3rd, that Eichel drew, Eichel fired a laser that beat Binnington. VGK never touched the puck in OT.  (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. St. Louis Blues at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Hardware incoming for Eichel?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Ivan Barbashev
** Brayden McNabb
* Jack Eichel



Golden Knights Thrive In Consecutive Games Against Same Opponent


Eichel Keeping Pace With League Hardware Favorites


  1. DeezNutz

    Some observations from tonight’s game:

    – LT is not a starter

    – Barbashev is a bust

    – Pietrangelo costs us a lot of
    games and has a garbage shot

    – Mark Stone gets paid way too

    – The team still can’t finish their
    grade A chances

    – Stephenson needs to go

    – Marchy is too streaky to rely

    – Eichel’s passes are constantly
    wasted on players who can’t

    • John W

      Wow. I guess every single member of the team you mentioned didn’t win the Stanley cup.

      Your post is beyond stupid and really I shouldn’t even have to point it out.

    • TS

      Deez nutz, so you’re saying we should GUT the Stanley Cup team completely, and start OVER??
      Come on, man.

      • DeezNutz

        I was thinking more shooting practice but offense at its core can’t really be taught in hockey some guys have it and some guys just don’t. Thankfully they seemed to all hit a ridiculous hot streak at the absolute perfect time in the playoffs but that’s not happening again. We have a more likely chance of going out like the 1st Dallas series or the Habs series lol I’m just so fucking relieved that they got it done last season.

    • knights fan in minny


  2. Richie-Rich

    Game 26 Analysis || STL 2, VGK 1 OT

    The scoring drought returns. Most notably was the great move made by Cotter from his backhand to his forehand that Binnington caught in his glove from point blank range. Cotter had another break as well but completely missed the net on it.

    Star of the Game for the VGK: Jack Eichel of course

    Petro was actually the player that lost this game in OT. He was way too aggressive which is not his role in OT. Of course, if he had been successful it would have been a breakaway the other way. But, it wasn’t and he has to own it as a mental error. That one on none shot could have been stopped, but ……

    This is a game that the VGK dominated in terms of high danger chances. Once again, stopped by a hot goalie. Or is it just a mental block? Either way, the outcome is the same.

    VGK gets another crack at them on Wednesday in their building.

  3. Not much to say – the number of chances Vegas had the score could have been 4 or 5 to. 1. They couldn’t buy a goal. The OT was definitely disappointing never touch the puck. They were not as heavy on the puck as their capable of and the pp was slow and predictable. On to Wednesday and win in St Louis. Go knights go

  4. DeezNutz

    Looks Iike another classic VGK goal drought is upon us. Now we get to watch them slowly learn how to score goals again over the next 10 games. I didn’t think another goal drought would return so quickly but by not finishing any of those quality chances in the 1st period has now destroyed their confidence again. They gotta score a lot of goals with LT in net.

  5. Pistol Pete

    #75 pick. Remind you of anyone?

    Scored in OT tonight. Has ground his way up to .78 pts/game and is +53.

    Meanwhile Cotter on the ice for yet another GA and is now -3 for the season (-6 in 87 games).

    • Richie-Rich

      The point blank breakaway steal by Bennington on Cotter was sick though. Cotter hasn’t been playing well. Physicality not withstanding. It’s time for “He Who Shall Not be Named”! Right PP?

    • Pistol Pete

      Having Cotter play with two elite players in Karlsson and Marchessault is an anomaly albeit a superb opportunity for him to up his production. His ability to produce on that line notwithstanding, he’s the only guy in the lineup for whom there is no ideal slot. Perhaps Cassidy will switch him with Howden. I trust Cassidy’s judgement in playing Paul where he does just not sure how much longer he’ll tolerate the lack of playmaking and goals against. With 2.75 years remaining on an entry level contract he could prove to be a good bargain. Hopefully he gets 30 pts this season maybe more. That WOULD be good.

      • Pistol Pete

        I would say if Paul gets 25-30 pts this season he is an attractive asset. For all the nice moments we have seen over the years from Carrier his career year is 25 pts though that was 16 goals. Cotter DID get 13 last year so you gotta give the guy credit.

  6. Barb

    Talk about a bunch of ‘negative Nellies’. Knights played good and ran into a really good/lucky goal tender. I just have one question: who’s idea was it to put Marchy and Pietranglo on the ice with Eichel for the start of the OT? One is in a real struggle right now and the other has no business being on a 3 on 3; he doesn’t have the skills to play that role! Get um on Wednesday! GO KNIGHTS GO

    • Richie-Rich

      They certainly missed having Theo out there in OT!

