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Recap: The Golden Knights entered their game against the San Jose Sharks as the highest favorite (-600) in Vegas history. Unsurprisingly, Vegas got off to a quick start to the game. Alex Pietrangelo scored his first goal of 2023-24 exactly one minute into the game. 10 minutes later fellow defenseman Alec Martinez doubled VGK’s lead. After the opening 20 minutes the Cup champions held a 2-0 advantage.

Vegas continued to outshot San Jose in the middle frame. The home team fired the puck 15 times but couldn’t find the back of the net. After 40 minutes the game remained 2-0 Golden Knights.

William Karlsson stretched Vegas’ lead 2:24 into the final period with a shorthanded score. Jack Eichel found Karlsson on the rush to score VGK’s third goal of the night. Moments later Martinez roofed a puck into the net for his second goal of the contest. Brett Howden tallied his 2nd of the season later in the period. The reigning Cup champions defeated the two-win Sharks 5-0.

The Golden Knights record improves to 12-2-1 defeating the hapless Sharks 5-0. Vegas will pack their bags and travel across the country for the next five contests. The Stanley Cup champions will face the 2018 Stanley Cup champions on Tuesday night in Washington. Puck drop against the Capitals is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Sharks are one of the worst teams the NHL has seen in decades. VGK did exactly what they should have done with them. The game was over 1:00 in… literally. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Comparing the first 15 games of this year to last year

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Michael Amadio
** Adin Hill
* Alec Martinez



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  1. Pistol Pete

    Nice outcome especially given that two starting centers remain out. Good game for Hill’s stats who continues to look like a $5m guy.

    • Pistol Pete

      Rondbjerg looks pretty damn good. I thought Dorofeyev and Cotter looked decent with Karlsson. This team is just so well coached they way they all play to the structure which makes it easier to deal with injuries as well.

      That SH goal that Eichel drove down the ice to set up Karlsson. Everything that epitomizes Eichel, the speed, power and skill. I just knew we would see him more on the PK this season.

      Amazing with all the success this team has had beginning year one that Karlsson’s
      78 points stands as the regular season record.

      • PP – that’s has a lot to do with their success. TEAMs win cups,while individual success is great having it spread around is the equation to come out on top

  2. TS

    Marty is BACK in a huge way!! What a treat to see our D- Men leading the scoring! How do other teams defend THAT? We are so lucky to have Coach Cassidy, who has stressed that ANY player can and should SHOOT THE PUCK!!

  3. Don

    Real good Read ,,Real good,,, The one good thing The team will be on the Road when the F1 is here… It would of been murder to get to T Mobile

  4. TheChosenOne

    The Sharks are dead in the water.

    They hope to tank enough to get that bonafide #1 Round 1 Pick.

    • Emmanuel

      The rebuild will take 7 plus years. They have 1 player left that could get them a 1st rounder. Worst team since the pre Eichel Sabres.

  5. Sorvino

    There is not a lot to be gained when you play such an inferior opponent. I was happy that they still played a structured game and nobody got hurt.

  6. Tim

    We don’t play to Wednesday so a little break to rest up and hopefully get Roy, Stephenson, and Hague back sooner then later.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tuesday, did you forget to fall back on daylight saving time (again?)


  7. Jailbird

    A clinic on how to play a professional game against a lesser opponent!

  8. Vgk zone time last night was so reminiscent of the 5 minutes of utter domination from the game 5 Cup clincher … save for the fact we couldn’t quite finish by putting the puck in the net.. but that problem was surely solved in the 3rd!!… maybe the sharks can do us a favor and trade hertl to us and retain $6 million per year on their books

  9. Sorvino

    I’ll take Hertl

  10. Henderson Knights

    Amadio looks pretty good at center. Yes, they played an inferior opponent, but he also looked ok vs LA too.

    Amadio has a great puck retrieval skill in the slot that few other players have.

    the more he skates and gets involved defensively, the better he plays. thus, he looks fine at center….remember, he played center when he entered the league with the Kings.

    this gives the coach even more depth and versatility to work with when injuries crop up as they always do.

  11. Vic

    Next up for the boys is the White House visit, and I’m concerned as every player will see an IQ drop at least 50%. They should also pay close attention to their wallets. Respect the office and laugh at the bumbling fool puppet.

    • knights fan in minny

      well said

    • THE hockey GOD

      they should also wear gas masks as the empty suit can’t control his ingestion/digestive system

      what a fucking joke

      people who voted for this lamo should be ashamed of themselves.

      no , he wasn’t better choice than “the other guy”.

      pathetic haters, party over country.

      • TS


      • TS


    • TS

      Vic. Please. Thg is bad enough. Appreciate the moment. Don’t ruin it for others.

  12. knights fan in minny

    i missed the game how did cloudy look i would guess a little rusty

  13. Jose

    Whitecloud was fine. Competent.

  14. knights fan in minny

    just watched the goal highlights wild bill shorty was a beauty shades of wild bill and smitty jack and wild bill make a dangerous pk duo

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