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Recap:  The Golden Knights and Sharks squared off for a preseason battle from T-Mobile Arena. Both teams went scoreless in the opening period, with the Sharks outshooting the Golden Knights 11-6.

San Jose opened the scoring 6:50 into the middle frame. Minutes later the Sharks doubled their lead 2-0.

In the 3rd period, there were lots of penalties and no goals.

The Golden Knights next preseason game is on Thursday night vs. the Colorado Avalanche from The Fortress. Puck drop against the Avalanche is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The VGK 4th line and the Horsies struggled to generate much offensively against an AHLish lineup for the Sharks (and their starting goalie). Pretty listless game. Is it October 10th yet? (Recap by Ken)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Mason Morelli
** William Carrier
* Adin Hill


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  1. Henderson One

    Sorry Ken. No Stars. Listless game. No energy. The players may make Silver Knights

  2. Richie-Rich

    Shit, this game was like watching paint dry.

    If Bruce was hoping to see anything positive with this line up, fuggetaboutit. It was F8cking awful from the puck drop to the last whistle.

    Stars of the game?

    I give the 3rd star to the Usher between Section 11 and 12.
    2nd Star goes to me for showing up
    3rd Star goes to my wife for falling asleep at the 17 minute mark of the 3rd period.

    Bring on the season already. It’s going to be a damn miserable year in Henderson. These were no Silver Knights. Mostly Brass & Copper.

    Just awful.

    Good night.

    • TS

      RR, hilarious post, but pretty sorry game for sure. Glad I didn’t have to pay to watch it…turned the channel in the 3rd..

    • Danny Gallivan

      exactly right.

      and the 4 guys who supposedly were vying for spots showed very little to help their cause. Cotter was the best of the 4 wingers, but none of them made a splash.

      but the real takeaway from this game and the one in SJ a week ago and the rookie faceoff tourney, is that the Vgk scrubs are way weaker than even the scrubs of a bottom dweller piss poor team from SJ.

  3. DocDG

    The Baracuda beat the Silver Knights 2 to 0 tonight. When the game opened with the Vegas 4th line taking the opening faceoff I wasn’t surprised, we do that a lot. But after a few shifts I realized that the NHL 4th line was being asked to play as the first line in this disorganized mess of a game.
    For the first 6 years I wasn’t happy that the pre season games are the same price as in season ticket tickets. But tonight was the first time that I felt ripped off having to pay $260 to watch that.

  4. TS

    I realize it’s preseason.
    Time to look at the Newbees. Assess the talent. Shake some rust off.
    But the Newbees are u derperforming VS other teams we played. We won, what, ONE preseason game?
    Conclusion: our Newbees are very, very GREEN. Glad it’s over…time for the REAL VGK to PLAY!!

  5. Former season ticket holder

    If one was using a small TV it would be hard pressed to tell if you were watching NHL, AHL, or the tiny tot’s hockey …… What a horrible game…let’s cut down the number of preseason games…. Even if I had only paid 5 bucks to see this game live, I would still be screaming for my money back. Yuck!

  6. B-Rad-Lee

    It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about assessing the talent of players who are potentially capable of taking that 2LW and 3LW spot. Bruce was hoping someone would break out and shine.

    • Hope springs eternal – they couldn’t get out of their own way. For guys trying to make the team they were pathic sorry to say. If that is what Vegas is depending on in case of injury they are in serious trouble. Let’s hope none of the regulars get hurt this season.

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