    • I agree Barb… gotta have Karlsson out there to take the all important face off as that is most definitely not Eichels strong suit.. not to mention their terrific chemistry in the open ice!!

  7. Richie-Rich

    Barbashev gets star recognition? Did he have an assist or something? That point blank shot by McNabb would have been nice! When was the last time McNabb had a GWG?

  8. Alex

    Thompson is a minor leaguer, on full display tonight….

    • knights fan in minny

      the fucking moron of las vegas who has no clue speaks bull shit get back to your malt liquor boy

  9. Pistol Pete

    Patrick Kane is the only American-born player to accomplish a point a game. Even the “great “ Mike Modano fell 125 points short. Will Eichel become the second? Today he is 28 points short.

  10. Sorvino

    Joe Mullen finished with 1063 points in 1062 games.

    Pat Lafontaine finished with 1013 points in 865 games.

    Brett Hull finished with 1391 points in 1269 games. Born in Canada, but considers himself American.

    • Emmanuel

      HUGE difference in era’s. Freewheeling era up to 94, 94-02 was very low scoring, neutral after that until about 2 years ago when scoring is up. Kane’s stats are more impressive than a lot of 80s players, have you seen video of 70s and 80s games? No team defense.

    • Pistol Pete

      Nice work Sorvino. My bad for not finishing the research on that. The page I brought up had Modano just behind Kane. Hull is indeed Canadian-born and Lafontaine’s 1.17 pts/game is the highest for an American eclipsing even Hull. Mullen was amazing player.

  11. JB

    Such a frustrating game. So many grade A chances. When hot, Bennington is as good as anyone in the league. But, we got a point! Remember these one point games at the end of the season. They add up! Good game by LT, he held us in and gave us a chance for at least the tie! The boys never quit playing and got the late goal. Chance to redeem vs Blues on Wednesday. Overall we played well, just ran into a hot goalie!

  12. ThG

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    • Rev barb

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      • ThG

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        • Rev barb

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          • ThG

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  13. TS

    So, thg, your ” punishment” is necessary, huh?? In order to thwart negative Nellies? So, let me get this straight: you’re admitting that you use POLITICS and RELIGION as a punitive move??. That it’s because of OTHERS that you decide to blast us all with your BULLSHIT?? AS PUNISHMENT??
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    • ThG

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      • TS

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  14. Tim

    Another game another good goalie shuts us down. This has happened far to often this year. Once again our defense and goalie were fine I mean giving up one goal in regulation how can you bitch. This has been the theme all year low scoring games where the standard they say it takes at least 3 goals to be successful on a regular basis. Fortunately we’ve been successful without scoring 3 goals because Cassidy has us playing great defense. Missing Aiden Hill could be a big problem hopefully he’s back soon but if he pulled a groin it could take a while. I’m still waiting for that trade to give us a little more firepower.

  15. Pistol Pete

    Paul Cotter: the hard hitting passenger in VGK’s
    top six.

    Eichel: 11 G/17 A (+3) 28 pts/26 games = 1.08 pts/game
    Karlsson: 11 G/12 A (+9) 23 pts/26 games = .88 pts/game
    Stone: 7 G/14 A (-4) 21 pts/26 games = .81 pts/game
    Marchessault: 11 G/6 A (+0) 17 pts/26 games = .65 pts/game
    Barbashev: 5 G/4 A (+9) 9 pts/26 games = .35 pts/game
    Cotter: 3 G/5 A (-3) 8 pts/26 games = .31 pts/game

    Assuming the terms were viable could we switch Patrik Laine for Barbashev? Laine seems perennially unhappy with where he plays. Not sure he’ll back check or hit. Sure is big (6’5” 215).

  16. Pistol Pete

    Unbelievable sniper with that shot of his.$6.5m for two more years after this I’m pretty sure.

    • ThG

      hey Popgun Pedro, moving on from one piece to another. You let out Perry.

    • Pistol Pete

      Whoops. Right on the term wrong on the amount. $8.7m too much. Would require not re-signing Marchy and Marty. Marty maybe, Marchy not likely. Cheaper than Nylander. Let’s face it Marchy gets extended so a big trade deadline deal is not likely unless McCrimmon believes he has headed south for good. Not very probable.

  17. Pistol Pete

    I think for the most part reasonable readers respect that I am trying to contribute ideas at critical junctures. This year it’s mostly been about repeating, filling Smith’s slot and when and if McCrimmon moves on from an aging Marchy. That’s it. The three most compelling issues. Don’t see why I need to take abuse for it. More than willing to desist from posting at all. To the point of neurosis, this board is loaded non-hockey philosophical BS and domestic and global views I’d rather not read anyways. This site could use an ignore feature.

    • ThG

      nobody is putting a gun to your head, unlike what HAMAS did to hostages forcing them into psychological terror. Pathetic that some people still stand up for genocide Joe after this massive trainwreck of trying to run the country. This is what happens when elections are stolen based upon hate.

      • Pistol Pete

        Off topic:

        I agree with the administration’s first stance that Israel should destroy Hamas. The problem is Hamas is a terrorist organization and also happens to run Gaza and has influence on the West Bank as well. Terrorists insert themselves into the civilian population making it impossible for Israel to wage war against them in Gaza without inflicting severe civilian casualties. I only wish the Palestinian people living in Gaza were better able to not allow themselves to have been overrun and governed by a terrorist organization. Israel has been a democracy since it declared it’s independence in 1948. The Palestinian Jews supported the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan for Palestine, the Palestinian Arabs did not. It’s a shame the Arabs did not accept the plan and go on to rename their new Arab state as the Jews named theirs Israel. The former Palestinian Arabs have just neven been able to implement secularism and achieve democracy as the Jews did. It’s a shame.

        Israel does though need to everything it can to reduce the suffering of the Gaza people as they seek to destroy Hamas. Blinken has been working hard towards that.

  18. Allalu Akbar

    Thompson should have stopped both goals – he stinks

    • ThG

      Alex you are not fooling anyone, at least CHANGE your AVATAR.

      You bringing out your alter character complex next ? Satan ? IF this were
      a multi player game you would have reached your limit in number of character
      creation/avatars allowed.

    • knights fan in minny

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  19. Henderson Knights

    the “Vgk are running into hot goalies” bullshit needs to be dismissed by the facts.

    most of the high danger shots that the Vgk took were low and easily stoppable by the leg pads. the replay montage of all those shots showed it clearly. Even Mcnabb on his wide open shot from 5 feet away shot it into the leg pad of Binnington.

    By simply shooting for the upper corners of the net, as Jack Eichel did on his goal, will bring more goals and more wins to a team that plays good hockey, but is stymied by their own stubborn refusal to go upstairs with their shots.

    • Pistol Pete

      There is some truth to what you say. Good hockey team but the sniping though good at times can be erratic.

    • Henderson Knights

      p.s.—–frickin’ charlie Lindgren, Eyechartovic, and Vladar the moon man, are not even NHL regular starters. no, the shooting is the problem, not the AHL netminders they faced.

    • ThG

      i agree about the hot goalies bullshit comment, when a team misses on easy chances that usually means the players are tired or rushed.

  20. Richie-Rich

    PP –

    It’s a bit too early in the season to discuss the Marchy UFA situation . Can we take a lesson from the Smith UFA situation the past season? McCrimmon didn’t mess with the team chemistry, despite the fact that the team was actually struggling a bit at the deadline. I can honestly say that I was supportive of a trade. If McC didn’t move Smith, he certainly isn’t moving Marchy. But, it’s going to be a question at the deadline and a lot will depend on whether or not we continue to play at a league leading pace. We are obviously (at this point without jinxing it) headed to the playoffs as a top seed. No contender in the Western Conference is going to send us their best. If McC is going to look it will be from the East. Maybe we trade back for Smith? LOL – just kidding. How about Alex Tuch? LOL – just kidding or better yet Krebs or Glass? All just tongue in cheek PP.

    The bigger question and more pertinent is who wants to fill the shoes of Reilly Smith? No one has stepped up so far. Making matters worse is that Flash (Stephenson) is flopping out there as well on line 3. Karlsson was on line 3 last year with Stephenson on line 2. Maybe Butch should shift them back? I mean, the offense is pretty putrid right now.

    No one is asking you to stop posting. I enjoy your analysis!

    • Pistol Pete

      Thank you R-R. Said I would shut up about Pav but you appear to believe like me that he is a higher end playmaker than Cotter and probably better defensively just less physical. I really think Cassidy knows if he scratches Cotter for Pav it could be a seminal event for Paul so he’s giving him an extended look to see if his game can improve closer to what Smith was. From what I have seen, Pav is closer to Smith than is Cotter. We saw him come in last season and get 7 G/2 A in ten games playing with Smith and Karlsson…that shoot-out goal against the Wild was the best I have ever seen. Even his 5 (should be 6) points in 12 games is a respectable showing, better numbers than Cotter and he’s +1. Cassidy may just think Cotter is better and reviewing the videos he would know better than I. Last year though during that streak with Smith and Karlsson he had positive things to say about Pav such as “he shoots” (when there was a feeling the guys were not shooting enough including Eichel) and “handles his defensive assignments”. We will just have to wait and see what happens. There is also Denisenko (point a game in Henderson) and Brisson but I doubt they get called up before Pav goes back in.

  21. vgk21

    Hill being out is not good news. They said he is not going on the road trip either. “Precautionary” has turned into an extended problem.

    • Richie-Rich

      If it is a groin, that could be a long term recovery. It’s time to see what Patera can do for us in net. Worse case scenario is to overwork LT and have him go down as well.

  22. ThG

    WANT AD:
    Goaltender, HSK. Must be able to stop and hold onto the puck.
    Apply immediately.

  23. vgk21

    Arttu Kärki (D) Soo Greyhounds OHL 27games 16 goals 12 assists 28pts

    that is right. he is a defenseman, he was drafted by the VGK in the 3rd round in June ’23. he is only 19, he is 6’2″ and 176 pounds. and shoots left.

    He sounds like the future Shea Theodore for the VGK.

    16 goals in 27 games from the blueline in the Ontario Hockey league is mighty impressive.

    here is his scouting analysis—-

    A dual-threat weapon, Karki possesses above average shooting talent with the ability to make plays off the rush and activate in-zone. He flashes manipulative handling skill and also is a capable skater with solid mobility at the point. -EliteProspects 2023 NHL Draft Guide

    • ThG

      i just did a piece on top four draft picks from last year, but it didn’t get posted. Three of the four are doing well, and so are their teams.

      The Savannah Ghost Pirates are not doing so well, but they have mainly cast offs from the HSK. They are three positions from the cellar.

  24. JB

    Just amazing the shit that is tossed about after a Knights loss. Some of you people don’t deserve to be called fans of the Stanley Cup winning organization! And this replacing Smith crap means nothing. Smitty was a great contributor to our cup win, but not the reason for it. It was the TEAM! We still have that team and they are playing pretty f*ckin well. KEN has a site here he calls hockey. And its basically not. He can’t even police or control his own blog here. It’s been this way for years and won’t change. Some of you just keep letting thg, and the rest of these double posters get under your skin. Just friggin IGNOR them. Talk hockey and skim past their nonsense. What they want/need is attention. Don’t give it to them.

    • Pistol Pete

      Agreed JB all except I do feel Smith’s point production is missed. Cotter is more physical but I’m not sure how much that matters. We need more playmaking from him. At least Eichel has replaced Smith on the PK. Cotter is not able to. Not seeing Cotter on the PP all that much either. Smith was a regular there too.

  25. alex

    Should have kept Quick…Thompson is terrible

    • knights fan in minny

      get back to your malt liquor you 3rd grade educated piece of shit

  26. knights fan in minny

    bettman excepts the salary cap to go up 4.2 million next year

  27. vgk21

    Stephenson, Marchy, Martinez, Carrier, Amadio, and Hutton are all UFAs at end of season. There goes that $4.2m

    I would not be surprised if Stephenson is traded this season unless he gets back to his old form, and Martinez will have to take a big haircut this summer or move on.

    • knights fan in minny

      chandler is going no where.

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah I would say there is a real chance Stephenson is not extended unless he shows he can score without Stone. He’s a center and should be able to drive the scoring on his line. Brisson is a center I think.

  28. alex

    He blows this.year…do you ever watch the actual games? He has to go to free up cap space and they need to trade Thompson – sheesh, how dumb can you be, double wide old guy?

    • knights fan in minny

      fuck off i watch every game i know you dont by your dumb shit comments you malt liquor piece of shit loser how many hood rats do you have living in that dump apartment you live in

  29. alex

    Code – you don’t watch….the rabbit ears on the trinitron Goodwill for 15 bucks doesn’t get the game

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